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(audience applause and cheers) (upbeat music) – Thank you, thank you. Schmarvard. Good afternoon San Diego. (audience cheers) So I have a new book coming
out called AskGaryVee mainly because the truth is, I really don’t even
want to speak right now. I just want to go
directly into Q & A because I can pontificate my theses all day long on stage and have for a long time
in my career at this point. But the truth is, I think
it’s far more interesting to actually start
answering practical questions that a lot of people
here are trying to deal with. So I’m going to
spiel a little bit but I’m going to go
into Q & A for quite a bit. I asked for a
little bit more time. So hopefully some
of you can push back your dinner reservations ’cause I wanna
kinda sit on that chair and answer your questions. Another quick request,
I know you’re probably filming but is there any way to turn
down the lights a little bit and turn up the room
lights so I can see faces? And if not I totally get
that if you guys can’t do it, but that’d be awesome. So what do I want to talk about? Look I think that there’s a lot
of things we can talk about. Number one I think
that I like social media. Or how many of you are familiar that over the
last three to six weeks I’ve become a 14-year old girl, and am completely obsessed
with Snapchat by show of hands? (audience chuckling) Cool, actually raise ’em
higher I just wanna get a sense. So first thank you
all for paying attention, second of all, what a lot
of you are probably trying to figure out is, where do I sit on Snapchat,
why has it become so fierce? My life and my career and
the reason I think I can buy the New York Jets is
predicated on one core talent. I actually think that
I suck shit at 99% of things but there’s one thing
that I do extremely well that luckily for me
ends up making me successful which is I’ve got a
good sense of what you’re gonna do before you
think you’re gonna do it. Right, so, my first
success happened in 1996. In 1996 when
I launched, I launched one
of the first e-commerce wine businesses in America. You know, there’s
a lot of youngsters. As a matter of fact, how
many people by show of hands, I know you’re getting
tired later in the day but don’t bullshit
me, just give it to me. How many by show of hands
remember the world pre-internet? Raise your hands. Nice, so there’s some
old fuckers in here like me. (audience laughter) So if you went back there,
if you guys remember, what I remember,
literally people told me that the internet was
a fad, literally. Like, this wasn’t going to last and what is this and literally the
first time I ever pitched, the
first person that asked me how I was going to deliver wine
through the internet thought that I was going to
take a bottle of wine and put it in a wire
and it was going to show up at somebody’s house. So like, this is
where we were kids, back in ’96, people were
trying to figure it out. What I knew was that
people were going to buy wine. How many people here
have done wine online? How many people here have
done e-mail marketing in their careers?
Raise your hands. Great, in 1997
I had a 800,000, excuse me, in 1997 I had a 200,000
person e-mail newsletter, for
that had 91.2% open rates and 67% click through. By the way, not ’cause
I’m so fucking special. It’s because nobody fucking
did e-mail marketing in 1997 and we hadn’t, we hadn’t
ruined e-mail yet. Like e-mail was fucking pure, guys people loved
fucking e-mail in 1997. (audience laughter) We read every fucking word. It was good and then
we fucking came along and ruined that shit and basically all
I’m doing right now is systematically figuring
out how to ruin Snapchat. And when I say … (audience laughter and applause) Fuck I really
want these lights down because your faces are legit, that’s why I’m
doing this, sorry. When I say ruin, I mean,
what I really believe, more than anything,
this whole spiel of branding versus DR,
conversion versus that. Yeah, I’m really fascinated. I wish I could
talk to every one of you because you’re
anywhere from 100 and zero to the reverse of 100 and zero. For example my
clients Toyota, Pepsi, Dove, you know the
biggest brands in the world that drive my business right? Our clients have to pay $60,000 to $70,000
a month for us to do their social media right? But they’re biggest brands, we’re not
looking for local stores, you know these are
companies that are paying me a $100,000,
$200,000 dollars a month. Not only for
strategy and account work but the producing of the
content, the paid strategy. Real fucking work,
things that they do on TV and other places. They go on the spectrum of
branding extremely far, right? They think it’s all branding,
they don’t even know if they’re converting. My Mountain Dew
client doesn’t know if their TV spot
during the Super Bowl or that picture on
Instagram is really selling all the way through ’cause they don’t control 7-11 or Albertsons, they
don’t have the full funnel. A lot of us here do
have the full funnel, whether we’re e-com or
we do our own business. So what happens with us AKA the companies
that I used to talk to, back in the early
days of the internet, only seven or eight years ago, LivingSocial, Zynga, Groupon. I would talk to
them a lot about, you’re getting way
too addicted to just math. Because you’re
playing on conversion but you’re not thinking
about lifetime value or brand and then as so many
of you have probably felt already in your careers. If you’re just winning
the first result on Google or Google Adwords, guys,
in 90, the day Google Adwords, just to tell you
where I come from and a lot of it’s funny. I know I’m bouncing
a little bit here. As I go in hardcore in social
and nine, ten, eleven, twelve. I would be negative
towards Google Adwords and e-mail marketing and banner because all my digital
contemporaries were living that and they would bust my chops
and I would explain to them it’s only ’cause
your catching me in 2012. In 2001 and two and three,
the only thing I did talk about was digital 1.0, e-mail, e-comm, landing page optimization. Guys I was doing
banner ads in 1996 that were getting 13% click
throughs on certain wine sites. Right, so, like,
numbers that are just not real. Numbers that you
could never replicate, I owned the word
wine on Google Adwords, the day it came out
for nine and a half months at five cents a click
before anybody bid me up. (audience laughter) Right it’s like, laughable now because it’s a fuck
load of years later. But at the time people didn’t
even know what Google was. I started my YouTube wine show which is really what
brought me to this world. Less than a year
after YouTube came out, when I would tell
people that I was doing it, people didn’t
know what YouTube was. There wasn’t a
single video on YouTube when I started Wine Library TV that had a million views. For the first year and a
half I did Wine library TV, nobody fucking watched, right? And so, I guess what
I’m thinking about is what’s the difference
between my behavior and the majority of
the room’s behavior? What is it about
the way I operate that allows me
to hold my breath, let’s call it, what it is. Like, hold my breath
for two to three years and allow the
market to come to me? When I started
VaynerMedia in 2009, when I went to Campbell’s and the NHL and Pepsi
to take them as clients, to pitch them, literally
in the room I would say, look Campbell’s,
you need a Facebook fan page. Literally, I just need you guys to wrap your head around this. They didn’t know what it was. They didn’t even
know what Facebook was, like literally thank God! One person was like, I think that’s that
shit my kid’s on in college. (audience laughter) And so what I’m
fascinated by is mapping every person in this room of how much do they
care about brand versus DR. I have friends and
homies who make lots of money. Million, two million,
thee million dollars a year and they’re all DR.
It’s all math. It’s just quant
arbitrage, right? Whether it’s
landing page optimization, Google Adwords, Facebook ads, whatever it is of the moment, they’re driving to a place, they’re converting
and away they go. Passive income in some
people’s minds not in others. It is what it is. It’s a marketplace
and it changes. The word wine was five
cents a click at one point. Then it becomes
four dollars a click. It’s just marketplace dynamics. I’ve been yelling my
fucking ass off for four years about Facebook ads. And a lot of
people in this room, ’cause I’ve been
watching Twitter stream, two, three years ago
didn’t believe in it. Because it wasn’t converting as well as
Google Adwords for them. And thus it wasn’t something
they paid attention to. And now they’ve just
finally figured it out. The problem is all those CPMs and all that
attention is more expensive than it was four years ago. And so the debate
that we should have in this room understanding
the makeup of this room from my point of
view is what’s the timing? And more importantly, what
are you trying to accomplish? So for me, the world breaks
down into sales and marketing. They’re one and the same.
I was thinking about schmarketing but
I’m working on it. (audience laughter) I believe in my heart mainly because I
searched the hashtag and clicked a lot of your
profiles on my flight here and was getting
prepped for this talk that the far majority of this
room is in the sales business. They’re trying to
convert a certain thing, to drive certain revenue,
and they’re trying to achieve certain short-term
monies for their careers. I think a much
smaller percentage is in the
marketing business where at this point,
whether it’s my personal brand or my wine business, my wine business has
done a lot of things wrong for the last seven
years without me involved, but the brand
was so goddamn strong that they’ve basically done
everything wrong for seven years and yet the business was strong ’cause it’s winning on brand. Right, when we talk and make
fun of things that suck, they’re winning on brand. You can be wrong
for a very long time and have your
actions be really wrong once you become a brand, but you have to have brand, real brand
strategies and thoughts. For example, as
people in our space over the next 12 to 24 months start talking
more about Snapchat, there’s a disproportionate
amount of people in this fucking room that
are gonna think it’s stupid and not believe in it
because there’s no functionality to quantify the
direct ROI in a transaction when you’re
marketing on Snapchat. It’s the reason so many of
you missed the Instagram boat as a major play for you because each post
didn’t have a link out and because you
couldn’t track the conversion or make your sale
or do those things, you didn’t value it. The value curve of a transaction versus the lifetime
branding of something is the disconnect
and the opportunity. Period. That’s the arbitrage. Now, it goes horrible
in the other direction. Let me show you
by show of hands. How many people in this room, when they watch television,
outside of live sports and the Oscars are now watching TV on their time. Not when it airs, but you’re watching
Netflix, HBO GO, DVR. You’re watching on your TV
at this point on your time. If you’re doing this,
raise your hand because I want
everybody to see this. Raise your hand if
that’s how you do it. Hold on. Actually, you know what, fuck it, I need
a snap real quick. Give me a second.
