Understanding Your Monthly SEO Report

By | October 9, 2019

*Music* *Music* Welcome to a ProSites video. Today
we’re going to be taking a look at the monthly SEO reports, how to understand them, and what we can
learn from these reports one of the first things you’ll notice on
these reports is that it offers a comparison between your last month’s
website traffic and the traffic from two months ago. Moving to
the first section on the report we have the data that has been collected from
Google Analytics covering website visits, pageviews and
bounce rates. Visits represents the total number
times our website was visited during the corresponding month in this report the client’s website was
visited 322 times last month and 340 times two months ago The next field, pageviews, represents a number
times a page on your website was clicked on and viewed by site visitor during the
last month the client’s web pages per view 708 times and 650 times two months ago The third field is the bounce rate.
Bounce rate is a percentage that represents how often site visitors left the Web Site without viewing more
than one page on the website this can often mean the visitor located the
info for they were looking for the left the website soon after or were
unable to locate the information they were looking for and did not explore the
website further average boundaries between 40 and 70
percent for web sites If the bounce rate is higher than 60 it
lets us know the design and structure the website may be leading visitors
away or site visitors are not find the
information they are looking for and we may need to examine the content
further web sites with a bounce rate lower than 40 percent shows visitors are finding the website
information informative and useful and they’re clicking through
to other pages on the website viewing more than one page below the three initial metrics you’ll
see a line chart signifying the daily traffic levels for
your website the blue line represents traffic during last month the orange line represents two months
ago following the site metrics we get into
information on your website traffic sources and where your website visits are coming
from. Visitors from search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing are referred to as organic traffic traffic that comes to your website directly is referred
to as direct or non This represents traffic where the visitor
type in the website address for your site and went directly to your website direct
traffic is usually the result of past patients or clients returning to your website or from
visitors who have seen the website before traffic that comes from other websites on the
internet and not from the search engines is
referred to as referral traffic referral traffic would entail visit your
website from other sites such as social media and business listings there are other traffic sources but these are
often less frequent such as pay traffic which would encompass pay-per-click
traffic that is sent to your website from an internet ad such as Adwords. Email
traffic they would also include visitors were direct your website from their
email on the next page to the report we see a
bar graph representing traffic sources in contrast the comparison month This provides us with a great visual
to monitor the changing traffic patterns for your website ideally though we want to see organic
traffic being the number one traffic source although there may be periods for other
sources take the lead and are the top traffic source next in the report is a little information
our mobile website traffic with your websites analytics, we can
identify when a visitor with a mobile device visit your website this is one field we see increasing
quickly as clients develop mobile friendly web sites, and as mobile technology
gains an increased share online traffic the next page in the monthly seo report looks at the top pages of your
website by pageviews the pages in this table or the most
feared pages on your website during the track time period and offer us with some valuable insights on a visitor behavior typically the most viewed page on our
website is a welcome page which is designated in this table with a forward slash or is labeled as home each month we can examine the top visit
pages in order to help us determine what visitors were looking for, if there are
any trends and if there’s a certain topic that is more popular than others In this table we see the contact page has had
more visits last month compared to two months ago this means that visitors are looking for
the contact information for your office on the next page we have the top keyword
positions for your website this is the keyword ranking section of your report where we track the rank and position of your
business in the search results for the search engines like Google Bing and
Yahoo the keywords you see in this table are based
on the landing page topics chosen when we first began your
search engine optimization campaign on the left hand side of the table
you’ll see the key words ever selected for campaign it is important to keep in mind that these
are not the only key words your website is being optimize for these are just a key words
we’re tracking and they can be changed at any point during the campaign moving across the table you’ll see three
columns of numbers numbers in each column represent
position of your business in the search results you see a one in a column this means your
website is ranked number one If you see a 5 it is in position five, a 20 is in position 20 each page in the search results
typically features 10 positions or ranks. so the first page consists of ranks 1 through 10 Page 2 consists of 11 to 20 and page 3, 21 through 30 and so on. These keyword rankings are one of
the key performance indicators for your website’s SEO campaign we always aim to deliver the highest
ranking as possible. As you can see, the first keyword we have here, Los
Angeles CPA ranks in the first position on Google but is in position five on Bing and Yahoo
If we search for this keyword on Google will find it in position one on the first
page of search results in Bing and Yahoo it’ll be on the first
page, but will be in position five Sometimes you may see a 50+ in a column which indicates your business is beyond page
five in the search results this can be for a number of reasons,
ranging from the local market competition or website optimization with this information your SEO support team will be working to improve your ranking in the search result and position your business in a visible
on competitive position this concludes how to read your monthly
SEO reports If you have any questions regarding your
reports, you can contact your SEO support team Thank you for watching our ProSites SEO video
and we hope to see you again for the next video

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