URGENT Check Your Yoast SEO Setting – v7 Update May Cause WordPress SEO Ranking Drops

By | August 26, 2019

This is a super important video for anyone
of the over 5 million people that are using Yoast on their website there was a bug when
going from a prior version of Yoast to version 7 and it is causing people to lose rankings
on their website which also if you’re doing e-commerce and stuff like that you’re probably
losing revenue to go over that in this video hi my name is Adam from WPCrafter.com or make
WordPress tutorial videos for non-techies if you’re new here consider clicking on the
subscribe button and there’s little bell for notifications okay I’m in a jump right on
into it if you’re not familiar with Yoast I don’t know what rock you hope of it under
here is on the WordPress.org page we’ve got Yoast hereunder popular plug-ins and if you
if these are in order it would be the second most popular plug-in in the WordPress plug-in
directory with over 5 million active installations essentially as an SCO plug-in and what it
allows you to do is create meta descriptions site maps and have more granular control over
how a search engine when they come to your website will interpret all the information
is very powerful plug-in in fact it’s a plug-in that I’m using on my website however I’m strongly
considering and I have been thinking about not using it anymore because of repeated problems
that I’ve read about speed issues that I’ve read about but I haven’t been able to test
myself but this just might be the icing on the cake this is an article that is now trending
on social media it’s dated June 2 today’s June 3 so this is a very fresh it’s only less
than 24 hours old and basically it’s an article bringing attention to a bug that was introduced
into Yoast of version 7 so if you were on a prior version when you version 7 came out
mind you it came out in March right now were in June so it came out months ago so if you
are using a prior version of Yoast and you updated when version 7 or 7.0.1 and I believe
7.0.2 came out if you updated or upgraded in that point this bug may be affecting you
in there steps you have to take regardless of what version that you’re on now in order
to resolve those and that is what this article is going to go into I’m going to put a link
to this in the video description box down below if you have Yoast it’s very crucial
that you look at this article is not my website it’s a search engine Journal if you have a
website this is probably a good website to follow anyway but basically this article goes
over how what happened when the update came out it essentially when a major plug and update
usually happens or theme update there’s usually this conversion process of old data in the
way it was stored to the new way the data would be stored and that’s where the bug came
in and says right here this bug is been alive since March 6 is a been a very long time and
here’s an explanation of what went wrong and here’s some other things right here you’re
going to want to read but especially right here it says affected Yoast SCO users are
upset so what ended up happening in this situation and it is people that are SCO’s they have
their websites have multiple websites that are constantly monitoring traffic rankings
and all that they picked up on this bug right after it happened and they were trying to
get Yoast’s attention on it and that took a few months so here’s some of people that
are using Yoast in the writing of really what the consequences are and that’s what’s kind
of driving me to make sure I put this video video out is you know it’s costing people
a lot of traffic a lot of money and I don’t want to see you be affected by its ear and
have to go here you’re going to have to go through the various steps to see if it is
affecting you and then there’s instructions on what you need to do if you are being affected
now yesterday I took this article and in the WP craft Facebook group yeah I put a link
to that down below to I put this article in there and at that time I was in thing and
I was gonna make a video then I saw how people responding to it and then I saw some people
say that all my gosh I just checked and I’m one of the people that this is affecting and
that’s what really drove me to make this video out because I think maybe this problems a
little bit more widespread so here’s the steps to do it now here is the problem that I have
and why I don’t think I trust Yoast I don’t see how I can trust Yoast even though I want
to I think there good people of course about how I’m having a tough time trusting them
so here’s a link to the official announcement on the Yoast website now I was actually very
shocked when I came across this article because I follow Yoast on Facebook I follow Yoast
on Twitter and I look I see everything in my twitter feed so I’m plugged in to them
having a way of notifying me of something so here’s the title of this okay Yoast SCO
plug-in bug causes rankings the drop what what do you immediately think when you read
