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By | August 28, 2019

Welcome back. Do you want a much easier
way to do keyword research for YouTube? Seriously, there’s a way better way. I’m
going to take all the confusing part of YouTube SEO and keyword research. Set it
aside. And I’m going to teach you the tree analogy. If you learn the tree analogy,
you’ll never have to stress about this again. I know what you’re thinking. SEO
can be confusing, it can be overwhelming. Keyword research, all of that. Okay? Just
please just set that aside just for a moment. Just for the length of this video
and just open your mind to the possibility of you picking a topic,
filming a video, posting it on YouTube and having it ranked on the front page
of YouTube on day one. It really is that simple. You just have to do what I’m
going to teach right here and it’s not complicated. It’s really, really simple. So,
look at this tree. I want you to think of this tree anytime you’re preparing to
film a video. And you want to know what should i film the video about. It gets
really important that we do keyword research before filming. We got to do
this research before filming. But again, this is simple. We just think of a tree.
Now, let’s say you’re making a video about goal-setting.
Okay, goal-setting is a broad topic. So, with this tree we’ve got a really broad
trunk then we have branches that goes out to leaves. So, in goal-setting, there’s
a lot of different branches. There’s fitness goals, there’s business goals,
there’s income goals. Okay? Those would be all different
branches. Our minds are really good of thinking of trunks or branches. And then
there’s a tool that we can use that I’m going to show you that you can use to
help you find all the leaves. The leaves are the really specific topics. Now, if
you want to get amazing results on YouTube and have your video ranked on
day one, you’ve got to go after the leaf topics. Not the branches. In fact, you
don’t ever have to go after the branches or the trunk because if you create
hundreds of leaf videos, eventually you’re going to
dominate video for the entire tree. So, you never have to create a video for the
trunk for goal setting in this example or for the branches like fitness goals
or money goals. So, what you don’t want to do is make videos like “Nate’s goal
setting tips or Nate’s Fitness goal expertise…” I don’t know. Does
that make sense? You don’t want to go after the branch. I just really want to
emphasize that. So, let me give you some examples of leaf topics and then I’ll
show you how you find the leaf topics with a tool that I found online that I
use that I recommend. How to make a vision board that really works. That
one’s really specific. Okay? That’s real specific. So, if somebody is searching
online for that, this is a phrase that I found using keyword research. I did not
make up this phrase. None of the phrases I show you here as leaf examples were
made up. I found that these are phrases that people are searching for that have
just a little bit of search volume. All we want is just a little because then
when people search for this phrase, they find your video and they watch the whole
thing, right? The video will have a higher average view duration. YouTube will see
that and it will start to send more traffic. And so over time, your video will
gradually get more and more views more and more traffic. Okay, let’s look at
another leaf example. How to set exercise goals on an Apple watch? That’s pretty
specific, right? How to set financial goals for a business? Okay, there are
hundreds and hundreds of leaves all on the goal setting tree. And again, you only
want to film videos with leaf topics. And if you create hundreds of leaf topic
videos on this tree of goal setting, then eventually, you’ll dominate YouTube for
goal setting. Now, think about how easy this makes the filming process. If you do
your keyword research first and find these leaf topics, you know exactly what
your video is going to be about if I’m going to answer the question how to do
goal-setting, how to achieve goals better, there’s so many different directions. I
could go I could write a whole book on that. But if I’m going to make a video on
how to make a vision board that really works, I can make a 10 minute video going
into specific specific detail how to make a vision board
really works. Or if I’m going to make a video on how to set exercise goals on an
Apple watch, that’s so specific. That I can really focus in and show the best
way to do it or setting financial goals for a business. Maybe that one is a
little bit too broad. Maybe I could do some more keyword research and find
other leads. Maybe it’s a hair salon, business how to set financial goals for
a hair salon. Or for a soup kitchen. That’s just a Cayman point. Or a bike
repair shop or for a law firm, right? So, keyword research to find these specific
leaf topics, okay? Let me show you another example. This is a client of mine and
good friend, Kris Krohn. We built this channel. This is an old screenshot. It’s
it’s going to cross 400,000 subscribers, I think tomorrow, okay? Let me show you some
of the leaf topic videos we’ve created on this channel. How to turn ten dollars
into 100 dollars? How to make money work for you? How to earn respect and be taken
seriously? And one of our top videos, this one’s up to 5 million views now. How
to invest your money in your 20s? Okay, we did the keyword research first before
filming these videos. So now, we knew what the topic was, we could outline the
bullet points of what…. In this case, Kris what he was going to cover and then we
filmed the videos. Okay, let me show you another example. Paul Jenkins, Live On
Purpose TV. Some of the leaf topic videos we’ve done on that channel. How to get