(audience laughter) Give me one second. Thank you very much. Hold on, I got a concept. Hey corporate America assholes, this is how
everybody now watches TV. They’re raising their hand ’cause they don’t
watch it when it airs, which means they’re not watching your fucking
bullshit commercials. (audience applause)
Cool. So, everybody in
this room, everybody, is now watching television
on their time which means they are fast forwarding
every single commercial. And God forbid, God forbid, I don’t know, your remote
control falls off your bed (audience laughter) and the
commercial actually airs, every fucking person in
this room grabs their phone and checks their email or
tweets or checks their social. Which means, that the entire
first 12 minutes of this talk has been predicated on the
only thing I do for a living, the only thing
I do for a living, besides try to guess
what you’re gonna do before you think
you’re gonna do it, the only thing
I actually do a for a living is day trade attention. Let me break this
down because I really hope that two fuckers understand this and go on to
make a lot of money. (audience laughter) I day trade attention. What does that mean? Here’s what it means. Direct mail still works, it’s just overpriced. Right? How many people
here, by show of hands, can’t wait to leave
sunny San Diego, go back home, get to their house, and carefully go
through their direct mail? (audience laughter) One. (audience laughter) Carol, you got some
fucking problems. (laughs) (audience laughter) One. How can direct mail, as
post has just gone up in price over last 30 years, while we have so many
other options to do things and not look at it, how can
direct mail be a viable media? It is, it can work. Multi-billion dollars spent
by brands and business to do direct mail. Some of you are
sitting here saying, “My direct mail’s working.” That’s great, it can. If you have a business model that sustains the
conversion rate, hallelujah. But the question always is, can you do something else
with those monies to convert? Wine Library has gone
completely away from direct mail and now uses
Facebook as direct mail and is converting exponentially
better, so you know, this always my problem
with people that I talk to when I go in the offense
on what they should be doing. They’re like, “Gary, but
I’m making $4 million a year.” I’m like, “That’s great, dick. “What’s wrong with eight?” (audience laughter) And so, direct mail maybe working,
but direct mail on what’s the date? Thank you. On February 9, 2016 is not as valuable as it was a year ago, four years ago,
or 11 years ago. Outdoor media,
multi-billions of dollars spent on billboards
all across this country. When you leave this conference, go home and watch
five people driving. Remember this talk. Watch five people driving. I promise you that
every single fucking passenger that you see in the car is
looking down at their phone. All of them. As a matter of fact,
three of the five drivers are looking at their phone. (audience laughter) And so, people aren’t looking
at outdoor media today the way they were 10 years ago. They’re barely looking
at the fucking road itself. And so, tell me why billboard
prices have gone up 12% in the last
decade when your attention has gone completely
away from it. As a matter of fact,
attention is so intriguing if you pay attention to it, that fast forwarding
of commercials in 2015 have declined. We have declined our behavior
of fast forwarding commercials because we’d rather not even
spend the second to do that, we’d rather just grab
our phone and not do it. Big media companies
at first were like, “Oh, this is great data. “They’re not fast
forwarding anymore.” Of course they are, we’re
just not paying attention. Attention is the game. The reason Twitter’s in
trouble and it breaks my heart to say that because
I built my brand on it. If there’s a platform in
the world besides YouTube that I really have to give my
career to, it is Twitter. Not only did I
build my brand on it, I invested very early on
and made a fuck load of money. Right? I love Twitter. I love that
little fucking blue bird like you couldn’t imagine. (audience laughter) So to stand here on
February 9, 2016 and know that in South by Southwest 2007 when I was sitting
with my homie Nate and I had 5,000
followers and I said, “Follow my homie Nate,” and he had 1,000
people follow him. Within an hour
that I stand here today with 1.2 million
followers on Twitter and if I said
follow my homie Nate, 38 of them would follow. I learned this
lesson a long time ago. In 1997, I bought an ad on Now remember, the internet
for all intents and purposes is really about 20 years old. I know there’s a bunch
of nerds in the back saying, “Actually, the
government in 1965.” I know, nerd. (audience laughter) But I mean us normal people
have only been on the internet for about 20 years, and so we’re very early and this was only a
couple of years into it. Here’s this
thing called that emails me and says,
“You have,” because I was one
of only two people selling wine on the internet, and they’re like,
“We have “and we have one million
people on our email list.” At that point I had,
I don’t know, 7,000. I was like, fuck. They’re like,”For $20,000
we’ll blast everybody.” I’m like, “This is it. “This is it.” So, they’re
gonna send the email, they’re on the
west coast, I get the whole top of
their email, this is it. I’m so pumped, I hire
like eight fucking people. Like we have to pack
orders for the rest of my life. This is gonna be it. Then day comes and
I have everybody on the schedule like more than on
Christmas, it’s like March 9th. And like, I’m super
pumped and nothing happens. It’s like 9:30, I’m
like, “Oh wait a minute.” I’m super
panicking, it’s like 11:30 and we got like no
orders and I’m like, “What the fuck is going on?” And I’m like, “Oh right,
they’re on the west coast. “They said nine o’clock, “they’re probably
gonna send it at noon.” Sure enough, that was the case. I was super pumped
from like 11 to 12, nirvana. You know like when you see a cop and you get scared for a second but then you’re
cool when he drives by, that’s how I was.
(audience laughter) I was like super pumped. I’m like, good,
I’m gonna be okay. 12 comes and by 2 P.M.
we had six orders. I was like, fuck me. It was the moment I
understood that width is cute but depth is everything. What’s happening right
now is we are all living through a very intriguing time. My friends,
please take a step back and don’t think about
your business right now. Take a step back
and be a human being and understand the following. We are living through
the single biggest shift in communication
in human history. This internet thing at scale has fundamentally
changed everything. There are so many things that
people have said in this room that they were never
gonna do that they now do because technology
is eating up the world. If you’re brave
enough because you have humility and lack ego, please raise your hand right now if you were a
person that once said that you would never be
on Facebook, raise your hand. Raise it high. Of the people that
just raised their hand, and I thank you
for your honesty, how many of you are on Facebook? Raise your hand. That, that right there. The amount of people in here, now, this should be much higher. How many people in this room the first time
they saw Twitter said, “This is fucking stupid.”
Raise it. (audience laughter) And right this second,
a ton of you are like, “Snapchat, isn’t that
for fucking dick pics?” (audience laughter) There are grown-ass
men in this room that are 55-years-old
who in the last 24 hours sent a poop emoji. (audience laughter) They’re the same
people that didn’t even know what an emoji was
24 hours ago. Right? This is what I’m talking about, and it’s because
we’re living through the great age-downification
of our society. What’s happening is
technology is taking over. This same keynote that I gave probably at Affiliate
Summit not too long ago, when we were a
little bit younger, brother. I walked in and I said
look the reason Facebook is going to win, while
everybody in that room, if you remember in ’07 or whatever it was,
was like fuck you, it’s all Google AdWords,
Google will always win. What the fuck is Facebook?
Never, nothing is. I said look, it’s
the grandma effect. The second all these 23
and 24-year-olds, in the next three or four years,
if they stay on Facebook, ’cause I had to see that play out,
the second they start putting pictures
of their grandkids on that platform,
grandma’s coming. And that’s what happened. And the reason I’m so
hot on Snapchat right now, is normal people are coming,
not just 14 to 24-year-olds, 39-year-old dudes,
57-year-old aunts, normal people are
coming and that’s when a platform hits scale and it has attention. I have 27 to 30,000
people looking at my Snapchat stories, but out of
all my channels, including 250,000 plus on Instagram,
which has a ton of attention, there’s not a channel
that I can do and use today, that will convert more
sales or get more people to do what I want
them to do than Snapchat, a platform that
I’ve only taken seriously as a business since December. Something that I’ve been
talking about since 2013, something that I believed
in for a very long time, but I would only
use it with people that I knew in real life, and then I would only
and never use it in business, but only since … 45 days ago, have I used in that
manner and that attention graph is so staggering and my friends, that is where
branding matters vs. sales. I can’t convert it,
I can’t show it. I can turn it into that,
you can turn anything with those brands,
look you can do QVC or be Guthy-Renker
on television, you can make
anything DR if that’s what you want to do with it and that’s fine and you should, because at least it will give you some
confidence that it’s there. But you have to
remember it’s attention, it’s just attention. Google AdWords, down
19% in click throughs, Google ads are
being clicked 19% less by the same
users in the last year, because we ruin everything. We ruined e-mail. We’re ruining Google ads. Google today announced
no more flash banners in the next few minutes, it’s the same old game. Facebook was more
valuable 24 months ago than it is today,
it’s more valuable today than it will be in
36 months and sometimes more valuable today than
it’s going to be in three years, but it’s not as valuable
as it was a year ago. Influencer marketing
is the grossest undervalued product
in the world, right now every
person on Instagram that has 647 fans can do more
for your sales and marketing than you’d ever imagine, you just need 40,000 of
them, because there’s no scale. And so we’re living
through very, very, very interesting times, and so
what I would challenge you to do is to go upstairs,
look in the mirror and audit yourself, and
figure out where you sit on the pendulum of
sales and marketing, and the closer that
you can get to 50/50, especially if
you’re good at sales, remember earlier when
I said hold my breath, how did I get there? It’s because I’m so
fucking good at sales. It’s because in 2009,
nobody could sell social media to big
brands, but I could, and so those couple
of dollars allowed me to stay alive and get there. If you’re so damn
good at selling, take a percentage
of those monies and invest it your long term, to not look at branding
as the long-term play. Why did I start
doing The #AskGaryVee Show and go back to YouTube? Why did I start doing
DailyVee and all this vlogging? It’s building
brand equity, it’s brand and over brand is
how you actually win. There’s a big difference
between Nike and Apple, and their competitors
predicated on brand, and there’s a big difference
between social media experts. I get paid $80,000 to speak. Others get $4,000,
that’s called brand. And so what I need
people to understand and what I hope people
in this room understand is there’s a huge opportunity, because everyday that
somebody’s better at something than you,
something else comes along and you’ve got it at-bat. You missed Facebook and Twitter and somebody in your
space took it and won, good news, here’s
fucking Snapchat, right? You suck shit at
Snapchat because you’re weird and you don’t want
to make content that way and you have to wait, great. Next sugar is
going to Shmapchat. (audience laughter) And so we’re living
in a time where people are just building on
top of the internet itself, but we can’t
underestimate the dynamics and we can’t get lazy. Do you know how many people come and want to talk about
the ROI of social media or Facebook and have no idea? Do you know how
many arguments I’ve had about Instagram’s
ROI or capabilities in the last six months,
only to find out as I’m negotiating or
debating with the person that they say
something, I’m like, wait a minute, do you
even have an Instagram account? Do you know how
many of you pontificate and regurgitate
headlines about shit that you don’t
fucking understand? A lot. And in that hyperbole,
and in that headline reading is where practitioners
make their fucking money. And so it is February 9th, right, yeah, cool? 2016, and there’s a
lot of shit going on and a lot of opportunity, yet what’s holding people back is drawing lines in the sand. I don’t believe that
social media has as much ROI. Listen, I had
to do it to myself. Three years ago I felt
that I was going too far into my own hyperbole
and I needed to go back and be smart
and more disciplined about my e-mail marketing
and my SEM, because I was getting a little
too ahead of myself. Right? So it’s finding that
balance of how to make this stuff work
because the opportunity is substantial and there’s always going
to be an arbitrage, there’s always going
to be an opportunity, but it’s mixing the whole thing. And again, I want to make sure
that we really nail down brand. Not everybody is as extroverted, not everybody is
unbelievably charismatic. You know, like
not everybody, right? And so you’ve got
to understand what you’re looking to build around. I am not preaching for you
to build your personal brand. I’m preaching for
you to build brand. Right? You don’t have to
build it around yourself, and I know that’s the
common play and people do it, and by the way if you like it,
if you like the attention, if you like the cameras, if you like the accolades
and the laughs, God bless, it’s a lot of fun,
promise, super awesome. But there are tens
of thousands of people making real fucking
money building brands around their businesses
that you’ve never heard of and that’s what
they’ve deployed it against. That matters. In parallel, while
you keep the lights on, and you drive your sales. My biggest frustration,
especially for audiences of this makeup is the following: if a lot of you
realized that you could leave 500,000 to 2 million
in top line revenue on the table because
all of your behavior wasn’t to squeeze the
orange for every penny on your conversion
funnels and you deployed those monies and
you built it into brand, over a 36 to 48 month window,
if you were good at brand, the one thing I’m worried
about talking about brand right now, is you’ve
got to be good at it. Plenty of people buy
Google ads, plenty of people try to do landing
page optimization, plenty of people
buy Facebook ads, so you have to be good at it, but if you are good at it, you’re building
wealth instead of being rich. You know, it’s funny,
I always think about business, I’m a big Chris Rock fan. He had that joke
about Oprah and Bill Gates and it’s how I think about this, which is you could be
rich by just playing the math, but if you can figure out brand,
you can become wealthy. And that’s really the
question, are you willing to leave 500,000, 1 million or 5%, 20% of the monies each year for
the next three or four years, while you deploy those
dollars and those efforts and energies into trying
to make a double, triple win? That is basically what
I’ve seen my whole life. There’s a reason that the
two businesses that I’ve built, and forget about
my opinion on stage, I know there’s a lot of people
here who don’t know that much about me, let me just ground it. There’s a reason that
I’ve run two businesses in my life,
Wine Library and VaynerMedia, this is not
information products. This is not a
fucking mastermind. This is a retail store
that sells fucking wine and an agency that
works with Madison Ave Fortune 500
companies, businesses. One went three from
$60 million in revenue in four years, let me
just quantify that for you. Wine Library, when it was
Shopper’s Discount Liquors, did $3 million dollars
in revenue on 10% gross profit, which for all you
business people at home means that I had
$300,000 before expenses, luckily Sasha Vaynerchuk
didn’t pay anybody anything, so there was a
couple bucks left over. But I built the business
from three to $60 million with no fucking money,
no raising capital, like all these fuckers
have been doing for the last five years. (audience laughter) I took the little money we had and I made every
fucking penny work. And I stood on the floor
from 7:00 in the morning to 10:00 at night,
Monday through fucking Sunday for 10 years, I punted. Do you know what it is
to punt your fucking 20s? Do you know what
it feels like when all your friends e-mail you now and say you’re so
lucky and you have to reply ’cause you’re so
fucking pissed that that’s cool Josh that I’m lucky, but remember when you
went to the Jersey Shore and banged fucking chicks? I worked. (audience laughter and applause) And so, Wine Library, three
to 65 million dollars, 60 million dollars
in sales in five years, and now VaynerMedia,
which I’ve now personally run for four, almost five years now, and I’ve grown VaynerMedia
from 30 to 600 employees, from three to 100
million dollars in revenue, 17% net profit,
real fucking money, AJV gets to take
a lot of money home, and so, how does that happen? It happens because my
CFO hates my fucking guts. (audience laughter) And what do I mean by that? You don’t grow a
business from three to 100 if you’re gonna
try to maximize profit every 12 fucking months. If you’re not
making bets and investing, if you’re not building brand, if you’re not trying, I started four major
divisions last year: Sampling, a lot of
our clients sample, yeah, here’s the
new chocolate, right? That shit. Live events, like, you
know, all my fuckers go to Coachella every year, my whole
company fucking shuts down. Those kinda things. Video, and paid acceleration. Live events, and sampling, dead. I’m announcing
that we’re shutting down live events next week. Hopefully none of the
people paying for the livestream work at VaynerMedia. (audience laughter) Dead. Fucking lost two million bucks. Bought a site called
Lost Lettermen, a sports site, ’cause we’re doing more media, dead.
