Topic clusters The Next Evolution of SEO

By | September 3, 2019

The future of search engine optimization is
changing and it is changing through a topic called �Topic Clusters�. This is a process
of focusing on topics directly related to a buyer persona rather than keywords themselves.
So, in this video, I am going to go into what a topic cluster is, a little bit more and
how you need to approach this new topic in the future with your marketing campaigns and
with your content. [Music 00:25 � 00:38]
Alright, welcome back everybody and thank you for joining me, my name is Jordan Steen
aka Cereal Entrepreneur and at this channel, we talk all about digital marketing, social
media marketing, starting a business online. So, really quickly, do me a favor and hit
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week here at our channel. So, with the rise of mobile and voice search,
search queries have become more conversational. So really asking a question instead of saying
just keywords. So using something like �How do I find this?� versus �this, this�
you know just the two keywords for that topic. So let�s do an example, ��Okay Google,
where can I get my haircut?� Google � I have found a few hair saloons
near you. Jordan � Okay Google, what are flight cost
to Orlando, Florida? Google � upcoming round-trip flights from
Atlanta to Orlando start at $68. Do you know what dates you would like to fly?
Jordan – Pretty good right? Okay Google, do you love me?
Google � of course, you are one of a kind. Now that last example wasn�t exactly a great
search result. But it was pretty cool still and the first two were definitely some really
cool examples of how businesses can use something like a restaurant for example and use things
like voice search and taking things like topic clusters into consideration to make sure that
they get more customers. So like I mentioned in today�s video, we are going to talk about
how your content strategy needs to adjust just a little bit to start taking those people
into consideration who use questions in their searches online.
Content marketers are constantly battling for attention and with search engines being
you know, they are responsible for providing search engine friendly results, results that
are going to get you what you are looking for, they are constantly required to adjust
their algorithm and the way that they provide search engine results based on the users.
That being said, the users are pretty much forcing Google to start providing search engine
results based on the way that they would search. Meaning in a more conversational way versus
more of a keyword approach. Quick question, the last time you went on Google and searched
for something and used voice search, did you ask a question or did you just use the keywords
that were relevant for that search? Leave it in the comments below. I would like to
know. So the SEO algorithm is changing constantly
and one of the best ways to rank on Google or on Search engines is to use Topic clusters
or Pillar pages. So how content is organized under this strategy is known as the topic
cluster architecture, excuse me. The core topic or the primary pillar page is the content
you are trying to rank for on search engine. So that�s that middle topic right there.
The core topic is content that answers a user�s question, solves a client�s problem and
for example, would be something like workout routines, right? That would be a core topic.
It�s like you know, shown in this example. Next, is to identify your topic clusters.
So the, basically the ideas that make up this topic cluster which is composed of several
relevant sub-topics. A sub-topic should be strong enough to stand alone in the form of
a blog post or a video but when combined with other like themed topics, it should be relevant
to and support your core topic. So if you want to look at it in a different
way, you could look at digital marketing and we could look at you know, email marketing,
SEO, social media, Pay per Click all of those are the sub-topics and then you can even create
pillar topics off of those subtopics. So I can go even further. So with social media
I can go Facebook, Instagram and so it all relates back to itself and then that�s building
not only you know, topic cluster style of architecture but it is also building and adding
layers to your website that is deep with content. Finally what completes the content pillar
are things like hyperlinks, you have probably heard of things like that, rabbit hole going
down the rabbit hole or really good websites build content in a way that it keeps you going
through more and more articles because it brings up another topic that you want to learn
more and more about, right? So that�s what good link structuring does and that�s what
good topic cluster architectures do is build a very strong and very deep set of webpages
and articles that ultimately all relate together. So quick question, have you ever visited and
I would be really interested to know if you have visited a marketing related website that
you have visited, that�s been set up this way where you have just been so interested
in it that you have kept going through more and more blog content or even a video channel
where you kept going through more and more videos on YouTube because it was just so good
and the content was so relevant to you that it just kept pushing you forward?
Do me a favor and leave that website or that channel in the comment section below.
Essentially your subtopics are going to drive people to your site because they are very
intent focused, they have a very specific intent, search intent from the original user.
They are going to then link back to your original pillar article or pillar topic or your pillar
category, right, that discusses other topics related to that original pillar that they
came in with an interest on and then that gets them engaged and read those other articles
which means more engagement for you which means search engines ultimately recognized
your branding, your website as a source of authority in the industry.
Want a better understanding of how visitors to your site have an effect on your ranking
on search engines then check out this video in the top right hand corner appear, it is
going to help you with that. Alright guys, so if you want more information
on topic clusters and building content in this way because it is a really interesting
way to build content and it�s something that we have been working on with our SEO
and our blog writing team, you need to do 2 things really.
Number 1, you need to leave a comment below this video saying you want more video content
on producing topic cluster style content. Number 2, you need to check the link below
this video. There�s a link to the actual blog article where we wrote more about pillar
pages and how pillar pages need to be used, what the main focuses are, some ideas for
creating pillar pages and stuff like that. So check out that article if you are interested
in more. Oh and if you are brand new to SEO and you
have no idea what we are talking about at all or if you are kind of familiar and you
just need some more information to clear out then check out this video on the top right
hand corner because we have put together like eleven part video series that you can actually
go to and watch all of that or just check out the playlist that we have on SEO, you
can go through that whole series there. But, that�s it for today guys, thank you
so much for dropping by, I really appreciate it and as always make sure that if you are
new to this channel, hit that subscribe and the notification button right below this video
on the bottom right hand corner, so that way you get updates to all of our free content,
free giveaways and everything that we do here at Cereal Entrepreneur Academy. But I am getting
out of here and I will see you guys on the next video. Until then Cereal Entrepreneur
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8 thoughts on “Topic clusters The Next Evolution of SEO

