Upcoming SEO Trends in 2017 – Best SEO Podcast 351

By | September 10, 2019

2016-12-09 Podcast 351 Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown
Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults. Chuck: I am Charles Lewis, your Client Results
Advocate. Chris: Welcome back to another fun-filled
edition of our podcast, this is podcast number — Chuck: 351. Chris: 351. Chuck: Like after 350 and right before 352. Chris: I’m glad you mentioned 350 ‘cause
we have a tip from 350 and the tip is, “Take advantage of outbound linking opportunities.” Chuck: Look, anytime you can link to a distributor,
a manufacturer, or someone like that who has your product but is not necessarily a competitor
to you, great outbound linking opportunity. Take advantage. Chris: Boom! Please remember we are filmed live here in
Houston, Texas, and Chuck and I, we’re actually your friendly local neighborhood– Chris & Chuck: Top Position Snatchers! Chris: And our mantra is– Chuck: Do not be a douche. Chris: I don’t even know what I was about
to say there. Chuck: Yeah, I was just gonna stop you and
tell you that’s not it. Whatever you were gonna say. Chris: Our mantra is, don’t be– stop–
it’s something else. We’ve got a– hey, this is the last– So,
I don’t know freestyle, last free podcast, the next two podcasts are the 2016 year review
podcasts. Chuck: Yeah. Chris: So, we got an article for you today,
that article is… Chuck: Yeah this article is called, “The
SEO trends to prepare for in 2017.” I was like, this probably a pretty cool article
dude name Pratik posted this article on Search Engine Land and so I was like looking at it
like to see if we were kinda in tune with what’s trending and what’s going on and
some of these things we are, and so we’ll dive in in a minute. Chris: Alright, I’m looking forward to it. If this is the first time you’ve listened
to the podcast, howdy, welcome. Before I finish that sentence that we usually
say. If you’re in a position to have some sort
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Live. Chuck: Appreciate you tuning in. Chris: Let’s see. What do we have next? I have– If you’re a PHP genius or a WordPress
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do is go to eWebResults.com, click that button, the green button that you can’t miss. Chuck: Yeah. Chris: And fill out the form. Do we have any Algo Cat for today? Chuck: No Algo Cat today. Chris: We do not– this kinda makes me a little
sad that the last free podcast– well we can squeeze one in, right? Maybe we can squeeze one in on the 20. Chuck: Yeah, I’d get one in next week and
then depending on what’s out there, but you know, with Panda and Penguin kinda running
in the core now, there is no, you know– Chris: Like cataclysm, it’s just always
ever present. Chuck: Exactly. Until they decide to make a new change. Chris: New big change. Chuck: Yeah. Chris: Yup, absolutely. Alright, well I do have a little bit of news
and the news I got, I was just reading an article. So they are looking– they being like the
emissions, I don’t know police, are looking at– Chuck: The EP-whatever– Chris: EPA. Chuck: Something. Chris: At Porsche, right? ‘Cause Volkswagen had that issue where they
had written specifically– specifically written the software, that if you were in a situation
where it looked like you were getting an emissions test– Chuck: To read off a different number. Chris: To show different numbers, yeah. And by the way I thought– one of the things
I thought was interesting, so obviously Porsche, VW, associated, so they’re looking at them,
I just thought it was interesting that they just suspended some engineers. Which you know what that really means is,
somebody above them, they didn’t deserve to get fired, because somebody above them
said, “look, I don’t care what you have to do, just–” Chuck: Well they gotta had orders to do it,
and so it’s like, dude, don’t take our jobs dog, we were really following instructions. Chris: If you take our jobs, we will be revealing
information. Remember that memo– email, or memo that you
shouldn’t have sent? Anyway. Michigan is the first to pass comprehensive
self-driving regulations. It’s pretty cool. Of course, they have a little, I don’t know,
a little gotcha in it, a little caveat if you will, and that is, “in order to have
a fully self-driving vehicle, you must be associated with a manufacturer.” Right? It’s Michigan, Detroit, lots of manufacturing. So Uber can have– Chuck: Man, they have to be affiliated with
Ford, or Chevy, or whosever’s making the self-driving vehicle. Chris: Exactly. Chuck: Oh, so they can’t come out with the
Uber-bile. Chris: With their own Uber, yes, exactly. Chuck: The Chuckmobile. Chris: If they come up with the Uber-bile,
