Using ShopInspect To Find Hot Products To Dropship From Aliexpress ft Kevin David

By | August 14, 2019

– Hey everyone, it’s me
Sarah here from Wholesale Ted and we’ve got a super
exciting video for you today. We’re gonna be looking at how to find top-selling Aliexpress
products that are making over $10 thousand a
month for dropshippers. Now my guess is that many
of you have probably seen or heard of my special
guest on this channel today. YouTube sensation and e-commerce
millionaire Kevin David. I’m also a guest on his channel today too where I’ll be revealing
three traffic sources that you can use to drive
customers to your store. I’ll have a link to his channel
in the description below. In this video, Kevin and
I are gonna be giving you an over-the-shoulder look as to how we use the super cool product
research tool ShopInspect to find $10 thousand dollar
a month Aliexpress products. First, Kevin is gonna show
you how he uses the app to find products and spy on competitors and then later in the
video I’m gonna show you how I used it to research and find this mystery super hot product that you can be dropshipping
in your store today. But for now, take it away Kevin. – All right, what is up guys? Thank you so much for that intro Sarah. Let’s jump right into my computer and imma show you guys how to do this. Welcome to my computer. So what we’re gonna talk about
today is dropshipping right. How to actually make money
buying and selling products with an e-commerce store. So, a lot of us have
heard about e-commerce, a lot of us have heard about Kylie Jenner becoming a billionaire
with her make up, right? She is dropshipping. Many businesses, almost
all profitable businesses dropship in some way. Walmart dropships, Wayfair, a super successful billion
dollar dropshipper. Dropshipping has never been
bigger than it is right now. And the cool part about dropshipping is you can get started
with almost no money because you aren’t
actually going out there and buying a hundred products
and then reselling them. Literally, you’re selling a product and only after you’ve sold
a product then you buy it. And so, this is an example of a store that sells this type of products. So what we can see here
is gummy bear nightlight, magnetic cooking utensil set,
all these random products. So if we just choose
one of these products, it doesn’t really matter what it is. Let’s just choose magnetic doors stop. Hitting the magnetic doors stop, we see they’re selling it for 24.95. So what we’re gonna do is go to another website
called Aliexpress. And what Aliexpress is, is basically one of the largest manufacturing
websites in the world. The cool part about Aliexpress is you can literally buy things one at a time. And so let’s say for example
this was your website. So if somebody bought
one of these products and you were dropshipping. What would happen is they
would buy it for 24.95 and then you would come on Aliexpress and only after they bought it for 24.95, then you would come buy it off
Aliexpress for way cheaper. So let’s actually type this in. So we’ll just put magnetic door stop and then what we can see right here is, it’s $2.95 for one piece and there’s free shipping. So if we literally look
at this side by side, what we’re gonna see is, here is the magnetic door stop for 24.95 and this is I believe the
exact same one for $2.95. So they’re literally selling
it for 10 times as much and they’re keeping all
of the profit in between which is a really cool model. But the pest part is, you don’t even have to buy this for $2.95 until after you’ve sold
it already for 24.95 and then you just net the difference. Of course minus any
potential advertising fees and so it’s a really interesting model. We know that thousands of my students have had success with creating their own e-commerce stores with Shopify. How do you actually find
these trending products? How do you actually find the banana phone and all these like ridiculous things like the Groot wireless
mouse and stuff like that? Well, there’s a lot of cool websites. Shut Up And Take My Money is one but the website that I actually use myself and that I’ve taught my students to use is a website called ShopInspect. And what ShopInspect
does is it goes out there and it evaluates all of the
different Shopify stores. All of the most successful stores, all the stores that are
getting most traffic, the least traffic and then
it will literally tell you based on all the traffic and
sales and all of those things which stores are the most profitable. So, if we come and just search
like dog collar for example. What we’re gonna see is, ShopInspect is actually going to show us a bunch of really interesting information. So we can see they have the
estimated monthly searches, we can see the smart score, we can see that there’s low to
medium monthly search volume with a low number of competing sellers. We can see the seasonality,
we can see the workflow. But the cool part is, we can actually see a lot of information about profitable products
that are out there selling on real Shopify stores. We can see this, the
water dog pink dog collar is doing an estimated $27 thousand per month just with this one product. They have over 25 thousand
product page monthly visitors and these statistics are
actually pulled directly from sources like Alexa and some of the largest website
analytics companies on earth. We can also see the actual
social media links of these sites we can see their real Instagram, their real Facebook, their real Pinterest, we can see the LED versions of this so if we wanna get product ideas. If we’re selling a dog collar, like a regular pink dog
collar and it’s working then obviously if we
have an e-commerce store what we’d wanna do is create
cross sells or up sells or introduce additional product lines that are similar to these products. And so maybe we might wanna