  1. Online Visually, leads that call or message you! Post author

    More videos on creating pillar pages

  2. Ayoub Mz Post author

    Changing behavior is the primary driver behind the topic cluster approach. But marketers and SEO experts are not going through the tedious process of overhauling their site structure just to get ahead of consumer behavior. They’re being forced to because search engines have changed their algorithms in response to consumers’ behavioral changes.
    GREAT CONTENT Jordan Keep up the good work!

  3. Cereal Entrepreneur - Jordan Steen Post author

    Start your personal brand here —

    Topic clusters: The Next Evolution of SEO

    As we all know by now, SEO is a tricky thing that keeps changing. What are topic clusters and how do you build them for your or your client's site? Today, Cereal Entrepreneur has you covered.

    Basically, topic clusters are the segments of content you find on your website. Topic clusters go hand-in-hand with content marketing and make everything that much more searchable.

    Creating a Topic Cluster Plan:

    First step is to ask “What are the 5-10 problems that my company’s buyer persona has that we help them through?” This is how you identify what your clusters are.

    If you already have content on your website, go through your top performing pieces and organize them into different “buyer” problems. These will be your pillar content, which will connect to all sub-content related to that topic

    Creating a Cluster:
    Once pillar topic has been decided you want to create cluster topics ( blogs or pieces of content} that branch out of of your pillar topic via an internal hyperlink in both pages.
    Keyword research is a great way to determine which content is best suited for your cluster
    Make a list of subcontent related to your pillar topic and keep track of the cluster your creating.
    If you website is already rich with content keyword research tools like ubersuggest and serpstat will find related content and keywords that link back to the pillar topic.
    SEO lead generation will start to take effect immediately.

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  4. Denlyn Blake Post author

    This has so many names topic seo, topical relevance. Mike from Sell Your Service implemented this on a granular level. He choose specific problem that he can solve for 1niche. Then create 1 blog post weekly. I asked him how long would it would to rank 1500-2000 word articles. He told me after the 10-15 post he was ranking in as little as 24 hours

  5. Gypandi Post author

    Channel: Cereal Entrepreneur ✌️

    Thanks for the amazing content 🙏🙏🙏 It is impossible not to get hooked and watch at least 3-4 vids per session 😁

  6. T P Post author

    Found your channel about 2 hours ago and haven't stopped bingeing. Awesome channel man!

  7. Jarell Green Post author

    Your videos make me want to keep watching. Please create more videos on content pillars.


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