Tube Assist Review: Is it scam? YouTube Marketing & SEO Automation Tool

By | August 12, 2019

Hi Guys, today I will talk about Tube Assist,
an automated tool that allegedly helps you to create more visits and subscribers on your
YouTube videos and channels. I will give you 6 reasons why I think you should avoid Tube
Assist at all costs. In my case Tube Assist did a lot of harm, almost destroyed my channel.
Long story short, I strongly believe Tube Assist is a scam. If you pay with your credit card, let’s say
American Express, you will immediately get a fraud alert from your credit card company.
Tube Assist is a registered fraud and scam debiting mandate. I wonder why. Tube Assist
guarantees you subscribers and views. But there is no legal base to back this up. So
if you don’t get visitors or subscribers, which you won’t, believe me… and good luck asking
them for your money back… a guarantee is a legal promise and a commitment of the company
to make it up for you. Serious companies will describe what that guarantee will include.
And hey, let’s be reasonable here. Are you kidding me? A fully automated view and subscriber
generator what you can setup in seconds? What is this: Wonderland? Don’t fall for it! And writing to their help support. Good luck
with that either. You will have more readers if you post it to an abandoned 1995 CompuServe
website’s guestbook. Looking for bad reviews and couldn’t find
any, right? It seems the only reviews you can find are positive. Like this one here
by Emily Altizer, who is telling us that Tube Assist is “Scam Proof”. Well, why is that?
Because Tube Assist will give you 50% of any purchase if you lure clients to their website.
That’s called an affiliate! Look at this guy, he has even deactivated the rating and also
disallowing to put any comments. That makes sense. And very dishonorable! Go ahead and
report this guy to YouTube as he is obviously selling scam through YouTube. So let’s see who is behind
Nice try. uses a service called Perfect Privacy which will allow them not
to reveal the registrant of their domain. That means they have disguised their identity
so you won’t be able to track them down by using services such as Whois. All we know
is that they have registered their website through Which by the
way belongs to A website builder company that solely tries to lure people into
their website to subscribe to website building, and pays a good amount of money to everybody
that lures them into their website. Another huge affiliate company. Isn’t that a coincidence? So basically Tube Assist won’t do any of that
what it promises. They have released some nice videos telling you how it works. But
instead, it does something totally different. Their Video Share campaign will tell you that
they will share your videos by writing to a potential audience. What it does instead
is to write spam comments on random videos. Even to Arabs and Asian people across the
world, who even don’t understand English. Horrible: What you get next is a bunch of
people writing you comments about how much they hate you. And also report your comments
to YouTube as spam. And most disturbing, all those people won’t watch your videos, but
clickout right away. Which will lead to a huge retention rate, that means almost all
of the people you have spammed will only watch the first seconds of your video and click
away. This is something called bad YouTube SEO. When this happens, YouTube will rank
all your videos down. Now here is what happened to my channel after
using Tube Assist for only 7 days. I have to work my way up again, gain the trust of
YouTube which is months of work. Nice ey? They are too many clues. For instance watching
their videos, they look like some Russians did them. Watching their comments, they promise
you a bunch of things that should make you very suspicious! The conclusion: It looks too good to be true.
First of all no automation will help you with your views and subscriptions. Either you will
be excluded or banned from YouTube. Or YouTube and Google will just rank you down, which
is the most preferred way to do. Because Google doesn’t punish you right away. They will hit
you very hard, which they did in my case. Just to give you some lessons learned, and to let
you evolve from that, and not to do it again. Yes, YouTube is able to detect your automation
efforts in an instant. I should have known better. In my case, I fell for it. I couldn’t
find any negative reviews and lots of people were telling that it really works, because
they wanted that affiliate money. Unfortunately I couldn’t see through their scam until it
happened. Now seeing what damage it has done, all things made sense in an instant.
So, be aware! And look: Instead of telling you that how nice Tube Assist is in order
to gain profits, I just gave you the truth. Be decent enough to give me a thumbs up and
a nice comment. That’s all I want. Thanks guys!

100 thoughts on “Tube Assist Review: Is it scam? YouTube Marketing & SEO Automation Tool

  1. Induced Rhino438 Post author

    Hey tendarian I'm nervous now. Some guy recommended that website to me on my latest video, so I went on the website and 'sort or' made an account. I don't know if I did or not but I went through the part where it asked me for my full name, email and a password, though when it asked me to select my channel I went to chec out this video to see if it was safe. I immediately exited out of the page. Will my channel be ok despite me entering my email and full name though not selecting my channel?

