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By | August 10, 2019

Appreciation of Ganpati Zone SEO services in Mumbai by Mr.
Akshay Bardapurkar, Founder Director Planet Marathi, General Secretary Shiv Sena Chitrapat
Sena. Hi this is Akshay Bardapurkar, if anyone is
looking for digital marketing, search engine optimization you don’t need to go any other
place there is Mr.Pankaj Verma who represents Ganpati Zone Try them. Now for the five bonus SEO Tips. Number one is the Responsive Website. Number two is the Page Speed of your website. Number three is the Image Optimization. Number four is the Video Optimization. And number five is the Embedded Videos. Now let’s come to the first point which is
Responsive Website. Your website should be responsive. By responsive which we mean that it should
be compatible in all platform tablets mobile devices desktop. The user experience the visitor browsing experience
should be very smooth otherwise the person will move to some other website. And now the second point is the Page Speed
of the website. The Page Speed of the website is really very
important factor for the success of your business. Even though have a great or good looking website
but if it is taking so much time to load then the the visitor will go to some other website. So, basically there are two tools with which
you can check your website speed are GTMatrix & Google Page Insights. So you can go to those particular links. And the next is Image Optimization. The images of the website if they are not
optimized properly the page of your website will load very very slow and this hinders
the growth of your website. So currently, Google has introduced another
format which is the WebP format is a lossy image format images open very fast. But this is not currently compatible with
Firefox. So if you use it just check if it is not obstructing
your website design or something. You can also use this you can use a coding
WebP for your Chrome browser and for the Firefox you can use the .jpg image format. And the next is the video optimization. This is very important because if you describe
your types of services and products in your videos people will very likely to respond
very fast because videos is a very great form of interaction with your customers / end users
of your products or services plus if the video takes too much time to load this will definitely
effect the performance of your website and again the person the visitor will move to
someother website. And now the last point is Embedded videos. If you embed the videos on your web pages
definately it slows down your webpage speed. And you can check it. If you embed any videos you go to GTMatrix
or Google Page Insights definitely you will see the speed becomes very very slow. So these are the points if you follow will
empower the growth your website. Thank you so much. Have a great day!

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