Shut it down. Lost a million bucks. But, video and paid made
all that money back and more, because I’m on the offense. I’m not trying to maximize, ’cause I don’t need to
buy a fucking boat this year. And I don’t need a
fucking Lamborghini to put on the Instagram, and I don’t
need a fucking watch, because I’m building
an actual business, and I don’t
wanna retire next year, and so… My punchline to this is,
please understand what’s really happening here. Let me help you understand it. Eyes and ears are the only thing you
should give a fuck about. And wherever they are matters. Do you think
this fucking matters? It matters more than
anything in the world. This is the fundamental
extension of your life. How many people here,
in every 24-hour window, are always within
arms’ reach of their phone? Raise your hand. Look at this. Look, front row, raise it. Look. Within arms’ reach
when you’re sleeping, taking a shit, it’s there. (audience laughter) Guys, I literally am not
joking when I tell you this. I literally would rather
somebody in New York City stab me in the
stomach and steal my wallet than lose my phone. (audience laughter) Now, we can all agree
it’s important, right? Cool. Now. Fifty-fucking-four percent
of every second of attention on this fucking thing
is in a social network. You still think it’s a fad? My friends, social
network is a bullshit term. There is no…
What the fuck is social network? Social networks is a slang term for the current
state of the internet. Period. 53% of every second, and you got calendars, and
you got fucking Angry Birds, and you got Words with… Fucking horseshit,
and utilities, it’s all here, yet 53% is gobbled up by
like seven or eight sites. So you don’t
think that’s important? Of course it is, and every one of them is
becoming a place where you can reverse engineer that
attention and sell something. The problem is for so
many people in this room, it’s not as black-and-white
as email and Google AdWords. It’s not conversion. It’s why you like Facebook,
’cause it gives you that too. That’s why I love Facebook. Facebook is so unbelievable. Every time I… Like, Facebook went down today. I guarantee you tonight, ’cause I have to
take a car to fucking LAX and a fucking red-eye to Miami. Tonight, I will
absolutely buy Facebook stock after the rant I’m about to
do, ’cause I do it every time. Here’s why Facebook’s gonna win. It has attention. Yes, they are
vulnerable to the fact that young kids
are not going on it. Cool, they took care of that. They bought Instagram, so they’re good for
another four to seven years. And they tried to buy
Snapchat two fucking years ago for three billion dollars, when 80% of this room
hadn’t even heard of it yet, unless you had a 14-year-old
girl in your life, right? So, Zucks
understands attention arbitrage. It’s why he bought Oculus Rift, ’cause VR is the next internet. Now, VR’s 15 years away,
and a lot of people in this room are gonna make a lot
of mistakes and lose money ’cause they think
it’s gonna be here sooner, but it’s coming. It’s coming. And so… When I think about
what’s really happening there, and all the opportunity,
what Facebook provides for everybody in this room, if you have not realized
that Facebook is, right now, the birth child of
television and direct mail, that’s what Facebook is. If you understand
how Facebook works today, February 9th, 2016, it is the birth child of
television and direct mail, AKA the greatest execution
anybody in this room can do, B-to-B or B-to-C,
is the following: This is where I’m
going straight practicality. Not giving you the rah-rah,
yay, this is all so cool, pay the fuck attention. Straight practicality. If you understand
who you’re selling to, 28-year-old women in Iowa
who are Red Sox fans, 42 to 47-year-old African
men, African-American males, who like baseball, you know, 19 to 22-year-old dudes, even though they’re
not supposed to be on it, I’ll show you data, not
what your headline says, that there’s plenty of
18 to 25-year-olds on Facebook. They may not check
it 7,000 times a day, but there’s
plenty of them on it. And so, if you understand what
to do, here’s the punchline. Everybody here
needs to figure out the most cost-effective
way to make a commercial, which means a
video, which means… You’re not confined
by the way television is, so you can make it two, three. I actually wanna make
them as long as possible. You’ll understand in a minute. If somebody watches my
four-minute and 18-second video all the way through on Facebook, so when I talk
about Facebook video, the headline
readers here say, oh, fuck, but they count every
3-second view as a view. Cool. Yes, they do. I don’t give a fuck. Because I have access
to data that shows me that, of the 4 million people,
17,000 of them watched all
four minutes and 18 seconds. And you know what I can
do with all 17,000 of them? I can remarket to
those motherfuckers with a DR call to action, after I’ve
emotionally affected them, and you know what happens? It’s a funny thing. They fucking convert. (audience laughter) And so… Plenty of people
think they know Facebook, plenty of people
read about Facebook, but people don’t have
the luxury that I have, which is spending
$100 million in ads, spent across our clients, to have a lot of data
to support my hyperbole, or a 60-million-dollar retail
store where I get to see the impact on the bricks
and mortars and the e-com, or a human brand that
understands what I am selling on Snapchat vs. Instagram
vs. Facebook vs. Twitter vs. LinkedIn vs. email vs.
my dot-com vs., against my books,
that I want you to all buy on March 8th, please, thank you. And so…
(audience laughter) And so, this is the world I live in. I believe that I get
the luxury to stand on stage in front of so many smart
people for a couple of reasons. One, I’m handsome.
(audience laughter) Two, two, I’m the best
fucking practitioner at February 9th, 2016 marketing because I don’t
give a fuck about any platform. Fuck social media. If social media doesn’t
have your attention tommorrow, I don’t give a fuck. If you all go back to sitting
around your fucking house ’cause we have
too much technology and we just sit
around like it’s 1957 and listen to the fucking radio, I’m fucking in. (audience laughter) And so, the reason
I go on that little rant, is because I know
a lot of you and you made your monies on Google. You made your money on SEO. You made your money on Facebook, and you will make your money
on Periscope and Snapchat. And then you make a mistake. It’s called getting
really fucking romantic. You get real romantic
about how you did it, ’cause you put in a
lot of time and effort to figure it out. And you’re sad
that shit’s changing. Well, good news. Or bad news,
depending on how you roll. The market doesn’t give a fuck. The market doesn’t give
a fuck that you spent years figuring out how to fucking
href your fucking Google pages. (audience laughter) The market doesn’t
give a fuck, like I did, in 1999, you figured out
how to get people’s first names at the top of the email, which tricked them
into buying more shit. And the market doesn’t
care that I figured out Snapchat today,
because I figured out fucking Twitter in
2006, 2007, and 2008, and to figure out Twitter, which is why so
many people didn’t do it, I spent 15 fucking hours a day, talking to all you mother
fucking assholes every day, all the time, and
that’s how you figured it out, and just because now
the attention has gone away, I can sit and cry about
how I wasted all those years, and how sad it
is, or I can realize, nobody gives a
fuck, and I can figure out the next thing and the
next thing and the next thing. And in that romance, and
in that line that you all draw in the sand, in that, is where all the
money is to be made. Understand? (crowd murmurs) Good. So. So please, please indulge me and
audit yourself and deploy what really separates
winning entrepreneurs from non-winning entrepreneurs which is a very
interesting word. It’s called self-awareness. Know what you’re good at. If you’re a hardcore
mathematician, great. Keep quanting the
fuck out of things. If you’re creative as shit, you better figure out that
Snapchat is really right for you ’cause that’s
what that’s gonna be. Know yourself. Know where you’re good at,
reverse engineer yourself and put yourself and
the people that work for you in the best position to succeed. You got somebody charismatic and clever in
your office right now? Instead of being mad that they might
not be good at details, why don’t you give them a phone and put them in
charge of putting the Snapchat
content out for you? Please eliminate romance. Please eliminate the
way you want it to be. I had a funny
meeting the other day, this is a good story,
and then I’m gonna, I just want get in to
Q&A, so if you wanna start. Oh, actually Ryan,
you’re gonna come up here so get prepped, brother. Here’s a quick
story, I’m gonna use this, and then we’re gonna go to Q&A because I wanna put
details on this hyperbole. Was at a meeting the other day, the guy’s a CEO of
a $700 million company and they mainly sell to
13 to 22-year-old females. We have a meeting and I do this around Snapchat and Instagram, but because he’s a fucking
Corporate America mother fucker, I give him a huge
deck with tons of data. He likes math. We go through the whole thing and I’m basically
trying to convince him that he has to do a
hell of a lot less print because all the
18-year-old girls can’t wait to get
magazines and go to page 97 and look at the ad.
