Unkind Ladies | 착하지 않은 여자들 EP.2 [SUB : KOR, ENG, CHN, MLY, VIE, IND]

By | November 29, 2019

I’m going to make her pay. I’ll get my revenge on her. (Episode 2) She lost all her money on the stock market and went to a gambling den to make it back? She was devastated. What have you done? You’re the only friend that Hyeonsuk has. You should’ve stopped her from doing crazy stuff like that. I tried to stop her. I feel bad for Hyeonsuk. She wanted to make money to make her mother happy. I didn’t ask her to make me happy. You shouldn’t say such things. Why do you always stick up for Hyeonjeong? What are you talking about? You were upset about your husband having an affair. You didn’t take care of Hyeonsuk. She suffered from malnutrition when she was little. That’s why she’s so stupid. Why do you say those things to me? Get out of my sight! You never praised her for anything she did. She’s always been disheartened and discouraged. What do you know? I’ll report her for embezzlement and put her on the most wanted list. She needs to spend some time in jail. Auntie! Will you pay the principle and the interest? What about the money that mother has saved for the past 30 years? Have some tea and calm down. I’m worried that you might faint. Living is sin. Life itself is sin. What should we do now? I’ll sell this house and go to my hometown. Let’s go our separate ways. Living seems pointless. Don’t say that, ma’am. I’m not leaving you. I’ll try to cut down on expenses. You’re better than her own daughter. I’ll find my mom with Jongmi. It’s the police. My mom did this to you last night? I don’t know who that lady was, but she was a complete maniac. Why would she beat you up? I don’t know. She just did. It doesn’t make any sense. Do you have any evidence that it was my mom? We have the CCTV footage. Excuse me, but… Can I talk to them in private? You’re right. The lady on the camera is my mother. But we don’t know exactly what happened. There’s no proof that she beat you up. She did. We’re not lying. Okay. Let’s say that she beat you up. Why? Did you, by any chance, try to steal from her or hurt her? If you tried to sexually harass her, you’ll go to jail. No way! Are you crazy? Her hair was messed up and her clothes were all undone. What have you done to my mother? If you don’t want to die, tell me the truth. What? Did they sexually harass her? No way! I’ll tell you everything. At first, I thought that she was homeless. A sad, poor homeless lady. Where did you see her? Near Solip Elementary School. The hill where the small churches are. That’s near the gambling den. I approached her, but she didn’t look like a homeless person. So I went to her… Do you need this? Thank you. Bye. I just thought something terrible had happened to her and left. What took you so long? Let’s wrap you up. Beat me up until you feel better. Just don’t hurt my friends. Wow, you think you’re something? Yeongsu, are you trying to be a hero? Hey! Are you crazy? You’re dead. Clench your teeth, or else you’ll lose them all. Ouch! What the heck? Children of Satan! You bastards should suffer in hell! Stop right now! Who gave you the right to beat him up? Why the heck are you picking on him? You stupid idiots! You think slimmer pants would make you happy? If you don’t let him go on the count of three, you’re doomed. One! What are you doing? Are you out of your mind? Two, three! You’re dead. She’s crazy. Let’s go. We’re not going anywhere. Let’s go. She’s not normal. Stay out of it. Hey! I told you to stop! What’s wrong with her? Why did she do that? Why did she beat up those middle school kids? I don’t know. Do you know something that I don’t? I don’t know anything. I’ll go to the sauna first. I’ll drop you off at your school. That’s okay. – Get in. / – I’ll take a bus. Professor Jeong Mari. Carrie dies in the end. That’s so sad. Carrie’s friend went to her grave, and then a hand came out of Carrie’s grave. Darn! When I die, no one will come to my grave. When I visit, show me your hand. Really? Really! Promise. Promise! Wow! So scary! Excuse me! Are you okay? Are you her guardian? Yes. Her pulse is back to normal, but her blood pressure is very low. If she wakes up, she’ll be okay, right? Yes. Don’t worry about her. Your daughter will wake up soon. Mom. Mom, are you still feeling dizzy? Why didn’t you go to work? This is more urgent. I’ll somehow come up with the money. You need to take care of yourself. You don’t have a husband or kids. If I had a husband and kids, would things be different? Look at you! I guess I was overconfident. What do you mean? When your father left home to live with the woman he loved and died in an accident, I thought the worst was over in my life. Yet I still have to go through this. This is so unfair. I’m going to kill her when she comes back. Please don’t. She’ll be so scared and worried after losing all that money. I feel bad for her. (Santiago) I saw you crying in the middle of nowhere in my dream last night. Is everything okay? If you need me, call me. I’ll be right there. If you