Top 50+ Digital Marketing Tools Of All Time

By | November 20, 2019

so if you’re starting a marketing agency
or maybe you’re trying to run marketing campaigns online you probably noticed
all of the tools that are out there for you to be able to use and with so many
tools it can be complicated to know which ones are the right tools to use so
in this video we’ve actually put together 50 tools that you can use for
your marketing agency or online marketing efforts so stay tuned we got a
good one for you oh and if this is your first time with us make sure you hit
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digital marketing tips finally make sure you stay tuned to the end of today’s
video and I’ll tell you how you can get access to our free marketing agency
training course make sure you stay tuned every entrepreneur will need tools at
some point the quit the trick is really trying to figure out when you actually
need to use that tool and for the most part really what you need to look at is
is whatever job or task that you’re trying to complete taking you much
longer without that tool in place why is it important to have the right tool
because you don’t want to waste more time if you have a tool where you
purchase a tool that isn’t actually useful for you or software that isn’t
helping your business you’re actually just wasting more time than you would
have if you would have just reverted back to the old way of doing so if you
plan to use some kind of tool or software for your business make sure you
think about how that tool needs to be implemented and what steps you’re going
to need to take to get it implemented into your business but enough of me
talking let’s go ahead and jump into all of these tools that I’m talking about so
let’s go over to my screen okay so the first tool we’re going to look at is
going to be HootSuite there’s also tools like sprout social out there and I know
there’s several others out there but HootSuite and sprout social are probably
the two most common HootSuite is great for managing content as you can see
right here we have our Facebook pages and messages we have our WordPress for
all of our blog content we have a timeline for our Facebook page and if
you keep going over you can actually see we have stuff for YouTube we actually
have Instagram stuff up here Twitter all of our pages are brought into one place
so that way we can keep track of what’s going on on all of the pages we can
respond to comments and messages in one place instead of having to hop from one
platform to another it also allows you to obviously disseminate content which
means post it and schedule it right so that’s super important because
when you create content for a business you need to make sure that it’s going up
on time especially if you’re doing it for a client they’re expecting things to
be posted on a regular schedule and consistently if work starts coming out
late they’re gonna notice that right so make sure that you’re using a tool like
HootSuite or sprout social to manage these Plus people always ask me where do
you get reports from they actually have a really cool reporting tool an
analytics tool that you can use to start printing off reports of your businesses
now it’s gonna take a minute to load everything in here because as you can
see it’s just a lot of data to pull in so what we need to do is we need to
actually print out these reports we have different overviews right that we can
use to print out reports for clients and it just makes everything a lot more
visual and easy to read right so really cool tool right here sprout social
actually has the exact same thing as well next are going to be tools for
social media monitoring and some really great tools are tools like Google Alerts
or aware you Google Alerts is basically a tool that will take a specific keyword
and send you articles or news updates that are happening right now right so if
I typed in for example digital marketing it’s actually going to email me a bunch
of the newest and most recent topics or articles or whatever online about
digital marketing right so that way I can stay up to date with specific trends
and topics so if my industry for example I had clients in the gym industry I
could type in Jim’s up here create alert I can actually make it at once a day
once a week as it happens right you can do it from specific sources news blogs
web write your language your region if I only wanted to focus on the United
States how many write only the best results are
all results and then deliver it to whatever email right and I can create
the alert so it’s a really great tool for staying on top of tasks another tool
that similar would be something like Google News and I can actually go in and
search for specific news topics locations and sources right so this is a
really cool tool we can use exact phrase has words excludes words so that way we
can filter out the stuff that we don’t want to see and only focus on topics
that are important to us so you can see again if I wanted to type in about
digital marketing I can actually look at the topic digital marketing right here
boom or they have a broader topic for marketing six ways to grow your local
business with digital marketing right seven digital marketing trends to
consider for 2020 this is that will help keep me as the marketer
informed so this isn’t really for helping your agency side of things more
than it is for staying on top of new information coming into the industry and
we actually have a video on some more social media monitoring tools and how to
use them so if you’re interested in any of those tools and making sure you stay
on top of your industry and things going on with your business and with your
clients check out this video up here in the top right hand corner next is going
to be for planning and note-taking guys one great tool for this is going to be
Evernote and it’s literally just a note-taking software but it’s great for
exactly that you can see I can actually segment things by different notebooks so
daily planning content team meetings campaign planning operational planning
all of the different planning areas and if I needed to I could even add a
personal right so I have a personal folder in here for things for personal
notes and things like that agency work cereal entrepreneur work
stuff like that so I can keep everything segmented and anytime I have a thought
or an idea that I think might be good or maybe I just need to remember something
for later I’m able to put it in here plus if I ever do any planning it’s
great for planning like that you guys can see in here we’re doing some content
planning right or topic planning for new YouTube videos so that’s where we’re
able to do this so definitely check out Evernote’s completely free used next is
going to be this tool called todoist and as you can see this is actually the
beginning screen so we’ll quickly go through this but basically we go in it’s
going to let you pick a theme for your to-do lists right create and then I’m