right? Chuck: They’d have to be manufactured by
Ford. Chris: Then they could do it because it’s
manufactured. No, ‘cause they could manufacture it. So the issue is, Uber on its own can’t start
putting on the road vehicles that are self-driving, and you know, like self-driving taxi-type
vehicles. You have to be a manufacturer. Chuck: Oh, I see what you’re saying. Chris: So if Uber started manufacturing the
vehicles– Chuck: Then they could do it. Chris: Then they would probably be able to
get away with it so, alright. And then finally, man, this makes me a little
nervous, I just flew to Panama this last weekend and the government’s kinda debating phone
calls on an airplane flight. Right, so they’ve got Wi-Fi now, so you
could do calls on Wi-Fi. They’re not allowed right now and people
have annoyed me because, you know, they’ve already closed the cabin, somebody’s there
chatting on a phone and I’m like, you’re not even like– first off you’re annoying
me because you’re so loud and second, you’re not even supposed to be on the phone right
now. Chuck: Yeah, you’re supposed to be in airplane
mode right now. Chris: Yeah, so yeah. If they take my vote I’m totally against
it. I don’t want any phone calls on planes. Chuck: So I’m usually– I fly frequently
and I’m usually plugged in. Headphones on, I could care less. Chris: Oh, yeah. That’s a good point, yeah. Chuck: I’ll usually against– as long as
I have a window seat, you know what I’m saying? Chris: And your headphones in, yeah. Chuck: Yeah. Like my phone’s fully charged, you know
what I’m saying? I’m pretty good. I could care less. Chris: Yeah. Well, not me. Alright, so that’s the news. You got some news? Chuck: I got one piece of news that I thought
was interesting although Google hasn’t replied to me yet, but I definitely tried it. Chris: Right. Chuck: So, now they’re allowing you to–
dig this. Google is allowing you to search Google from
Twitter with an emoji. Let me repeat that. Google is allowing you to search Google through
Twitter with an emoji. Chris: So you use like a Google emoji or something? Chuck: Tweet at Google, right? With an emoji. A pizza emoji, and that would tweet you back
with a link of pizza restaurants. Tweet them with a– so my tweet was with the
barbershop emoji, the little barber’s pole, trying to see if they’ll send me back a
link for the local barbershop. I don’t know what’s gonna come back, but
if an emoji of a car, you’ll get a listing back of like places to buy or rent cars. Chris: Wow, that’s interesting. So that’s like– so I remember back in the
day– Chuck: So they’re literally tweeting you
a link to a Google search result. Chris: So I remember back in the day, I used
to get people to– you could text Google, right? And do searches and then they would respond
so they just kinda migrated– Chuck: Yeah, same– Chris: It’s not even a big stretch. It’s kind of surprising since Twitter was
founded on SMS, that it’s taken this long for it to happen, right? Although the emoji part. Chuck: The emoji part is what it was. Chris: Maybe the search was already there
and now it’s just the emoji aspect. That’s kinda cool. Chuck: Yeah, I thought so. At the same time though– the time it takes
to open up Twitter, find the emoji, right? Emojis are never– unless it’s one you always
use then it’s in your favorites. Other than that you’re gonna spend, you
know, 40 seconds finding the emoji. Chris: So you open up Google, search for the
emoji that you need, copy it, paste it into Twitter. Chuck: Not even copy it, you gotta download
it, install it, and yeah. So. Chris: I’m definitely gonna file that under
things– I will actually not even try. Chuck: Well, you’re not a millennial. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: Right. So if you’re on Twitter all day and you
get, I feel like pizza. Chris: And you were in Twitter and just stay
in Twitter, and you don’t have to get out– Chuck: Probably tweet your emoji, get a link
back and then that actually saved you from having to go search for Pizza restaurant nearest
me. Chris: Are millennials that lazy? Chuck: Question, is that really lazy? Or is that just efficient? Chris: Yeah, it’s smart. It’s smart and efficient, yeah, I know,
yeah. Chuck: Yeah, so. Chris: Well call it lazy. Alright so we have our first review on Instagram. Chuck: Oh IG review Pu-Pu-Pu-Punch in the
face. Chris: Yeah, it’s not even like 5 stars
or anything. Can’t even give it anything, but this one
is from richducat, “You guys are probably my favorite people in the world to listen
to!” Chuck: That’s what’s up. Chris: Punch in the face man! “Thank you for the podcast and thanks for
the amazing advice! It has pulled me out of some serious motivational
