Top 5 Traffic Sources To Make SALES & $$$ (FREE Traffic & Paid Traffic Methods)

By | August 10, 2019

– Hey everyone, it’s me Sarah
here from Wholesale Ted, one of the largest
YouTube channels dedicated to giving you actionable
advice on how to build a real money making business. And today, I’m gonna be
giving you my top five ways to drive traffic and sales online. Yes, if you want to be
making money like this, then you’ll need buyers or leads, and to get those you’ll need
to find a traffic source to drive them to your store or website. Of course, there are many ways to do this. Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube and honestly, while all
of those can be great and all of them have their own advantages, not all of them are suitable for all types of online businesses. And so if you pick the
wrong one to focus on, instead of getting this, you
could waste a bunch of time getting results and well,
you could lose a lot of money and nobody likes to lose money. So in this video I’m gonna
be going through my top five traffic sources and
explaining how they work and how you can use them to drive traffic, leads and customers to
your store or website. Plus I have also invited
three of my good friends who have driven millions
of dollars in online sales through traffic methods. They’re each gonna highlight
one of their traffic methods and explain why this
works so well for them. So hopefully by the end of
this video you will have picked the right source of traffic
to focus on for your business. Alright, let’s go on to
traffic source number one. (upbeat music) Traffic source one, Facebook advertising. So when I say Facebook
ads, I’m specifically talking about the ads you
see as you’re scrolling through your news feed. And let’s be honest, if Facebook
traffic was in high school, I swear that it would be the
high school valedictorian. You know that person in high
school who is good at, well, pretty much everything
and has lots of friends. Their on the track team,
they get straight A’s and everyone likes them. That is Facebook Ads in
a nutshell, they are the all around traffic source. They can be used to sell almost anything and they are beginner friendly
because they are low cost and easy to use. And while the menu system
to set up the ads can be, admittedly, a little bit
intimidating for beginners, the reason why I call them
easy and beginner friendly is because of the fact that you don’t need to be an expert at them to see results. Essentially, you come to
the Facebook Ad algorithm and you tell it what you want to achieve, who your ideal customer
is and you give them your ad image, your video and text. And then you let them do the rest. For example, once inside your Ad Account and your Business Manager,
when you click Create to make a new ad Facebook
gives you choices of what you want your ad to do. Do you want to create
an ad that will get lots of likes, comments and shares? Then come and click on Engagement. Facebook will now put
your ad in front of people it knows are more likely to do that. Or are you instead running an online store and just want Facebook
to put your ad in front of people most likely to see
your ad and buy your items? Then install the Facebook
pixel on your site, which tracks customer activity, and then pick Conversions. And then you can choose
who exactly you want to tag with your ads. Because Facebook has so
much data on its users, you can get very specific
about who you want to target. For example, there is a
very successful Etsy store, Smash Transit, that make
travel and regionally themed t-shirts, hoodies and baby clothing. Now they don’t actually
make their own clothing, instead they work with
print on demand partners like Printify and Printfull. After their Etsy success,
Smash Transit went ahead and made a Shopify store
to promote their products. As you can see, one of
their top sellers is their airport themed shirts
which are all just repurposing the same design of the code of the airport and this plane icon. So let’s say that Smash
Transit wanted to advertise their LAX airport shirt with Facebook Ads. They could come to the location sections of the targeting options
inside the Ad Creator and select it so that
their Facebook ad will only target people what live in Los Angeles. And then they could come
to the Interests Section and select it so that
the ad for their t-shirt will only show to people
that are interested in both LAX airport and