(audience laughter) And a hell of a
lot less Facebook which is something
we got him to do over the last couple of years, which was good
for a few minutes. And really start
deploying a lot more money towards Snapchat and Instagram because that’s
where these people live, that’s where their attention is, that’s where we need
to arbitrage against. We go through the
whole presentation. He goes, “Gary, good stuff,
appreciate it.” He goes, “But, “I gotta be honest with you. “I just don’t get Instagram.” And I go,
“That’s great, dick, but “everyone of
your customers does. “And it doesn’t
matter what you get “or what you want it to be. “You’ve got to deploy
against the end consumer.” Regardless of how you
want it, the market is moving, and it’s marketing
and it’s moving fast. When you look at
that age downification, because of the grandma rule, do you know that
the fastest growing demo of individuals taking
selfies on Instagram right now are 42 to 48-year-old females. Literally, literally
cougar selfies dominating. (audience laughter) And so we all, this is not how I thought
I was gonna roll at 40. I thought I was gonna be
fucking dead when I was 20. Like I think I was old as shit. We are living
much younger lives. If you map the average
42-year-old American female in what she does,
what she wears, where she goes out,
what she spends her money on, she acts like a
29-year-old American female, only 10 years ago. If you’re lucky enough
like I am to sit here right now and you know what
your parents were like at the age that
you are right now, if you’re fortunate enough
that you know how old you are and you knew or can remember
your parents at your age, you are stunningly
younger than them. And that’s because
technology is dragging us down. If you wanna keep
up with the Joneses and be a part of society,
you have to figure it out. For us marketers and
sales and business people, this is gonna play out. It’s already
starting to play out and what I’m really focused on and why I’m sitting
here a little longer is it’s gonna play
out more than you think. 4 1/2 hours is
still spent on television by the average American, 4 1/2 hours a day. Two or three of
those hours are in real, real jeopardy, in my opinion, over the next 10 to 15 years. How many people
here are retiring in the next 10 years? And I don’t mean you’re gonna
fucking crush it and retire. (audience laughter) I mean, you’re fucking
old and you’re finished. (audience laughter and applause) Raise your hand. Who’s out in 10 years? Raise it. Okay, good. So four of you. (audience laughter) So, for the rest of you, if you think a lot
of shit has gone down in the last 10 years, wait ’til you see
the shit I’m looking at. I’m running $100
million venture fund now so I do my startup
stuff as some of you know. Wait ’til you see
what’s actually coming next. I mean, none of
this shit existed. If you go back 15 years,
not Google, not Facebook, not mobile devices,
none of it existed. It didn’t exist. I mean, all the
things that are coming, the smartification. Do you know how
interested I am in tourism? Do you know that VR in 15 years is gonna make your brain think that what you’re
seeing in your VR device, which will probably be
contact lenses, is 98.5% real? What does that affect? That affects the
tourism industry. Like, I don’t know. If I actually can sit in my
house and put on contact lenses and it feels like
I’m at the Eiffel Tower, maybe I don’t wanna spend
all that money to go do that. Right? It affects movies and gaming. You know the porn guys
are gonna go there real quick. (audience laughter) So it’s gonna
affect relationships. (audience laughter) And so, I think we are
grossly underestimating where things are going. In 2007, I talked about a
lot of shit at Affiliate Summit, and Sean,
I watched that keynote, and I don’t watch
my shit too often because what I remember
about that keynote more than anything, maybe more than
anything in my career was the audience
was not buying it because they were in
affiliate and Google math, and the social stuff
didn’t seem right enough. What’s interesting to me is watching that
conversation play out, it’s become very obvious
how things are gonna go. To me, if you can
pattern recognize, you can make a lot of money. This is gonna
happen whether I say so, whether you want it to, it’s just data. 150 fucking
million people a day, a day are
spending multiple, multiple minutes and hours
watching videos on Snapchat. How do you disrespect that? I’ll tell you how, ’cause you haven’t figured
out how to monetize it yet. That doesn’t mean
the platform’s wrong, that means you’re fucking wrong. Thank you. (audience applause) (upbeat music) Thank you, thank you. – [Ryan] Thirsty? Really, no? – Thank you. – So you guys–
– Hold on, hold on. – Wait, wait, wait,
where are you going? We ain’t done yet. Sit down, we got
some Q&A time here. – No, no,
let them go, let them go. I just want to
tell the 15 of you, you’re fucking up, because
the good shit is coming now. I’m telling you,
dude, we’re in the tie, sit your fucking
ass down, let’s go. – He’s actually doing it too. If you have a question,
if you have a question, we’ve got some mic stands
there, there, there, there there, there,
they’re kind of everywhere. Go ahead, hop up
right now, get in line, we’re going to try to get
to as many of them as we can. That was a really– – Let me throw a
quick right hook, while you’re waiting,
everybody who’s not already using it,
download Snapchat right now and follow me, you’re
not going to know how, because the UI is very weird
the first time you’re on it, but you should. – How many of you guys
followed Gary on Snapchat while he was doing this? Yeah, there you go. – Okay, you get the
first couple of questions. – Yeah, I get the first couple. First, I love
what you said about people saying, “I don’t get it.”
– Yes. – I think that is one of
the most dangerous things that we as human beings,
it’s like you immediately shut yourself off to creativity. This is not so much a
question, more of a statement, if you ever hear
yourself say, “I don’t get it,” and you say it
kind of a flippant way. – Dude, this is your conference, you can come and
talk shit all the time, ask questions, what
the fuck are you doing? (crowd laughter) – Just wanted to make that– – I’m kidding, I’m kidding. – One of us has a foot on
the stool, the other one– – I’m ready to throw down, I’ve been working out.
– Yeah, there you go. So here’s a question for you:
– Yeah. – With everything
that’s going on, right, where it rewards
those who are out there, who are very public,
who are very vocal, who have that influential brand, how do you get
credit for being quiet? I mean often times in life– – I think this is guys
there are far more people making money that are quiet than there are
people that look like me. It’s not even close. It’s data, how do you do it? You mean the
majority of the world? – Yeah, but okay,
but if you’re a brand and you want to do this, is it about finding someone in your office
that can be that voice? – No, I think it’s
about building the logo. There’s no Nick
Nike, there’s Nike. Right, like you don’t need
to build it around a person. We in this space–
– Yep. – default because there
is so many personal brands monetizing personal brands but to build your
brand, John Deere, or Reebok or
Sun Chips, you know, these are just brands,
build the brands. Or law firms,
or clients that you, Ogilvy, or even VaynerMedia,
I mean the big joke at VaynerMedia
now is how many people come into the office as clients and have no idea I even exist, the brand in Madison
Avenue and Fortune 500 is bigger than me,
and I’m pumped. That’s what
you’re supposed to do when you’re trying to scale. – Yep, very cool. Why do you think Snapchat won? What was it about
and continues to win? ‘Cause Facebook had it.
– Scale, scale. – But why did it scale?
– Because it was easy. – Why did the cool
kids start playing with it? – It was just the
right time in maturity for Facebook
where 15 to 19 year olds were like I don’t
want to do that because I don’t
think my seven year older brother is that cool
and I definitely don’t think my fucking mom is cool. It’s really night club
New York City dynamics and it will continue. Snapchat in seven years is
going to be old people place and something is
going to come across. But it had multiple things. Number one, it was
another place to hide from mom and dad with
the shit that you want to do. Two, it disappeared. You know what’s so funny? People are like,
oh, but it disappears. Yeah, you mean
like the way we actually communicate with each other? Snapchat is far
more similar to the way humans communicate
than Twitter or Facebook and so it won on that. It won on the scale
of just word of mouth and not Evan Spiegel
did an amazing job keeping it pure and not
over-branding it and turning it into
a business too quick. So just one of those things. – So there will
be another Snapchat, there will be another
generation that comes up. – I believe so. – And it’s just
incumbent upon us if we want to continue
the stand up there– – Here’s how I see it guys. I think this is
the television in 1965. I actually like
I know a lot of you are like whatever, but just
really pay attention to this, because this might be one
of the better things I say. This, this is the television in 1965 and the TVs, they’re the radio. (stammering) What I do well, for somebody
who is a shit student, the one thing
I do study is history, ’cause history loves
to repeat its fucking self. Right, and so if you
go look at the brands, the beer brands
that were romantic about staying on the radio
because that’s how they did it and didn’t shift to
television while things like Miller Lite that
nobody’s ever heard of went TV only and became
the brands, if you look at TV 1965, that’s
what I think this is. And I think YouTube,
Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are ABC, NBC and CBS. And then I think I within
it is M*A*S*H and Happy Days. (audience laughter)
Got it? So that’s the system,
so do I think over time ESPN comes around and HBO comes? I do, there will be more
channels built on this platform and they’ll be more competition that’s what’s happening and so what you need
to do for your business figure out the
channels where you could be the
star of that network. – Yeah, really.
– You like that right? – Was that helpful?
– It’s good. – That was some good stuff. I like that.
Yeah, I like that a lot. So let’s go, let’s pick
some question from the crowd. You want to start on one side? – [Man] Yo Gary,
I got a question– – Yo, yo, yo, ladies first dude. – [Man] My bad,
my bad, the lady here. – Go ahead, darling. He does have a
huge beard though. – He does.
– So he goes next. – He could be hiding a
knife in there or something. – Gary, my question is you
have for your book marketing– – [Gary] Can you
get the mic closer? – Yeah, for your
book marketing right now, for your book launch, you
have an entire barter page set up for the
street team and everything. And for podcasts, we
are doing the bulk orders and for live events,
but what about authors who have a much
smaller following, maybe 10, 20, 30,000
people in their list? How can they do
something similar to be able to move
books in a creative way? – [Gary] They can do the
same thing I’m doing. I started that barter thing,
which has become a big standard for
bigger personalities with Crush It! when I was small and the numbers
just look different. Now to even get me to
record my voice for your alarm is 50 books, when I did
Crush It!, seven years ago, if you bought three
books, I’d fucking come and babysit your
fucking kids, right? – [Ryan] That sounds
like a great prize. Yeah, that sounds like yeah. I got four of them,
you could lose a couple and we’d be all right still. That’s why we had multiple ones. – So to answer your question, I think you need to
recognize your worth of where you
feel your brand’s at and create different models and maybe it’s a two book deal,
an eight book deal, and a twelve book deal,
I think I topped out at 500 for Crush It!,
which was like literally like I will become
your best friend and now I start there because I’ve been
able to grow and have it’s just supply and demand, no different than
the attention thing, but you should do it because
it gives you a framework, especially if you keep doing it. The other thing I did
to make Crush It! work that was I did it and then
I didn’t rely on my audience, I went out and
sold it like a salesman and so you can create
it and then go and sell it instead of just
hoping people land on it. There’s way too many people that are obsessed
with scale, right? Let’s run Facebook
ads to my Barter page, whatever happens happens,
there’s just not enough actual working the phones,
going to conferences, calling people, e-mailing the
way I sell my most books is by
literally sitting down for normally two
straight days straight, 18 hour day,
36 hours within 48 hours and go in my
address book of my e-mail, sit there, type the letter
A, start with the first name, decide what my
relationship with that person is and then e-mail them. And I go as low as hey man,
I have a new book coming out, this is somebody I
barely know or I’ve interacted once or twice, I’d
love for you to check it out and maybe leave a
social review up to like hey dickface, if you
don’t buy 5,000 books, you’re fucking dead,
right and so– – [Ryan] The good friends
get that one. – That’s right and so
I would tell you the single best way to sell books
is actually sit down and do the non-scalable things, instead of the scalable things. – [Woman] Yeah, thank you. – Alright, bearded.
[Ryan] Alright, the man with a
knife hidden in his beard. – Well, I apologize,
ladies first, beards second. (audience laughing) With that being said Gary, you hit the nail on
the head when you alluded to video being the future, and that you know
people’s attention spans are just fucking
rapidly shrinking these days. – [Gary] Be careful, be careful. I actually think
that that is a misnomer. – Well their attention
spans are shrinking when I think it comes to
reading content that’s boring. Like they want to see video, and if you can
lock them into the first you know couple seconds
of a video like you said, you have a four
minute 18 second video, that’s taking
someone’s attention onboard for 258 fucking seconds. That’s a long ass time. So where do you
see this sweet spot? Obviously it’s
platform dependent, and you’re not gonna
have a two minute video on a 15 second Instagram
or Snapchat’s different. But when we’re
talking just Facebook, how do you see you
know your audience? Where is the spot that
you want to have a video before you pull them
in and you have those 17,000 leads to be
able to follow up with? – [Gary] So I think the
thing with Facebook that people have to understand is you have to create video
that’s native for the platform. The reason I wrote
Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook was because people
were using social networks as distribution
instead of creating for it. So there’s a very
different vibe and context that you have
to make videos for, as any brand, even
if you’re Burberry, you still have to
make Snapchat videos in a much more
authentic, childish, you know kinda street way than you make your
Facebook video, right? So first and foremost,
when I think about Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook videos, I think about the room and
the psychology of the person while they’re in
that room with the video. Specifically tactically, if you don’t have the
first three second of your video strategy for Facebook,
you’re an idiot. You have a 100th of a second
to get these people in a feed, those first three
seconds are fucking everything, including the copy,
including how you do it. How many people here have
watched #AskGaryVee on Facebook? Just raise your hand.
Thank you first of all. Second of all,
you guys all know, I’m always recording
something that’s like, stop, like I’m trying to
stop your actual feed because I know
that the speed’s there. So my strategy within
a Facebook environment, the sweet spot is not
necessarily the length, but what the first
three to four seconds are and what the copy is, because I don’t even get
your attention or consideration for it unless I do that, on top of which, the ad
planning and the targeting. Like if I’m targeting
seriously good looking dude with huge fucking beard that might go to a
conference in San Diego, I’m gonna get you.
– [Man] Yeah. – Got it?
– [Man] Shit, on point. – So the planning, the planning
of who I’m trying to get and then the
first three seconds, that’s what matters
the most on Facebook video. – [Man] Good shit man.
– You got it brother. – I feel like you and
I get very different questions when we’re up here.
