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By | August 20, 2019

What’s going on my fellow Ltd addicts let’s talk about two bits Two bits is a youtube SEO tool designed to help you get more views and subscriptions to your YouTube channel so you can grow Faster, it currently has a lifetime offer on appSumo. But is it worth the investment? You’re gonna find out in this video. So stay tuned Hey everybody I’m Dave from that Ltd life and I make video reviews of software tools that have lifetime offers now if you’re new here Make sure you click the subscribe button. So you always get the latest reviews as soon as they’re posted now today We’re talking about two bits two bits is currently on appSumo actually As of the recording of this video is not available on appSumo for everybody Only those appSumo people who have the plus membership now, this is a $99 a year subscription that gets you early access to deals and they also take 10% off of all of the purchases that you make I Should add that Briefcase members also get this early access and additional 10% off So if you’re a member of briefcase or appSumo plus you can get this deal right away Otherwise you will have to wait until it goes live I would guess it’s probably going to go live on Monday or maybe Sunday night. So let’s talk about two bigs What is the big deal here? Is this something worth investing in so basically what to bik’s is designed to do is Analyze your videos and tell you if there are any glaring mistakes in terms of how a CEO will be affected, you know Whether people are gonna be searching for your videos and whether they’ll show up at the top of Google now This is a $39 tool. Let’s look at the plans here before we get into the software for 39 bucks You get two YouTube channels. That’s kind of nice. They could have gotten one there. So it’s nice They added two YouTube channels for 39 bucks And if you stack two codes, they call it an agency plan and that’s going to give you five YouTube channels now, there is a big difference here between The pro plan and the agency plan and that is that you get 50 keywords per channel for the pro plan and 200 keywords per channel for the agency plan and With the pro plan, you can only track 50 of the most recent videos that you’ve uploaded Whereas with the agency plan you can track all of your videos So if you’ve had a YouTube channel for years and years and you already have more than 50 videos You’re probably just gonna want to stack it and go if if this tool is right for you as we get into it The obvious decision making process here would be that you want to you know Go for something that lets you get to all of your videos The only other distinguishing factor here is that you only get one user for the pro plan Whereas you get three users for the agency plan now, this is a road map item There is currently no way to add users to your account enough talk. Let’s get to the software Alright, so here is too big a –ts. I’ve got some negative things to say about it. I Personally had a pretty negative experience getting set up with two bits. Now. I’ve heard from other people that they didn’t have this issue So maybe I was just a special snowflake in this case and you know, hopefully you don’t go through this but basically when I created my account It was able to link up with my YouTube account and I could see my channel name here and everything But it didn’t actually sync and pull in any of my videos So the tool was basically useless after two days of talking with support They were able to fix the bug and now I’ve got everything up here and I’m able to make this review for you. Oh Just keep that in mind that this does seem like it’s pretty early in the development of two bik’s That things might not be working perfectly yet So here is the channel that Ltd da life the channel you’re watching right now. Now this is a brand new channel I just started it less than seven days ago And our first video is posted here on May 2nd. So as of making this video, it’s May 11th So I guess it was nine days ago. It was more than a week ago Let’s kind of go over the main features here You get this dashboard which shows you know, your traffic sources, you can see that most of the traffic sources here are coming from external From YouTube search, you know, those are kind of my main drivers of traffic. You can see the channel audit So if I click on this? It tells me things I can do to improve my channel. So my channel description is a little bit short It says that you know, I’ve only got 703 characters It says the the channel Name isn’t that as a tag and then kind of goes through some other check boxes? Video accessibility I have not added closed captioning to my videos They don’t have enough data to give me a subscription rate yet everything else Kinda has a checkmark to tell me I’m doing a good job. Now. This is a brand new channel as it says here It’s created on May 2nd. I’ve only got two videos posted only few hundred views So I’m not giving too big a ton of data to work with here in terms of you know Telling me whether I’m doing a good job or not Right now it’s something you’ve got this kind of generic 76 out of 100 score, which I assume if I went ahead and updated These errors I could probably get that closer to a hundred So this might be good for the type of person who just loves to have that