want to save, press one. If you want to try again, press the pound symbol. It’s been deleted. She’s not at the sauna? I’ll try to find out where she might have gone. Okay. Prof. Jeong, have you seen this? Prof. Jeong, who got fired, is at a coffee shop in front of our school. Do you want to find people to help you? You can’t find anyone. Students don’t respect their teachers. Teachers don’t care about their students. You’re on your own. This is for you. A gentleman sent it to you. A tall guy with a big bag. He just left. Hello? Right. That jajangmyeon party. Yes. You come to our school often. Prof. Jeong Mari’s course has been cancelled. How do the students feel about that? They were shocked at first, but they found a new course. What? No one’s objecting the decision? You’re the one who got that course cancelled. I know. Professors are so stubborn. Should I start a petition? Can you do that? I have a favor to ask you in return. I want to be an announcer. I’m preparing for the test. Can you help me? Send them by registered mail. – They’ll get there tomorrow, right? / – Yes. Mom, where are you? Are you okay? I know why you disappeared, but we can sort this out together. You’re not the only one who’s suffering. Things aren’t good here, but they’re not the worst. You have to come back. Where am I? Are you awake? Where am I? You don’t remember anything? You woke up in the hospital and said you were hungry, so I brought you to my place. Why was I in the hospital? I saw you lying on the ground, unconscious, and took you to a hospital. And then to your own place? You had nowhere else to go. You seemed to be in trouble. I read your suicide note. You had no right to read it. There were so many mistakes in your suicide note. Tear it up and never write another one. I’ll wire you the money that you spent on me today. Be careful. Are you okay? I’m making porridge now. It’ll be ready soon. Where am I? This is my place. It’s about an hour from where you were. Do you have a computer? Did you get a hold of your mom? No, but she checked the email that I sent her, 10 minutes ago. No reply? No. At least we know that she’s okay. She won’t get her money back wandering around. Tell her to come home. I haven’t seen this picture for so long. What are you doing? I’m going through her stuff to find some clues. Who is this? Who’s this lady next to grandpa? Is she crazy? Why does she have this picture? Who is she? Mom sent me an email. I’m fine, so don’t worry about me. I can’t come home now. Don’t tell your father about this. He’ll belittle me even more. He’ll belittle me even more. It’s none of his concern. I’ll contact you again. Did she say where she was? No. Ask her why she has this photo? Who is that lady? You don’t need to know. Are you still awake? You regained some color. I’m going to drink some water. Have a seat. Have some tea with me. Why did you help me? You could’ve just called 911 and left. Why? You’re a lot like him. Who? Someone I knew. Who was that? There was someone. Wait! You look familiar. I think I’ve met you before. Me? Where? I don’t remember. It’s getting late. Good night. Where do I know her from? Dear Mr. President, and others whom it may concern, I’m Dr. Jeong Mari, who’s been lecturing at this university since last semester. More than 200 students registered for my course, but unfortunately, it was cancelled. Do you know that many universities are trying to get rid of humanities related subjects these days? I lost my career and dreams because of a reckless reporter who’s full of ambition. This kind of irresponsible action should never happen again. (Lee Dujin, TF Dept) She sent a letter to all the executives. This is ridiculous. They just appointed him to Current Affairs. How can they send him to another department? Dujin’s in an awkward position at the moment. The anchors have been keeping an eye on him because they thought that he’d go freelance. And Current Affairs didn’t know what to make of it when he joined them. I don’t mind working for the TF Dept. I’m in no hurry. I’m okay. Really. Humanities Related Subjects are Important
I want to be a good teacher A special lecture on presenting in English will be held this afternoon. It’ll help you get a job. Get ready for your job interview. It’ll help you get a job. (You can do it, English) This is useless. Totally useless. What are you doing, Jeong Mari? You brought a picket or something? Why did you break it? It’s none of your business. Didn’t I tell you? Begging students to help you won’t work. Stop fooling yourself, and get another job. You’re worried that I might come back? You’re not coming back. I told you. I heard that you persuaded other professors to cancel my course. It was the school’s decision. Do you think you can get tenure here? Is there anyone, who’s not from this university, who became a professor here? They’ll dump you when you’re no longer useful. How dare you? I can see why you’re enjoying watching me going down, but you don’t have to make things worse for me. Do you call yourself a teacher? The sun’s shining. Let’s go for a walk. By the way, did you throw away the newspaper that I had with me? I brought it with me, just in case. Thank you. Hello? Jongmi, it’s me. Hyeonjeong! Where are you? Are you okay? Where’s area code ‘033?’ I’m okay. I want you to do me a favor. Can you send some flowers for me? To the Seoul Hotel Grand Ballroom? Hello. How are you? I’ve just brewed some coffee. It smells nice. Are you making some progress with your book? Actually, I’m worried about the volume. There’s too much to write about. That’s good. – Here you go. / – Thank you. My son, Dujin, knows lots of celebrities. I think I’ll ask some of them to write recommendations. That’s not really important at the moment. I heard that you talked to the Design Dept. to discuss the cover of your book. That’s not necessary. Sorry? I’ll read the script first before I decide whether to publish it or not. Discussing the book cover isn’t important. Yes, but I thought you’d… I want to publish your book. But I need to see if it’s worth publishing, even though you’re my nephew’s wife. I haven’t read it, yet but writing about episodes between you and a student seems a little… You haven’t even gotten her permission. It’s fiction, so… The student who stole the scarf might have been wrongfully accused or she was too poor. She was at a disadvantage compared to the teacher. If you read my story, you’ll want to publish it. That’s good. I’m looking forward to it. It’s no wonder you’re still single. Keep it up. That way, my son will inherit what you have. Who’s she? Sorry? You said she ruined your life and you wouldn’t die like this. Then you collapsed. Who is she? Can I ask you who you are? Me? Nobody. Don’t you have any children? No. I’ve never been married. You must’ve been very popular. I had a guy who I gave my heart to. Then why are you single? His parents didn’t like me. Someone sent his parents a letter and said that my mother was a mistress. Who did that? I don’t know. After he was gone, I concentrated on making money. I inherited some money from my father, and my trading business went well. I guess I was lucky. Do you know what happened to that guy? No idea. I don’t really want to know. It’s nice and breezy. Why don’t you stay with me for a year or so? I’ll make sure that you won’t write another suicide note. Thank you for helping me, but I don’t think people help others simply out of goodwill. So? I’m leaving today. I’ll pay you back as soon as I come up with the money. Are you going back to your father’s grave? Your father told me a lot about you. You enjoy dancing, have a crazy imagination, and a warm heart. Are you, by any chance… What is it? Are you okay? Should I call an ambulance? It’s okay. Let’s go home. Do you feel better now? I’m fine. I guess I was out for too long. Mr. Kim. Yes, ma’am. Open it. Take it and go back home. Sorry? Tell your mother you got your money back. No. Tell her that you made a profit. Can I ask your name? Sure. I’m Jang Moran. The woman that your father had a crush on. I saw you lying on the ground when I went to your father’s grave. The guy you loved was my father? No. I loved someone else. What was my father to you, then? A guy from my hometown who had a crush on me. When I broke up with my loved one, your father was there for me. Even though he was a married man. I can’t take this. I’m going to die soon. My doctor said that I have less than a year. I had surgery last year, but it wasn’t successful. Your father told me a lot about you. I grew fond of you. My mother was miserable because of you. I think I’m being punished now. I’m going to accept my fate and die quietly. I bought a nice outfit and some shoes for you. Get changed before you go home. Tell your mother that you got your money back. Don’t mention me. Promise me. What if I can’t? Please. This is my dying wish. I can’t promise anything. Tell your mother after I die. It won’t take long. I’m glad that I finally met you. Make sure you wear those clothes. Buy yourself a bowl of noodles. Are you my biological mother? Angukdong Master Kang. I like that name for a restaurant. Why didn’t you do it? The timing was never right. Add some sesame oil. Are you going to tell us the rest of the story? Where was I? You made a feast on your anniversary, but your husband was busy talking on the phone with his mistress. I made a lunch box with lots of yummy dishes and told him to go on a picnic with her. Huh? He wanted to be with her instead of me on our wedding anniversary. What happened next? He said sorry and left. Unbelievable! I cried all night long. I was ashamed of myself. What do you mean? I put some laxatives and dish detergent in the dishes I made. Okay. Finish up. – Yes. / – Okay. Good. I hope I haven’t troubled you. Not at all. Come on in. Teacher of the Year (I love you, Han Chunggil) Hello. Hello. I’m Jeong Mari. I called you earlier. This is my resume. Thank you. Okay. Mom. Where are you? Don’t be such a baby and tell me. If you don’t call me, I’ll call the police. Looking at your phone while walking