slumps countless and countless times.” Punch in the face to you Rich Ducat. Chuck: Man, Ducat. I understand the motivational slumps man,
especially when you’re doing marketing, right? Chris: Yeah. Chuck: If you’ve built this site, you’ve
optimized this site, the content’s good, your link profile’s great, and it’s just
not ranking– Chris: This page’s not working– Chuck: You’re just like, what? Why’s this page not converting? What’s going on? You’ll be in a motivational slump. I get it, and I’m glad we can help you get
out of it. Chris: Boom. Punch in the face to you. Alright, and I’ve actually got two questions. Did you wanna get to Marcus’ question? Chuck: So Marcus Fox asks us a question on
Facebook Live, he says, “Tell me about AMP pages,” and the second question was, “How
can I use these in my e-commerce site?” So AMP pages are Accelerated Mobile Pages,
those are pages that work on Google, on you website, and on like Facebook has their own
version of AMP pages also. And these pages are made specifically for
the purpose of ranking extremely fast, and then extremely user friendly on mobile devices. They usually lack all of the other things
that make a page up, like the background coding, and heavy images, and things like that, and
it’s really just focused on the content. Right so, that’s your AMP pages. There are plugins you can use if you’re
using WordPress that automatically corrects some of those, hopefully that’ll help. Now, part two of this question. If you’re on WordPress and you’re trying
to do e-commerce, then you’re probably using a plugin like WP eCommerce, or WooCommerce,
or something like that. And that same WordPress plugin that’s doing
your AMP pages should work on those product pages because they use the same template file
in WordPress. Chris: Yup. Chuck: Marcus let me know if thatwork for
you. I personally haven’t done any AMP pages
for any e-commerce sites. Frankly a couple e-commerce clients we had,
AMP wasn’t even in then, and so it really wasn’t on our forte to do. But I do know for sure there’s a plugin
that you can use, that should make that process much simpler. Chris: Okay, cool. Cool, let’s get– Chuck: Hope that works man, hit me up and
let me know. Chris: Punch in the face to you Marcus, always
tuning in and asking us good questions. Alright this is another review, this is on
Facebook, and it is of course– Chris & Chuck: 5 Stars. Chris: It’s from David Sullivan, “Heya
from Australia, just want to say thanks heaps for the podcasts.” Chuck: Aren’t you gonna do this in the Australian
voice? I know you thought about it. Chris: Aw man, Australia. Used to– Alright mate, “just want to say
thanks heaps for the podcasts.” Chuck: That’s British. Chris: That’s straight British, yeah. Chuck: Well I guess kinda, they kinda– Chris: No, I mean they’re Brits, they’re
officially Brits. It’s just like, I was once doing an improv
show and the guy was like, “do it, do a British accent,” and all I got at the moment
was a Scottish accent. And he was like, “That’s Scottish!” He didn’t say “you bastard”, but normally
he would’ve and I was like, yeah they’re Brits. We’re just going, we’re going with British
at this point. Anyway, “I only discovered you a week ago
but have totally binge listened since then whenever I am driving around.” Chuck: Hold on, we’ve got a binge listener
dude? That’s whats up. Chris: Binge listener, punch in the face to
you David. “I work for a web, SEO and IT Company. Your content is always great to the point
and relevant and helps me with my hate of reading posts.” Hey, we’re happy to help there. “I am also part of a BNI business group”
up in Australia, “and your content has given me much inspiration in what to say and how
to make it relevant for others in the room.” That’s awesome. That’s what’s up. Chuck: Yeah, we’ve– Chris: We’ve participated in BNIs at times. Chuck: For years. Chris: Yeah, at times. For years is better. “I must say I did at first get annoyed with
the potatoes part of the segment, however, this may have been because I was listening
to 2 -3 podcasts a drive. However once I understood why it was done
my attitude changed and have now started to enjoy the segment because it is so important
to your company, brand and podcast.” Man, punch in the face to you. Chuck: Yeah, he got it. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: He actually got it. Chris: “I will continue listening and enjoying,
thanks for all the hard work you guys put in.” Again, David Sullan, punch in the– Sullivan,
punch in the face to you. Chuck: Punch in the face to you, How is BNI
Australia working out? I was part of a BNI group for about two years
and it was you know, moderately successful, and so you know, just curious to know how
