TubeBuddy Feature Requests – Make TubeBuddy better and get rewarded!

By | August 31, 2019

Help us, help you – by letting us know what
features you want added to TubeBuddy! [Community Bumper] When TubeBuddy adds new tools, it’s a win
for everyone! Some of our best features have come from user suggestions. We want to make
it easier for you to not only suggest features, but benefit from the suggestions of others! We’ve created an easy way for YOU to suggest
and VOTE on feature requests! This helps us know what we should work on next! And as an
added bonus, if we implement a feature that you suggested, you may be eligible for a free
TubeBuddy upgrade. Stick around until the end to learn more! From your desktop, select the TubeBuddy drop
down menu, and under support, you can select “Suggest Feature Idea’. On TubeBuddy Mobile,
select the menu here, select community, and head to feature requests. This is the area
where you can suggest or vote on future TubeBuddy features. *As of the time of this video, the
Community tab isn’t available on TubeBuddy mobile for iOS, but should be out shortly. In order to suggest or vote on a feature,
you will need a TubeBuddy Forum account. However, you can sign up for a forum account easily
through Google, or whatever method you prefer. Creating an account will also gives you access
to our TubeBuddy forums which will give you access to an amazing community filled with
other TubeBuddy users! Here’s how YOU can suggest or vote on potential TubeBuddy features. Once in the Feature Request section, you can
post a new thread by clicking “Post thread.” Then you’ll need to suggest a thread prefix. Thread prefixes are important because they
let us know where you’d like to see your feature added. Do you want it on all of TubeBuddy
with tubebuddy suggestion? Do you want it on our mobile app? Or would you like to see
an update to our forums? By selecting the correct prefix, it helps
the developers know where to put resources, and the community know where you’d like
to see this idea implemented! Then be sure to let us know all of the details
of any idea you’d like to see added into TubeBuddy! If you need some inspiration, a great way
to come up with ideas is to think about what is slow or frustrating during your day to
day YouTube channel needs, or what other websites provide information that you’d like to see
without ever leaving YouTube’s website. But we’re not done there! We want to give
YOU the ability to vote for what you’d like to see next! The voting system on the forums
is very similar to that on YouTube in that it’s a like or dislike system! Let’s take a look at this suggestion here
from bob the canadian! Bob wants to be able to load comments he hasn’t
hearted yet. Do you think that’s a good idea? This is where YOU get to vote – by liking
the post, you are saying that would like to see this feature added to TubeBuddy and should
be a high priority. Disliking means you don’t think that feature should be a priority to
be added to TubeBuddy or shouldn’t be added at all. I would like to see this added to TubeBuddy,
so I’ll give it a like so it can take a higher priority! Just like on YouTube, the votes are anonymous,
so feel free to vote based on what you feel would benefit YOU the most to be added to
TubeBuddy! Once a feature request gets enough votes and
community engagement, we’ll send it to the TubeBuddy developers who will start adding
it to TubeBuddy! For those of you who are interested in the Tubebuddy upgrade. Whoever
suggested that idea first will get a 1 year TubeBuddy upgrade! Did you know about our feature request sections?
Will you be joining our forums? Let us know! I’m Andrew Kan from TubeBuddy, thank you
for watching, and I’ll see you on the forums!

37 thoughts on “TubeBuddy Feature Requests – Make TubeBuddy better and get rewarded!

  1. TubeBuddy Post author

    Want to help TubeBuddy Get better? Suggest a feature here: πŸ‘ͺ Request a feature! – What is your favorite TubeBuddy Tool? πŸ˜€

  2. Leonard Corraya Post author

    We're looking forward too with great TubeBuddy.Good to know about that.!Thnx

  3. Passive Income Tom Post author

    This is a really idea! πŸ‘Thanks for sharing this!

    I think one think would be to show comments that are not approved by YouTube and go in the spam folder. These are hard to find on mobile but I see it on desktop.