complete feeling of like, you know You know the person the person that has to get the 100 out of 100 on the Pingdom speed test score They’re not happy unless they get that a plus So if you’re like that, maybe this will be beneficial to you Because I’m sure this does over time really improve the you know, a visibility of your YouTube channel So something like the the channel tag here, that’s not gonna be a big deal right now But maybe in two or three years if I consistently make these types of Ltd reviews And people are actually searching for that. It probably will have an impact on Whether they discover my channel or someone else that starts doing Ltd reviews So that’s the the channel audit that’s kind of one of the main features here of to mix. Let’s get into some others Right away. They give you some some advice really So here’s my review of dub that I posted last week and they say I need to edit the metadata of your video for optimal results So I’ll hit apply here and let’s see what this says. So here it’s pulling in the description of The video and it’s saying the video title It contains the focus keyword, but does not appear in the beginning try moving it to the beginning So it’s telling me that I need to put dub Here at the beginning So maybe if I say dub review? lifetime deal presented by AB Simo that would be better and it Looks like if that solved the problem I don’t see the air here anymore. So I’ll go ahead and hit next And now it’s looking at my thumbnail. It’s sending the thumbnails good. I can actually replace it right here inside of two bits So that’s kind of a nice touch I’ll go ahead and publish it and now it’s gonna update YouTube with those setting changes So now I’m back on the dashboard I can see I’ve applied those changes and says we’re calculating new recommendations so doesn’t have anything else for me ready to go right away let’s move on to the next section here is just the videos chunk of two bits where it actually Will go through each one of your videos and tell you if it’s optimized. So for example, here’s the video We just optimized and I can see that it is listed as optimized and here is the video That I posted most recently. This was a few days ago for in video and it’s saying it’s not optimized So let’s go ahead and click on it and see what needs to be fixed. Okay? So here are the suggestions that to Bicks is giving me regarding this video on in video So it’s telling me that my tags need to be improved The analysis says that the focus keyword or phrase should mirror the content of the video and often one word is not enough for this So I don’t really know exactly what the suggestion is saying It’s not giving me any specific tag suggestions I think that would be more useful is if it looked at the tags I were already using and Then was able to see other tags that are relevant on YouTube like other videos that might be similar and say hey you should add these tags to your video That would be a little bit more practical to me Instead it wants me to search for things. So I’ll just type in what it says. The focus keyword is in video and see what Suggestions it has from there it says in video programming YouTube 2018 in video programming that Some people do this in video review that seems like it’s good in video appSumo in video app in video I Oh tutorial Let’s see So, I’m not sure what in-video programming is but it sounds like it’s something different So I’m adding the ones that look relevant here. Most of them are not for this particular I suspect this is kind of a hard Keyword in video is kind of a broad type of subject because it could literally just be a typo The other suggestion that to Bix has for me is to basically add more keywords It just says that I’m not hitting the recommended minimum of 250 characters now in order to get more keywords I could search for things that are relevant like maybe appSumo And see what related keywords they might pull up. So here is ab c– mo review You know, these are other other deals You know, we got appSumo christy, which is an employee at appSumo SERPs at you know, appSumo SEO These are not really relevant So I wouldn’t like to you know, you never want to add a tag just for the sake of adding a tag Oh, I just noticed it looks like that error went away. So I was able to resolve that I’m still not really sure what it wants for This focus keyword or keyphrase shouldn’t mere the content of your video. I’m gonna have to go with this I’m not really sure what it wants me to do at this point Maybe someone out there is watching this and being like, duh You need to add, you know XY and Z, but you know I’ve I think I’ve added every keyword that’s in the title here and I’m just gonna go ahead and move on from there Maybe it’ll review it later so it looks like Everything inside of this is all green check boxes. So that’s good And then the thumbnail Is is there and again I could change that as well and I actually probably should change the thumbnails doing these kind of quickly It’s hard to read that white writing on site on the bright yellow Thumbnail. Okay, I’ll go ahead and publish this and Let’s check back and see after it publishes whether those errors went away Okay, so I did publish it with those updates and it’s saying the videos optimized now Let’s go and click on it and see if the errors are all gone. Uh, so inside of