it looks down under. Chris: Yeah. And then finally, this is a shorter review. It is also– Chris & Chuck: 5 stars! Chris: It is Josh Keaton, “I’ve been listening
to your podcast for a while, somehow you guys make SEO entertaining. Keep up the good work.” Hey, that’s our work. That’s what we do. Punch in the face to you Josh. And I’m gonna save these questions actually
for next time I think. Yeah, one for year end review one, one for
year end review two, so. Chuck: There you go. Chris: We’ll get this moved on. So that– do you have any PITFs? Chuck: I got some punches, I got some PITFs
and one piece– oh I did my news, one PITF though. So this PITF goes to Bright Design UK, they
hit us up on Twitter @BrightDesignUK, they said, “@eWebResults Love your work – our
team have been all enjoying your late podcasts! Thought you’d enjoy our #SEO jokes.” Chris: Okay. Chuck: Then she had a link to some jokes. So I got a joke for you. Chris: Alright, cool. Chuck: Why do SEOs love the farmer’s market? Chris: Why do SEOs love the farmer’s market? Chuck: Yeah. Chris: I do not know. Chuck: Lots of organic content. Chris: We are nerds. Chuck: Yeah. Okay one more, hold on, hold on. Chris: Straight up, yeah. Chuck: What does the SEO use besides consonants? Chris: What does the SEO use besides consonants? Vowels? More consonants? Chuck: Disavowels. Chris: Disavowels. Oh! Chuck: Alright, last joke! Okay, what’s a pirate’s favorite way to
expand their SEO knowledge? Chris: A pirate’s favorite way to expand
their SEO knowledge? It’s not reading. It’s Google Maps? Webin-arrrrs Chuck: Yeah. So man, punch in the face to you, Bright Design
UK. I did get a kick outta your SEO jokes. That’s what’s up. And my last punch in the face goes to Adetha
Morale been emailing him back and forth. He created a new list, right? You know, everybody’s been putting us on
these podcast list. Chris: Yeah, yeah. Chuck: So he created a list of the 121 free
podcasts that would make you a successful marketer, and he listed us as number 21. Chris: Boom. Chuck: I appreciate that. Chris: 21. Chuck: Punch in the face to you. It’s at techwyse.com. Go there, search free podcasts, check his
list out, tell me what you think. Chris: I think that means we can drink now,
‘cause we’re 21 on the list, yeah. Chuck: We’re 21, on the list. Exactly. Chris: Alright, that is the potatoes of the
podcast, it’s time to get into the meat. Chuck: Yeah, so like I said, I want to give
a good punch in the face to a guy named Pratik, Pratik Dholakiya. If I messed that up Pratik, I’m sorry. But he posted this article– Chris: When you say if… Chuck: ‘Cause I may have got it right, you
know what I’m saying? Chris: It’s possible, it is in the realm
of possibility. Chuck: Exactly, but he posted this article
on Search Engine Land, it’s called, “SEO trends to prepare for in 2017.” That’s like in 3 weeks. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: Right, so what kind of SEO trends should
you be preparing for, that you need to either make changes to your site or to your marketing
campaign or whatever it is. So he starts off by saying, number one is,
“Optimization for user intent.” Right, optimization for user intent. He’s calling this an SEO trend to look out
for next year, 2017, and the key here is understanding that users– whats the intent of their search? Everyone’s search term or search query might
not necessarily line up with the intent and Google’s doing a great job of understanding
what user intent is. Matter of fact, he goes on to say, “Users
are now entering full queries or phrases in search engines, which gather data and to provide
results more effectively.” And he’s right, especially with voice searching
and things like that, people aren’t just going after, you know, the two-phrase key–
the two-word keyphrase or things of that nature, the three-word phrase. No, they’re searching long sentences and
getting out full thoughts, and so you want to make sure that you understand the intent
of these searchers so you can put the right content in place and have the right results
to show for said intent. One of the things I added here was, understand
what they’re looking for, right? Figure out what these people are looking to
your site for. Why are they coming? What search term brought them there? Which pages did they look at the most? How long did they stay on those pages? That’ll help you kinda identify what this
person is looking for and then you can cater your content to their intent. What you don’t want to do is create content
based off of what you think people want or what you think feel they want, or frankly