that you like oh my gosh I need to read this this is important this is urgent to me in
my website let me show you the article this official announcement on Yoast’s website here
it is right here media attachment URL what to do with them so it not only is they are
they saying right here this this official announcement of the bug how would you even
see this title in social media and say all you know this is kind of important I should
I should check this out instead it’s like trying to be married and I I believe in this
case it was intentional now here’s what makes matters worse Mike my trust having an issue
even more is that I didn’t even see this with this type of the post title and content I
didn’t see this on their Facebook feed on their twitter feed it’s like they they put
everything else there except this it’s almost like they didn’t want people to know but here’s
the problem this is really affecting people you should want to get everybody to know this
so people are not harmed and I can understand when you make a mistake you kind of don’t
want to advertise it but when there such a huge base of users I think I would trust them
if they made a bigger deal of this if they actually had an appropriate title they push
it out on all of their social media they got it on WP Tavern certain places like that where
it could get more and more attention so people can at least know there is a bug it might’ve
affected them and then they can go in and fix it but instead the official announcement
is in this blog post right here and you notes to me it’s kind like false transparency the
other there addressing it right here but they didn’t really publish this article as I double
checked their Facebook as I was shocked I was shocked when I saw this on Mike how could
I have not known about this I am following all of these developers and companies for
this information I’m following all of them and I’m checking on them how on earth could
I have missed an official announcements and the reason I missed the official announcement
is because it did not go on their social media I looked I didn’t find it I even look today
double double check it and find it and it was kind of buried under some title that doesn’t
say you might want to check your Yoast plug-in and they also have a notification system within
the plug-in in WordPress and there’s no notification there so it’s just kinda swept under the rug
a bit and the sad part is yes this is affecting people and it’s been painful for those people
that it affected however when you read actually read the problem to me doesn’t seem like it
was this huge huge failure but where I see the failures the reaction it took months to
address it and and then to announce that you kinda bury it in some other piece of content
that sounds totally unrelated it’s just all of that that kind of kind of causes me to
not want to use Yoast anymore and you know what there’s plenty of alternatives to Yoast
it’s not like they’re the only show in town there is all-in-one SCO which has millions
of users as well there is the SCO framework which is also the both of these are free others
the SCO framework which people rave about because it doesn’t slow down your website
any there is also a just up a paid one called SCO press I think it’s free and then it’s
probably the most affordable paid SCO plug-in last I looked it was only $40 and that’s unlimited
per year but that’s unlimited websites where Yoast is like savings $80 per website per
year so you you deftly get a better deal out of the SCO press so anyways those are just
a couple that I’m throwing out there also anyways I just want to get this news information
out there I think it’s crucial that people are aware of this so they can at least check
their websites check their settings on the put a link to this article down below just
go through it and I felt free to share their article you don’t have to share this video
to share that article on various social media so more people can be aware of this so they
can at least have the opportunity to check and see if they’re susceptible to this problem
what I want to do is ask you in the comment section down below to add whatever feelings
you might have about maybe how this was handled whether it’s a big deal or not a big deal
and also feel free to make some other SCO plug-in suggestions in the comment section
down below I think when you read this it’s not the biggest mistake but I think the way
it was handled and if you were certainly someone that is negatively effective it’s a massive
mistake but I think more ouch is kind of buried and kinda swept under the rug when there are
clear steps that people need to follow in order to have it to be a wood to know about
the problem and fix the problem I just kinda feel saddened by that so anyways that’s all
that I have for you in this video check your website get your friends your colleagues to
check their websites as well thanks for watching this video and I’ll see you in the next one

