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By | August 26, 2019

If you would like to see the brand new uploader tool for YouTube then stay tuned watch this video as I show you this brand
new update to YouTube. Hi there, David Walsh here once again from Davidwalshonline.com. Your place to grow your
business using YouTube. In this video I’m going to show you the brand new uploader tool that YouTube have released in beta And how to use it to upload your videos. But first if you’re not already subscriber you know what to do. Hit the subscribe button
notification bell, be notified every time we
upload videos every Tuesday. So YouTube have released
this brand new uploader tool to fit in with the Studio
Beta look and feel. Like Studio Beta they
have released the uploader tool in beta as well. So there obviously going
to be some little hiccups in there that they’re trying to iron out or they’re letting it out there so that people can use it and try and break it for them to fix. So without further ado let’s head on over to the trusty computer as I show you this brand new
uploader update on YouTube. So here we are inside of our Studio Beta. So we go up here and we go over to YouTube Studio Beta. Up here we have create a video or a post, click on that and you’ll
see upload video beta new. So here we have, it says welcome to the new
upload beta experience. It includes an improved step by step flow and additional guidance. Try it out and share your feedback. So we select video. So we’re uploading a video and it’s got a nice little animation. It’s uploaded it very, very quickly. So we can see here it’s got the name, so we got basic info on the top. We can add a description. Here we can add a custom
thumbnail as well. So we’ll use a new… an old thumbnail from a previous video. Then click on next, so we can add it to playlist. Let’s just pop one over there. We’re at create a new
playlist if you want to. Let’s add some tags. Three. And of course if you have
your default already set up a lot of these will be already there including your tags, your descriptions, etc, etc. So we’re gonna leave it under the category of people on blogs. Lets look under additional settings. So we can see here enable age
restriction if you want to. Allow embedding, publish to the subscription feed. This does not contain any promotion so we can leave that as is. Click on next. So we can set this now as unlisted. Private so we can schedule as public. So lets select a date in the future. 10:00 AM tomorrow. And if you want to set it as a premier you can do so as well. Then click on done. Boom, there is our video. We can now go in and add cards and end screens now that the video has processed. So there you go, that’s the brand new
uploader tool on YouTube. And as you can see it fits
in with the look and feel that is on YouTube Studio
Beta at the moment. It will be a matter of time before this one is the
standard across YouTube. So if you like it you may
as well start using it now. So what do you think of this new update? Do you like it? Do you like the old one? Do you like this one? Let me know in the old
comments area below. I’d love to know what you think. And as always if you have
a question about this or anything else to do
with the good old YouTube’s make sure to pop that also
in the old good old comments down there as well and ill do the best I can to help you get that question answered. Thank you for watching. Now if you are not a subscriber make sure to hit that subscribe button somewhere around here And also hit the notification bell. We upload videos every Tuesday. Also watch one of these fine specimens of a video right here to
get more tips and tricks to help you grow your YouTube channel.

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  1. Full Funnel Club Post author

    To everyone who’s just starting out like me, good luck and I’m wishing success to everyone! 😊🙏🏻❤️

    I just started this channel and currently have only 50 subscribers but I’m pumping out valuable content everyday! Mostly because David is such an inspiration to keep grinding! Thanks for the support and continued success to all! 👊😉

  2. Peace World Post author

    Please please watch and support me… i have no one to support me…. i just have u guys… plz help me out……..

  3. Lapid Judaism Post author

    Thank you so much David! We will be uploading a video soon so this is helpful. Do you have any special insight for YouTube live? Our channel hosts a Live teaching every morning. Just curious.

  4. Randy Schartiger Post author

    might as well start using it now they're gonna force it on us eventually like everything else lol

  5. Boni Faas Post author

    I make music go Subscribe to my YouTube pleased! Every week I'll update you'll

  6. Bill Campbell Post author

    Well as always I will check it out! Thanks David

  7. 3d Print Creator Post author

    I still don't understand why programs like TubeBuddy are still needed to 'really' work with YouTube for a business or as a vlogger.
    Man would think that when Youtube updates the uploader tool, all the relevant tools found in TubeBuddy would be incorporated in the standard uploader.

  8. Princess CrystalRuby Post author

    I’m literally in the same room as him rn irl 👌🏻😂

  9. Jim Forbes Post author

    I like this new format better than the current one


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