kids to study? How to get kids to sleep? How to talk to kids so they listen? And
our most popular one, how to get kids to listen without yelling? Do you see how
specific that is? It’s not only just getting kids to listen but without
yelling, right? And that’s a really popular video. I don’t know what the
current number is but right now 631,000 views. Just on that one video.
Because we did the keyword research first before we filmed this video. So,
that’s how simple this is. Just think of a tree, remember the tree analogy anytime
you’re going to film the video or what should I make my videos about. Just think
about the leaves and in your mind, you come up with the trunk or the branches.
You put it into the tool that I’m going to show you next and I’ll show exactly
how to do that. And the tool finds the leaves for you. Alright, now. I’ve been
doing keyword research this way for many years. And last September I was at a
conference a marketing conference. And SEM rush, Search Engine Marketing Rush.
That’s their website. They had a booth. And I approached them and
I’d use their service in years pass. And I said, “Okay, here’s what I’m doing, here’s
all the steps I’m taking for keyword research. Do you have something that can
help me?” And the guy smiled he pulled out his iPad, brought up the website and
showed me the keyword magic tool. This tool was in beta back then. Now, you see
it’s got a little new symbol in the corner. This tool, totally simplified
everything that I’m doing. It allows me to do all the steps that I was doing
with keyword research in one step. So, that’s why I recommend it. That it is… I
pay a hundred bucks a month for it. They have a 2-week free trial. And if you
use it a whole bunch for 2 weeks, you can actually plan out your entire year
of video topics in those 2 weeks so you can just take advantage of their
free trial. So, if I zoom in here, again this is the magic tool. The keyword magic
tool. My client Katie is an interior designer. And when I was giving her
coaching a couple of weeks ago, we typed in living room design. Now, when you first
hit Search, you get results that are similar to other keyword research tools.
Okay? But the magic of this tool is that button right there. You can click on
questions. And when you click on questions, the results change. And if you
look down at the list I’ll zoom in in a minute,
you’ll see that there are tons and tons of questions that people are asking
about living room design. So Katie and I picked out a few that she thought would
be great. Let me show you some examples. How to design a living room with high
ceilings? Okay, that’s way more specific than just designing a living room, right?
How to design a living room with high ceilings? How to design a living room
with a corner fireplace? How to design a living room with large windows? How to
design lighting for a living room? There’s so many different topics. So, I
got a few more. How to design a living room with TV? How to design a kitchen
living room combo? And how to design a living room wall? There was plenty more.
We just picked up though maybe about 7 topics that we picked there. So, in
Katie’s mind, she could have come up with maybe 1
or 2 different videos about designing a living room. But by doing the keyword
research first, we have some huge advantages. 1, we’ve got several
different ideas for videos that we could film. So now 7 different videos. And
they’re way more specific. So, the results of these videos get on YouTube are going to
be way better. You’re going to show up in search, you’re going to have longer if you
were duration. You gotta do the keyword research before filming. Can you do me a
favor? Can you let me know if this video is helpful in the comments below? Let me
know if this opened your eyes or simplify things for you in doing keyword
research for YouTube. Also, I have a free gift for you. I’ve created a keyword
research guide that goes over everything I’ve covered in this video and even more
detail. Now, you can get that by texting the number here on the screen. Hero 1. So
text hero 1 to that number you see on the screen there. I’ll also try and
remember to put that information down in the description below and you’ll get
that keyword research guide that again goes through all of these steps in even
much more detail. And the cool thing is it’s active living dock. So, as I update it,
if people ask me more questions and I think oh that’s a good question, I’ll answer
that in that dock. So over time, this document becomes even more and more
valuable. I will see you tomorrow.

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  1. Ron Lyons Post author

    Nice! I love your tree analogy. I saw you first talk about it on another video and thought it was great, this helps explain it in detail. Great video as always.

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    Thanks, Nate! I recommend you to anyone asking for help with YouTube videos. Keep up the great work.

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    Your a calm, clear communicator. Thanks for your insight, experience and willingness to share.

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    Great help. Thank you for sharing.

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    Super helpful! Really appreciate the advice. That tool has given me so much video inspiration for both company and personal channel. Thanks

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    Love the leaf analogy! Thanks for the great advice!

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    Nate, what an eye opener. I saw you speak at NSA Influence 2019 and look forward to hearing from you again when you come to speak at the NSA DC Chapter on 2 Nov 19. I am very interested!


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