that are frequent travelers. Which is their target audience. Now, admittedly, not
everyone who lives in LA, who is a frequent traveler
will be interested in the LAX airport t-shirt and will want to buy one of these. But that is okay, because as your ad runs Facebook learns what type of users like to buy your item and
what type of users don’t, and thus it will get smarter and smarter and better and better at putting your ad in front of the right people
who will want to buy it. So it’s actually a good
idea to start with smaller ad budgets, and scale up
over time as Facebook learns more and more about your customer base. And yes, you can run ad budgets
for as little as $5 a day. However, I know a lot
of people are gonna go, ugh ads, oh, I don’t
wanna have to pay money, I wanna have free traffic. And look, I understand that,
but I can tell you now though, my good friend Adrian Morrison
would vehemently disagree. He is one of the most
successful dropshippers and print on demand marketers I know, and most of this money was
made through Facebook ads. So I asked him to come on
and explain why he has had so much success with them. – Hey, my name’s Adrian Morrison and I’m here to talk to
you about how powerful Facebook advertising has
been for my business. Listen I use Facebook Ads for eCommerce to generate millions. I’ve used Facebook Ads for
affiliate and digital marketing. And it’s because Facebook
marketing makes it so easy to target your audience. Look, I have a screenshot
here where I spent $160,000, I know that’s a lot of money but I got over three million dollars in return. That’s all with Facebook marketing, because they make it easy
to target your audience and everybody in the world, almost, is on Facebook, in one place. It’s why Facebook marketing
is the number one tool that I use to drive
traffic to my business, to grow and scale and reach my customers and why I highly recommend that you use Facebook marketing for
your business as well. Once again my name’s Adrian Morrison and Facebook Ad crushes it for my business and I’m sure it could do
volumes for yours as well. – Lesson of the day, targeting
your customers is gold. I actually did an interview with him, where we discussed his
Facebook Ads strategies and I will have a link to that video in the description below. Traffic source number two,
search engine traffic. Otherwise known as SEO. Oh boy, this is going to be really fun to try to explain
without getting technical and jargony. Yep, if search engine traffic
was a high school student it would almost definitely
be the class nerd, which makes sense because
I was the class nerd and I love SEO. For example, the worlds
biggest search engine by far is Google. This is what people usually
think about when you say the word search engine. If you come to Google and
type shoe paint into it, and scroll down to the search results, you’ll see that this website
here is at the top of the list. Angelus Paint makes about 70% of its money from people finding it
through Google searches like the one I just did. So as you can see, this traffic
source is very valuable. And guess what? While these stores had
to pay Google to purchase an advertisement slot
here, down in the organic search results Angelus
Paint paid Google nothing to sit here. So if you win this spot,
it is free traffic. Free, free, free. Everybody loves free. Or, is it? The truth is, is that
it’s sort of is, you see, if you want to be competing
for competitive keywords that are gonna be
bringing in lots of buyers into your store, ranking in
Google for those keywords is going to be hard. So let’s come back to our
example store, Angelus Paint. Check it out, Google chose
them to be number one out of over 900 million results. That is very impressive
and it begs the question. How did they get into
Google’s good graces? How did they end up ranking number one, and how can you rank number one as well? It used to be simple, long story short, back in the very old days of
Google they used to choose websites based upon relevancy. Basically Google wanted
to see the exact keyword, in this case, shoe paint, on
your site as much as possible. They wanted to see it in the title, they wanted to see it in the contents, they wanted to see it
in the meta keywords. As you can imagine though,
this was pretty easy to manipulate and so, Google
had to come up with a new way to rank websites and to choose
who would be number one. And they did come up with a way. And that was, backlinks.
