[Track 11] 박서준이 (또) 답한다! SeoJun’s Q&A 2탄 (ENG)

By | January 14, 2020

Hello, everybody! Happy New Year! It’s been a long time. Celebrating the new year and reopening of channel, We’re opening a special Q&A session once again! We collected around 5,000 questions
from survey during a week
and short-listed them! 5,000? In five categories such as
daily life, life as an actor, Simba, Youtube and TMI,
our initial plan was to have Seo Jun answering 2 questions in each category. But! Because Seo Jun said, “I could do more for our fans!” This first of our special edition,
where we have failed to adjust the volume,
begins now! First subject: Daily life (When was your turning point in life if any?) A turning point? Let me search my memory. It was a school festival when I was a third grader in middle school. I had joined an animation club then. Because I was too shy and introvert, I hated myself
not even being able to make an order in a restaurant. So I joined a school animation club and did something on the stage during school arts festival. And I just took part. Because I hated my shy character, I wanted to break out of this shell and thought I can win over only by doing something. So I applied to join in the beginning of the year and took part in the festival in October. The whole school of around 1,700 was watching. The pin light was on me and everybody’s eyes were at me. And because it had been the first time on stage, all I could see were whites of their eyes. And I think that was the moment I felt catharsis. Because it was an opportunity when I realized my dream of becoming an actor, I think it had been the most important turning point in my life. (I’m a newbie turning 20 soon, and I’m curious about your first university life.) (I’m a newbie turning 20 soon, and I’m curious about your first university life.)
Should I be honest or should I give dreams and hopes? Should I be honest or should I give dreams and hopes? I don’t know what you’re majoring in, but I was majored in acting. Of course every student should be faithful to study but honestly speaking, when I first entered the university, I had a mental breakdown. Because until I was a third grader in high school, the goal of my life had been going to a university instead of becoming an actor. So this goal ended right after I entered the university. So I had been lost for a while. So I think I wasted time during the first semester of the first year of entering university. Then, I made up my mind in the second semester and concentrated in lectures. Looking back, while it is extremely important to keep up with study, I think it’s as much important to maintain good relationships with other people. It seems making good friends with people is also very important. Although everything may be unfamiliar, I think it’s better to strive to enjoy school life more than anything. And I think it’s wise to think about the things that make you happy. I just wish you to enjoy your university life. Worthwhile in life? (What are the three things that make you feel worthwhile in life?) First of all, I think I feel worthwhile becoming an actor. And I don’t know if it counts, but I think I made good choices in terms of my previous works. So if I can combine them altogether, I think I met so many good people who helped me to grow. And the second thing somewhat makes me cringe but I really think I could succeed
Because I met my parents. It’s so embarrassing. Usual shopping style? (What’s your usual shopping style and what style have you fall into recently?) First of all, I don’t schedule my shopping. For example, if I’m a regular to a shop, I visit there once in a while whenever I pass by. Rather than scheduling my shopping day, I like to visit once in a while whenever I have time or when it comes to mind. So, I don’t necessarily give significance to a day, for example, a refreshing day to my bored daily life. From long time ago, I had been interested in clothes and styling. And I especially like to mix and match casual and street brands. I liked this feeling since I was at high school. (What’s your small but definite happiness?)
Small but definite happiness? (What’s your small but definite happiness?) Well, I’m shooting for ‘Itaewon Class’ these days. Because the broadcast date is soon approaching, so the small but definite happiness these days would be a day without any schedules. Holidays! I’m on a tight shooting schedule, but people get more efficient when they get some breaks. So I’m happy on a holiday. But in fact, there’s nothing I specially do on a holiday. I sleep a little more, eat tasty food, and work out more. That’s my average daily life, and because I can’t enjoy this, being able to do it makes me happy. Second subject: Actor (You said you studied expressions from watching people when you were young. What motivates you these days?) These days, I watch a lot of other works and I watch other senior actors and I have some junior actors since I’m 33, I watch junior actors acting. They give me fresh motivation. Other than that, I look at paintings. I think this stimulates me in a positive way and I’m motivated this way. (If you get to have an opportunity to write an autobiography, what do you want to write in the first line of the very first page?) I’ve never thought about an autobiography. An autobiography… I don’t know what an autobiography precisely means, but it’s a book about myself, isn’t it? Because it will be telling people about me and my acquaintances will also read it, I think it has a bigger sense of sharing. So, in the first page, it will go like “I’d like to share.” Would it be awkward? (When did you think it was worthwhile becoming an actor?) (When did you think it was worthwhile becoming an actor?)
Before coming here today, I had a schedule with a brand that I’m modeling. And D decided to donate a part of the annual revenues to a hospital. So I visited the recipient hospital today. At first, I was worried if I might cause trouble to patients, but I heard people liked my visit.
In fact, I didn’t do something great but somehow I presented happiness. This experience makes me feel worthwhile that I can contribute to the society, and help others. This feeling makes me feel really generous. It makes me feel that my life is worthwhile. I tend to be composed about myself, but this experience makes me compliment myself and makes me feel worthwhile becoming an actor. Also, it makes me feel determined to become a better person, so whenever I’m engaged in good intentions, I feel worthwhile becoming an actor. (How would you express ‘Itaewon Class’ to you in five letters?) I’m so bad at this kind of thing. How can I put it in five letters…? You are testing my senses
with five letters! Watching this drama up until today, I often thought that it is ‘My Growth Phase’. It may not be a sensible expression, but My Growth Phase. I’m acting as if I have actually become Park Saeroy. So I try to agree with the character a lot, and understand the thoughts of the dramatist, wondering ‘What makes him think this way?’ And I think it is Saeroy’s growth phase. So I think it would be the closest expression. (Please promote ‘Itaewon Class’ in 10 seconds!)
Promote ‘Itaewon Class’ in 10 seconds? Are you going to count? Give me a second! Ok, I’m ready! ‘Itaewon Class’ is a story of Park Saeroy with belief and ambition who succeeds without damaging his belief. January 31 It first broadcasts on 10:50pm, January 31 on JTBC. It was so crunched with a time limit! (Preview of next edition)
It seems alright to me! People often complimented about my voice. Why are you doing this, really? How come you do this to me! Bare skin only. So I’m going to ask him. Then, shall we have an opportunity to enter this?

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