all set right it’s super easy to set up you can see in like four quick seconds
I’m already set up and ready to go you can update your settings if you like so
that way your time zones right in the boom I’m in here and I can create new
tasks I can schedule things and it even adds it to my Google Calendar
I can make subtasks for for larger tasks it’s a great tool just for creating a
to-do list right so there’s a couple options that you can look at using again
the cool thing that I like about to do is is it allows you to actually go ahead
and straight-up schedule it to your calendar
alright so staying on the topic of planning and organizing your days and
weeks we have a tool called calendly a lot of you are probably familiar with
this but it’s another free tool that you can use to set up calendar events and
send out invites to people and if you’re trying to book clients for your agency
it’s an easy way for them to see what times you have available if you’re
trying to get them to book an appointment with you right so it’s a
really great tool for just organizing your week keeping your cat
under pretty much clear and not cluttered with a lot of things that
aren’t really actually going on so what are some of your favorite planning
software’s and tools that you use leave them in the comments below because I’m
always looking for new tools to use alright everyone so let’s talk about
asana asana is a great tool and we honestly couldn’t do anything in our
agency without it you can see here that we have all kinds of agency related
tasks or jobs or projects or groups going on over here on this left-hand
column you can see over here we have an entire task list for everything in our
agency all of the projects that we’re working on or that are in queue right we
have all of our SEO planning social planning content and copy ad campaigns
you know other mini projects that we have we just released this mini course
that we talked about in the beginning we’re going to tell you how to get it at
the end but you can see in here we created a whole project for it basically
it allows you to go through and organize everything you can see everything’s
actually complete so if I got to all completed you’ll see everything that was
completed to get this mini course going right so it’s a great planning software
you’re able to communicate with team members here I definitely recommend
checking out this there’s other tools as well you’ve probably heard of something
like Trello which they’re great tools but if you ask me this is the tool that
I recommend next a lot of people ask about ad campaigns and running ad
campaigns a tool that I recommend number one I believe this is actually free ad
hocs dashboard you can sign up and it creates this really pretty easy to look
at dashboard for Facebook ad campaigns Instagram ad campaigns YouTube whatever
it is that you’re doing online even Google ad campaigns right so it makes it
all very very easy to look at and it’s something that you can use to print off
reports for your clients and it looks again very easy for them to understand
but not only that ad hoc actually does our ad management as well and their
services are actually very very affordable for any agency owner to use
and they’re very good at what they do why because all they do is work with
small and medium sized business ad campaigns right that’s their their niche
that they like to work in so I recommend looking at ad hoc if you feel like
you’re in need of an ad management platform or a dashboard to create really
cool reports now for email marketing you guys might have heard me talk about this
before but active campaign is the tool to go with guys when it comes to
actually building out your email campaigns their automation builder is by
far best I’ll take you into one of our
automations here really quickly maybe not quickly because it does take a
little bit to load this thing sometimes because it’s so we have a lot of stuff
in here so all right there we go so if we go to let me see let’s go to the SMMA
series right here because they’re still working on building out some of these
series at the top those are new ones basically you can see here all of these
are trigger based right and we’re able to put in things like coupon offers we
can add tags so that way we know who is interested in what types of content
which allows us to build out further automations for later you can even see
in here we can add Facebook custom audiences so when someone comes inside
this email campaign from another lead magnet or whatever it automatically adds
them to a Facebook Ads audience a custom audience inside of
Facebook that we can actually set up automations and add campaigns to these
people right so based on where they add in the email where they are at in the
email sequence we’re able to send the Matt’s which is really really useful and
on top of that they do goal conversion tracking so if somebody actually
completes a goal we can act you can see this is actually sub conditionally so if
they actually purchase the course right they go through they purchased the
course before they make it to you know let’s say this offer down here we do a
final product offer well if they go in and they actually purchase the course
before the final product offer then it already skips them through the rest of
that series because they don’t need it now they have the course and they get
everything they need and we don’t want to span them with email content that
they’re not interested in right so bada bing bada boom we already have all of
that stuff ready to go all of the logic is set up and now we’re running really
cool automations or really I guess automated email campaigns so if you’re
looking for a tool again I recommend active campaign so question what is you
guys this favorite email marketing software a lot of people like MailChimp
some people like active campaign I’ve seen people like contact so what is your
favorite email provider email service that you like to use leave it in the
comments I’d love to see your opinions all right so let’s wrap this up with
some SEO CRM and website tools so with regards to SEO tools that I recommend
SERP stat is an affordable tool if you’ve heard of AHS and you’re familiar
with these types of tools these are keyword research link analysis research
website analysis and research tools that you can use to
basically tell how a website stands with regards to search engine traffic keyword
targeting all of that right so search stat is much much cheaper than AHS if
you’re looking for a tool that does the exact same thing or pretty much the
exact same thing and is much more affordable definitely check out surf
stat and you can see we can go in here we can do keyword research go to
overview I can actually type in let’s just say social media marketing I can go
in here and it’s gonna show me a bunch of keywords related to that right but
it’s also gonna show me other keywords it’s gonna show me what people are
targeting for as far as paid keywords so if people are actually running PPC
