Treats from Friends: Seo Janghoon [Happy Together/2018.11.22]

By | October 9, 2019

Now, the next one. Let’s watch the next video. This video is from a whiner. – Let’s watch. / – Who’s a whiner? – Who is it? / – I know many whiners. Hello, viewers. I’m Seo Janghoon. It’s Janghoon. – Oh, my. / – He’s a famous whiner. My face is puffy in the morning. I’m sorry. – He looks the same. / – Honestly, I can’t tell the difference. – I can’t tell. / – There’s no difference. Until recently, I raised chickens together with BoA and Taeyong. If he grows his hair a little longer, he would resemble Kim Mousse. BoA used to feel mysterious, but after this experience, I realized she’s very kind and easy-going. – How about Taeyong? / – It was my first time meeting Taeyong. He has many goals, and he tries very hard. I thought he was innocent. Janghoon’s loyal because he never agrees to an interview. He mentioned BoA and Taeyong, but he left me out even though I was also there. (Sugeun was also on the show.) You see him every week. It’s still disappointing. What about you, Taeyong? At first, I was afraid because they’re all older than me. It was nerve-racking. When he talks, I realize later that there was a good meaning behind it. Right. Janghoon always whines, but I realize it was all for good. – He whines, but he does it anyway. / – You’re right. – Like Lee Seojin. / – Lee Seojin too. Here’s the question. Listen carefully. (The quiz starts.) Taeyong is like… Did he say Taeyong? Untainted. (It feels pure and untainted.) It feels pure and… He’s untainted and innocent. “White paper”. I think he’s a wonderful young man – with innocence. / – Taeyong is… (But he has no idea.) He’s not tainted. “Spotless”. “Taeyong is like spring water”. – Is it? / – “Taeyong is like spring water”. Wait. Come on. That’s correct? (He answers at once.) That’s correct? I’m shocked. (Shocked) What? You can’t do this. – I’m shocked. / – Hang on. (He’s so shocked that he’s getting a headache.) The question is leaked, isn’t it? How would he know about “spring water”? I was just trying it. I was going to say “organic”. Well… What is this? It’s up again? This is for the third question. – This is for the third? / – It’s India Special. (Treats from Friends, “In search of Indian Taste”) I have a good feeling about this team today. Taeyong is like spring water. He’s like untainted pure water. I think he’s a wonderful and innocent young man. To feel full, I thought jeon would be good. It’s a good idea when they’re hungry. (Mix shredded potato, rice powder and salt.) (Pour the dough thin and place sliced onion.) (Microwave dumplings and place on top of onion.) (Sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top and cook.) (Janghoon’s If You Tried Lee Su Dumpling) What is that? A pizza? – It’s dumpling. / – Dumpling There’s scorched rice underneath. It’s a stone pot dumpling. It’s not just dumplings. There’s no way it tastes bad. – Let me slice it first. / – Dumplings can’t be bad. Cut it here. – Right. / – Chopsticks… This looks like a pizza. It does. Why are you all up? Do you have questions? (Yes, we want to know what it tastes like.) No. (They look like rocks.) (They desperately want to eat.) I’m getting upset for some reason. – Look at this. / – This is pretty strong. Look at this. – It must be cheese. / – It’s cheese. You know baked cheese. Is it like baked cheese? Janghoon’s picky. He won’t eat unless it’s good. Awesome. Cheese and dumpling explain everything. It’s potato. – Is it potato? / – It’s potato. – It’s good. / – It’s potato? Awesome. Cheese and dumpling explain everything. It’s potato. (It’s full of sweet fresh potato taste.) It’s potato? It tastes like Gangwon Province. I thought it’d be cheesy, but it’s not. It’s crispy. Shredded potatoes replaced the dough. (Soft dumpling inside crispy potato) The scariest late-night snack is – one that makes you crave for drinks. / – Right. This calls for the really cold draft beer. It’s perfect for that. – It makes you drink endlessly. / – Again? Stop thinking about drinks. I’m saying it’s that good. We know a really good food is crispy on the outside – and soft inside. / – It’s so good. (Coughing) – That’s what it’s like. / – It’s so good. (What’s he doing?) I think rasgulla powder is still stuck in my throat. That’s eraser waste. I’m sorry. I meant to clean it up. For a second, I thought it was rasgulla on the top. (Agreed) But they were dumplings. – Both are ball-shaped. / – Yes. It tastes even better after the rasgulla. (Laughing) Is this a relative evaluation? Honestly, I was actually reflecting on myself for earlier, but this made me forget. How could you forget from eating this? Don’t you feel guilty? (Laughing) If I felt guilty… Whatever. Let me eat. (Let me just eat.) (He escapes from reality with a late-night snack.) It’s good. – It’s good. / – It’s good. – I know. / – It’s really good. – The mixed texture of onion and potato… / – I know. Onions top of crispy potato jeon prevents it from tasting too greasy. I think it’s good because it’s boiled dumplings. It’s boiled dumplings on top of the fried jeon. I’d like to recommend it to others. Don’t you honestly want to eat it? – I don’t because I don’t want to yield. / – Okay. – I’ll go along with him. / – Really? – Sehun. / – It’s really good. You’re going to regret it if you don’t try this. It’s potato jeon. There are dumplings on top of potato jeon. It seems everyone, including Sehun, is acting proud. Just say stop when I pass if you want it. – It’s good. / – Because… – He looks poor. / – It’s about their pride. They’re fighting themselves. (Glancing) (Are they going to say stop?) – He looks poor. / – It’s about their pride. (Just eat.) (To eat or not to eat. That is the problem.) (There’s only one chance.) (Men are about pride.) – One last round. / – Stop. (He’s no more proud in front of food.) Then why did you say that? (They feel deceived.) You can’t stay proud in front of food. I was going to say it after he passes Sehun. – Isn’t it good? / – Describe it. – It’s good. / – I’ll give you some. Try it. – Try it. We still have a lot. / – It’s good, right? – You should try it. / – They need to try it. – What is this taste? / – I’ve never had it before. – How is it? / – It’s hot. – Isn’t it good? / – Right. (One big bite) Sehun eats so much. You said it hurts your pride. Then why did you act proud? You tremble as you eat. He might eat the plate. (Satisfied) (Click Click Challenge this week) (is SM artists’ dance academy.) (Once they reach a million views,) (donation is made to a charity of their choice.) (Check Click Click Challenge online.) What do you think of today, Sugeun? I enjoyed myself. I get to join you once every year. We should meet more often. It was very nice to be with BoA and my favorite brothers. It was very meaningful. It’s always good to see you. It’s my first time on Happy Together today. I was pretty nervous, but I had a great time. I wonder when Saeho will stop being a translator. She’s going to watch you. – She points it out. / – I’ll watch. – I’ll show you that I can do it. / – Good luck. We’ll come back next week. – Thank you. / – Thank you.

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