what you want them to have, when it’s not necessarily what they’re looking for. Chris: What they want. Yeah. Chuck: Exactly, you want to cater your content
to the intent of the user so when they search, have a higher likelihood of being found and
actually providing a service to them. Chris: Providing value. Number two. Chuck: Number two. We’re talking SEO trends to prepare for
in 2017, number two he says, “More rich answers and snippets.” And he’s right. You know, it seemed like every once a month
we do a podcast where Google’s made a change and now there’s more information in the
rich snippets in the Knowledge Graph, and so we can just expect that to keep growing. Chris: Recently, animal sounds, symptoms. Chuck: It was the cold symptoms, the top 2
hundred medical issues, the top 2 hundred animal sounds. Chris: Right. Chuck: They’re doing live scores and all
kind of stuff with athletics now, and so there’s gonna be more and more stuff that’s coming
in the Knowledge Graph and so you need to prepare yourself. Matter of fact he says, “Google will often
display the required information directly in the search results, along with other helpful
websites, videos, movie or event information, or even specific dates.” And he’s right. With all of this information being in the
Knowledge Graph, then they’re really removing the opportunities for people to click through. Chris: Right. Chuck: Which is not necessarily a bad experience
for the Google user, sucks for the company ‘cause now you don’t get that click, right? And so I think what you have to do is mark
your site up. First off prove yourself as an authority,
that can help you get placed in a Knowledge Graph. Chris: Step one, get there, yeah. Chuck: Step one, be an authority. Step two, and these are probablyinterchangable,
but step two, use schema to mark up this certain content that’s on your site that you would
want to show in a Knowledge Graph. So that way the content’s marked up well,
Google knows exactly what it is, and you’ve made yourself an authority. So that way when people search you, it’ll
increase your chances of your content being shown as a rich snippet in the Knowledge Graph. If not, then it just probably won’t show. Chris: Number three! Chuck: Number three. “Cross-channel marketing.” I thought this was a good one. I was having this conversation with some other
people, yeah. Chris: Yeah, a lot of this, yeah. Chuck: And don’t get it confused with multi-channel,
matter of fact he says, “Multi-channel simply means establishing a presence on more than
one platform. But cross-channel means you’re using several
channels to market your brand in an integrated way.” And so I totally and truly. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: Trotally? Chris: Trotally. Yup. Chuck: Yeah, trotally. Chris: Please make up words, regularly. Chuck: Believe that cross-channel marketing
is not only gonna be a trend moving into the next year, it’s a trend that’s growing
this year. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: We talk about attribution a lot and
that’s a component of cross-channel marketing. Chris: Well that makes attribution a pain
in the butt. Chuck: Yeah, a huge pain. Chris: But who cares if it works. Chuck: At the end of the day it’s just something
you need to do. So for example, my kinda running example is
Jordan shoes. Chris: Right. Chuck: Right, so if I was doing some cross-channel
marketing, that I may have a paid Adwords campaign. Frankly merchant account setup for Jordan
shoes. Chris: Right. Chuck: Click this link and you can buy them,
and that’s one channel, right? Then I may have a Facebook campaign, and some
Twitter campaigns, and some Instagram campaigns, just focusing on a certain type of Jordan
shoe. Different channels, same market, same target,
right? Then I may do an optimize webpage on my site
for that, we may do a white paper about why you should get these Jordans instead of those
Adidas, and that sort of deal, and all of these are different channels that are crossing
‘cause of the same target and the same product. Cross-channel marketing will continue to grow
as we move into the next year. Mainly because there are so many different
channels out there now, and then like channels within channels, right? So you can call social media technically a
channel. Chris: A channel, right. Chuck: But then if you look at social, is
this paid social? Is it live video? Is it this? Is it that? And so cross-channel marketing is one of those
things that’s gonna continue to grow, and as a marketer you’re gonna have to be abreast
of it and take advantage of it. It’s just necessary or you’re gonna miss
out on traffic and leads. Number four. Chris: Four! Chuck: “Increased mobile growth.” This is a good one. This is a trend we’ve been seeing since