(explosion) A backlink is simply when
another website links to yours. If we come to a free
backlink checker, Ahrefs, we can type in our website into it and take a look at which
websites link to ours. As you can see from the
results, we’ve got this backlink here from a Forbes article
that I was featured in, relating to business and sales. And so Google will look at that and think, hey, I can see that Forbes
link to in an article about business,
I really trust Forbes they must have recommended for a good reason, I will rank them higher in my search results
from now on when it comes to related searches. Ever since getting a few
of these powerful, trusted backlinks,
has been far more likely to come up highly in search
results for phrases relating to posts that was made on our blog. Now this is an over simplification, backlinks aren’t the only
fact that Google looks at, as the SEO Moz graph
shows, but they are easily the most important. So back on over to Ahrefs,
let’s check out which websites are linking
back to Angelus Paint. As we can see here, they have
amassed a lot of backlinks. So it’s not surprising that they do well with the Google search engine. So that’s all you’ve got to do to get lots of search engine traffic from Google, just get a bunch of
high quality backlinks. The secret’s out. Yeah, I can imagine a lot of you are like, thank you Sarah for that
lesson, it was fantastic and all but that sounds really hard. And you know what? You’d be right. Now I am hoping to create
a tutorial where I will teach you how to get traffic
from low competition keywords. But, in the meantime, it’s
not the easiest traffic source out there. But, you know what? Google isn’t the only search engine. Everyone is obsessed with Google, but there are lots of
search engines out there. In fact, I can think of two very big ones that have very highly valuable traffic. And that is the Amazon
search engine people use to find products listed on Amazon. And the Etsy search engine
people use to find products listed on Etsy. Amazon and Etsy are online
marketplaces that anyone, including you and I can list products on to sell and make money. And the number one way that
customers on Amazon and Etsy sort through the products
on there and find the ones that they want to purchase is through the internal search engines. And interestingly enough, the
Amazon and Etsy search engines can be manipulated in very similar ways. In ways that are actually much easier to manipulate than Google. One, put keywords in your product listing. While Google has devalued
this with their search engine, Amazon and Etsy have not. For example, take this mug here. Now this is a product
that we’ve highlighted in a recent video last
month on the Wholesale Ted YouTube channel that is
doing really well on Etsy. This mug is a joke about how on TV shows, if someone is called a
doctor, it only ever refers to a medical doctor, not
someone with a doctorate. So people usually give this mug as a gift to their friends or their
family who have newly graduated with a doctorate, or a PhD. Now let me show you something. If you come to the Etsy search
engine and type the phrase, PhD gift into it, this
mug comes up near the top of the search engine results. But that’s not all, if we come back and do a search for a different phrase, this time, doctorate gift. Take a look, once again,
this mug is at the top of the search engine results. This mug ranks for a lot
of keywords and phrases. So why is that? Well take a look at this,
if we come to the title of this we can see that
both of the keywords feature in the title and the phrases
in here were not chosen at random. They will have been chosen on purpose because if we come and
start typing PhD into the Etsy search bar, you
can see that it gives us these phrases as some of
the most commonly related search for by Etsy users. Two of which feature in
this mugs product title. Two, use the search sales trick. You know how the biggest
factor that Google looks for is backlinks, but when it
comes to online marketplace search engines, the biggest
factor that they usually look for, especially on
Amazon and Etsy, is sales. In particular, they like
to see which product that the user ends up
purchasing after doing a search for a keyword or a phrase
in their search engine. This is a bit of a
simplification, but essentially, if someone goes to the Etsy search engine and types in PhD gift and finds this mug, opens up the listing and then
goes ahead and purchases it, Etsy’s algorithm thinks, oh
wow, someone who was looking for a PhD gift found this and bought it, this must be what people
want when they search for the phrase PhD gift. Oh man, every time an
item sells, we get money and so since this mug
sells when people find it, let’s place it even higher
in the search results so that it will sell
even more and we’ll make even more money.
(cash register chimes) And as I’ve discussed on this video, this search sales trick works for Amazon’s algorithm as well. Having the strategy to launch
a product and get sales is especially important on
Amazon, so if you’d like to learn about it, be
sure to watch this video. Yes, you may end up
having to reimburse family and friends if you get them to
go ahead and do this for you to rank your item higher, but,
remember your goal is to do what this mug has achieved here, to be ranking highly in lots of different organic search results. So that you get lots of free traffic, which means you get lots of free sales, which means, well, you make money. Traffic source three, Instagram ads. Back in the day when you
talked about advertising on Instagram most people
thought about buying a sponsored story slot on an