(audience laughing) From very different people. – Brand, you know. – Absolutely has a
knife in his beard, go ahead. (audience laughter) – [Sebastian] No beard,
no knife, I’m safe. I’m Sebastian,
I’m from, and my concern is about the
brand stuff that you mentioned. We are reaching
hundreds of thousands of people, and I want to reach millions, and I’m using my personal brand, so I’m connecting with
people on Facebook Live and doing all of that. But the quality that
Facebook Live allows me to do for instance is way, I would say, it’s a lower
representation of the brand than what I would do if
I was doing my usual video. And is that,
might that be a problem for the congruence
of the brand as we go to a bigger audience? – I think human beings
should be very careful about trying to go
too luxurious, right? So like if you’re
trying to put yourself into a more serious place, or a higher visual quality, you know look,
you’re talking to a dude who did 1,000
episodes of a wine show where it literally
looked like I was a hostage in Afghanistan. (audience laughing) Like there was no lighting, I didn’t use a mic, like there was zero editing. Like and so I’m
always gonna believe that the content you know, even with DRock now, for people in
here that follow me, they always hear me
making jokes about the lighting and things of that nature. I never want to tell
people what they should or shouldn’t do. I will say this, I think it is dangerous, and I’ve watched
very carefully on this for the last 10 years, of people trying
to propel themselves to a higher quality and status, because they become less
authentic to the end user. And I think they’re leaving a lot of
opportunity on the table, and they’re spending a
lot of time and infrastructure on shit that doesn’t matter. Facebook Live will let
you do the quality you want if you put it in a studio, set it on a tripod, set it up. I mean there’s
plenty of like ability for you to make it fancier
than just walking around. But you’re leaving a
lot of content, serendipity, and just compatible
and like acceptance instead of putting
you on a pedestal. A lot of people want
to monetize that pedestal. That pedestal is
a lot more dangerous than I think people realize. – [Sebastian] So you
think it’s better to monetize like one-on-one
feel of the video rather than–
– Look I think everybody should roll the way they want to roll, right? Like you’re
dressed sharp as fuck, like I’m only – [Sebastian] Thank you.
– [Ryan] He’s French, they have to.
(audience laughing) – I get it, but like, only funerals, like
that’s a funeral getup for me, that’s about it. (audience laughing) But, it works for you, and so you need to be you. But I would be very careful, very careful to disrespect
the platform over yourself, unless you’re
fucking Jaguar or Tiffanys, like it’s awesome
that you are who you are, but I think Facebook
is more important than you in that equation, and I think you
need to adjust to it more than they
need to adjust to you. – Thank you.
– [Gary] You’re welcome. Hey darlin’. – [Hilary] Hi Gary, I’m Hilary. You asked about,
or you encouraged us in hopping on
emerging platforms, and then also
creating our own commercials, TV shows, so I wanted to – [Gary] Let me just say one
thing before you go any further on emerging platforms.
– Go for it. – I love emerging platforms. I’m spending a
ton of time right now analyzing After School,, tons of other things. I encourage, when I go and
put my name behind something, like I’m doing
right now with Snapchat, I don’t consider 150
million active monthly users emerging, got it? What I’m good at
is talking about today while everybody else is waiting.
– [Hilary] Mhmmm. – Right, I’ve been
talking about you know I don’t know how many
people follow me here, but I’ve been
getting a kick out of showing my 2013 points
of view on Snapchat to show how long, this is
not a spur of the moment thing. I’m encouraging people here to go on platforms
that are relevant today instead of waiting two
years after they’re relevant. Got it?
It’s not emerging to me. I haven’t even gotten
that loud about Periscope and Meerkat and Facebook Live, even though they’re very strong. Like I wait to. – [Hilary] That was gonna
be my question. – [Gary] Interesting,
go ahead, what is it? – So I wondered
what your thoughts were on Periscope and its
competitors as far as the need and strategy in future. – [Gary] Yeah I mean look
I’m very intrigued by it. I love live video. I think Ustream back in
2009 was a big brand builder for me even more so
maybe than YouTube and Twitter, believe it or not. I think a lot of
people are doing it. I’ve been stunned by how bad, at least by my,
I’m just one person, but like boy there’s
a lot of shit content. ‘Cause live is hard. Live is hard, but I think the people
that break out in live, whether it’s Periscope
or Facebook Live that win. Look I wrote a
huge check into Meerkat. You know it’s funny, I wrote
a $5 million check in my fund into Snapchat at a
$15.5 billion valuation. So I can do well, but a lot of my
buddies were like, oh you’re just pushing Snapchat
because you’re an investor. I’m like, I’m
not pushing Meerkat where I have way better finances because I’m using
Periscope and Facebook Live, because my word is more valuable than any individual investment. So, I do think it’s
gonna be Facebook Live and/or, and/or
Periscope that win. ‘Cause they’re got
the scaled platforms. I think they’re very
intriguing platforms. I get a lot of value
out of them, I like it. I do think people
should try to do it. Live is hard, but if you’re capable
and you’re enjoying it, I would bet on
it because I think it also as at enough of a scale that you’re not
taking a big risk. – [Hilary] Thank you.
– You’re welcome. Hello. – You’re up.
– Yep, you’re up. – Yeah, okay, hi Gary. – [Gary] Hi. – So basically, you know you spend a lot of time evangelizing Snapchat.
– [Gary] Yes. – Not just here
but at other platforms where I’ve been seeing you.
– [Gary] Yes. – You have been
talking about Snapchat. – [Gary] Yes. – Now my 19-year-old
sister uses a lot of Snapchat, but now that she’s 21
she’s stopped using it. (audience laughing) – [Gary] Maybe because
she’s drunk as fuck. (audience laughing) – [Ryan] It’s a
correlation versus causation kind of thing, right? – So go ahead, go ahead. – [Woman] Okay,
so my question is that I can just go ahead
and open a Snapchat account right away, but I
want to understand that, what does Snapchat really mean for a business that
has a workplace consistency and serving other
businesses and agencies, what would it really
mean for a company like that? – [Gary] So I think for B2B
business on Snapchat it’s, I’m gonna give you an analogy that some of you will get,
some of you won’t. One of the most
fascinating ad campaigns of the last 30
years in my opinion was when ESPN in the
late 80s and early 90s started to make
commercials about their office and their sportscasters. The reason they did that was because they
knew that Fox and CNN were about launch
rival sports networks, and they knew that
anybody could cover Michael Jordan
and Ken Griffey, Jr. That was commoditized. But if they got us to
care about Keith Olbermann and Stuart Scott
and Dan Patrick, that that was their
competitive advantage. I literally am throwing
you for a curveball here, but this is my actual belief. I believe there’s
a company in here that is a B-to-B
company that could open up a Snapchat
account for their company, hand it off to
the most charismatic and fun people in the office, and do their
version of “The Office,” which would then be watched
by a small group of people if they start to
promote it in other channels within the B-to-B landscape, and that people liking you
guys would lead to business. So, you know a lot
of people are like, well you can’t do it. You can, now,
you’d have to be likable. You’d have to know
how to make content. You’d have to know how to use all your other channels to get, and by the way, all you
need as a B-to-B company, you have a B-to-B company? – [Woman 2] Yeah. – How many current
clients do you have? – Well we serve
agencies basically and we have a team of
13 people based in India. – How many agencies
are buying your product? I mean is it 50, is it 100? I mean, I’m not. – Yeah about 50 to 100.
– [Gary] Great. All you need is another 50 for your business to
be substantially bigger, so you don’t need 30,000 views when you’re paying
consumer like I am. You need 80 people to just sign up and
follow and pay attention and to think that
Stan in accounting’s a real fucking hoot. (audience laughter) And so I think more
people that understand that Snapchat is a
version of YouTube 2006, but back to the
nice French gentleman, a lot easier to produce. Once you get it,
Snapchat’s been interesting. Twitter, people didn’t get, and people never got. Like I’ve watched it. Like if you understand
how small Twitter is when television, which
is the biggest platform in the world of attention, has fallen over itself
for the last seven years promoting Twitter, for
Twitter to be the size it is, speaks to it being broken. Snapchat’s been very
interesting for me to watch because people
really don’t get it the first day or two, but when they get it,
they’re stuck. My 40 year old brother-in-law, who is my brother-in-law
so he knows all that stuff, he’s living in Snapchat now in a world where he
would have never followed the other things. So I would say making
content that’s compelling. But look, I’m
doing business content. You’re more than
welcome at 10 cents a, 10 seconds at a time, to put out content of
how to use your product, best practices, you can
go a lot of places with it. You can go the
“The Office” route, you can go with
kinda like a you know a simulcast kind
of information play. It just depends on where
you want to go creatively. But I will tell you, I will tell you this, over the next five years,
the platform’s gonna matter, there’s gonna be a
lot of attention on it. – [Woman 2] Right, thank you. – Your sister will be back. (audience laughter) – [Ryan] When she sobers up. (audience laughter)
– We’ll bring her back. So with this, I think you know, we’ll go on YouTube and
Snapchat and let’s be friends, thank you.
– [Gary] You’re welcome. By the way, as a quick tidbit that I’ve been
telling a lot of people, you should go to YouTube
and search how to use Snapchat. A lot of you like it
doesn’t come natively, it’s just a different
platform for a lot of people. Like YouTube is the
second biggest search engine in the world, and in my opinion
the best to teach people how to do things because
of the way most people map to visual and audio. So, if you want a quick
hack to be up to speed on this, by tomorrow morning
you would understand it if you watched 15
minutes of content. What’s up brother? – Hey, my name’s Billy Gene, from – [Gary] A little
closer on the mic. – I have a Facebook Ads
agency up the street from here. But Gary, I actually
wanted to come up here just to commend you man. I sat next to you at a bar
in like a couple years ago at a Nick Unsworth event, and you were sitting there, and I was there for him
and I had no idea who you were. But we sat next to each
other for like 15 minutes, and then you
were the guy speaking, you were the
keynote at the time. I had no idea who you were, but you just were the same dude. I mean you had so much energy, but you didn’t
really have the authority and the brand that you have now. And then I’ve literally
followed you since that day, and dude your
hustle is so inspiring. Like the way you put out
1,000 episodes of #AskGaryVee or whatever it is, it’s crazy man to see how
much it’s actually made you and the revenue
it’s brought you in and how your agency has grown. But like to see you
actually not just talk about it but sit next to you
when we were in a room full of 100 people, now to 3,000 people
and then you come up here and you just kill the stage. It’s just I just
want to tip my hat to you, And on behalf–
– [Gary] Thank you so much. – of everyone here it’s
like dude you’re the truth, so I’ll say that.
(audience applause) – Thank you so much,
thank you, brother. (audience applause) Thank you. How are you going to
follow that up, orange shirt? – [Ryan] And now
for a selfish question, go. – Uh yeah, actually, (audience laughter) but I do want that
inspires a greater share of vulnerability
for me actually, so I actually resented
you and didn’t want to listen to you, because you
were so all about the hustle and I was actually trying
to get out of the hustling and try to find
the answer and into– – [Gary] Right, the answer,
you know passive income, smoking weed in Jamaica
while shit just comes in. (audience laughter)
– Exactly, so … – [Ryan] Is that not
how it works? – [Gary] Yeah, just go on Instagram they’ll tell you,
they’ll thank you, go ahead. – Yeah, anyways,
so now I’m actually really loving
you and enjoying you and I like your raw
take on human nature, and so your raw
take on human nature makes me actually
drop all my assumptions and all my paradoxes of
reality and just listen to you and so I’m really curious. With my business
being all about breakups and heartbreaks
and humans, I’m curious I’m not really I don’t
need a tactical question, on like how to integrate
with Snapchat, I don’t really give a shit, I just
mean what’s your take on something so
fundamentally human and emotionally
rich and compelling? – [Gary] Well, let’s do
what I normally do in scenarios like this. This is what I think about
business and why I consult and why I invest,
so it’s a really interesting, so first of all top line, if you’re talking about
breakups and relationships and things of that nature,
you’re at the tippy top of emotion which is immediately
interesting business, right? Like there’s a lot to be done. I guess my next
question would be instead of doing something
you don’t give a shit about, which would be a tactic,
leveling that up to a strategy I have to understand what
you’re trying to do backwards. I think the biggest mistake
for so many people in this room is that you don’t
know where your finish line is. And if you don’t know
where your finish line is, you can’t reverse engineer
it to make what happens. I know that I want to
buy the New York Jets, so three years ago,
I sold 30% of VaynerMedia when it was doing
$14 million in revenue and I knew it would
do a 100 in two seconds because the person
that wanted to buy it owned the Miami Dolphins and I wanted to
get into the ecosystem, so I left tens of millions
of dollars on the table, because I know
what my finish line is and I’ve mapped my behavior. And now I’m very
friendly with 11 owners, if I ever amass the wealth,
I’ll easily get voted in and so that’s how I’m thinking. Me as a proxy there,
I don’t know if you want to buy the New York Jets
or things of that nature, but on a more granular level, at least short term, how do you want to monetize? What are you trying to sell?