sell sports dog collars, shock dog collars, training
collars, flea collars, all of these different things that we might not ever think about unless we use tool like ShopInspect. And we can see here that
there’s LED collars, there’s spike collars,
there’s training collars, all these different things and we can actually see
if we click on this, we can see this actual product. So we can see that it’s
called Country Club Prep. This is a real Shopify store out there that’s making 10s of thousands of dollars every single month. We can see the plugins that they use, we can see how they
present their products. We can see how they
present product details, shipping details, customer
reviews and questions. Everything that we need when
we’re creating our own store. It’s really valuable to actually be able to see examples of these
products before we ship in. And you can see right here,
they’re selling this for $35 and if we actually open up
Aliexpress one more time and type in dog collar, we’re not gonna see anything close to $35. This is a pink dog collar right here, we see a pink dog collar right here. It’s not exactly the same but it’s $1.70. And they’re selling it for 35 which is pretty ridiculous
when you think about it. But that is only one of the cool things that ShopInspect does. ShopInspect will also
look at actual stores. So if we go to the shop section
right here for dog collars what we’re gonna see is
actual real stores here. And we can see the best
sellers on these stores, we can see a lot of different things, like The Foggy Dog, Canine Styles. Let’s just look at one of these. So Tactipup, this is a
great name for a website. We see Tactipup, over-built dog gear. So we can look at these products, current turnaround time
two to three weeks, ‘ cause they’re dropshipping it. They’re dropshipping it from China directly to their end customers. You don’t actually have to ever see the products, touch the products. You literally ship it from Aliexpress, from your manufacturer
directly to your end customers. You don’t ever have to touch it, see it, fulfill anything, box
anything, ship anything out. It’s amazing. So if we go to ShopInspect, we can actually see the
best sellers of Tactipup. We can see that this one product, this personalized extreme
tactical dog collar is doing over $9 thousand
in monthly revenue just for this one product. And we can actually see
the product listing itself. How they actually do
their product listings, how they do their reviews,
what kind of images they use. So if we wanna create a Shopify store for tactical dog collars
or dog collars in general, what we can do is, we can
see and have an example. Having an example of successful stores is so incredibly important when it comes to creating something truly special. And so that is the product
search and the shop search but the coolest part of ShopInspect if you’re interested in Shopify, is the hot products section. What the hot products section does is it basically goes out and finds all the different products from around the web and it looks at which products are trending, which products have sold the most orders this week relative to last week. So we can see right here
vacuum sealer food bags. These are products that are selling only 370 units last week and they’re selling 4511 units this week. We can see that there’s a
sole high heel foot cushions. So for women wearing
high heels, for example, we actually have a sole
for the woman’s foot which makes it even more
comfortable and things like that. We can see that there’s bandanas, we can see that there’s lab chips, we can see there’s
Brazilian straight hair. I have students myself who’ve
sold millions of dollars off of Brazilian straight
hair weave extensions which sounds ridiculous but
there’s millions and millions of people out there buying
this stuff every single day. We can see warm gloves winter
knitted full finger gloves that you can use with your phone. We can see shredders. All these different types
of crazily random products and the cool part is we can see last week there was only 1100 orders of this. This looks like a dash
cam for people’s cars. And this week there’s 13749
orders which is a huge increase. And so let’s say that we wanted to actually import this into
our store and start selling it. All we have to do is favorite it, come to my favorites and then we can literally download these products and upload them directly
into our Shopify store in two clicks able to actually
start selling these products which is really incredible
when it comes to creating an e-commerce store and being
able to get your products first to market ’cause the first people who get to market are normally the ones who capitalize on these trends. And this is literally
showing you viral products before they actually become viral which is a really
important kind of attribute and one of the coolest
ways that you can start to use ShopInspect which
is the only paid tool that I personally use for my Shopify and for my e-commerce brands. – Thank you Kevin for
coming on this channel. Now, as I said, I’m gonna
show you how I personally use this tool to find mystery
items like this one here. And I use it in a particular
way because you see, not all top-selling products on Aliexpress are suitable to dropship. Even if you see they’re
selling like crazy. Let me show you what I mean. So for example if I come and check out the hot products tab today, you’ll see that one of the top selling items is this mop slipper. Now, this is a very generic product that you could easily buy
at a department store. If we come to Walmart, you’ll find lots of these listed here. This is a very basic product. I always recommend here on this channel to sell niche-passionate items. So you might look at this and go, Sarah, if that’s true then