Instagram influencers page. And while that is a way to drive sales and traffic over time, it’s
become far more expensive and it’s not a scalable
traffic method at all. So instead if you would
like to take advantage of the 800 million plus people on there and turn them into customers and leads it’s a much better idea to
buy ads from there instead. And I recon that if Instagram
ads were back in high school, they would definitely be
the cool, popular kids. And that’s because when
Instagram ads are done right, they should be highly visual. On Facebook, you have to
teach this thing long text based ads from business
gurus like this one. And that’s because these are
highly effective on there for the right niche, such
as the business niche. In fact, I’ve also used
long form copy on Facebook to promote our free eBook, The 6 Steps That 6-Figure
Dropshippers Follow To Make Over $10,000 a Month. Which, by the way, you
can download by clicking on the link in the
video description below. But, I would never post
anything remotely similar to that on Instagram. And so for my ad promoting our free eBook I posted a parody video
about people who try to sell dropshipping course by showing off Lamborghinis, here is a snippet. So, I’ve got a question for you. How many times have you clicked on a video from someone who’s promising
that they’ll teach you how to create a money
making dropshipping store, only to find that the
video’s actually just, (hip hop music) yep. And believe it or not,
people are constantly leaving comments on the ad
getting super mad thinking that it’s real. Yep. The other great thing about Instagram ads is that Instagram is
actually owned by Facebook and so you get to use the
same awesome ad platform and targeting tools when
making ads for Instagram too. So if you wanted to go ahead
and dropship this AliExpress item here, this good old
classic camera lens travel mug that, yes, looks like a real camera lens, but is indeed a mug. You create ads for it in
the same way as you would for Facebook. You come to the Facebook Ad
Manager and click Create. And you then choose what
you want your ad to do. So if you wanted to make
sales or generate leads, you’d choose Conversions as your goal. You then use the same targeting options that you get with Facebook Ads, such as, choosing specific countries
or cities to target, like Australia, and you
can then choose overlapping interests that met your core audience. Which, for this camera
travel mug, is of course, someone who drinks coffee
and someone who is passionate about photography. Which is why I chose
this overlapping interest because, despite its name, it’s actually an international organization. Once you’ve designed
your ideal customer using the targeting options,
you then come to placement and you click Edit and you un-tick all but Instagram ad placements. And, spoiler if you’re
curious, out of stories and feed ads, it is stories
that usually perform the best. I was talking to my very
talented friend Bren, who runs a paid ad
agency and he works with multi-million dollar companies
and we were discussing how interesting it is
now that Instagram ads are outperforming
Facebook ads when you sell the right products. In fact, Bren showed me
a side-by-side comparison of two ad results. The top half was the Instagram version and the bottom was the Facebook version. Both had the exact same
targeting and video ad. While the Facebook ad had a
higher click through rate, the Instagram ad had
far higher conversions and made a lot more money. I asked Bren to come on
and explain why he thinks Instagram ads are only
gonna get bigger and better. – Hey Sarah, it’s Bren here
and the reason why I like Instagram Ads, is because
Instagram is the new Facebook. People trust Instagram more
than they trust Facebook. Also, three out of four
people, love finding new brands on Instagram. So people are in a mode
on Instagram of discovery, which is significantly
different than Facebook. Facebook has been about
relating and connecting to friends and people you know, also, it’s what’s right now. There’s been a move from
Facebook to Instagram. You know, due to a lot
of the privacy issues and scandals that were
public and in the news about Facebook, and although,
Facebook technically owns Instagram, the vast
majority of the public sees them as completely
and entirely different. So it’s now and it’s also
next and will continue to grow into the future, so now’s the time to get on Instagram and
be leveraging Instagram for paid ads. – Traffic source four, YouTube videos. So I won’t go into it too much here, but obviously given that
Wholesale Ted has over 250,000 subscribers at this point, I’m certainly not bad at
generating traffic on YouTube from posting videos. I think it’s not even a question that, if YouTube traffic was in high school, it would definitely be
one of the theater kids. And that’s because on YouTube,
having high quality videos is actually really, really important. For example, here is
a recent video I made. While, yes I put keywords in
the title and description, the most important factor
for whether YouTube chooses to rank your video or
not, isn’t relevancy, it’s about how users
interact with your video, in particular, for how
long they watch it compared to other similar ones. As you can see, relative
to other similar videos, our attention time was above average for the whole video. If you’re interested in
starting your own YouTube channel to drive traffic,
remember, quality is key. Out of all of these traffic
methods, YouTube is probably the most challenging, in my opinion, to make money directly from. But there are two types of
videos that I’d recommend focusing on making if you want to do this. Firstly, tutorial videos. You take a tool or an app