tags Oh, I’ve still got this focus keyword bit here. So I’m actually going to Alright, so I’m learning this tool along with you and I’ve gone ahead and figured out what was causing this err here where it says Your focus keyword or keyphrase should mirror that of your content basically the order of the tags over here on the right Seem to matter I wasn’t actually aware of that So I’m definitely learning something if I go ahead and say Choose in video review and move that up to the top. Now. I have a focused keyword. That is two words long I will say there’s nothing that indicates that you should Reorganize these keywords. It would be nice. If this were more clear that says like you should drag a keyword That’s two words longer up to the top. But if I go ahead and hit next And go to the next screen here I can then jump back and see that yes This is in fact what they wanted it says your focus keyword is Sat good so I’ll go ahead and update this one more time and Now both my videos should be optimized. All right, let’s go to the last section of two bits and that is the rankings now What rankings is all about is you can add? Keywords that are important to your channel or your videos and you can follow to see how you’re doing in the rankings So here I’ve added three keywords appSumo lifetime tech deals and productivity software You can see that my video on dub is actually ranking number 36 for appSumo not super impressive But you know, this is a new channel. So I’m also not incredibly surprised by that This could be a pretty useful thing to keep an eye on what content you’re producing that’s doing the best for you you know, you can track the keywords that are relevant to your niche and Just see what videos are consistently tracking the highest now I haven’t gone ahead and added too many more I get that 200 keywords for the agency plan and you only get 50 keywords for the single code So whether it’s worth it to you to add more keywords to track That’s totally on a case-by-case basis. You do get 50 or 200 keywords per YouTube account So if you get the single code You’ll get two channels 50 keywords each if you get the agency plan and you get five channels with 200 keywords each So I do have two complaints about two bigs now The information in the channel audit is really helpful, but it’s not easy to edit So as an example here if I needed to edit my Channel tags There’s nowhere to click or anyplace to actually go in and add at my channel tags from it inside of two Bicks. I need to Go to youtube and actually find where these channel tags are located. You try it It’s harder than it sounds unless you know exactly where to go You can even search for it on Google and because YouTube changes their interface so frequently It’s actually hard to find where those channel taiks are located and that’s kind of consistent throughout this entire entire audit There’s no links to anything So I think that’s something very simple and easy for two Biggs to implement and improve quickly and I hope to see them do that The next thing I’d like to see them improve is some kind of Chrome extension now I’m currently using vid IQ as a Chrome extension Which gives me a little bit of intelligence on not only my videos, but other people who are making videos similar to me So here I am. I’m on another in video review I posted a my own review of in video and if I wanted to see maybe what this person was doing to get more views than I’m getting I Could go ahead and use vid IQ to check it out now I can see how long their video is how many views they’re getting how many views per hour they’re averaging As well as things like what tags they’re using on their video So this is really helpful information If I wanted to kind of reverse engineer their success It would be really nice if two BIG’s could implement some of these tools as well so we could have a one-stop solution For all of our YouTube SEO needs so as it is right now to Bicks is a very useful tool and I plan to continue To use it but I’m also gonna have to keep using vid IQ so I can look at other videos and get ideas for keywords and Researching popular ideas do seeing what things are working on YouTube Those are really the two main problems I have with two bigs if they were able to solve those man It’s it’s a pretty great tool. Alright, so in conclusion 2x is a winner if you’re a youtuber, this is a good deal I’m gonna rate this one an eight point six out of ten. Now, I’m gonna leave a little bit of room there for improvement I would like to see them add those two features I talked about in terms of being able to edit the audit and also a Chrome extension would be very nice So that’s gonna do it for this Vitra view If you’re a youtuber, I do recommend grabbing some cubics codes you can do so by clicking on the link in the description That is our affiliate link So it takes a little bit of change back to the channel helps us keep the lights on here and we do very much appreciate That if you liked the video make sure you click on a like so that we know you appreciate the content Leave us a comment down below if you have any questions or comments Hey, if you have an Ltd that you want us to review make sure you drop me a line I’d be glad to take a look that’s gonna do it for this video. We’ll see you in the next review

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