  4. MrGoatsy Post author

    It is only a win if the tool is available for everybody, so if the tool is only available for legend it isn't a win for everybody.

  5. Nails of Interest Post author

    Oh yay!!!! I have a few things one in particular I want badly and many could use AND give Tube Buddy a plug in videos too.
    Thank you!!πŸ’œπŸ’–πŸ’œ

  6. Andrew Kan Post author

    I do hope to see you on the forums! Don't forget to suggest and vote on features you'd like to see added to TubeBuddy! πŸ˜€

  7. LiquidChannel Post author

    Can someone post it for me , i think a good ideia to TB would be , show us the trending/hot KEYWORDs by topic and region/country … like THE HOTTEST KEYWORD FOR: GAMES // COUNTRY: Brasil … then TB show us a list , so we can create content about it .

  8. Alan Whitton: Coaching - Therapy - London Post author

    Same functionality in android either browser or app as desktop

  9. Asian Rambo Post author

    It's good to know that you listen to the community

  10. Polymathese Post author

    Hi Andrew! I did not know about this feature and I will be joining the forum! Thanks for another informative video…😊😊😊

  11. The Average Dan Post author

    I dont have community listed on my mobile app.

  12. India Wala Reaction Post author

    It would be better to have a convenient button for adding end screens on one click with few selections. And also an option to selecting multiple videos to add end screens and info cards at one go. That would save a lot of time for the creator.

  13. Tracie Wayling ArtistASMR Post author

    I'm so easy to please, a little blue butterfly emoji would be nice, I use them a lot/symbolic..x

  14. Josip Ricov Post author

    Integrate Google translate for video and title description. I lose so much time translating to 45 languages and doing cross tab copy paste.

  15. The People's Bookkeeper Post author

    Super video Andrew! I learned lots of new things haha! Thanks for the amazing share! πŸ€“πŸ‘Š

  16. Sonoske Sagara Post author

    id like to see a non 50$ insane price of A/B testing

  17. Gaming Reapers Post author

    Literaly you should make a 1 month free membership with TubeBuddy then after 1 month then no more trial

  18. The Troy Spiral Show - BDSM Journey & Education Post author

    I feel like the keyword tool is very inaccurate. The scores it gives to keywords immediately are usually incorrect when the video goes live and my keyword planning is a fail and I have to start over manually searching each keyword with keywords everywhere or moringfame or something.

  19. Apps that Rule Post author

    Great video Andrew! This is cool to have the community give feedback and suggest features.

  20. Perfect Combet EVER Post author

    What if you make a feature that calculates your video rank?
    I mean with tags, Title, and Thumbnail, where will my video stand.
    As to be honest. my video about Odette, Lesley and Aluacard, they are right now on 2nd Rank on searching. So Make a feature that can work similar as youtube algorithm, And help youtubers to rank up their videos.

  21. Programming with Peter Post author

    Where do we report bugs? I already sent a support a month ago from mobile. On mobile apps if you tap a video you should go to that video details but if i tap another one , it goes to the old one instead of the new one, this resets only after i close the app completely.

  22. Val's Review Post author

    Thank you Andrew…nice to see you, great ideas again

  23. Home Business University Post author

    We are never in lack of money. We lack people with dreams who can die for those dreams. – Jack Ma

  24. Queen Mini Post author

    How much engagement does the suggestion have to get before it is put into action? You weren't specific with the details

  25. Programming with Peter Post author

    I want to report another bugs, since here you actually read it l and it's annoying what happens: 1. On mobile app, the milestones are not clearing up, after closing the app, we still get the badges. 2. (Not sure if here is just me) but get milestone image is not working on mobile for me, is loading forever and trust me , it's not a network issue.

  26. JeMs Playtime Post author

    Has Tubebuddy got royalty music and sound effects?

  27. Vince Bowman Post author

    Just joined TubeBuddy a few days ago and am very happy with it. It makes managing my content so much easier. This is not sponsored but they can give me money if they'd like.


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