82 thoughts on “URGENT Check Your Yoast SEO Setting – v7 Update May Cause WordPress SEO Ranking Drops

  1. vdubxs Post author

    Hi Adam, Maybe Yoast are now directly trying to notify users? I just updated a site to Yoast Version 7.5.3, and then I get a security notification from Yoast saying it has detected a problem. The message says; Problems (1)
    We have detected the following issues that affect the SEO of your site.

    Your site's settings currently allow attachment URLs on your site to exist. Please read this post (links to https://yoast.com/media-attachment-urls/) about a potential issue with attachment URLs and check whether you have the correct setting for your site.

    If you know what this means and you do not want to see this message anymore, you can dismiss this message.

  2. Dan Tetreault Post author

    Yoast seo bugs on version 7…yikes! Toast has always been the 'Yoast of the town' (pun intended), a celebrated WP plugin community. Wasup?

  3. Sarah Hope Post author

    I just looked at the article, and I am trying to follow the instructions, but I have the premium version and the instructions do not follow for the premium users! Ugh so frustrating. I will keep looking for where to find the solution.

  4. Matthias Schwehm Selbstbewusst AUSGESORGT in 17 Wo Post author

    Great news, thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Abhijeet Johri Post author

    Thank you Adam for such an important information

  6. Anand Post author

    I noticed that my number of pages indexed by Google were nearly 3x overnight during this time frame. Have any of you checked your Google search console?
    Also, would Web Text Tool be a substitute for Yoast?

  7. Hubertus Keil Post author

    usually really like your videos a lot, but on this you totally forgot to explain what the problem was. Instead its just an anouncement/rant video with a cklickbaity title.
    A bit more detailed explanation of the problem and the add-on Yoast is providing to fix it would be better I think.

  8. Constancephoto Post author

    Thank you Adam for getting the word out.

  9. diana kerpician Post author

    Very disappointed by Yoast, they managed this with an attitude that shows lack of character and ethics.

  10. Christian Lecuyer Post author

    Hey Adam, I have just view this last friday because there was a "red" notification bullet in my site dashboard, so I looked at the Yoast page to see what was the problem and did not think that was a big thing according to the title… I have to say, I did not understand all of it, what's up with the media attachment, so I have did my best to follow their instruction. But I don't know what it's about, I will now read the SEJ article.
    Thank's for this info 🙂

  11. John Wagner Post author

    I just fixed mine this week, but I received a notification on my sites. It took me a wile to find the proper proceedure to follow to fix it. . I found it in the article you refenced in your video

  12. Naif Ali Post author

    Hi Adam , Thank you for this update. I’m sorry but I think you’re a little too harsh on Yoast . I manage some 40 websites for my clients and only one of those was affected by the update and I received a notification in my WordPress dashboard from Yoast , with steps to remedy the problem. I don’t agree with you on this one , love your channel though . You’ve saved my life on more than one occasion 👍🏼

  13. Kenya Roberson Post author

    Adam, thanks for the heads up! Thankfully I checked my site (mindwellamedia.com) and everything is OK! Your videos are very helpful!

  14. OGAL Web Design Post author

    I'm up to 6 sites I've found. What a nightmare. Please do a seo plugin comparison video!! Or at least if you switch tell us what you switched to and why 🙂 I'm gonna move!

  15. WPCrafter.com WordPress For Non-Techies Post author

    FIX INSTRUCTIONS: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/yoast-plugin-bug/255639/
    UPDATE: So one thing I got wrong, many did receive notifications inside the plugin, but I personally didn't. I didn't on the sites I log into, but wish I had so I could have given some credit on that. I use MainWP to manage most of my website from 1 central location. In fact many people have auto-update system, or central control panels for managing websites, so even though they did put a notice in the plugin (which confused many people), they really should have put it on their social media to make sure their trusting users knew about it. Why not just put a simple post on Twitter and Facebook, just so people would know and have an opportunity to fix it.

  16. RKF Search Results Post author

    I understand the latest version has this corrected?

  17. Photographyandcoffee.com Post author

    Yoast is doing some damage control now. What amazes me is how long it took to discover this bug. It's easy to see all the attachment urls appearing in the Google index. Just look for site:yourdomain.com. We've all been sleeping.

  18. Rebecca Barrett Post author

    Hi Adam, thanks for the informative video and drawing attention to this issue, in an effective manner. My updated website has only really been live for a couple of months, and I've been really concerned about the lack of traffic – it seems I am one of those affected, but on a positive note that should mean traffic will now improve! Phew!
    I, like yourself am more concerned with the lack of transparency, I did receive a notification a few days ago, but didn't think it was anything major, and as I was busy trying to improve SEO!!.
    With all this in mind, I am most interested to look into the lite SEO Framework.
    Am I right in presuming that once the plugin is removed that's the end of it?

  19. JimPatrick Munupe Post author

    Hi Adam, it would really help us if you could do a review of SEO plugins like SEOPressor vs Yoast

  20. nmr20067 Post author

    And your opinion, how much of a good alternative is All-In-One SEO? I haven't used it in many years; I jumped on the Yoast plug-in bandwagon with everyone else years ago.

  21. Online Visually, leads that call or message you! Post author

    Yoast = Toast, Thanks Adam

  22. Alexander Bjerkvik Post author

    There are too many wp monopolies, and those are never good for competition and innovation. Case in point, yoast got greedy and hiked the price. Would not shock me to see Woocommerce hike price as well given they completely dominate wp ecommerce. We need to support the alternatives ALLOT more or suffer the consequences.