  2. Karl Marxr Post author

    thanks man I got this message and didn't understand if it was legit

  3. Kairuteleos Post author

    Thanks a lot! Someone had randomly commented on my third video and I had gotten excited cause I am a new creator. "Oh my gosh my first commented, I don't even care if it is criticism! I'll take it!"
    I then realized it was a generic copy paste saying "Your content is really good and i think you could get huge on YouTubeg and even make money off it!" Then gave me a huge spiel about how Tube Assist helped him and then put a link. Being tech savvy i knew not to click that link, so I looked it up and found your video. Thanks a bunch, sorry for the rambling I tend to do it a lot.
    also this person had over 1000 subs with no content at all.

  4. Smart Rapper Post author

    It isn't a scam…. I use it for 10 of my YouTube channels and they all grow daily from traffic FROM Tube Assist. You just have to know how to use it.

  5. HDR Post author this guy passed me through a commentary (its in the "possible spam" folder) the link to the Tube Assist, anyways, thanks for posting this vid 🙂

  6. NeziNapps akaNeziTV Post author

    I got a message in my inbox, this morning. It's funny, how these predators, try to prey on people and take over their channels, knowing, that some of us will fall for it. I've had mine, since, 2011 and I've seen the game of these, Snake-In-the-Grass, type, people. It has been, so many channels, who have been suckered into this crap. Back in 2012-2013, Youtubers, started speaking out about these scammers, to inform others, NOT, to sign or call these snakes, because, if you call them, some weird way, they will put you in a contract. sOMETIMES, IF YOU CLICK ON THEIR LINK, TOO! DON'T CLICK THEIR LINK! That's right! Just from making a phone call to them! They know that people will do anything, to become, YT famous. Once my subs got higher, 5,000 and up, they really started coming for me. I block and report them, to YT, as spam, if I get a message from these Snakes. I've worked, too hard, to get to the level, that I am, BY MYSELF, just to give my 'ish' away to some people, I don't know, can't call, can't see, can't touch, can't go to their office and kick their ass, about my channel. I don't deal with businesses, that, I can't touch! lol Yes, my channel can be better, as with alot of us. We want our channels to be, Off-The-Chain-Popular, but, I'd rather stay where I am, than to let snakes, making me broken promises, have any type of say-so or control over my work. Don't fall for the Oky-Doke! Work hard and steady and you will see your channel, GROW! Thank you for looking out for us and I, definitely, gave you a thumbs up!

    P.S. YouTube does not get involved in 'Third-Party,' deals. Basically, you are on your own, if the deal goes bad! Don't agree to any Contracts or Agreements with Snakes! Peace!

  7. Oumshka Post author

    i made an account on tube assist and i put my channel is there anyway to remove it?

  8. 09Archmage Post author

    Looked at this tubeassist online, then found ur video which is very good! thanks for ur honesty, amazing how many people try anything to scam u.

  9. George43 Studios Post author

    Thank you for telling me this I almost got scammed

  10. Dream Post author

    Just got an email from them & knew it was sketch when they was like "I can help you grow your channel like mines," but when I check their channel they have subscribers, but ZERO content…Doesn't make sense. Thanks for making this video because it only confirmed what I already knew.

  11. TheCoolCarhd Post author

    some one sent me a scam youtube assidt but i did not ttust them

  12. duddles Post author

    Thanks man, I recently just got a comment from one of these pricks. Knew it was fishy the moment I got it.

  13. Red Phoenix Post author

    Good to know that I didn't fall for that. Thanks for this video!

  14. Lzrd Wkboyy Post author

    i got a scam on my "EXCELLENT BICYCLE KICK" video i almost fell for it but i did research and found this also if you look at my 2 latest videos i got scammed on camera

  15. jmdjstudios Post author

    Can vouch for this. Received an almost identical comment on one of my videos, and seconds later I was researching to see if it was a scam or not. This video was one of the first I found. I wouldn't trust it. And the first video I watched on their website didn't even mention how you had to pay for this service.

  16. Maynee Post author

    Yo I connected my channel with them, I'm nervous now. I didn't pay I just connected it. I worked way to hard on my channel to loose it. Anyone have any tips on what to do? I changed my Google/YouTube password just right now.

