Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program

By | November 17, 2019

ANKE: Marketing is all around us, and it’s
constantly evolving. The world has gone digital and so has marketing. Actually, annually about seventy billion dollars
in the U. S. alone is spent on digital marketing. DANIEL: At Udacity, we’ve partnered with the leaders
in advertising and social media, to prepare you for a career in digital marketing. AVINASH: Digital marketing allows you
to unleash creativity way, way, way more than the marketing
used to be able to do in the past. When I went to MBA school fifteen, sixteen years ago. They taught me in my marketing class the holy grail is right person, right time, right message. The internet is the only platform that actually makes it possible. And that’s why I am excited about digital marketing. NING: We’re real excited to collaborate with Udacity, to help students out there to learn, not just about Facebook itself, but really to learn the fundamentals of marketing. ANKE: We built this Nanodegree program to teach you the full range of digital marketing skills. From search to social media, display advertising, email marketing and analytics. DAN: What makes this program special are all the real world projects that we have built in. So students get to run live advertising campaigns on major marketing platforms. And then get expert feedback to improve their results. AVINASH: And the biggest, most amazing, awesome advantage of taking the course that Udacity and Google have partnered on, is that you get a ton of practical knowledge. We’re very excited about this program, and we’re really looking forward to seeing our students launching their careers in digital marketing.

8 thoughts on “Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program

  1. Rafael Camillo Post author

    Would this course availabe for Brazilians soon, even in English?

  2. Stefania Post author

    What if someone from outside the US takes the nanodegree? Will it help you find a job in other countries too?

  3. Sam A Post author

    Who's taken it? Please let us know how it went!

  4. Naveen S Post author

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  5. Serve2 Thrive Post author

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