Your coaching advice, a product,
a service, what are you doing? – [Man 2] Yeah a combination
of product, services and soon to be supplements. – [Gary] So I think the thing
that you need to really think about is building
awareness, and I think awareness comes through content. I just think people
grossly underestimate content. And you know it’s
super ironic, because it’s funny that that was your I do think Snapchat has a real
oppor– you know, let me
give you an example, Mike my personal
trainer, 18 months ago, I decided to take
care of my health, I hired a full-time
health employee, travels with me,
the whole fucking nine. Right? He’s done really well. He should be fucking paying me. His business has done
5x because he just hangs around Vayner.
(audience laughter) I’m actually
quite bitter about it, so anyway, so he’s
been doing Facebook and YouTube and
doing all this stuff and definitely like
playing my blueprint. Since January 4th,
Snapchat has sold more people to his
platform of $400 a month online health
coaching than anything he did in Facebook or Google for two and a half years. Right, like seriously? Like even that’s
surprising to me, we’re talking about seven weeks. It just has that much attention. I guess health coaching
is more of a human thing and it makes sense. I actually weirdly
think it could be ironic and a continuation of our story that the thing that you said I don’t care about
the tactics on Snapchat, I actually think
if you’re capable or somebody in your organization is capable to produce
content in that environment that there could be a really
great gateway drug to that. I also think that if
you marketed against people whose relationship status
went from in a relationship to single and ran
Facebook ads with the right creative against that
demo on a daily basis, your fucking
business would explode. – [Man 2] That’s not a
targeting feature yet, but I’m praying for it. – [Gary] It’s coming.
– Cool. – [Gary] And so
that targeting feature is literally 40 seconds away. – Sweet. – [Gary] Yeah, so just wait
and fucking smoke weed in Jamaica until it comes out. – [Man 2] Thank you.
(audience laughter) – [Ryan] We can maybe
do like one more row, unfortunately clock’s getting– – Cool, my man. – [Man 3] Hi Gary,
welcome to San Diego man, thanks for coming
out, making the trip. – [Gary] Dude I love,
how many people are here from San Diego? (audience cheers) – Dude I fucking love San Diego. The Jets have won two
huge playoff games here. – [Ryan] You
see what he did there? See what he did there, he
set you up, you took the bait. – Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, at least it’s not orange. – [Gary] Go ahead, man. – So one of my brands, we have about a thousand, under a
thousand orthodontic locations and orthodontists are
different than dentists because they deal
with a lot of kids and they have to recirculate
patients and whatnot, so when we found out that
you were going to be here, in one of our groups, I said
hey going to get a chance maybe to ask Gary a
question, what would you ask? So their question I think was
I could have probably guessed, but I think what’s cool
about you dude is the way your goggles work is
what manifests your actions, it’s your viewpoint. And so the
question that they I’ll try to interpret this as best I can is ask Gary, go back
to when you were helping your dad, now imagine
you couldn’t do it for him, but imagine that he
would take your advice, and imagine he
would do whatever it is that you needed him to do, now imagine
he’s an orthodontist,– – [Gary] Yep. -and now imagine he’s today, this is happening right now, they said ask Gary
if I was Gary’s dad and it was an
orthodontist and it was today, what would he be doing
to help us move the needle if he was our kid and
I’m like alright. – [Gary] And these are
orthodontists who have offices in local places
all over the country? – [Man 3] Yeah,
we’re under a thousand locations right now,
but there are– – And this is the
gateway to get people to get moms to bring their
kids into the orthodontist? – You’re talking a lot of
14-year-old kids with the sort of rite of
passage thing going on– – [Gary] But I assume the
mother is making the decision in that business
decision to which orthodontist
they’re going to use. – It’s interesting,
you can market to both and they can kind of get
them to communicate to children. – [Gary] You could and so
I think what you do is I don’t know the
business well enough, but I’ve had two toy clients, the two biggest toy
companies in the world and I keep arguing with them. They keep wanting
to market to the kids, which only because
of laws in America, which would also apply
to you because of the way advertising to kids works here, that means they can
only run TV commercials on like Nickelodeon, right? I’ve been arguing
to them that the mom is much more of a decision
maker in that household, if it was my dad and
he was an orthodontist and I was 20 today,
I would convince him to move an enormous
amount of money to Facebook and I would spend it
all on 42-year-old mom with kids in a one
mile radius of our locations because that feels
the quickest practical way to more dollars that
in year two would allow me to take 20% and
maybe start playing towards the kids a little bit. Right? After School is a
really fascinating platform right now that I’m
paying attention to that is basically
high school Facebook. You can only be in high school. You have to prove it
with your high school ID. That could be an
interesting platform, but they don’t advertise yet, but I would keep an eye on
it and wait for them to open because whoever land grabs
first is going to under pay so those would become a but
I would go all in on Facebook. Facebook ads against
millennial moms is fucking gold. – [Man 3] Big time.
– Gold. – [Man 3] Cool and then the
girls just wanted to make sure, you actually are married right? – [Gary] Yes.
– Okay, I was correct. – [Ryan] Are you making,
this is about to get real. – Married.
– She lives around town? – Getting real in the
Whole Foods department here. Thanks Gary, appreciate it.
– Thanks brother. Yo! – [Man 4] Hey dude.
– Hey dude. – [Man 4] So I own
a few e-com businesses that sell physical
products and I heard you talk briefly about
affiliate marketing, no sorry mini influencer
marketing on Instagram, where they have like
600 to 2,000 followers, one of my businesses,
I sell jewelry to women. My idea was to
basically find hot chicks. – [Gary] Period! – Yeah, period. – [Gary] But keep going. – And send them a free product and hope that they post
it on their Instagram page because they’ll
influence their followers, but you said you need 40,000. – [Gary] Just remember
that a lot of hot chicks have a bunch of fucking
creeper dudes following them. – I know, yeah,
you’re right, yeah yeah. – [Gary] Go ahead, and that’s a
serious point by the way. I’m giving you
something right away. We do a lot of
influencing to females and pretty girls do well
with converting other women into the funnel, but be careful, because a lot of them don’t because it’s all
scum buckets you know. – [Man 4] Got it,
you also talked– – [Gary] There’s an app called
Ground Signal that you should look at that will
give you scale against the targeting
terms that you want and that long
tail that you need. Otherwise, it will take
20 humans a million years. – Ground Signal okay, yeah, that was the
answer to my question. – [Gary] I figured. – Because I wanted
to know how to quickly get 40,000 mini influencers. – [Gary] Grab Ground Signal.
– Got it. All right thanks buddy.
– You got it, brother. – [Ryan] Ground signal. – Yep. – [Ryan] You can find
that on the world wide web. – That’s the thing.
What’s up my man? – Hey Gary, I wonder, where is grandma going
after Snapchat? – [Gary] Death? (audience laughing) So grandma, grandma is Facebook. Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. Grandma’s not even
thinking about Snapchat yet. If you’re asking
me after Snapchat, if Snapchat’s able to
get to where I think it could and get to modern
grandma 10 years from now, which is really 49-year-old
female now, 59 you know. I mean we’re talking
20 years before I would be thinking about what’s
grandma going to after Snapchat. Grandma right now is
really entrenched in Facebook. One of the things
that would blow you away, I’ve started
investing in and advising companies that are targeting
50 to 90-year-old Americans, because Facebook is
so good for that demo. Because the good
thing about grandma is, and it’s not even on her phone, though it is more
and more every day, grandma’s going through
that newsfeed nice and slow. (audience laughter) – [Man 5]
What I was really asking also– – [Ryan] So creepy
the way you just said that. – [Gary] It’s just true.
– [Ryan] I know, I’m not just. – Go ahead. – [Man 5] What are two or
three platforms to look for in the next two or three years? – [Gary] Just in general? I think I mentioned them, I think the two
emerging platforms that could become
as big as Snapchat, or the next big thing, are and After School, so I would look at those two. I think it’s gonna
be really fascinating to see if Jack Dorsey can
turn Twitter’s product around, which would then
start a five year process of them reemerging. But I think spending
time worrying about that is super insignificant. I think there’s so
much work to be done on Facebook,
Instagram, emerging Snapchat, email marketing,
Google, content,, to write long-form
content to convert. There’s so much to be done now. It’s kind of, you know
what you basically asked me, hey Gary, M*A*S*H or Seinfeld’s
the number one show now, and I want to do commercials. What’s gonna be the
number one show in four years? I don’t know, and
who gives a fuck, right? Let’s just run
the best commercials while people are
watching Seinfeld, and then we’ll worry
about when ER comes along. – [Man 5] Perfect, thank you.
– You got it. – [Ryan] Yeah,
two more unfortunately. I gotta be the bad guy. – Really? I thought we had 6:40? Okay let’s just go. – You want to go to 6:40? – [Gary] Yeah.
What’s up my man? – Long time listener,
first time caller, love you, love your show. – [Gary] Thank you. – Little radio shoutout. – [Gary] That was good. – I’ve actually changed
my question three times since I’ve been up here, but I’m gonna go with this one.
(audience laughter) I’ve heard you say, I don’t know if it
was a couple years ago or how long it was, but you kinda made a prediction, and you were
talking about Amazon and how you predicted
Amazon would one day take Walmart down. And so I, since this is
theoretically a room full of internet marketers, I was wondering what
your thoughts are there, and what could a room
full of a lot of information marketers,
consultants, lead generators, that are trying to
get more towards branding, learn from Amazon which
is doing some amazing things right now and where
are you at with that? – That was just
infrastructure costs. What I think, what I
knew was gonna happen is that consumer
behavior was shifting and we were going towards
an on-demand economy. I mean, you know,
really the only vulnerability Amazon has is whether it
was Wish or whether it was Uber, like we are gonna
demand in a decade to have every single
product we want within the hour, like all of it. And so what I just
knew was that Walmart had all its costs and
infrastructure in locations, and every day that goes by, more people are
gonna buy online. I also knew that people
were moving into cities. So if you look at the trends of where people
want to live now, it’s more and more city culture. All the cities are
reemerging, Detroit, it’s just everywhere. So and it’s still not over yet. It’s funny, I took a
lot of flak for that, it was five years ago, I was pretty emphatic about it. And when Walmart closed
all their stores the other day, I got a windfall of emails. And it’s still gonna take time. Look Amazon’s gonna open stores. Amazon’s gonna open stores. So it’s not about
bricks and mortars, it’s that when
Amazon opens its stores, they’re not gonna be fat. They’re gonna be efficient. And that’s why
internet companies that open up retail
stores are gonna be smart because they’re
gonna do pop-ups, they’re gonna do lightweight, they’re gonna
do minimal product. When you’ve a mature
business, you get fat. And you just have more
and more and more overhead. So there’s that, and then what was the
next question, what else? – [Man 6] I feel like
I kinda wasted my question with that one, but,
no I was just saying (audience laughter)
– Sorry I fucked up. – [Man 6] No, no no, not on you. (audience laughing)
It was my fault. There’s internet
marketers in here that are, a lot of most of us are
folks on direct response, and we’re trying
to do this convergence into branding and
I’ve this perfect. – [Gary] And do you
think it’s commerce too, or, just branding?