  17. WickedInsomnia Post author

    Thanks I don't like the idea of it anyways someone left a comment on my video about it and I wanted to see if anyone actually uses it now I can respond to their comment with an informed answer 😀

  18. EncryptedKnight Post author

    Someone spammed my small channel with a Tube Assist link, disgusting bastards preying on small channels can go to hell. What is wrong with people!?

  19. TBVG Post author

    I'm nervous now. I made an account but didn't pay for anything, I figured out that it was a scam and deleted my account for tubeassist asap, am I safe? :/

  20. Tobias Holenstein Post author

    Thanks for the heads up, I got a comment on one of my videos saying that I should check out TubeAssist. I'm glad I didn't do it. Anyways, if anyone is into cover songs and daily vlogs, check out my channel 🙂 (shameless plug lol)

  21. Dave Demon Post author

    Well i wasn't gonna use it anyway, just was curious if it was legit, glad i'm smart enough to not fall for stuff like that and do my research. Thanks for the warning dude 🙂

  22. Trend Frenzy Post author

    Thank you so much! I was tempted to click the link but I knew… I should look up Tube assist. Thank you so much for this video.

  23. jason callan Post author

    thank you I just got a spam message about this service & saw your video. Thank you for the warning.

  24. TIM HOGUE Post author

    Hey mind if I re-upload this video on my channel Ian The dj and spread the word

  25. Benchmarks GTX 1070 Post author

    fake tube assist or not? don't speak good english..

  26. Animal Facts Post author

    Thank you sir… I looked at it and intelligently I started looking for reviews and found yours 🙂

  27. Datalund Post author

    Got the "Hey you are gonna be so popular. You just need this tool" message today. Had a feeling it would be some sort of scam…
    Thanks for the video. Got a thumbs up from me 🙂

  28. Smelly BigFoot Post author

    Thank you so much for letting me know!! I thought it was too good to be true so I did my research so always do your homework and research things before doing them, kids.

  29. Underground Tech Post author

    Thank you for the honest video, you got a new subscriber

  30. JoyStick Jockey Post author

    Thank you someone showed me tube assist and im like this has to be a scam

  31. CouchWarrior Post author

    Thank you for this video, you are doing a great service to the community!

  32. YuliTube Post author

    thank you so much for the video! I haven't found any negative reviews about TubeAssist while googling it except yours, which makes it particularly suspicious – all I found is a bunch of people claiming to give extremely honest review – and then their review gradually becomes a promotion for tube assist with a bunch of links and convincing statements to go and sign up for it. Only those who get paid would write and a 10 page review for something.

  33. Grayson Evans Post author

    Thank you so much! I keep getting these comments from these people. Always report! My Tube is MINE! 😀

  34. Avolu n Post author

    I was literally entering my email into this 0_o h Thank you so much dude 😀

  35. Mark Frank Post author

    Thanks for good and right advice I appreciate this thanks again

  36. FancySassy80 Post author

    thank you for the video.. deleting it off my channel.. never used a CC.. just checked it out.. i like to have real subbers.

  37. Caen Ragestorm Post author

    I was thinking that it would be something like that 😀 And they write me such a nice comment about how rich i will be 😀 Good video hope noone else will catch on that. Thumbs up for you 🙂 Caen

  38. Max Kids Show Post author

    Thanks a lot for showing us the truth about this scam!

  39. KurdRipper Post author

    Great video tendarian. how about we all subcribe each-other then scammers fucking it for us. im going to start subbing tendarian.

  40. GameChangerX Post author

    Thank you. Your video saved me from falling for this. They are now even creating fake YT channel and posting comments on my channel.

  41. SeaFox Post author

    thank you! I actually thought Tube Assist was a scam and i was correct. thx for proving that!

  42. Crafty Chloe Post author

    Thank you for this review. I just got commented on this tubeassist and was unsure of it.

  43. dead channel Post author

    Thank you, I was offered tube assist by a commenter on my channel, and you saved me. + no trying to be mean, but do people tell you your voice sounds like a robot a lot?

  44. Drift.Tings Post author

    Thanks man! I was also recommended to TubeAssist by a commenter. Then i saw this video after creating my TA account and immediately removed my channel. The guy said that TubeAssist "helped him out" but he literally had no videos on his channel from TA. Oh my gosh you saved my channel thanks so much!

  45. 3mmar Cover Post author

    Hey guys .. Please tell me how to fix this problem :I visited google Adsense and l have
    This message :
    ( your client does not have permission to get URL/adsense/api-signup from this server ) .

