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By | September 7, 2019

“Goodness gracious.” Neil exclaims. “My aching
back! Call me a ninny, but I’ve had it.” Desperate for relief, Neil heads to the Yellow
Pages? Buzzer sound. Whoa, whoa, whoa. It’s not 1974 anymore. In
fact, Neil’s not really sure what a printed directory is for. Fed up with back pain and
feeling lame, Neil jumps on the Google train. Up pop the top results and Neil hip-hops his
way to the back cracker in the highest spot. Botta bing, botta bain, Neil’s got no more
pain. Music Hey there, I’m Dr. Knight, Kaysville Chiropractor,
just wanted to let you know that KickFire has been phenomenal for helping me get to
the top of the page as far as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They’re incredible to work with.
They’ve been fantastic at getting my videos ranked high on the first page as well and
just a phenomenal group to work with, in every aspect, you know, professionalism, follow
through. They’re, you know, just incredibly gifted with what they do. I love it when a
patient calls in and says they found me online and I know that the investment really is working
out. So check KickFire out! Say sonny, what if I need some sustenance
for lunch? You’ve got it gramps. With a stress-free back
and a need to pack some carbs to attack a run around the track, Neil’s got an ache for
some gourmet baked potatoes. So he asks his pal, a windows gal, if she’s knows of a spud
that’s got some wow. She Bing’s it up and it brings up a restaurant of choice worth
trying out. Hi, my name’s Clarissa and I’m with Brixton’s
Baked Potato. Before KickFire we were having a really hard time being found online. KickFire
really helped out our SEO. It helps people to be able to find us on their ipad, on their
computers and on their mobile devices. Now we’re able to be found and we wish we would
have known of it sooner. One last question boy. Say my car gets to
coughing. We keep that directory nailed in the coffin. Swinging through Clearfield you
ask “where can I find the nearest car deals?” No need to yield, she says all distilled,
JP’s Car Care is just over that field. Hi, I’ve owned JP’s American Car Care for
the last 30 years and I noticed over the last few years that it’s beginning to kind of
slow down and I couldn’t figure out really why. We’d still had our same advertising in
the Yellow Pages and so forth, but things were slowing down. I got to talking to my
son and he indicated that I needed to have a better presence on the internet. I needed
to, that’s where the younger folks look for businesses and so I got with Janelle and KickFire
and it’s just made a tremendous difference. We’ve started to get lots more calls. People
are starting to come back in and it’s a great opportunity to light up your business. So
give them a chance. So you see Papa G, if you’re a local joint
online is where you’ve gotta be. If you’re not near the top, then you really ought to
check what KickFire’s got.

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