that has an affiliate program that people want or need tutorials for. For example, here’s a
tutorial video I made for an app called Jungle Scout. I monetized the video by
putting my affiliate link in the video description. And yes, people do chose
to use it as a thank you. I have earned over
$70,000 from Jungle Scout affiliate commissions. The next is review videos,
which are extremely popular. For example, here is a review
of the self balancing scooter. It has over 50 million views,
and guess what you find in the video description? A good old affiliate
link to buy it on Amazon, while the Amazon affiliate
program has very small commissions, when you consider
that this video has had over 50 million views, I’m
sure that it has made him a lot of money. Traffic source number
five, Google Adwords. So remember back when I
was talking about Google search engine traffic? Well when you do a search on Google, you’ll find two different
types of results. First you’ll find the free listings, these are the top websites
that Google’s search algorithm has decided are the best for this keyword. But if we come back up here at the top, you’ll see that these listings here say that they are sponsored. These are paid ads that
you can purchase through Google’s ad program Google Adwords. And it’s funny because,
while Facebook might be the king or the queen of
driving traffic right now, it didn’t always use to be this way. When I first started
selling online, Facebook Ads didn’t even exist, in
fact, Google Adwords didn’t really exist either
which is why I was forced to learn about the more complicated source of traffic, SEO. So when Google Adwords was
released in a more public way, it was absolutely revolutionary. It was by far the easiest
way to drive targeted, high quality traffic to your site. There is just something to keep
in mind with Adwords though, the ads aren’t the cheapest. You see with Google Adwords
you’ve got two main types of advertising. There is display advertising,
where Google will put ads next to content on websites. And then there are the
ads that will show up when you search for a specific keyword. Shopping ads you purchase
can also appear here, these are the primary
ads that people think of when you say Adwords, as these are usually the most effective. And why are they the most effective? Well it’s because of the
fact that they are extremely, extremely targeted. You could easily argue
that Google Adwords is more targeted than Facebook Ads. That’s because of the fact
that when an individual comes to Google and types in a keyword like, couches for sale, they
are clearly in the mindset that they want to buy a couch. And so advertising your couch
in them, is a no brainer. Right? But the way that Google Adwords works, is it’s basically a bidding war. You bid for search keywords
against other advertisers which drives prices up
for the best keywords. And so, very quickly, if
your paying $4.00 a click, that can add up. It means then if you’re trying
to sell lower cost items like these, it can be
difficult to earn a profit unless you’ve got a well
organized sales funnel that is upselling customers to big orders. Which is why, I wouldn’t
necessarily call this traffic source particularly beginner friendly. But, while Adwords is
trickier than Facebook for lower cost items, it
is usually more effective for higher cost items. Think about it, if you’re
gonna go buy a couch, you’re unlikely to buy one on a whim. Instead you’re gonna go
to Google and you’re gonna do a search for it to
compare your options. So being up there, in the search
results is very important. And someone I know, who
is a master at using Google Adwords to turn
profits is my good friend, Fred Lam. Fred has been on this channel
before in one of our most popular videos of all time,
so I will link to that in the video description below. And actually, Fred is
such a master at creating sales funnels that he has
had success with Adwords selling all sorts of things. So I asked him to come on
and explain how he has had so much success with Adwords. – Hey Wholesale Ted
community, Fred Lam here. And listen, I love Google
Adwords, and, in fact, ever since that I started my
journey as an entrepreneur, I actually started with
Google Adwords first. And, I actually started
advertising on Google before Facebook even had
an advertising platform. Now there are some pros
and cons when it comes to Google Ads. The pro is that once you
actually able to dial things in, you will get consistent
sales and also, have your ads on large publication
websites like,, for a fraction of a penny. Now, on the downside though,
when it comes to Google Ads, it is a lot more complex than Facebook Ad. In Google Ads there are
YouTube, there are Gmail ads, there are display ads,
there are even search ads, which we all know. Now search ad is something
that I absolutely love because these are hyperactive buyers. And, if you are trying to
actually get into Google Ads, I actually encourage you
to actually figure out Google search first. Because, these are the
most highly converted, converting visitors that
you can actually get for your business. It is a learning curve when
it comes to actually learning about Google Ads, but again,
you should not actually avoid or ignore Google Ads because
it is a lion share of traffic that you actually tap
into for your business. – So hopefully, you now
know which traffic source is right for you. And if you like this video
and you’re not a subscriber then you should totally
become one because we are constantly releasing new
videos with actionable advice on how to build a real
money making business. So go ahead and click the Subscribe button (bell dings)
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