  23. Sunshine Removals VIC Post author

    Notified thru webmaster tools a week ago

  24. Javed Khan Post author

    Thanks for the information. I've the updated plugin and it seems to be fixed. Wouldn't have noticed without your video! (Not an full time web admin). Thanks again!

  25. Bryan Peterson Post author

    I was affected and saw my rankings drop. Frustrating

  26. Rip Gill Post author

    Moved over to SEO Framework and my GTMetrix has improved. I've just done this so it'll take a little while to see analytics.

    It seems that Yoast have shot themselves in the foot. Hard to recover from that. Thanks for this video.

  27. Roberto Ayala Post author

    Just change my SEO option transparency is everything

  28. digwillhachi Post author

    wow, I panicked checked my site and saw I was using a different plugin lol ! I know some of my customers sites have this so will have to check them.

  29. Managed SEO Post author

    This is terrible! The way it was handled was not good at all! I Will be looking at SEO Press now too. Thanks

  30. Felix Rivera Post author

    Adam; It was in the upgrade in WordPress, I was able to fix the issue a week ago.

  31. KHIIBOTS Post author

    Yep Effected by this Myself! You need to do a review on the Yoest Alternatives. a 300% Price Hike now this!

  32. Taty Hindes Post author

    According to Yoast "We quickly resolved the bug, but some people have suffered anyhow (because they updated before our patch)." I've just updated one of my client's website, and I still saw this issue and fixed it manually. What they are stating is not true… nor cool.

  33. Lady Elizabeth Post author

    I live under a rock in a way, because I have Yoast installed on my blog but it's not activated.
    Some would gasp at this but I deactivated it a long time ago because I don't know how to use it correctly and I know I shouldn't have anything that I don't understand well on my blog website. Actually, I should erase it because like I said, I don't know how to use it.
    I think the way they handle this was not good. If this was the last drop on my glass, I will and should look into others to see how to use them instead.

  34. baguaarhatic Post author

    Is seo press (paid) as effective as Yoast (Ignoring the current bug issue). Because it sounds like it is?

  35. Crucible Post author

    No different than Facebook data leak, but is everyone here still using Facebook? Exactly… Just update and move on in my opinion.

  36. Cal-Surety Bonds Post author

    Your Car Dealer Bond YCDB) was another affected small company. Being new to SEO, I thought I must have been doing something wrong to not be getting a better result over the past 3 months…come to find out it is this Yoast plug in that we finally made the leap of faith to purchase. Thanks a lot, Yoast! Time-consuming, money-gobbling, frustration-overloading issue for millions of companies that trusted Yoast. What a let down the way it was announced to save their appearance, while abandoning the good folks that make their plugin viable by purchasing it.

  37. Harper Building Diagnostics Post author

    Great heads up on this Adam. I agree, disappointing from Yoast.
    On checking we have been affected, I have installed the additional plugin from Yoast, has it worked ? Confidence now lost – so will be looking at alternatives today!

  38. Michiel Heijmans Post author

    Hi Adam,

    Oh how I wish you had reached out to us and we could have done this video together, more accurate/complete, to help your viewers and our users 🙁

    I'd like to stress that anyone who updated from below version 7.0 of the plugin to any version above 7.02 is unlikely to be affected by this bug. Because it's a bug, and it's our bug, as stated in the article you mentioned in the video: https://yoast.com/media-attachment-urls/ . But it's definitely not that all 8M websites that are infected, that is also why we wrote that, IMO very clear guide on how to go about this.

    We fixed that bug and tried to reach out, but perhaps should have done that much more active, granted. We added it to our newsletter, added a notification in the plugin. We talked to Google, talked to users. Provided the purge plugin as a solution, which we actively discussed with Google before release.

    Adam, we are always looking out for our users and I feel we really stepped up to the plate. Sorry you see this different. I see that on your website, our plugin is still running and luckily, no attachment pages are in Google (left?). Did you use our purge plugin? Let me know!

    By the way, for more insights on this issue and the way we handled it, please read for instance https://www.seroundtable.com/yoast-plugin-google-drop-25842.html

  39. Soheil Asadi Post author

    Hi.Thanks for great videos.