2015, it won’t stop next year, it’ll only continue to grow. Increased mobile growth, he said, “Traffic
distribution has been shifting away from desktop and moving towards mobile devices, and many
websites are already getting the majority of their traffic from mobile devices.” It’s true, all the Analytics I’ve been
looking at for the bulk of our clients over the last two weeks, I’m definitely seeing
a trend in more mobile traffic than desktop traffic. And so, I kinda add this for those who haven’t
benefited from this increased mobile growth. Look, a mobile version, mobile-friendly content
is not a luxury anymore. This is a necessity, this is something you
must be doing. This isn’t something that you can get to
later, or something that’s not gonna be a big deal. No, this is something that you– your business
can fail if you’re not optimizing your site for mobile traffic, period. Chris: Yup Chuck: There is gonna be an increased mobile
growth and that increase will continue to go up. And Frankly, the bigger tablets and phones
get, and the smaller these laptops and devices get, it’ll probably be all mobile growth
by 2020. Chris: Yup. Chuck: So you wanna make sure that you have
the right type of mobile content. Punch in the face to you Marcus, being interested
in AMP pages, this addresses that type of situation. Chris: He’s right ahead of the game, right? Number five! Chuck: “Voice search is the next big thing.” Chris: Yeah. Chuck: Right, we’re talking SEO trends in
2017, voice search is the next big thing. He’s says, “It has become one of the fastest-growing
search options. The appeal is undeniable. It’s hands-free, it’s fast and it’s
futuristic.” He’s right, I love voice search. I’ll voice search anything. I look for reasons to voice search. Chris: Yeah, I bought a remote for my TV at
home, ‘cause I got a computer connected, so it had voice on it, right? Horrible experience by the way. Like you’re so used to your phone, you’re
like, oh I need to type a message, and so you press the thing and talk and type a message. So I was looking for that functionality. Chuck: Oh no. Chris: It doesn’t work. I gotta like open Google, press the chat,
hold the button. I could go– If I let go of the button. Anyway, it’s a nightmare. Chuck: Get Xfinity. Chris: But it kinda works. Xfinity, yeah? Chuck: Xfinity, it comes with it in a remote. I be like oh, play and power. Chris: It’s a PC! Right? So I’ve got some movies for the kids on
the PC, I wanna like search stuff, YouTube, whatever. By the way I don’t have to YouTube anything,
I just put on Pokemon and my son zones out. Chuck: And they’re good. Chris: Like it’s kinda cool. Chuck: Voice search. Let’s talk more, it’s definitely the next
big thing, and so I wanted to add this to it. Let me just show you how much voice search
is growing. What’s the gift craze this year? Alexa, Google Home, all of those devices. Chris: I was gonna say Hatchable, but I don’t
think that’s the– I know your kids are past the Hatchable. Have you heard about Hatchable? Chuck: I was talking about protect people. Chris: Have you heard about Hatchables? Chuck: Yes. Chris: Oh my God. Chuck: I’m glad my children are older. Mine are teenagers now, but… Chris: I find it easy, I’m just like, you
are not getting one. I don’t know, you know, the whole Arnold
Schwarzenegger shopping for that one. You’re just not getting one. Chuck: And that’s just it. But Google Home, Alexa, and all these other
devices, Amazon has one and Cortana, Apple has one. You know, they operate on voice search. Chris: Yup. Chuck: You know, you’re asking it a command
and it’s literally doing the search query and then returning what it au– Chris: The infographic, basically. Chuck: Yeah, it’s returning with an audio
result. And so this same concept fits big here, another
reason for that schema mark up, another reason to have your site optimized and mobile friendly,
another reason to write your content in a way that’s semantic and contextual and not
necessarily just keywords stuffed and optimized. Because you want to be relevant and comparable
to a voice search. Somebody using a Google Home, they’re not
gonna do keyword “AC repair”. No, it’s gonna be, “find somebody to come
fix my AC, it’s hot in here.” Chris: Yeah. Chuck: Right? And then you need content on your site that’s
referencing that, ‘cause if not, then you won’t get found in that type of search. Chris: Right. Chuck: That was it. That was his last one. Chris: Oh, no number six? Chuck: Nope. It was just five. It was just five of them so… Chris: I was all excited. I was ready to do a six. By the way, I meant Knowledge Graph when I
said infographic. I do realize that those devices that you speak
