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By | September 5, 2019

Top On-Page SEO Factors in a sleaze me take a look at the top
six EC effect is to boost your side within the search engine rankings using high-quality original content
original means at least 25 percent different from
any other content up to preferrably 50 percent different
any lease a new risk in having new content picked
up as duplicate content in virtually excluded from search engine
results because it high-quality continue keep visitors on
your website to longer civil suit engines notably Google pay teach into this he in your page and
kudos for being so evidently interesting ensued new keyword
into the first 50 on-page SEO tips when indexing your side most search
engines focus on the first part a few page so it’s important that this
section is particularly relevant for this reason it’s a scene to
let you answer your main keyword phrase into the first 50 words if your article
have any keyword density of at least one percent as we’ve mentioned keyword density is no
longer is big effective evaluated by search engines is
they’ve gotten smarter the team to look more the continent as a
whole rather than specific mitch is for keywords when people search this means that you should spin more
view time focusing on producing quality content with on-page SEO tips in lease on targeting a specific keyword
that seed we still recommend that you should still
try and achieve a keyword density range of between top On-Page SEO Factors in four proceed going any higher than
this will make you look like a scanner in you’ll end up being penalized however
you should easily in inadvertently reach these targets a few just right you can’t
eat naturally the easiest way to analyze the keyword
density of any pages to use the page analysis tool in traffic traverse would you title take
skillfully title takes display the title of the
page this text shows up is the clickable he
didn’t of usage engine listed and at the top of
the browser window it’s crucial that your title text give
the search engines a very clear message about the subject if your page so they should contain the key words
that you want optimize for for example if you article is about
weight loss been the page title might be have to
lose weight all weight loss secrets or another example if you want optimize
your page on how to play the piano you can simply call how to play the
piano it sounds so obvious but you’d be surprised how many pages
have title take such as new page or page 1 don’t make the same
mistake include two keywords in your internal
links the search engines use the words in your
text link or inc.-tx is affected in determining
the nature of the page that you linking to this means that they issue me a link
with the text dog training is probably a link to a
site about dog training you can leverage this concept to give
your own pages a little boast have you seen sites we you need to click the home or homepage
link to get back to the homepage unfortunately the signers are unaware
that by doing this there optimizing the page for home still
have the key word we can mean that rather than simply
naming your internal link home you should call weight loss home for Top On-Page SEO Factors how to play the piano home this ensures
that you improve the optimization of your main keyword weary can mean you apply similar concept
to as many view site pages as possible in we strongly recommend against using
click here or page 2 when linking against into the
pages and Lisa course you are trying to rank
well for those keywords use page one takes in use them well h1
takes a similar to newspaper he’d Lawrence and the first things that the search
engines will look at when indexing your page and ideally they’ll give a good
indication of what your page is all about Top On-Page SEO Factors and if your page one takes continue keywords the new page will be seen as more
relevant unfortunately many people don’t use page one takes because the default
style is a huge phone that is not very pleasing to the eye however it’s not too difficult to UCCS
to alter the style the stakes and it’s well worth the effort okay time
for today’s lesson summary in this listen we’ve looked at top six
recommended EC effect is that you can’t do to improve will boost your search
engine rankings these include using high-quality original content ensuring you keyword is
in the first 50 words all human content have any keyword
density old at least one proceed would you title
take skillfully include two key word in you think a text and use page one takes in use them well anyway that’s all good time full thanks
for watching and I look forward to seeing you again
soon by Phil the

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