    One thing I didn't find in videos is a solution to upload self-hosted videos. I want to upload my self-hosted videos to my WordPress site and play them with a good player that offer options like share, download button, preload … I checked several video player and each of those had some problem.Plaese add a video regardng these problem.

  40. Sagar Jaid Post author

    😞😞😞 I'm switching to All in one SEO

  41. Solution Focused Post author

    Alternatives Adam mentioned: All in One SEO, SEO Framework, SEO Press

  42. FMV Freemasons Victoria Post author

    Don't confuse "been around since March" with "known about since March". The date on Yoast shows it wasn't known about until only recently.

    Funny hearing you so ragey though Adam 😛

  43. adam Post author

    Will you be making a video on your new prefered seo plugin?

  44. Alex Newell Post author

    Adam – I use All In One SEO already but I'd love to see you shoot a video where you go through the set up…:-)

  45. LABOR OF LOVE TV Post author

    Thanks Adam, you know your my go to WordPress Guru. Thanks man!! -Nate

  46. Susan Moon Post author

    Hi, thanks for all the attention to detail you give us. I don't seem to be affected. But, I have noticed that my green orange and red dots have disappeared that tell me if I'm in the green or not. Where did they go?

  47. Ahmad Ali Post author

    Please make video on Amazon affiliate website

  48. Josh Allen Post author

    Have you tried Squirrly SEO? I've always used Yoast, I also really like WP Meta SEO Pro version -and i did take hits on my sites -now I know why.

  49. Leon Kotze Post author

    Thanks a lot, Adam, much appreciated. I realised a couple of days ago that my personal site just disappeared off the SERPS…
    I have actually always been using All In One and a friend mine convinced me to try YOAST. I still use All In One on E-commerce sites, but will now change all the sites that I have running on YOAST to All In One.

  50. Vasco Marques Post author

    Thanks Adam. This is a shameful way of acting by Yoast. I was affected as hell and did not have a clue of what was going on. Shame on you, YOAST!

  51. Agency Trailblazer Post author

    We moved to SEO Press the other month and have been really benefitting from it! Might be worth a check out Adam. We are on Premium and it is SUPER cost effective compared to Yoast

  52. Lionel Thomas Post author

    There needs to be trust with any developer; the issue is I have caught several Plugin developers not being upfront in their comments in Plugin Updates to fix bugged releases, even after being confronted they still didn't come clean publicly.

    I remember One particular Plugin update for a Cloud service that neutered my WP Admin and aspects of my site, had to FTP and disable plugin to be able to use the admin, update and fix… quick fix by developer was in about 1 hour after release of bugged version… release notes didn't mention the issue nor how to fix your website if you had updated to the bugged version.

    Some plugins I still use, others I don't; comes down numerous factors and sometimes per website decision…

    Either way, this gives people a chance to check out other SEO Plugins that could be gold….

    Also, One thing people should do is contact Yoast and let them know they their thoughts on the issue… and if you do choose to move let them know so they feel the impact of their actions…

    Contact Yoast —> [email protected]

  53. Benjamin DENIS Post author

    Thanks for quoting SEOPress, love that plugin! (disclaimer: I'm the founder 😉 )

  54. Per Talk Post author

    Hello sir,
    You are doing really very good job, I am following you since from last 6 months…
    In latest version of #Yoast SEO I am little bit confused…how to add #Title & #Meta #Desciption & #Meta #Tags
    Pls sir can you make a video on this Topic ??

  55. Dave Hayes Post author

    Good video Adam, thanks for bringing my attention to it. I have uninstalled this plugin and am continuing to use ALLINONESEO which was pre~installed on my theme and so far touch wood, it has been excellent

  56. Patrice Walker Post author

    I'm currently developing a site (haven't published it yet) and had installed the Yoast plugin. Everything was running at a snail's pace. I deactivated it and installed SEO Framework. It's running A LOT faster now. Thanks for this info!

  57. John Kerr Post author

    I think it is time to make the move. Now – the more I read the more difficult it is going to be to perform a clean exit from Yoast. It appears even though you uninstall Yoast, there are lots left over that is not removed. WPCrafter – might be a good opportunity for a video or two on making a clean break from Yoast…

  58. Imran khan Post author

    Sir is it important to resubmit sitemap to google console while switching to another seo from yoast seo ?