why is this mop slipper selling like crazy on Aliexpress? Why is it the super hot selling product a good one for me to dropship? Surely people want it. Good question. Take a look at the price
of this product on Walmart. It sells on average for around $6 to $7. Now let’s come back to ShopInspect. How much is it selling for on Aliexpress? Around $1 to $2. See, here’s the deal. There are two main types of
people who use Aliexpress. Customers who know about it and are buying items for
themselves and dropshippers. If you see a top selling
item on Aliexpress, it doesn’t mean it’s
necessarily performing well for dropshippers. Often it just means that people are buying common goods there for
themselves at a discounted rate. They see this $1 to $2 mop
slipper and they think, well they’re just as good
as the $6 to $7 Walmart one, guess I’ll buy from Aliexpress instead. Now, if you came to try to
dropship this mop slipper to make a profit, you need to mark it up to be the same price as the Walmart one. And if you try to do that, if you try to sell this
$1 to $2 mop slipper for $6 to $7 with two to
four week shipping time it’s not going to work. The customer will look at that and go, wait I can just go and buy
that at my local Walmart. It’s such a basic common good that it’s listed under
household essentials. Why would I buy it from this store when I can jus go to Walmart
and buy it right now? Good question. And still what I do is, I
browse through ShopInspect either by looking at
the hot selling products or looking at the top selling
products in a particular niche and I look for interesting items that people are unlikely
to have ever seen before at their local department
store or at their local mall that also appeal to a very
passionate customer base. And as I was doing this today, I found a really interesting product that I had never considered before. So I was browsing through
the hot selling products and I came across this item here. This southeast Asian style lunch bag featuring different animals. This is an item I’ve
never considered before until I was researching
and saw it listed here but it started having my brain on fire about how this product idea
alone could spark a whole store. It’s funny ’cause in the west we tend to just put our lunch
in boring containers. But in southeast Asia,
it’s a super hot trend to cutify your lunch and to
carry it in adorable bags. In other words Kawaii culture which literally means culture of cuteness. And so I looked at one bag in particular and thought there are
two passionate niches that we could cross target here. I wanted to tie with western
woman interested in kawaii and Japanese street culture pop culture which is of course
heavily related to kawaii who also love polar bears and
think that they are adorable. By crossing these two niches that on their own are
extremely passionate, we will create our own super
passionate hyper targeted niche that is perfect for our product. But will there be enough people like this to make it worth creating
a campaign around it? I decided to create a dummy Facebook Ad to check it out and see. So to check out if there’s
was actually enough of this highly targeted audience to make it worth your time to sell, create a new Ad on Facebook. Start by coming to the
location targeting tool, since we usually be targeting
people that been in the USA, select that as your targeting. And because my product is
aimed specifically at women, I’m going to choose them in
my targeting options tool. After that come down to placements. See placements as you usually would for your first product Ad test. Normally the highest converting traffic is mobile Facebook feed traffic and so this is what your
initial test Ad would target. So make sure you deselect
all other placements including Instagram
that are set by default. Once you go to winning Ad for
mobile Facebook feed traffic you can scale into other
platforms like Instagram. After that, it’s time
to come to targeting. We want to select relevant interests. Our goal is to see if we can create an Ad that will reach between 100
thousand to 500 thousand people that indicates that it is small enough to be a highly targeted
group of passionate customers but big enough to have plenty of buyers to scale up our sales. So firstly I wanted to
target people interested in Japanese kawaii culture. So I could think of
three interests target, kawaii, Japanese street
clothing and Harajuku . Harajuku is a train
station in Japan and people who dress up in Japanese
street clothing hang around it. So there is a harajuku culture with girls wearing cute
clothing and accessories, a lot of it animal themed with one popular animal being polar bears. So next you wanna come and
click on narrow our targeting. We’re gonna set it so that not
only do our target audience need to be interested in cute fashion but they also need to
like polar bears as well. And we are extremely close
with 99 thousand people so let’s add another
more targeted interest, people that are interested
in the association for protecting polar bears. And look at that we’ve
hit our magic number a hundred thousand people. So there you go. That’s how you use ShopInspect to discover $10 thousand a
month Aliexpress products to dropship that you would have
never known about otherwise. If you’d like to check out
ShopInspect for yourself, I’ll have a link to it
on the video description where you can sign up for a free trial. Please note that it’s an affiliate link which means we may get a
commission if you use it, using it is optional but
it’s always appreciated. And again, thank you so
much Kevin for coming on. It was great to have you. And be sure to check out
our video collaboration on his channel as well. And if you’d like even more videos about starting your own online business, be sure to subscribe to Wholesale Ted and click that little
notification bell next to it so that you don’t miss
out on any of our videos.

