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By | August 22, 2019

Welcome to SEO PowerSuite video training series! In this video, you will learn to use the anti-CAPTCHA feature in SEO PowerSuite. As you probably know, Google and many other services are very
sensitive to automated requests so whenever you check rankings or update
ranking factors in any SEO software, Google may prompt you with CAPTCHAs to make sure the queries are sent by a human and not a robot. But unlike other SEO tools, SEO
PowerSuite has an integrated anti-CAPTCHA service, so you can have
all the CAPTCHAs entered for you automatically. To do that, launch any of the SEO PowerSuite tools and go to
Preferences Search Safety Settings ->CAPTCHA
settings. Click Get Anti-CAPTCHA to be taken to a
page where you can pick the necessary Anti-CAPTCHA package. Once you have placed the order, you will
receive an e-mail with your Anti-CAPTCHA key code. Now, go back to your SEO PowerSuite tool and go to Preferences ->Search Safety Settings CAPTCHA Settings. Check the Enable CAPTCHA Recognition box, enter your Anti-CAPTCHA key and click OK. You have now activated the Anti-CAPTCHA service for that program. Following the same
process you can use your Anti-CAPTCHA key in all of your SEO PowerSuite tools. You can also see the number of remaining
CAPTCHAs and CAPTCHA recognition history right in the software. To do that, go to
Preferences Search Safety Settings ->CAPTCHA
settings. You will see the exact number of captures left in your balance right under your Anti-CAPTCHA key code. Press “Statistics” to see the 10 last
recognized CAPTCHAs That is all! Thanks for watching our
video on using the Anti-CAPTCHA service in
SEO PowerSuite.

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  1. GeeksHub Seo Post author

    your tool and video is awesome. and the girl in the is too much cute and beautiful …!

    any how thanks for videos and amazing tool.


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