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By | August 21, 2019

have you wanted to improve your rankings
for your site on search engines or do you want to start a site and you got
some great keywords but the name you thought of is already taken if you don’t
know how to accomplish both of these tasks with the use of Google stop words
then you’re definitely going to want to stick around for just a few minutes to
learn how you can jump ahead of your competition you know by using some
really simple tricks I’m about to show you how you can get higher rankings for
your site and you can get in on the great keyword names for a new website
even though they may have already been taken by another site it’s not just what
you put into your phrases that matter it also matters what you should leave out
because those things could hurt you to take a second now and click that
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videos ok so let’s get started hi i’m J.R. Fisher with and in this video I’m gonna answer a
question that James sent me about Google stop words and how they can affect your
SEO I’ll then show you how to get higher rankings for your website and if there’s
a site that you have in mind but it’s already taken I’m going to show you a
trick to get around it and you’ll be able to capitalize on those keywords
even though someone else has already taken that site name
first off heck what our Google stop words and how do they affect your SEO
Google stop words are the very common adjectives or words that can really
hinder your SEO if done improperly simple words like duh for Dan and many
more can interfere with all of the hard work you do in creating phrases because
they use up precious character space especially when you are creating those
all-important page titles for a complete list of these stop words you can click
in the description below to download them for free so let’s first discuss how
these stop words can affect your SEO efforts also please realize that these
stop words can also affect your rankings on YouTube videos because YouTube is
owned by Google and they apply these same rules to your search results your
page titles need to be short and concise because most search engines will only
read between 65 and 70 characters that’s including spaces search engines will
analyze the proportion of keywords or the ratio to the total words of the
title they then determine keyword density the stronger the density the
better your search engine ranking will be here’s an example of how you can
adjust your page title by deleting useless stop words and increasing
keyword density your original title may look something like this official
homepage of the office of J.R. Fisher training at
diego location in california now if you make this a little more keyword dense it
will rank much higher in the search engine result you can delete the stop
words and make it more keyword dense by making these adjustments we would change
it to jr fisher training san diego california location now we have
optimized the title to be more direct and to have a higher density rating
that’s so easy to do but most of your competitors aren’t doing this because
they don’t understand it on the flip side stop words can be very beneficial
if you’re trying to get a new website started for a particular keyword but
those keywords are already taken by another website domain for example if
you want the site named dog training com but it’s already taken you can add a
stop word in the beginning and make it its dog training com or intro dog
training com you can also add a stop word at the end of your URL and make it
dog training thing com so what happens in this case is the search engine
ignores the stop words and will bring back your site with a strong search term
dog training even though it’s already taken by another site so there you have
it incorporate these words into your site URLs to rank higher and leave them
out of your titles to increase keyword density depending on what you’re working
on I have included a full list of all the stop words below in the description
so make sure you download those free words and use them and take advantage of
these cool tricks that you can use today this video has been made because James
posted a comment about stop words do you have a subject that you want to see any
cover put your comment below and maybe the next video I make will be about what
you want to know also visit us on facebook at J.R. Fisher training you
can also get more free informations right here on this channel until next
time you can find us at
and you need some great survival foods hop on over to and you’ll see how we apply all these great tricks I’ll see
you in the next video

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    Am building a website but due to compitition my ranking is not showing coz other people are using same keywords

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