– No I’m just saying, Amazon is obviously a
huge internet company. – [Gary] Dude it comes down
to what I speiled about for the first 30 minutes. I wasn’t talking tactics,
I was talking religion. If you’re, now that I
understand your question a little bit better, if you’re trying
to make the transition from just quant DR
you know to a brand play, you have to
change your behavior. You know I like to say
if you want to be an anomaly you have to act like one, which means you
have to do different shit than everybody else, right? So you know if you want to
be in the branding business, you have to do branding things. A la, you need to take
the logo of your company and you need to
email Tim Ferriss and say, can my company
sponsor your podcast? And he’s gonna say
cool, $8,000 an episode. And you’re gonna
say, fuck, right? Because you’re gonna say, well how do I quantify the math? You don’t. It’s kind of like for
the people in here building, anybody here have a
company that they run that has 50 or more employees? Right, so for the
couple of us in this room, it’s kinda the
way I think about HR, and the way I treat my people. Most of the things
I do with my people are very bad business decisions. It’s why, from a math
standpoint, my CFO hates it, my brother hates
it, and my COO hate it. But I like it because I know that if I disproportionately
overtreat everybody well, that that extra
two months of severance that they didn’t deserve still has brand impact, got it? So if you want to get
into the branding game, you have to stop
counting the beans. You have to start investing
in creative and stories and long-term and branding, and so you have to
change your behavior. Two years ago I wanted to
lose weight and get healthier. I changed my behavior. I stopped fucking
eating muffins every morning. (audience laughter) Do you know muffins have
more calories than donuts? That shit is fucked up. (audience laughter) I was pissed.
I was like the corn muffin? I was like son of a bitch. (audience laughter) It’s a corn muffin,
it should be healthy. – That was a rider
downer right there, if you guys
didn’t catch that one. – Alright let’s do it. – [Man 7] Hey Gary.
– Hey brother. – [Man 7] If you were
building an online physical e-commerce brand, like a wallet brand
or a sunglass brand, how would you
practically go about building that content for
Snapchat right now if the brand is
starting from scratch? – So let’s go more specific so
I can really answer this for you and I’m sorry,
I can’t hear super well. You have a sunglass
and wallet business or? – [Man 7] No say like either/or,
so if you’re building you know like all the… – [Gary] If you’re
selling a physical product that’s in the $15 to
$100 range per unit? – Yeah. – [Gary] Is that good or no?
– Yeah a $100. – [Gary] You know look first
of all I would really focus on Instagram. Instagram is
killing it for stuff like that. I mean you look at
Protein World and Shreds and like some of these
companies that have gotten from zero, the
fucking hover fucking boards and all that shit, like
the amount of wine we sell through there like,
you could you know, when you think
about wallets or fashion you know, print was a huge
medium for those things, right? Page 87 in Vogue,
things of that nature. I don’t think
anything’s changed, I just think there’s new
platforms that took over. I look at Instagram
as modern day print, I look at Instagram
as Vogue and Elle and Cosmo all wrapped up into one
for every female 15 to 45 in America, and definitely
35 to 45 on the coasts, and 15 to 30 in America. And so I would tell you
to really focus on Instagram, really focus in influencers,
a lot of those influencers are starting to
build up their Snapchats, but that’s a commercial and
that’s a little bit different product integration,
nothing’s new man, it’s just that you have
to the palate to understand the kind of video
content that will fly in a Snapchat environment just
like a Super Bowl commercial feels different than a
commercial on local access, it’s about the context of
the content a lot of times. But I would go
Instagram hardcore. – [Man 7] So if you were trying
to stay ahead of the curve and build that brand
online, like moving watches, you know all these Shopify
stores that are crushing it, Instagram, but if you wanna stay
ahead of the curve and go on– – [Gary] Instagram, Instagram. Because Instagram
is ahead of the curve, Instagram might
not be for everybody who’s been paying
attention to social media every day for four years,
but your competitors, look, I’m very
friendly with the founders of Warby Parker, they’re
not crushing Instagram yet. I’m the first
investor in Birchbox, I had dinner with
Katia the other night, she’s not crushing Instagram yet because they
also have gotten fat, not as fat as fuck as Walmart, but they got a little
love handle shit going on. And so, and so the
answer is Instagram. Cool, what’s up bro? – [Octavio] Gary,
the wine expert. My name is Octavio
from Chile, we have very good quality wine. – You think so. I’m kidding,
I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I’m kidding, go ahead. – But very low price due
to our very low branding. Except one company, Conti Turo, they did a strategic
alliance with Manchester United, they are in the moon now. Now I am starting my agency
and I have wine company, okay, as a client, how do
I help them crush it without the strong
personality of a CEO or a owner as you did with dad? – [Gary] So just remember, and I want people
to understand this, and this is when lore and
branding takes over reality, which is a whole
another nothing with branding that can be good or
bad depending if you know how to control it. I took my business from
$3 to $60 million, went three to 45
before Wine Library TV, so I did not use my personality, I didn’t even say
hello to the world until I was 30 years old. So what I did was everything
that we’ve talked about for the last hour and a half. I marketed correctly today. You take up, and
this a world I know well, do you wanna market in the US? – [Octavio] In the world
yes, the brand, yes. – But like are we
talking US market branding? – [Octavio] Yes, yeah. – If you go to Instagram
and search the hashtag wine, and wine review and all
that and you deploy people reaching out to
all the sommeliers that are now reviewing wine on Instagram and
you incentivize them by either giving
it to them for free or if they’re a
little more fancy $50 or $100 for a review, and you tell them
that if they don’t like it, if I’m paying them I’d
say if you don’t like it don’t review it,
you’d prefer they don’t say it’s a piece of shit, right? But if you were
to do that at scale back to that young
gentleman over there also with Ground Signal,
if you went out and hit, right now I know 1,000 sommeliers across America that are leaving a lot
of reviews on Instagram, if you’ve got your
wine to them at scale I think you could start
a match that would give you an opportunity because a
lot of press follow them. See the other thing
that people don’t realize is when you do things
right the reason $3 to $50 million and
the reason with VaynerMedia, when you do things
right there’s momentum against that right. You did Instagram
right you got 1,000 people, some of the people
that follow that sommelier are us normal people and they
buy it and the wine selling, but other people are the press, and then they’re
writing six good deal wines under $20
and they mention yours ’cause they saw it
six times on Instagram because you properly day
traded attention, got it? – [Octavio] Awesome,
thank you Gary. – You’re welcome. One more or two more. – [Ryan] Let’s go two more. – I really just wanted
to get in this dude’s hat, I was like it’s his fucking hat. – [Ryan] Is this
question rated Arrr? – Yeah, that’s good. So my question is… – Wait a minute, you
weren’t joking that the first one of these were just
shit jokes the whole time. – [Ryan] Yeah,
no, they’re all like this. – So my question is
regarding kind of the emerging platforms for content
recommendation discovery, I’m not sure if you’re
familiar with them, like Outbrain,
Taboola, Revcontent. – [Gary] Know it
super well, man. – Okay awesome, so
just your opinion on those and where you see those
going and if we can use those. – [Gary] It’s just
another marketplace, right? Like fucking how long have
you been jamming in that world? – About three years. – [Gary] Well then you fucking
know what three years ago it was compared to what it is today. Right, and so what you need
to realize and think about is you know, is it
still exactly work, like it just right, it’s
just when does it flip over and it’s not worth it anymore? I mean two, three years
ago I was fucking in love with that shit and
like it really worked, you know 17 fucking boob shots, you know like
that would work right, like putting hot
chicks as a picture even though the headline
was about like modern medicine and that shit worked,
like all those hacks worked in that world,
but I think you know is because we ruined
it and put hot chicks over things that have
nothing to do with them people stopped
clicking it as much, they still click it,
there’s certain market places, and so I think my
thought on that is much like deal of the day
with Groupon and Living Social, much like what I lived
through with e-mail and SEO, much like what’s gonna
happen with social media, we know it works,
but is it arbitraging the way you want it to
today and don’t get romantic and let it be your only thing. Guys how many people here
right now by show of hands are really happy or
feeling really strong or feeling successful,
like business is good, business is booming, how many? I’m really scared
of those people. Because they are the people
when things are going well that’s when you’re least
likely to break your shit. The thing that I’m most
proud of is every single day I wake up, I try to
put myself out of business. Right now I’m at
the prime of my career and I’m trying to put
myself out of business, I’m trying to stress test
all my hyperbole on stage today, does it still work,
is it still a good value? So I would say
to you 18 months ago when you were in
your prime in that space that would’ve been a
good time to start taking some of the profits, dollars,
and your energy and time and start learning what
was happening on Instagram. Got it? It’s that game,
deploying some of the energies and dollars to what you
would think is emerging next to be there
when yours goes down. So I think it’s
a viable platform, I just know it’s not
converting the way it used to for most of the
stuff that I’m looking at. – [Man 8] Thank you.
– You’re welcome. – Alright, dude you
get to be the last one. – [Audience Ryan] Thanks. – I’m so sorry
for everybody else. I know it hurts but you
can bum rush real quick and I’ll give quick daps
or something. (audience laughter) I got a two hour
fucking drive to fucking LAX so I’ll answer a shit load
on Twitter so you can ask there. I promise, go ahead my man. – Thanks for
taking the question. Ryan here. I do a lot of live streaming and
one of the questions I have is first of all as an agency I have
an agency here in San Diego, how would you recommend
incorporating Periscope into what we do as an agency. – [Gary] As a
gateway drug to clients? – Yeah.
Well, both. For the clients for them
to leverage the platform, how to charge for it. – [Gary] I would say give away
all your best advice for free. – [Audience Ryan] Okay. – And so that is the
anti-answer to all agencies. The craziest dirty little secret
about me is I give away all my advice for free shit that
I’m using to build $100 million billable, not pass
through, agency because 99% of fuckers don’t do it.
– [Audience Ryan] Okay. – That’s like the
craziest dirty secret. There’s people here that think
they want to hold on to their biggest gift or the thing they
know and the number one thing you do is give it away for free
as leverage because the reality is most people won’t do it. Everything I just talked about
many things people are like ooh, I want that’s good
you’re just not gonna do. – [Audience Ryan] So you’re
saying give away in order to– – [Gary] I mean sit in
front of the stream, right? – Right. – On Periscope and
start giving away good advice. Like this week one of
our clients really crushed it because they did this Facebook
ad against this targeting or whatever the fuck you do. – [Audience Ryan] Yeah, no,
I’m doing that I guess and that’s building my plaftorm.
– [Gary] Yes. – And building my agency– – [Gary] How long
have you been doing it? – For seven, eight months.
– [Gary] Not long enough. – I, okay. – [Gary] You know what I mean?
– Yeah. I hear ya. What do you think
the future is– – [Gary] The other thing, if you
want it to be a gateway drug you should be saving that stream, then posting on
your Facebook page and then targeting employees
of companies that you want to hire you.
– [Audience Ryan] Okay. – [Ryan] But you also want
to do it for clients, right? – [Audience Ryan] Yeah, yeah.
That’s exactly. – No, no I gave him the
right answer which is take that content then take it out
of Periscope download it, upload it as a Facebook
dark post and then post it and targeted against employees
of the 40 targets for businesses within a 10 mile radius or
100 mile radius or wherever in the world. There’s much more B-to-B
transactional opportunities on Facebook than people realize if
they started targeting employees of the company, especially
if you started things with like, “Does know does your
CIO know,” you know,– – [Audience Ryan] Yeah. – And then you have
the employees forward it to their CIO. – [Audience Ryan] Gotcha. – Practitioners mother fuckers. (audience laughter and applause) – Thank you, that’s awesome. Where do you see
the future of Google, like livestreaming 360. – [Gary] Love it. – I’m gonna produce an
action sports day here coming up really soon. – [Gary] I’m obsessed with 360.
