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By | August 12, 2019

Hello guys my name is Vera and I’m the account manager from Serpstat customer success team so I help our clients with the Training on working with the service So whether you’re beginning or experienced user, I really have some actionable tips for everyone so This webinar is not about sales I really understand that you Face the steep learning curve and so I’m really happy and excited to run this webinar to make sure that You know how to use serves that from maximum and you get a profit from every penny spent So most of you only know service that from technical side so I’ll talk about the use cases of our clients and How they use our tools to achieve good results Before promoting our website you need to analyze competitors and borrow their most successful strategies From them so Such analysis it helps you to avoid their mistakes to Discover their strong sides and always be up-to-date within your niche So let’s find out what you can learn as you know, now we have Exactly two hundred thirty databases available which are increased every day without our manual updates and the largest one is Google United Stated base Which is the biggest now globally? it’s about two and four new era of keywords So let’s take now as an example And use this one largest database the United States So today we’ll talk about how to identify relevant competitors in English how to find your own The unique semantics of your competitors how to how to find out to the Top pages of your competitors, which gets the most traffic and and of course how to collect your semantic point with the unique tools of subsets, so Let’s start I will share my screen on now So Can you see my screen now Okay, so let’s start first thing first things first, so I suggest to find out your direct competitors are so enter and Choose Google, united states database Here is our overly page, but now let’s fast to SEO research and Competitors, no getting searched So here you can see the list of the websites are you compete with Let’s wait just a bit so the list you will see now is based on the similar keywords that Both of you ranked or in Google top 20 Let’s see our competitors Mm-hmm. Here we go So the more common keywords using in SEO websites have The more likely they are direct competitors you may identify this by relevance for Which define how close a particular competitor is? You can just sort it by relevance and Get the list of valid ones When it shows your competitors the most interesting for analysts don’t ignore the visibilities for as It shows how popular the website is in search engine Here we go here is the relevance and the disabilities quality so visibility Is our relative internal sport which shows how often the domain is shown in? Search results for the keywords domain is ranking for so but the higher the Score is the better and the most popular the website is So while we are dealing with top competitors you can see here Let’s clarify how we can compare the semantics of our websites to the competitors ones So let’s pass to position by record With positions irreverence you can find out the queries these websites like ranks for in google top 100 This arrows like it can be green one red one It shows you how the keyword went up or down in serve For your convenience, we made a filter here Where you may apply increase or decrease or new keywords to make your research even better there is it? Position change and here is the filter So this way So if you need to get phrases for a particular niche your Competitor ranks for you need to use another filter like keyword include Even it includes and Enter the niche keyword. You can enter several keywords at the same time and apply different soldiers Let it be Jordan or Air Max And add different filters according to your website strategy on for example Like Don’t may spoil it with a dumbass addition for a keyword. Okay from 10 page Something and if you would like to collect your keywords by volume or Different filters you would like to apply you may applied it at the same time and save it here As a result now is out now you’ll get the list of really not filtered virus we were looking for and Extend separate categories with this ITN You see here. It will be only Jordan or iron max nothing more So you may create pages maybe for an Lions tour This month we launched approximate traffic column Here’s it and a new way of export At first it didn’t it can be in PDF and also You may here choose the fields. You need to work with according to your optimization strategy So now let’s go back to competitors records for a while Here you can get the list of its common keywords and missing one if we talk about Missing key words. These are those keywords your competitors rank for but you don’t There is it It doesn’t mean that you don’t have this phrases on your website. It is possible that both of you use them in your SEO but your website is out to Google a top boundary and not visible at all while your Competitor the competitor isn’t tall In case you need to work on website text optimization and these keywords will bring traffic on your website, so Please work with this viewers If you don’t have this keywords on your website But they fit your niche. You may include it in your semantics Especially if your competitors gets traffic and ranks high using it You can click on business and keywords and Sort it by volume there is it In this case you You may understand which kind of optimization we should choose. Will it be high or low? or low presence keyword so now your only task is to Scrutinize the missing semantics semantics Discovered and considered creating new pages for your website that will include phrases it lags For your convenience search queries missing keywords can be sorted by all columns not only volume by acquisition or perfectly for a competition PPC so you may use it as well for Your website accusation You can also all work with common keywords, let’s submit this By clicking on common keywords you may check who ranks best in the search engine and how positions of you and your competitor changed since the last tracking Now we will see the list of common keywords There is it Let’s click on Yes, so you can see your site and your competitors website here by these arrows You may understand which keywords. You should work with like a Perform tax equalization or making journaling. So these keywords bring the traffic Let’s come back to competitor record and here you will see The list of competitors box. You may change it by entering new competitors or Remove the existing ones Here is it, you can see all the list and you may change one here So You didn’t with your competitors there are common on missing keywords and the next step is to find out the unique phrases your competitor successful rank for and use in there as oh But you had on your website at all You need to export such phrases and if they fit your niche definitely included to do this we need to use domain versus domain analysis