  59. Antonius Lecuona Post author

    What a bullshit truther. Seriously you are here jus to bash Yoast and basically said nothing. Pathetic.

  60. Skip C Post author

    After uninstalling yoast (for all-in-one seo), all my social icons and other symbols were stripped from my elementor and oceanwp. Any suggestions on how to get them back?

  61. Janaka sooriyaarachchi Post author

    cloudflare not working with smtp plugin my all emai going to spam now can u help me sir

  62. Matze Karajanov Post author

    hi you should try consolety, it is a WordPress plugin that matches your blog posts with other consolety users in the network of consolety based on your titles, your tags category and language of the post. Meaning you get rellevant backlinks based on your content all done for you by the consolety plugin. you can find it on wordpress plugins section simply by googling for consolety. Please let me know what you think of it

  63. tormentor545 Post author

    Hey so have people started moving plugins? What's the general opinion? Yoast still seems to be getting really good ratings on the wordpress page.

  64. S N Post author

    The bug has reportedly been fixed in the 7.2 update, so for new installs not a problem. For sites that have been affected Adam has the fix is here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/yoast-seo-search-index-purge/ but it'll take up to 6 months to "cure" your ranking drops..

  65. Leiter Post author

    Hello Adam, thanks for the video! It would be great if you have a video "Yoast SEO" vs. "All in One SEO Pack". Thanks for all the good videos!

  66. Bloodyroots Post author

    Thanks Adam for the video! Which SEO you recommend to use the?

  67. Lyrics Stream Post author

    If you`re looking for the very best service to get SEO to your web page, i advise to use SpeedRankSEO. I am using it with a really good result. Just simply type speedrankseo in yahoo or google.

  68. Àlex Bartolomé Del Río Post author

    One of my websites got effected, and they say there was a notification in wp dashboard but i didnt see anything! And i just read in facebook and found out what is going on!
    Thanks for your video but i think it was better to tell what to do in order to fix this problem. In the new version of yoast we cant redirect the attachment urls to the a post or a page and they should be redirected to the image url (like …images/jpg) and now i have some indexed urls like this, should i make the urls cause error 410 and tell to google to remove them? Or its better to remain 'em the same? (images/jpg)? Because i have some indexed links like that now.
    Advice plz

  69. Pete Gregory Post author

    Yeah, I've also lost my trust in Yoast. Slowly but surely, I'm replacing Yoast SEO on all my sites.

  70. Sunil Gurung Post author

    hey adam do you still use Yoast — if not which would you consider the best – which one are you using???? — im thinking of switching to " the Seo Framwork" — any suggestion ?? please —- OR yoast is all solved by now ??? this is simply because my all my plugins are the one you recommended and in all honesty YOU ARE AWESOME

  71. Bag of Coins Post author

    How do you remove the website snippet text in the end of the tittle?( – example ) any answers?

  72. Faraz Ahmed Rizwan Post author

    Okay understand that Massive mistake, huge bug etc, but…
    How can we resolve it step by step? You should have done this front of us…

  73. Kongo TIMES Post author


    Yoast SEO is not a must-have plugin. Yoast is only awesome for editing meta tags. However, It’s not so great for optimizing content. Why? Because the green light content optimization feature is misleading. it’s important to be aware of its limitations. WordPress is famous for being well designed for SEO right out of the box. All of its features and functions have been built to guide search engines through every post, page and category of your site, so it’s not absolutely essential to install third-party SEO plugins for your sites to rank well.

    If you need the sitemap plugin, use the "Google XML Sitemaps" plugin as a stand-alone system, which works pretty well.

    Have a great day!

  74. Tom Kriek Post author

    Yoast lost my trust as well. I run one of my sites on a RockeTheme theme and had to disable my paid for Yoast for months. All I got from them was an eventual admittance and a promise that it will be fixed in the next update. Bottom line, it was fixed three updates later. It broke my site completely and I had to disable Yoast for about 3 or 4 months. I was still in my free cancelation period. They said if you want to cancel, cancel, but we are not going to give you extra time on your license for the time you could not use the plugin. That attitude, to me, stinks! I was not aware of this problem mentioned here, but it sounds like around the same time period.


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