can be dangerous. Do one thing at a time. Walk or text. One at a time. Got it? You’re still young. Stand up straight. We’re cleaning up the clothing and equipment. If you’re no longer a member, take your stuff by the end of this month. I was going to come anyway. I guess this is another marketing idea. You made people come here. Mine aren’t here. If you haven’t come for over a year, they might not be here. No. He told me to come back any time. He said he’d keep them for 5 years. We have a new master now. Here they are. We have a class in an hour. Do you want to join? I’ll just warm up today. Head! Head! Head! I feel refreshed. Exercise makes you feel better. I feel like I have more energy. This is nice. Sangwon! Can you bring me some shampoo? Bring me some shampoo. Are you a guy? Who the heck are you? Hold on! Stay right there. Don’t come out. Why are you in the men’s shower? This is the women’s shower. We renovated this building 3 months ago. The women’s shower is upstairs. I’ll leave. You stay right there. Don’t peak. Get out! Now! I’ll call the police. Get out quickly! What’s wrong? Don’t peak. I’m leaving. Hey! Why are you still here? Sir. Can you help me? What? There a couple of guys outside, so I can’t go out. Are you sure you didn’t come in on purpose? Are you crazy? Please send those guys out. I’ll get dressed and get out of here. This is ridiculous. You sound like a nice guy. Please? Can you help me? Oh my! Don’t peak. I won’t. Go before I call the police. Can you come back in a few minutes? We have a problem with the shower. What? The water’s not running? That’s not it. It won’t take long. Come back in 3 minutes. 3 minutes will be more than enough. Just 3 minutes. Let’s go outside. Should I go to a fortuneteller or something? Mari! Mari! I’m not having dinner. Come on out. Your mom’s back. Why aren’t you saying anything? Where have you been and what’s with the clothes and the purse? Open it. What’s this? I got my money back. No. I made more money. We can open up a restaurant, and pay back our loan to the bank. You and mom can buy nice clothes. You can have the rest. Tell me the truth before I call the police. Go ahead. I didn’t steal it. Mom, what have you done now? I haven’t done anything. Why can’t you trust your own mother? Hyeonsuk, where did you get this money? I earned it. Tell me the truth. How did you come up with this kind of money? Mom. Leave her alone. I’ll call the police tomorrow. Hey! This is mom’s money. Don’t touch it. I’m tired. I’m going to sleep. Right! Did I wake you up? I got home safely. I wanted to let you know. You didn’t have to do that. My sister’s going to trace the checks you gave me. You have to stop her. She’s nothing like me. She’s smart and persistent. Are you still here? Hello? Hey! Stop! Who was it? What have you done now? What’s going on? Where is area code ‘033?’ Isn’t that Gangneung? Hello? Give it to me! What the heck? As a matter of fact…. Mom. Get out! Mom! Do you know what Jang Moran has done to me? How could you accept her money? I’m sorry. She must’ve felt good when she gave that money to you. She took my husband, and now I get money from her like a beggar? That’s not it. I’ll sell this house and pay back the debt. Give her money back. I’d rather die than take money from Jang Moran. She’s sick. She won’t last a year. What are you talking about? The doctor told her. She’s not married and has no family. She’s lying. She’s not. Does she want us to hold a funeral for her? Is she really dying? She is. Let’s visit her. What? She’s the woman that your father loved. I should see her before she dies, and give her money back. Mom, won’t you reconsider? Mom. Let’s buy a cake along the way. Thank you. (Music Cafe) She couldn’t eat a cake once because of me. We’re almost there. Huh? Sorry. I had to tell her. It’s okay. I told her how you saved my life. Please have a seat. You haven’t changed. You’ve come a long way. Come and have a seat. Mom, go sit down. Ma’am, please wake up. How dare she? Let’s go to my place. Have we met at school? Mari, wake up! She’ll be paralyzed. There’s no man in this family? Prosecutor’s office? Your life is already bad enough and you want to add a divorce to it now? What’s wrong with my life? My daughter’s a professor. Mari. I’ll tell her that she was the devil. Can you tell me who sent these flowers?

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    Hyeonsuk's mother caused the illness of her husband's mistress. Now she has realized her mistake she feels guilty

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    Great drama. Excellent story and acting.
    好戏。 非常好的故事和演出。

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    What the!? Haha! For a grandma… that's a great kick!

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    Why does she hate that woman when it was her "husband" who liked her and not the other way around. All that negative energy she had should have been given to her husband. She is just jealous.

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