campaigns what keywords are they targeting for PPC campaigns it’ll show
the interest over time on that specific keyword whether it’s grown or whether
it’s shrinking it’ll show other top ranking articles so that way we know who
we’re competing with or that specific keyword and what type of content they’re
trying to put out it shows the exact examples it shows where they stand up on
the competitor graph right so that way you know whether they are dominating or
whether they’re just kind of in the space but they’re not really doing much
you can see competitors that are actually using ads so which ones are
actually spending on ads for those specific keywords for your social media
marketing you could actually see that LinkedIn has a pretty large budget for
that specific keyword right so it lets you know a lot of information about not
just the keywords but your competitors as well we can go further in this tool
we can do backlink analysis we know SEO research we can do keyword ranking with
rank tracker so there’s tons and tons of information that this tool is able to
help you sort out and use so that way you can create a better SEO campaign or
even build a better website for your clients
staying on SEO definitely check out Moz they have tons of free tools and
resources over at their site once you get to their site you’ll actually see
free SEO tools at the top Moz bar is a good one link explore and keyword
explore are really good tools keyword explore is very similar to SERP stat
it’s a little more expensive Mazdas version of their keyword explore and
keyword tool is a little more expensive but again it’s a very very good tool
these guys know a lot about what SEO is really about and so if you’re actually
looking to just learn they’re great resource to use or learning I always am
on their blog you can see their blog down here I’m always on their blog
reading their newest on content and information that they’re
releasing so checkout ball mods next is going to be HubSpot and since we’re
actually just now building our internal sales team we finally started to hire
some internal sales reps we’re actually just getting into HubSpot but we’ve done
a lot of research on which CRM tools are going to be cost effective but also
provide everything that you’re gonna need from an ages to agency standpoint
HubSpot was built for marketing agencies so when it really comes down to creating
a sales or a sales management or a customer relationship management
software that’s going to be easy for your sales reps to use but also do
everything that you needed to do from automation to sales and marketing for
your agency it is really the tool that’s most affordable but also has everything
that you need from a tool standpoint so definitely check out HubSpot if you’re
looking for a good crm to use now for websites let’s go ahead and look at
something called Google search console guys I recommend every client that you
ever get you instantly as soon as you get them you get access to their group
Google search console if you’re doing anything related to their website SEO
pay per click ads or you’re trying to create blog content or YouTube content
you want access to their search console because what it actually shows is where
their website is showing up for what keywords what pages are popular what
countries what devices search appearance and what dates all of these searches are
happening it shows your click-through rate your average position in search
rankings it shows you total clicks impressions all of that which is super
important information because it tells you ok which keywords are we currently
ranking for it will show you what your click-through rate is right so let’s say
we have this keyword right here within let me find a lower click-through rate
all of these are super high let me find a lower click-through rate so digital
marketing pricing packages right our click-through rate is only 4.5% so what
does that mean well it means that the actual search appearance so the way the
title comes up in the quick description on Google when you do a search is not
getting enough people’s interest right so we could try and play with the words
on that actual search result so we could try to get more clicks to that article
then once we get to the article we want people to read through it and not bounce
off the site that is going to help us raise our position right so that we rank
higher in search results so it’s all about understanding how to use this data
to actually improve current content or create new content for the future but I
spend a lot of time in search console because we are content focused so I
recommend using this tool it has been such a help for understanding what
really is working as far as keyword targeting and content that you’re
creating versus what’s not and finally appSumo guys is a really cool tool
because you can actually get in here and you get discounts to a bunch of other
softwares out there right so it’s really a and software for aggregating all of
these different software’s for agencies and businesses out there into one place
so you have basically a marketplace of all of these different tools and
resources that you could be using another cool benefit is if you sign up
for their email list they send you coupons for new tools and software all
the time so make sure you sign up for appSumo even if you don’t intend or plan
to buy something right now as far as the software is concerned this is gonna help
you in the future because you’ll have a bunch of discounts and promo codes to go
ahead and get started so guys as you can see that’s a lot of tools already and
that’s definitely not 50 tools and I told you 50 right so what we’re gonna do
here is because I know you guys don’t necessarily need a video to check all of
these tools out yourself and you know it just takes a little longer to deliver
that message right so what we’re gonna do is right down below in the
description we’re gonna leave you two things number one since you stayed till
the end you get access to our free s MMA course our free marketing agency course
all you have to do is click the link right below this video in the
description and we’ll take you to that and number two if you click right below
in the description you’ll actually find the link to our blog article where we
have all of the 50 tools that we talked about previously in that article so make
sure to check that out if you’re looking for other tools and resources to use for
your agency but that’s it for this video guys
I hope you all enjoyed and I will see you on the next one until then cereal
entrepreneur out bye guys ready to start living the six-figure work where ever be
your own boss lifestyle well it’s cereal entrepreneur Academy
will teach you how to use a laptop and Internet to start your own social media
and digital marketing agency get started with our free Facebook Ads training
links in the description below guys see you in the course on cereal entrepreneur
apples out

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