Ultimate Hot Dog Taste Test

By | January 28, 2020

100 thoughts on “Ultimate Hot Dog Taste Test

  1. Jonathan Wilkins Post author

    "I dont like it when they turn at the end":

    Link 2016

  2. Jayson Davis Post author

    I've been to a meat packing plant and seen how hotdogs are made. It's not what people think, not bad at all. Still not a big fan though. It's like a tube of bologna.

  3. hiitoast242 Post author

    I enjoy Kirkland,Nathan’s in stores,and Oscar Mayer at home

    (Costco food court,and Nathan’s restaurants)

  4. Austin Wortham Post author

    How is a grown man so picky like a child? It's incredibly frustrating watching Link judge foods

  5. Shaun Renew Post author

    Link shouldn't judge anything food related. He has a child's palate.

  6. rohana moktar Post author

    Rhett : “They’re all gonna taste good to me.”
    but then
    Rhett : “That’s the worst hotdog I’ve ever had in my entire life.”

  7. Timothy Gray Post author

    Non of these hotdogs can compare to what you you'll find in a NY deli.

  8. Diante Webb Post author

    Nathan's hotdogs are godly. Y'all just need to cook em a little more.

  9. Karen Pusateri Post author

    I love Kirkland hotdogs…especially the meal deal of a 1/2 lb. hotdog and drink for $1.50.

  10. Mr. Timebomb Man Post author

    Sabrette with the natural casings are the best. Followed by Nathan's.

  11. Christian Shiels Post author

    plain Hotdogs as a afterschool snack was basically the go to with my house.

  12. Kyler Workman Post author

    Kenai Alaska!!! Heck yeah! I'm in Seward Alaska!

  13. Nate Burns Post author

    Link would be the President in Idiocracy.

    Cause Brawndo has electrolytes!!

  14. Lauren Jennings Post author

    We are a Nathan’s hotdog household but I fry them in butter to make the outside crispy. ☺️

  15. Billy Mack Post author

    Ballpark dogs are the best and bun toasted with sliced pickle ketchup onions and Nathan's are better boiled

  16. bigtimes1 Post author

    Lol. Hebrew National has nothing unnatural in it. They are eating actual beef.

  17. Bridgette Taggart Post author

    Link is soooooooo weird about food. Omg 😂🤦‍♀️😂😂

  18. Brent Delong Post author

    Am I the only person who kept thinking, "Thats what she said."

  19. MrNuggetcake Post author

    Link seems like one of those guys who, when he doesn't get his way he gets angry and defensive

  20. Jesus Bahena Post author

    Vienna Beef is the best yall done disrespect Chicago

  21. Heat Post author

    I live pretty close to kenai I'm in Anchorage that's pretty cool to see a fellow alaska make it in to one of these videos

  22. Cannibal Man Post author

    Sausage is not a hotdog Nathan wins by default for Rhett

  23. Ken Vendettuoli Post author

    Sabretts is better than all of them. No artificial flavors

  24. Artorias of the Abyss Post author

    It makes me happy that y'all grilled them instead of boiling them.
    Boiled hotdogs remind me of school lunches too much.

  25. JoeCnNd Post author

    They don't look cooked. Like a slight char from the George foreman and that's it.

  26. JOnTHeMOnSoon Post author

    No Sabbret?! That's disrespectful to every NYr. There is no better hotdog.

  27. Craig Bennett II Post author

    I’ve never seen Rhett take something so seriously

  28. Tyler L Post author

    Rhett takes this so seriously 😂 he always makes me want to eat whatever he’s talking about

  29. Ian Babiarz Post author

    You don't grill Vienna beef hotdogs 😂 test is invalid

  30. Alex Gonzalez Post author

    The Nathan's hotdogs we're way undercooked especially in the last round

  31. ewon must Post author

    They don’t even have kogels Vienna’s up there and I’m pissed

  32. Desiree Morris Post author

    It’s a new season, eleven, it’s a new year 20-1-7 was amazing. Shut up Rhett honey, let Link be great 👍

  33. Richard Woods Post author

    These guys don't look old enough to have tasted the best. they are like a couple of little kids, talk too much..

  34. flamehiro Post author

    hebrew national is da best I ever tasted by far, but only other ones I tried are ballpark, oscar meyer and kirkland. x_x weird they didn't like it

  35. Zach Krigstein Post author

    You put Hebrew national and Nathan's in the first round against each other? This whole test is bunk.

  36. Kodiak Post author

    The only hotdogs that I have had that were actually good have been salens the rest were horrendous

  37. Doogerauoy Sihtdaer Post author

    I'm on Keto and was looking forward to the Applegate dogs, but now, not so much. 🙁


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