Use AMP HTML with Your Existing Site

By | December 14, 2019

30 thoughts on “Use AMP HTML with Your Existing Site

  1. Geek Passenger Post author

    You should dive in on installing AMP on WordPress. The official documentation doesn't make much sense on the WP enviroment; It would be nice to have an official tutorial on this. The existing one just teach how to activate a boring starting template. I want to get amazing templates like the one you share on your site.

  2. Mario Post author

    A thing I just noticed: Your brand guidelines say that you shouldn't terms like "AMPlify" to describe the AMP functionalities. Yet you did it in the video in some way… ^^

  3. sridharm8 Post author

    My existing site has a messaging app integrated into it via a javascript function call. So If I am not allowed to call any third-party <script> calls with amp then how can I continue to have integrated on my site?

  4. sridharm8 Post author

    And also McAfee WebAdvisor is reporting site as unsafe/high-risk, why?

  5. Sohaib Raza Post author

  6. Brum Brum Post author

    amp seems to be useless?! inline css like in 2002?
    amp should build on a way that it works with w3c standard websites.

  7. Ronald Jay Buayan Post author

    lesser css framworks, and lesser javascripts.. it just got my life harder lol

  8. Paul Phillips Post author

    What about all the users using CMSs who don't have any control over the template?

  9. Dwarakesh Arshu Post author

    can we implement angular js in AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) and AMP page dynamically

  10. Anjali Chauhan Post author

    Can i open a custom popup on browser window/tab closing in AMP pages. Please reply as soon as possible

  11. namrata sonawane Post author

    AMP is really awesome! I watched more video of AMP, but I have one question if we using WordPress with a premium plan which does not provide any plugins, so there are no the amp plugins to installing, then how can we use the amp for our website?

  12. Salman M Post author

    Nice video, but one question. I have created two pages, one is for normal HTML and one is for AMP. So my url is something like myowndomain dot com and myowndomain dot com/amp respectively with the same content. So my question is "1) Which url will get index, 2) Is this ok or good to create two pages ? "

  13. VergilTheDevil666 Post author

    I have done few projects in amp, there are lots of limitations in amp, plus you can't use important if you want to validate amp code.

    Basically if you want to create clean and none animation JavaScript site then you can use this otherwise strongly not.

  14. Mushtaq Official Post author

    How to fix multiple meta description home page in HTML when I check Bing SeO analyzer show this msg

  15. Dimmy Post author

    Nice opportunity to remind you to keep your code lean, but not really a viable way of doing everyday-stuff. Like we don't have enough stuff on our mind…

  16. omar hassan Post author

    in AMP css and js should be in the same page like W3c websites

  17. AkuAktor Post author

    Hi there, i have a problem with my AMP, the problem is "A tag on this page requires an AMP component 'script' tag, which is missing." what is that? and the most important thing is how I can fix that issues?

  18. Seyfettin A. Post author

    Hey please show the tutorials practically not by lectures. Thank you

  19. rajeev ranjan Post author

    Hi, let's say, I have a responsive website and I want to implement AMP on its home page which has Forms. How can I achieve this ? Can we avoide form section ? Please help with example.

  20. Wikd Vapors Post author

    I love Amp! I was about to get my 39 mobile page speed to 97 overnight!! Its the KISS method. Good luck everyone

  21. Wind Auto Windscreen SB Post author

    Please do a amp page recaptcha v3 tutorial tq

  22. Luis Chávez Post author

    Hola, quiero aprender hacer videos como los que esta mostrando para así subir mis tutoriales en AMP. No cuento con mucha tecnología en cámaras. Me gusta crear sitios web y blogs en AMP. Si usted puede responderme quedaría muy agradecido.

  23. Fern Post author

    Hi, I am having an AMP issue in my WordPress blog (
    AMP is indexed in google but the error comes as: "Linked AMP version is invalid, It won't appear in Google Search results.

    The detailed error displays as: "The text inside tag 'amp-analytics extension .json script' contains 'html comments', which is disallowed."

    Can you please help with this. I am lost as I am not a technical person

  24. željko šimić Post author

    Cant support you there. I am using my own framework that I developed that extends limitations bootstrap, foundation, ant and other html/css/js frameworks have a basically with two breaks can support more then 90% of screen sizes, with maximum of three breaks it supports 99%, it also saves me a lot of coding lines, for example on Bootstrap on complex projects I usually had around 16 000 lines of CSS code, 1000 lines of js and so on, with my framework I have 2000, but my framework also has more lines of code then bootstrap, 2200. But still that is 4 times less then using any today existing framework, so chances are that in 99.99% cases I will need my framework, that has 97kb, which I could optimize to 40 at it's best which leaves me with 9.9kb of available use of another stylesheet for global classes since the rest of it would be need to be inlined in head styles as you say. Will definatelly give it a try, but I already know the first issue that will happen, google does not like inlined css so that part of optimisation will be problematic because amp of google asks for inlined css as you said, so the conflict is that Google does not like inline css, but it needs inline css.

    But I have a question. Based of what you said, looks like it would be the best to put mobile optimized site on sub-domain. Is it possible to do it without sub-domain because html now supports picture tag which allows for in-file optimization of media sizes.

    About hover selectors in CSS for vertical menus they do not work, because when you tap, sub-menu appears and it is automatically clicked if it pushes parent category link up, because tap register stays active for few milliseconds which is enough for mobile to register a double tap on mobile device vertical navigation and that will lead to frustration with mobile users because whenever they wish to brows the menu and subcategories they will be automatically be taken to a sub category page they didn't want to click yet, so there if hover will be used javascript needs to be used with simple turn on/off class (pointer events style). So it is better to not use hover css selector for vertical mobile menus but instead to build through javascript.


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