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By | August 12, 2019

– [Narrator] The Natural Listing Ad Top Organic Pages report
is a report that gives you nice, insightful information with regards to the Organic Page
visibility of your site. So, essentially, when you look at it, this graph here gives
you a good indication of the organic visibility that you have for your pages on your website. And so, to understand
this a little bit more, there’s two different lines here. The green line is the number of pages earning organic impressions, so, essentially, it’s the
number of pages that you have on your website that
are ranking organically and being seen online organically, and what you should see,
hopefully, over time, is an increase in the number of pages ranking organically
like we’re seeing here. The white line is the total
number of organic impressions you’re receiving overall,
so it’s basically summing up all of the organic impressions
of all of your pages and helpin’ you better
understand the increase in your organic visibility
over time as a whole. So, the green line’s the number of pages, and the white line is the
number of impressions. Now, if you scroll down
here, you’ll see each page in an itemized list and the
specific stats for each page. So, for example, this first row
here would be the first page on your website that is
essentially ranking organically and earning the most organic impressions, and so, in this first column here, you can see the amount
of organic impressions, which is essentially the number of people that saw your listing organically for the date range selected. You can click the History
tab to see the change in organic impressions for
that particular page over time, so you can see if that page is gaining more and more traction organically and more and more visibility, you should see a graph like this that shows continual growth. Here you can see organic
clicks, which is essentially the number of people that
clicked your listing, they didn’t just see it
on, let’s say Google, but they also clicked on it. And then here gives you your
organic click-through rate, which is the percentage of
people that click to your listing versus the percentage that saw it. And then over here you have your organic keywords
ranking for the page. This is nice ’cause you can
click the Details button here and actually see a breakdown
of all of the keywords that that page is ranking for, which is really insightful
information to have. Lastly, if you wanna see how
that page looks organically, you can click this Organic
Listing Preview icon here, and it it’ll open up
essentially a little pop-up that shows you the title
tag and the meta-description for that page, which is
essentially the ad copy that people see organically as
they’re using Google or Bing. So, hopefully this information
was helpful to you, very powerful report,
really all of the reports within the analytic section
are very, very powerful from an SEO standpoint. If you have any questions
as you’re looking at any of these, don’t
hesitate to give us a call, just ask for your marketing executive, they’d be happy to help, or
visit to watch more screencast
videos just like this one.

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