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By | August 22, 2019

Hello Digital Glue(rs)! I am Tony, i’m Anika and today we are going
to talk about SEO. Especially SEO content creation. So, Anika. So let’s begin. You should always choose a keyword with a high
volume, but why? This is because a lot of users are searching
for that keyword and your chances of being found organically for that keyword are really
high. But also, a lot more competitive! So, always include other keywords into your
text also. Interesting… So another thing you should always do, is
always put your keywords in the page title but also the header. And again, Tony, why? Doing so, you always boost your rankings about
that keyword that you choose and have in mind for your SEO copy, so always do that! *Murmur* Tip number three! When you are writing SEO copy always have
the user in mind and then the search engine. And always produce high engaging content. So what would this mean if you were writing
say a blog? For a blog, I would say that you need at least
1,600 words in order for you to produce high quality copy and also to rank for that copy. And our fourth and final tip for today would
be to always create internal links. But again, why? Because internal linking inside your website
always boosts your rankings and also you have that for purposes of navigating the user to
different sections of your website. Do you have any other questions for today? Not for today, but if you tune in next week
we’ll have some more top tips for you! With Tony, and Anika. See you then. Bye.

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