to and then that speak back to you cannot do an infographic. Chuck: I assumed you meant Knowledge Graph. I just was like, okay, he must have meant
Knowledge Graph. Alright, so punch in the face to you Pratik,
man. Great article, “SEO trends to prepare for
in 2017.” That’s what’s up. Chris: That is what’s up. Do we have any–? Chuck: I wanna add, if I was gonna add something
to this article, I would say the fact that a lot of platforms and lot of like, Facebook
is doing this, Twitter’s doing this, allowing you to purchase, you know, within the apps,
right? That’s some new stuff that’s been growing
on, and so for all my people who are doing e-commerce and things like that, you wanna
make sure that you’re taking advantage of these different ways of letting people pay
because everybody’s gonna shop differently. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: They’re gonna shop in the method
they’re comfortable with- And if they’re comfortable, you know, using their card and
syncing it up with Twitter, and making purchases through this way, then you need to be able
to sell your products there. And so I would say, as another trend to add
on to this is the different ways that people will be actually participating in e-commerce
and buying stuff online. Make sure that you keep your site applicable
to all of those options. Chris: Another thing I kinda want to put in,
but remember it’s SEO trends, but live video, right? So I don’t know how you lump that in SEO. Chuck: Yes, but it’s necessary. Chris: It’s online marketing. Chuck: Yeah. Chris: Right? We’ve kinda– we certainly understand the
component inside of our office and handle SEO separately and at the same point, like
the smallest comprehensive package you can get with us is SEO and PPC. The next one is social media, which would
quickly get to live video, and so, yeah. Chuck: It’s just necessary. It’s just necessary, live video. Especially when you consider how all of these
platforms are geared towards sharing a notification. Like you’re going live, Facebook is gonna
immediately bam bam bam bam bam, send it out to everyone who has the highest likelihood
of watching your video. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: And as soon as those drop off, it’s
gonna redo it again to the second set of people who have the highest likelihood to watch your
video. That’s traffic. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: Now, even though it’s not traffic
to your website, it’s traffic to your Facebook page. It’s still traffic, nonetheless, and these
people will help bolster your brand which will eventually bring traffic to your site. Live video can– Chris: We always say that kind of, the Google
algorithm’s out there collecting information about what does the larger and more successful
organization that does what you do, what do they look like? Are they doing Facebook live? Are they doing tweets? Are they doing Facebook in general? What does that look like? And the more you can mirror what those big
behemoths look like, the more credibility you’re gonna get in Google’s eyes. Chuck: Yup. Chris: And then of course great content, so
that’s absolutely. Chuck: Yeah, punch in the face to you Pratik,
great article. Chris: Any What News? Chuck: No. No What News. Chris: You could do like What News for a $130
Hatchable. Chuck: So I was gonna kinda do What News… So this is kinda applicable, so I’ll do
it. Chris: Let’s do it. What! Chuck: News. So, you’ve been seeing the mannequin challenges? Chris: Oh, yeah. They’re awesome, yeah. Chuck: So this one- What News- goes to a group
of gangbangers. Chris: Right. Chuck: They were in Huntsville, Alabama. Chris: Okay. Chuck: Right. This is ridiculous. Chris: The state I was born in, yeah. Chuck: Okay, so 20 of them- gangbangers, thugs,
whatever you wanna call them- they get the bright idea to do a mannequin challenge. Chris: Right. Chuck: And the mannequin challenge is of a
drive-by shooting. Dude, so they got like five cars out there,
20 people, everybody holding weapons and they’re mannequin-challenging the drive-by shooting,
right? Problem is, the problem is same week, Huntsville
police department gets the video, they immediately recognize three of the people, two of them
have warrants. Chris: With guns. Chuck: They check Facebook, they did it from
the drug house, and so the police used the Facebook mannequin challenge, used the video
that was posted on Facebook of them doing the mannequin challenge, to go back to that
exact same house, raid them, take all of them to jail, find all of the guns and drugs. Yeah. Chris: I bet the video was good though. Chuck: Video was awesome, dude! Chris: It had to be bad ass right? Chuck: It was like man! He’s actually being still holding this big