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    Ladies and gentlemen. If you know where to go. You don't need to pay for subscriptions. Allow me to give you some simple tips for free. If your going to utilize Alibaba or Aliexpress. Always look at the top of the sellers header. They will show you how long they have been in business and if you see an item you like, you can always look at how many pieces have been sold. The numbers don't lie. It takes time to do research, but your saving money. Always remember convenience for you has a price tag. Plus you can also use Google Analytics. It will tell you how the product is doing and where it is more popular. Good luck ! P.S.- trial and error will provide you the most valuable information. Just make sure you don't go insane creating insanity.

  66. Zaryna Girasol Post author

    Do you really want to lose subscribers so badly? =((

  67. AddToCart Post author

    Kevins too slimy for you Sarah. Im kinda bummed actually.

  68. Dovakiin 1995 Post author

    I rather do e-commerce from a website than something that people will recognize right off the bat

  69. BigSpy Post author

    Watching the video is very beneficial, you can try to buy, but for individuals and small and medium enterprises, we can use the free Bigspy ad spy tool, you can use dropship spy to spy products, you can also use its Facebook ad spy and Instagram spy to spy Advertising from competitors.

  70. Chris House Post author

    10:16 "the only paid tool that I personally use". IT'S YOUR OWN WEBSITE! God this dude is sketchy.

  71. Carito Cool Post author

    @Kevin David What a cool video!!! I've worked with Kevin for the past 2 years and I have to say that every course and every mentorship I've had with him have made a very successful entrepreneur, so thank you, Sarah, for this super awesome and very informative video💯👏🙌

  72. Lauren Farinha Post author

    so why would you need to test a product, if you can just list it on your shopify, and see if anyone buys it, then just ship it? im confused.

  73. GenZMommy Post author

    Great video Sarah! I knew from the jump Kevin owned the site , thought it was obvious

  74. Based Inbox Post author

    So your friend Kevin browses cool products to relist on his e-store but that way it looks like he runs a multi-product store, which is not recommended, right?
    The same goes for your example, the polar bear bag. Ok, it can be a good product to dropshipp but will it fit your cofee passion store? 🙄

  75. DopamineMVWM Post author

    There’s something I find so untrustworthy about male gurus, especially American ones, I couldn’t even listen to this guy. Sarah Chrisp is the only drop-shipper I’m willing to take advice from

    Just looked at the comments below, and I was right, what a sneaky fraudster. We only want to listen to you Sarah, don’t bother with the collaborations

  76. Jessica MacDonald Post author

    Well, I appreciate this video. I don't really care if he owns the product he is promoting, especially if it is a useful product. I found the info informative, even if Kevin was up all night hitting the slopes the night before, which is really how he comes off.


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