Understanding the basics of SEO

By | November 7, 2019

>>In simple terms SEO is the art of getting
your business in front of more people who are searching online through a search engine. To break this down, most people search for
products, services and information online via a search engine such as Google, Yahoo
or Bing. How do these search engines know which website
to show you? Especially when there are thousands and often times millions of websites that
all competing to be found. Well SEO is a way of making sure your website
at the front page of search engines so that your business becomes a consideration for
the person searching for that particular query. I’m looking for a place to register a domain
name. So I’ll type into Google the keyword “Domain Names”. Now lets look at the results – on the front
page of Google we have a break down of paid and organic results. The first three are paid
results as you can see here which is the primary revenue stream for Google. But for the purpose of explaining SEO we are
going to look at the fourth result which is an organic listing as a result of doing SEO
for that keyword. Close to the top of the page the more traffic
your website will naturally get, so our primary goal for SEO is to get as close to the top
as possible. How do we do this? Through the creation of
quality content and through a cxontinual back linking strategy. A back linking strategy
works like a voting system, the more back links you have the more popular your website
becomes with search engines. to put it simply, if your website has been
designed well with a conversion strategy in mind and your website is ranking high in the
search engines then you’ll recieve more traffic. The more traffic you receive, hopefully the
more leads or paying customers you’ll attract. To put this in perspective, if your website
rankings in the number one organic position within Google that will translate to about
36% of all search volume. So, to grow your business online SEO should
be one important part of your overall online strategy. The primary goal here is to acheive
the highest organic ranking on the search engines.

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