  46. Trew Ten Post author

    Damn I just got a new comment on my video saying some shady things and gave me the tubeassist link it also had a code like /34565 or something like that then I was not sure about it so I searched for reviews I found nothing now found your video and you saved me man! thanks! and the message was making a compliment about my videos saying " I enjoy your content pls subscribe xd " all that kind of sub4sub but this was a new one for me and yes thank you for saving me dude. I really feel bad about those youtuber's who just started they're youtube channel and falling for this kind of scam. This really needs to stop on youtube or it will be more corrupted.

  47. Awesome Wizard Post author

    Bud, your video has illegally been uploaded

    I would report them if I were you

  48. MRTACPANS Post author


  49. EightSeven6 Post author

    Hmm, right
    i think you're completelly right, i mean, even the site names show with question marks on the browser cuz of my AVAST thats installed, also,

    a guy IS getting 10s of thumbs down after using the thing, the assist even spammed one of my videos, thought it was him that wrote the comment, but that werent the case i dont think

    thanks for steering me away from this scam 🙂

  50. RollingArt23 Post author

    Someone just gave me a comment on this. My roblox account was scammed earlier this year and then hacked. So I treated this thing with suspicion. Thanks a lot.

  51. Outgoing UHC Post author

    I signed up for this already, but what can i do?
    I didn't put my credit card in yet though..

  52. Gnarly Drauger Post author

    Thank you, I got a message telling me that I had potential to make it big. I was almost sucked into their illusion like an idiot. But I stumbled upon your video and it helped a lot.

  53. rhymegarden Post author

    I have used them for a few months and they aren't a scam in my opinion. They legitimately DO send your videos through messages to Youtube Users. However, the problem is that most people don't care about your videos so most people won't be eager to check it out. I do get some legitimate comments, likes, and I included a DL link for a song in the description which is getting downloads. However truth is you won't get near the attention from potential fans that they let you think you will, but you will get some. It's up to you if it's worth paying for it. Plus with Youtube's annoying, obnoxious spam filters which makes it impossible for you to promote your videos so you basically have to rely on people randomly stumbling upon your videos, you can't send more than 100 messages a day, sometimes less. So that's another unfortunate wall. If you were allowed to send unlimited messages this platform would definitely be a huge help. But unfortunately would be's and could be's don't help us in actuality.

  54. Vector Ya Post author

    i was about to buy it
    Appreciate your honest review and warning

  55. Illusionated Post author

    Thanks for the vid, i wasn't going to do it anyways. But if i did, you probably saved my account.

  56. Lotus Post author

    knew this thing was a scam, we tested it on a dead channel me and my buddies don't care about anymore and your results were correct.

  57. LEO Round Table Post author

    I too was in the process of signing up when I saw a link to your video. I got the following comment from a user on my channel:

    Wilsey 1 month ago
    I think your content is very good and you could have potential to become a really big YouTuber some day and maybe make tons of money off of this! Maybe it would help to give your channel a little boost to get it rolling! One of the things that has seemed to work for me is a tool called Tube Assist. Basically, it is a marketing tool for your channel that allows you to reach new viewers who would be interested in your type of content. Here is the link if you want to check it out:

    Thanks so much for saving my channel!

  58. Jonathan Haidle Post author

    Thank you – they are shut down now, apparently not selling it anymore.

  59. DeoGenZ Entertainment Post author

    Did you see now there not accepting new customers because of Youtube's API, yep sounds scammish and like someone is making a dash with all that cash.

  60. CSP Ana Post author

    As we know, Tube Assist has been shut down, TubeAssistPro is the best alternative, YouTube marketing & automation tool.

  61. annie Post author

    I've been scammed one of them by "TubeAd.." I am still fighting for my money back. You're totally right…..

  62. LevAgency Post author

    STFU – YOU DUMB RUSSIAN CUNT – learn how to PRONOUNCE WORDS before you post VIDEOS in ENGLISH!!!

  63. james larkin Post author

    this guy might have a point, but isn't very good at backing up his argument there are constant claims with out any evidence, can you trust this guy, bare in mind that using tools like this is risky anyways, and honestly its a bit stupid to run this on your main accounts, you run it on spam accounts

  64. The Electronickk Post author

    how about uview app on playstore plz review about it, i got 50 views from that app and i am sure that youtube will banned my channel


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