– On Periscope. – [Gary] I’m an investor in a
company called Little Str that you should check
out with no A, – [Ryan] Yeah.
– before the R. We’ve done the Aflac, like
Facebook and Google just made VaynerMedia partners because of the great work
we’re doing with 360. I’m obsessed with 360. – [Ryan] I think it’s
definitely the future. – [Gary] It’s huge. – So where do
you see that going? I see it going… – [Gary] I think
it’s going well. – Yeah, okay.
(audience laughter) And now Google. – [Gary] I think people are
gonna look to hire people that are doing 360 video. For example, I just did
a 360 video that I lost $120,000 in hard costs on because I just want
examples for the market that I know is emerging. – [Ryan] Okay and YouTube
now they just announced they’re gonna do 360. – They sure did.
– [Audience Ryan] Yeah, awesome, alright.
– Awesome. – [Audience Ryan] Thank you. – Alright, I’m gonna sneak one
more in real quick with a beard and then that dude all
at the end is really fucking grinding so we may have to do three more
but I’m going real fast. Don’t worry about dinner. Alright, here we go. – You rock, bro.
– [Gary] Thanks man. – Okay, so I don’t
have a huge following. My name is Keith
Persay by the way. I don’t have a huge following,
I don’t have a huge email list, how the fuck do I sell a ton of
#AskGaryVee books and out-hustle everyone in the
#AskGaryVee squad? – [Gary] Well, I think you
should go door to door– (audience laughter) – [Ryan] Obviously.
– I would go door to door. You know what’s funny
it’s kind similar to the first question this whole thing.
– [Keith] Right. – The only way when you don’t
have a lot the only way you win when you’re width is less
is your depth is more. Like if you literally compel
every human being that you know super well to buy
multiple copies of the book, which feels funny to say
out loud and I appreciate it, you’ll do better. You know there’s a
lot of people that have, I have tons of friends who
have hundreds of thousands of followers and have huge reach
and they’re gonna tweet it and I’m gonna sell four books. It’s always depth, man. It’s always, always depth. – [Keith] Always, awesome. – And it’s depth
in practitionership. That little rant
we just had with that awesome dude it was fun for me
cause I really know what the fuck I’m talking
about ’cause I do it. So it’s depth in your skills
and its depth in your approach. It’s the only thing. Always, forever. It’s so fucking zen. I like your beard, too. Alright.
– [Keith] Thank you. – [Henry] Hey, what’s up, Gary? This is Henry from New Jersey. – Where in Jers?
– [Henry] Long Branch. – Love it. – [Henry] I don’t
really have a question, I just want to share
a quick story with you. So about 16 months ago, I almost went out of business. I had a graphic design business
and I made all the wrong decisions invested in the wrong.
– [Gary] Yep. – And then Digital Marketer
popped into my life somehow, someway and I just want to take
this opportunity to thank Ryan and the whole company to help me get out of my little jam and 16 months later we did
1/2 million dollars in sales. – [Gary] That’s awesome.
(audience applause) – [Henry] And for Gary, I tag the shit out
of you on Instagram and I’m surprised you didn’t
tell me to go fuck myself yet. (Gary laughs)
I’ll tell you this. I watched this one video. – [Gary] You know what? That’s a good example ’cause I want to make
learnings for everybody, depth versus width. Everybody who tags me on
Instagram ’cause they think it’s a pop up in my feed and then
I’m gonna look at their shit, like I know what you’re doing
and so does everybody else that you’re doing that to and all
you’re doing is actually ruining your brand equity
instead of winning. This is another example
of depth versus width. Cool, you think you’re gonna
get all these people to see it. The way, the context of your actions matters just
as much as your action. Go ahead. – [Henry] So the
video you you put out, it was a few months ago. It looked like
a Nike commercial. It was really well done.
– [Gary] Fuckin’ DRock. – Yeah, I give that dude props. But the one thing at the end of
the video you said which just hit me like a bolt of lightning you said there’s
no game over for me. – [Gary] Yep. – And that just,
I’m gonna get emotional but that hit me hard, dude. And I think between Ryan’s camp, Click Funnels and your hustle and your motivation, ambition
got me to where I am today so I just wanted to say thanks. – [Gary] Thank you so much. (audience applause) You know, it’s funny, I so desperately push against the motivational,
rah-rah part of my life. Like I do it and I’m good at
it and I like it but like every time I’m like fuck this,
I don’t want to do that anymore. Let me just keep building
businesses like you hear that shit and it’s like crazy
that, it’s communication. I do as a human but your business and
brand can do it too. It’s unbelievable what
communication does and when you see like a dude wear a wristband
from your wine show in 2008 like that kind of communication
is just so intense. Yeah. – Thanks so much, Gary. – [Gary] Dude,
those other two people should really thank you. That dude got to
tell his emotional story, because you were
really not willing to let me off stage. So, I’m impressed
with the hustle. – It was a good
testimonial too, right? I’m Jackson, I’m from Australia. Just a quick one on
Snapchat for everyone. Is there a formula
or a conversion rate on how many views you’re
getting to what you would pay for a shout out? Or some sort of advertisement? – Just first of all, I think
you’re really attractive. (audience laughter and cheers) So, I wasn’t, I didn’t
hear much of what you said. (audience laughter) Good looking young dude, right? – [Ryan] Have you
been to Australia? They all look like that.
– [Gary] So, wait a minute. You asked is there some
sort of data that supports what you should pay– – Hold on, I think
you’re like the smartest person in the world right now. – [Gary] Well,
thank you, brother! – Honestly! – [Gary] Should we
hook up or? (laughs) (audience laughs) – [Ryan] Now we’re getting
back to the original purpose for Snapchat right here!
(audience laughs) – [Gary] Alright so,
let me ask you a question, are you asking is there some really
quantifiable understanding– – Like, like a ballpark– – [Gary] To understand
what to pay people for Snapchat shout outs?
– For example, alright,
I’m in financial services. I run like a
trading education company. It’s a very similar
business model to this. – [Gary] Yes. And you know for Snapchat, what would I pay someone with 30,000 views
per 10 seconds? – So first of all,
are you even in a funnel where the
consideration is 30 and unders would buy your shit?
– [Jackson] No. – So, that’s what I thought. And so what I would say
is keep paying attention. You know, it’s
like running a marathon. Get on the treadmill, but I
would highly, highly advise you not to do any
Snapchat marketing right now, ’cause that
audience is not there. It’s 30-year-olds and under, and it’s emerging social
media and marketing people of all ages, that are your first group there. So, they’re scattered. But in 12 months, in 24 months,
they’re gonna be there. And so you wanna
know how to execute. That’s number one.
Number two, yeah. It’s gonna be hard, because you’ll be
doing endorsement. It’s like trying to figure out
what to pay Beyonce. Or what to pay, you know? ‘Cause you’re not
getting math clicks yet. You’re just getting awareness
and then conversion. What I would tell you is, this is now for other people, that can take this advice. I would ask an influencer, if you’re really paying them, and they’re willing to do it. Because they may not
even be willing to do it. I would ask them to do a call-to-action snap
to show you how many people screen
shoot their call-to-actions as a ratio to how many
people watch the story. So the reason I’m so
bullish on Snapchat is when I go in for an ask
and say screen shoot this and do something. When you’ve got 25,000
people that see something, and you have 9,000 people
that screen shoot something, not click, like that! You’re talking about
real depth of engagement. So, I think the
way you could proxy how much attention is
really happening is that. The other thing is
I would just assume the attention’s happening, ’cause that’s where
Snapchat is in its life cycle. I think the bigger issue is what’s the makeup
of their audience? And are they in the
consideration to buy what you’re selling? – [Jackson] So, what
would you recommend instead? Like Periscope, Facebook Live? – [Gary] Facebook, man.
– Facebook? – [Gary] Facebook. Number one? – [Gary] Yeah. – Alright, and would you
expand into Facebook Live and Periscope as like a next
sort of center of attention? – [Gary] Well, it depends
on who’s doing that content and can they siphon
their audience to convert for what your
product and service is? – Right.
– [Gary] Right? So, if you’ve got the
right personality, absolutely. – What about Instagram?
– [Gary] Yep. – Hypothetically, speaking?
– [Gary] Yep. I would tell you that there’s
so much depth of targeting on Facebook that I would
first try to go deep into that. And you can flirt
with the other stuff, but that’s where you gotta go. – [Jackson] We’re pretty
deep into Facebook, but Instagram,
what’s like your best tip? I’ve got about 16,000. And I got like 5%-10%
conversion on 16,000. What is the best way
to get through to the– – [Gary] I think
the biggest problem with Instagram right now
is I’m stunned that the targeting
capabilities aren’t perfect like they are on Facebook. They own both companies. They’re the best
tech company in the world. I’ve been surprised
that when I target Instagram, it’s not actually
targeting that person the way I’d expect it to. So, I would just test and learn. The problem with your questions
for me right this second is there’s just a couple of
layers of details that I need to understand better
to give you real advice. But I will tell you this, even I spending
$100 million a year on ads right now, focused on it
18 fucking hours a day, feel like there’s still a
lot to be done on Facebook. So no matter how
much you’re doing, don’t completely say that
we’ve got Facebook done yet. – [Jackson] Sweet.
Thanks so much, Gary. – Take care man. Thank you guys! – [Ryan] Gary Vaynerchuk!
Big round of applause! (audience applause) – [Ryan] Thank you, brother! Close this out. See you on the the other side. Big round of applause, hey! We’re gonna be back here in this room getting
started bright and early. Show up at eight, if you want a seat – [Gary] I got to
say hi to friend. – We’re gonna get
officially started at 8:30. Thank you all
again we got another content packed day tomorrow. So make sure
you’re here, thank you! (upbeat music)


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    My favorite part that hits home most is the ability need to make decisions that may not pencil out for the greater good of the brand. And that being the way to create the business and wealth that way.

    Thank you for everything you do.

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    I don't have any history in band promotion, I'm 20, 21 in just one month and a day.

    What one of my friends whose band was left out of a big local festival said was "we're going to make our own 'concertfest' and it's going to be all the bands that guy left out in the local scene"

    He never went through with it. And i wanted him to. I now know he doesn't have the drive. Or maybe he's too caught up with the drive he has for his day job. But I see his vision and I see what it can be. Not what one little fest would be like, but what that one little festival would mean for the local scene and how that one little show would get my name out there as a music/band promotor/concert planner, and how much it would benefit local musicians.

    I don't know how I'm going to pull this off. But Im already researching what i need, finding out who i need to talk to and whose brains i need to pick for me to start laying out the foundation for my idea I've already come up with top-down.

    Long term goal: make waves in the band management and music promotion scene, make my own management and promotion company, have a festival similar to what Warped tour was for rock and indie rock groups. Warped tour limited their genres. They catered to a relatively small group of people. Think of Metallica or Justin beiber selling out arenas. Warped tour didn't even reach what some of those big names get in ONE show for an entire day of multiple artists and bands.

    Short term goal: start a small music fest in my hometown and get all my friends and their friends friends bands to play. As well as releasing my own first EP in the next year. I'm half way done writing the music for the EP. I just need to figure out if I'm going to start recording myself or pay for the production.

    Thank you Gary. You've showed me that life isn't about the money and the women and the fast cars. It's about what I can do on the way, and the journey to those end goals. Fast women cars and big money isn't my end goal exactly, but I think you understand. I know I won't reach those goals tomorrow. But I know I can reach some of my goals soon if I work my ass off and go for it. I don't care if I don't reach my end goal, well, that's a total lie, at least a misstatement. I do, but I would rather try and fail along the way than work a 9-5 and have that be where I'm content with making my money and living.

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