ass gun. I thought that was amazingly stupid. Chris: It’s like, what are you in for? Mannequin challenge. Chuck: Mannequin challenge, exactly. So, I only brought that one because mannequin
challenge was trending, it’s viral, it’s techie, it still kinda fit, but definitely
blank stare, because like come on. Chris: Yeah, use somebody else’s account,
or… Chuck: Don’t do it for that. Chris: Yeah, just don’t do it. Alright so if you’re– Chuck: Dude tells me, FBI stands for you know,
FaceBook and Instagram. And they’re monitoring you. Chris: That they’re now experts on Facebook
and Instagram. Hey if you liked this podcast, we’re gonna
ask you to do one simple thing. Share this podcast with three people, and
go ahead and do it right now. We’ll wait. Chuck: Yeah. If you’re on Twitter, just hit share and
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ahead and swipe it, screenshot it, share it, tag three of your favorite people. Appreciate it. Chris: We appreciate it. If you’re looking to grow your business
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interested in any of the plethora of services available on the internet, website design,
social media, all of those platforms. Chuck: Email marketing. Chris: Email marketing. Chuck: Pay-per-click management, Search Engine
Optimization, Chris: Remarketing. Chuck: Remarketing, custom website design. Chris: I got a call from a guy who’s like,
one of our clients referred him, and the reason he called our clients to find out who we were
is ‘cause he’s seeing his banners everywhere. He’s like, whatever those guys are doing,
I want them to do it for us. Some remarketing. Go ahead and send that referral to us, that
referral pays their bill, we pay you. Nice and simple. So remember this. This is exciting. This is the last podcast you’re gonna hear
before the Guinness World Record event– the Guinness Book World Record event I’m saying
it wrong, doesn’t matter. It’s like, it’s December 16th at noon
until December 17th at noon. Chuck: That’s 24 hours. Chris: 24 hours. Make sure you tune in if you’re out, not
in the Houston area. If you’re in the Houston area, you need
to get to this event, it is not just come and get interviewed. It is an event, it’s a networking event. Chuck: Yeah, networking. There’s gonna be a party, we’ve got a
DJ. SEO Rapper will be there, I’m debuting a
new song, it’s called Internet Marketing Only. We’ll debut the video. They got tons of business owners gonna be
there, all getting interviewed. Chris: Food! Chuck: Food’s gonna be there. So it’s an opportunity to participate in
something that’s gonna be ground-breaking across the world, and so you just want to
be a part of that. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: There’s definitely some residual
linkage you get from that. Then you want to take advantage of the networking
opportunity. There’s gonna be plenty of business owners,
and other people here in the city that you’re gonna wanna rub shoulders with. Chris: Absolutely. Microsoft is one of our sponsors, so this
isn’t– you know, you go to some events and are like, okay everyone, here’s a super
small business, or sole proprietor that may not fit for you. Come to this event, we’ve got big businesses
who are in attendance. It’s at the Bay Area Regional Medical Center. When’s the first or last time you’ve ever
been to a networking event at a hospital? Chuck: A networking event at a hospital? Chris: That’s how big it is. We’re also having it there ‘cause it is
a 24 hour stream, if anything happens to us and we’re you know, we’re outta there
or whatever. They just, you know, roll us downstairs into
the emergency room. Chuck: Yeah ‘cause I thought about doing
it at the Microsoft store and I was like, yeah they close at 9:00. Chris: Yeah, yeah. So it’ll be like, then people knocking on
the mall door, trying to break in, yeah. Not a good thing. Yeah, so UPSocialNetwork.com. Make sure you check us out and– Chuck: Go check it out, register, tune in. Chris: And when he says register, that means,
secure your time slot, ‘cause those time slots are filling up. Make sure you can get the time slot that you
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now loves it. Punch in the face back to David. Was it David? Yeah it was David. And thank you guys for making us the most
popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes. Chuck: Appreciate it. You, you, you, you, looking right there. Muchas gracias. Chris: You know, go ahead and share it with
three other people right now. Alright, until the next podcast, my name is
Chris Burres. Chuck: I’m Charles Lewis. Chris: Bye bye for now.

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