This feature Allows you to make a comparison up to three domains This is your domain against two direct competitors So you need to enter your domain? Name, ah then specify two competitors Maybe you already know it or select them from suggested ones There is filling it So let’s choose some of them let it be this one and and this one and prepare Yes As a result you can see the circle diagram Which show you the humanik organic? keywords of each website and common phrases of all three dreams There are two obvious reasons why your competitors have unique phrases? so Probably they have different IP arms categories on their website and she don’t have and are not planning to have in your online store Then we don’t need these keywords But the second reason your competitors have exactly the same Categories and they really use unique keywords for their optimization Which you lack and definitely need to improve to get traffic In future with the help of keyword clustering tool you may correctly add this Uniqueness and keywords to the existing pages or create new ones for new categories, uh If you want to create absolutely new pages for your website You may compare three only competitors domain and export their common keywords Let’s choose another websites only competitors one. Yes. It was this one. Um Another websites Okay this one and let’s change our website to a third competitor Let’s see what we have Now the best example Let’s try some another one Mm. Yes So when you compare three equally competitor dreams You may explore to their common keywords More likely these keywords are relevant to your domain English as well. So may you may include it there? so only there are common keywords because You use for as we all say we sing magic so it will work for you If you compare your website with two competitors Let’s come back tonight at home. I Will command you to work with common phrases of you and your competitors by separate wireless As a result you’ll get the data and position of each website we will see now Here we go the And to your competitors, I think keywords you rank for and your position For example, you can see now this trace In your position it’s only 78 but your competitor is on top so in this case you need Or backlinks or content vine Anything you can do to get back the traffic So I recommend you to work with common semantics as well so As you can see unique semantics, which you don’t use it at all and common one I also recommend you to compare several trio competitors from suggested list and identify their comment unique phrases You may export it then combined into one single record in spreadsheets and to move duplicates as a result you get net virus without graham crackers or Rubbish use it and approve your text with it So, ah, this is what I want to tell about the main versus demand records Next one is top pages Top pages is really must have feature or content strategy and website accumulation Some categories and I cam pages are ranked batcher for certain keywords than other ones So that creating a list of such pages will help you to define the most Demanded categories and items and add them to your website Here you may find the list of most efficient keywords for every page there are the pages and keyword in organic search If necessary You may use the filter as well in case you are searching for IP ends of a particular category choose URL filter Like start with yes with pretty cool the start of the page and/or Just include somewhere let it be Jordan again Atlanta and you Can see the pages for particularly After identifying which of your competitors pages receive the most traffic get the list of keywords This page is ranking for Clicking on Clicking on the filter And get the choir is the position the page of the prize We can see the list of the keywords and now it’s use the filter the main opposition for a keyword and We get only the queries from the top Apply the filter Here is it So as a result will get the least of the keyword for the particular niche of the most viewed competitors pages So you may use it to – you’re related pages for example if your store ah Has a category like Jordan now you can see this keyword Again So we’ll also you may check the traffic each of these pages receive it Now we’ll come back to the top pages Yes Here, let me check the traffic If each of these pages receive it if you export it with Facebook shares As a result you’ll get the list of pages with additional columns in the chocolate you will get data on Approximate potential and maximum traffic use it as well So if you analyze your own website not your competitor ones Pay your attention to potential traffic it will show you which one you may get and the number of Visits that page will receive it holds the first position is served for a keyword Here is the potential traffic of each page. So it will be useful for you With this record, you may also get the list of the most shareable posts in facebook like articles for example It will be useful especially if you work with informative website social medias are the main source of traffic for viral content while topics with longtail keywords Bring the traffic from the organic search so tops shareable content may Vary depending on the niche you choose for your website To find out which topics are the most popular in your niche choose your direct competitors And analyze their content to understand what your audience is interested in The next record is It is almost a similar to top pages record but here you get the list of domain pages and their keywords in the treeview open for Using this tool you can easily find the URLs with the keywords This page is ranked for the type a great potential to fit push to the top of the search results for this um choose the filter the main position particular um between Eleven and planting Any page my filter And Here you get the list of the pages and their keywords for which the pages almost got the top 10 so use these keywords as anchors for internal links or Backlinks, so improve them to increase your organic traffic Like 12 or 13 It’s so close to top 10 So If you analyze like your competitors treat you this way You may research their websites mental semantic structure like blog Articles etc so optimization strategy the potential for expanding your structure and the direction for improvement Let’s come back to top pages for a while. I will show you I If you want to analyze your niche deeper, I’ll use the URL reserved not the minimums With this feature you can focus on promoting only single page of your website So here let’s choose some interesting page Because exactly top pages record show you Which pages bring mass traffic on the website? Use the filter If we’re still interesting in Jordan Virtually Let’s analyze this page you can just click on it And Here you see and the key where it’s at ranks for in their position so Here if you want to make a deeper research You may the same as you’ve already done before in two main versus two main analysis Now you need to find its