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By | February 23, 2020

Using A Podcast On A Blog For SEO My name is Bobby Deeds. I’ve been making videos like this on YouTube
for years now. Make sure you subscribe. Follow along. Things are happening pretty fast. It’s fun making this Web site. And one of the main reason I’m doing it is
because I want to have a good place to put a lot of the content that I make for this
podcast. There’s gonna be so much Aseel value from
the transcripts in these things and I want to make sure I make the most of that. So the plan is to create a small blog post,
each episode that has, you know, two thousand words, maybe less 15 hundred. And then it has bullet points for the main
takeaways in the podcast. And then below that you’ll be able to have
the transcript. That’s one of the main points of this whole
blog or the purpose of the blog really is to have a really good place to put all this
stuff. When I started making all these videos on
YouTube, I wish I had started a blog at the same time. Would have been way less work to get the thing
off the ground. I would have had some more domain authority,
but that’s OK. You know, it is what it is. I’m starting to now and I’m happy about it. My strategy for the blog posts is to take
a lot of long tail keywords. I’m talking about like a thousand searches
a month and low competition and I’m putting a lot of those into a blog post. You know, some of them have 300 searches a
month. I don’t care. Put 10 or 15 of those into a blog post and
all told, I should get some pretty good traffic. And since long tails pretty much very specific. The chances of me retaining those people and
getting good interest or time on page is really high. So that’s my strategy to try and get traffic
to the site. Otherwise, I’m just competing for Facebook
ads and something like that. I mean, this just 50000 searches a month in
high competition. It’s just never going to happen. I’m going to speak every blog post so that
there’s an audio search component. So when you go to the blog post, you’ll be
able to have read the blog post. Watch the video that’s attached to the blog
post or part of as a component of it, or you’ll be able to listen to all of the language that’s
at the top. So like I’m going to go and read the whole
blog post and post it as an audio file. So if people can just want to listen to it,
that’s the preferred way of doing it. No problem at all. Just got a funny story from a client too. They told me that Amazon is taking their returns
and repackaging them, expecting them, repackaging them and reselling them as opposed to donating
them. They’re just reselling them. I have never heard that before. That was mindblowing. I mean, to do a bunch of research about that,
to see if it’s actually really happening. They’re supposed to be donating it. But man, that’s crazy if that’s actually what’s
going down with Amazon. They’re on a whole nother level of getting
money crazy. I’m really excited to do life with this podcast
and it’s gonna be more like a talk show, I guess, because it’s going to have so much
of a video component to it. I just think those are the two things that
are most important in 2020 anyway. I don’t think text blogs are going to be as
powerful. I think the audio component is gonna be really
powerful for them. And getting your site able to be heard and
not read is gonna be really important. Google is categorizing podcasts now, so if
you go search for your best podcasts and you like the most, you’re gonna see that you’ll
just be able to click on the podcast and play it right there. So maybe it’s going to categorize it different
and it won’t compete, but it’s still to me feels like the way to produce content. The easiest and fastest. And lastly, if it’s Leive, I don’t have to
do as much editing, so I could just throw it up and I’m really excited about that part
of it. So I’ll get close. I got all the components do it together. I got custom music being made. Now I’ve got voiceover work and done for the
intro. And once all that’s ready, I can put all that
in before it plays during live live show and I won’t have to do any editing afterwards
ideally. So we’ll see. Works out a way. That’s the plan for live on why I’m doing
it. I just met with a account manager from another
agency and he gave me a bunch of tips about what to do and how to do it for our agency
as far as like, you know, what to give clients what not to give clients, what to talk about
on weekly meetings versus 1 monthly reporting meeting, how to organize conversations internally
and externally, you know, cause a lot of our agency. We’ve done really well so far, but we’re still
learning because none of us come from an agency. We’re constantly learning how to do this best. And she was able to give me a lot of the tips
from a proper agency and how they do. It’s we’re going to apply a lot of that here. We’ve been a digital marketing 6, 8 years,
but it’s not like we’ve had proper agency experience or just trying to pull things from
everywhere we can to make it apply. Right. Thanks for watching this video. As always, make sure you like comment. Subscribe like in the video is really important
because that will tell YouTube that you enjoy it and it’ll push the video to other people
that are similar to your interests. So it’s really helpful if you do that. Comment also really helps trying to grow this
channel and figure out if other people are interested in watching these agency blogs
because I’m just trying to put all the things out there that I’m thinking about and we’re
discovering and exploring as we grow our company. And I find it really interesting because it’s
kind of my life right now. So hopefully I’m sharing that. And hopefully it’s interesting to you as well
if you’re watching this. Either way, click subscribe and we’ll see
in the next video.

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