closest competitors pages for example this ones and Find unique keywords that are relevant to your page and make it even better. And then Any similar face the tracks for in your niche So it will be really really detailed analysis the unit keywords only about journal In this rapper G also has missing keywords records Missing keywords are virus for which competitors read pages Ranks in Google top ten while your own page hasn’t even got to the top hundred for these keywords Let’s see these keywords. Yes if any other page of the dominant ranks for missing Keyword will see it in other URLs contain columns It will help you to correct the website structure Avoid the double K pages and find the most relevant page for this virus. Ah Let me show you let’s check another page This one Here you can meet the word no.1 If null appears in the scholar, I think we will see it here right now If you can see let’s check here This keyword and this column None, it means that this phrase in this list isn’t on your website at all Or that none of your pages Rank for in the top hundred Google search results. So add these keywords to your beach and get more traffic Which you like because of the missing semantics. So it is really like a unique record Because it will eat what data about recent semantics Here like sorting columns like search volume and the rest or Filters have been added to missing keyword sections to help you in Arranging the keywords left to reorder the video You can save time and analyze phrases according to the filters. You set a search volume, but per click or keywords improved and the read on After it is just my recommendation like after you make any changes in page structure You should make a detail to content analysis of your pages and Your close with competitors for today’s and breakdowns you can do it with surf stack text analytics tool and Get recommendations how to fix it It will be next time. I’ll tell you about this tool. It is really a useful and our unit one So, oh it was the way to collect you are the keywords for your semantic course poor base or not a competitor analysis and The next way to extend your semantic or without it is to perform keyword research now I show you certain features that we have Let’s come back let’s move to keyword research and Enter the keyword initial search box What was talking about so let it be sport shoes So I bring you to the keyword selection record When you get the list of all search queries Which are associated with the research query based on the protec search It is a classic way trick stands man things like with keyword planner The keyword selection page now allows you to search Search queries by keyword difficulty Mike here So you find matching searches for SEO purposes? That bring good results with minimal effort According to the legs a level of competition of the keyword for promotion can redefine the best accumulation strategy for you by low or high frequency phrases High frequency phrases as I think with low keyword difficulty Difficulty most likely are good to be included in texts of their pages So the next feature is related keywords The eunich SERP stack pictures really where you may find out various related keywords whose Search results are pretty much the same all the praises my look absolutely different to the first glance for example who is talking about or shoes and here you can see running shoes or shoes man running or What you can see like sneakers for man, so These keywords may be like synonyms or short form or slang expressions or professional terminology To use those related keywords in fill in your SEO optimization to reach a wider audience So here is really a long list Also You may wonder how subsets find related keywords so It simply compares top 20 of their search results. You can have a chance to discover How similar their ships are The similarity is measured by a connection strength Each two phrases have the highest possible connection strengths aplenty This means that there are 20 identical URLs in their search It logically follows that each connection strand Inza like we can see here Seven, okay there are only seven website addresses that are inside so For your convenience the related keywords Reppert can be sorted by all columns and filters You can see Everywhere we have like filters In addition vision related keyword selection you can get hold the group of phrases That should reach the users to the same webpage Later you may eat poor to this group of keywords insert set a subset clustering and find Out the rel relevant pages for them next time I’ll show you how you can do that and How it works If you choose low frequency or longtail keywords for your website optimization you made of covers separate micronations and create quality content You can find such keywords in search suggestions record Here is it with this record you may get the topics which your audience is interested in as well as the queries they Enter it in Google search box. So when we talk about sports shoes your audience looking for this topic My sports shows online USA Now at night is fortune so these topics are really popular If you prefer the API methods to edit and analyze data quickly We have good news for you as the search suggestions have also been provided with api’s So to create relevant content You should watch search trends and give the answers to the questions that users ask search engines so are using search questions So with with the search questions feature, you can find the trendy questions your audience as for With this wrapper, you’ll find out new ideas for new pages articles. I think you set cetera Surfside shows Suggestions that include questions and looks for it in real time so if you for example Choose the article where to buy sports shoes in Tokyo or Sydney You just need to author it in your articles and watch how your content moves to the top So we can say that with the competitors or top pages tool you may find out the semantics for in unique with a list of pages and domains which include the most number of the toilet trays so here Let’s come back to top pages That was the top pages for a keyword niche You analyze not a single competitor but all your niche competitors that receive the most of the traffic so here are top pages for sport shoes and their potential traffic So if you make research of five or ten top pages, you’ll get the most relevant semantics to your niche and don’t forget to use a filter to avoid our brand queries So this is how we’re our top pages were So but there was all the use cases of our clients which I wanted to share you with based on competitor analysis and unique service that we um so So I really hope that this webinar was useful for you And now you see how service that works for you, so Give it a try today and get in touch with our support team Which is always ready to and answer all your questions So thank you for your attention and next time I will try to Show you how the wrath of Serb statues works

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