Top 5 Mistakes Most Business Owners Make and How To Fix Them – Run A Successful Business!

By | August 15, 2019

Hey guys, itís Brandon from
And today I want to show you the top 5 mistakes that most small business owners are making.
So, are you making this mistakes? Probably. But Iím going to show you guys what they
are and how to fix it. So, letís check it out.
First mistake what business owners make is try to do everything themselves. If you do
this, youíre going to drive yourself insane. If youíre doing all the bookkeeping, all
the marketing, opening in the morning, closing at night, and all the advertising and answering
all the calls, and taking care of customers, youíre going to quickly find that you built
yourself a job and not a business. Thatís not a situation you want to be in, because
you limit the growth that your company can go.
The solution to this is simple. Delegate, delegate to your employers, delegate to another
companies, hire people that help you, or find a marketing company, find a bookkeeping service,
find other companies and other services that can help you with your business. When you
do this, youíll find more time to spend rolling your business, instead of working in your
business. You never want to work in your business, you want to work on your business. So, learn
how to delegate. The second mistake that most business owners make is only focusing on one
type of marketing. There are many types of marketing, you should be really taking part
in all of them to really get the best marketing and advertising campaign possible. There is
online marketing, print marketing, direct mail, and TV and radio, and more. And the type of business you own could affect
the type of marketing you do. So, if youíre in online business you may want to spend a
little bit more time and money in online marketing, but it doesnít mean you should eliminate
all the other ones. And you can go even further in that, so if you want to do online marketing,
you can do video marketing, you do website SEO, you can do video SEO. You can do paper
click campaigns, you can do banner ads, you can focus on social media. There is million
different ways to go, and each category can go deeper, and deeper, and deeper. For example,
if you want to do video marketing, you can do video SEO marketing, Google marketing,
or YouTube marketing. It will take some type, and it may cost you a little bit of money,
but in the end youíll have a huge, powerful marketing campaign that will be setup in multiple
different out news and thatís really the best way to go.
Mistake no. 3 is that most business owners think that they are marketing genius. And
the truth is, youíre not. There are lot of things you can do on your own, and there is
a lot of research you can do, and you can learn a lot of things. But really, focus should
be on your business. And so, what you should do is hire employees
who know marketing, or seek out a marketing company. So, if you want to do a video marketing,
hire a video marketing company. If you want to do website SEO, do website SEO. If you
want to do some print advertising, hire a print advertising company. And if you do marketing
on your own you need to realize it may not be as powerful and effective as it should
be. For example, if you own a coffee shop, and you probably make a really good cup of
coffee. Now I can make a cup of coffee, my neighbor can make a cup of coffee, almost
anyone can make a cup of coffee, but since you own a coffee shop you do that on a daily
basis, you know hot to make the perfect cup of coffee. So, when you compare my cup of
coffee to your cup of coffee, yours is going to blow mine out of water. Yes, Iíve got
it done, but itís not very good. So, the same thing goes with marketing. If you really
want to get effective marketing you should hire people to do it for you. So, if you want
to do online marketing, hire an online marketing company. If you want to do video marketing,
hire a video marketing company. If you want some video SEO done, hire a video SEO company,
or hire employees to do it for you. Mistake no. 4 is that most business owners
donít cater to their customers. As a business owner there is a lot of you need to be doing,
and like I mentioned in mistake no. 2, you should be focusing lot on marketing. And if
you are, thatís awesome, but you can not forget to cater to the customers that you
do have. Now, you want to focus on your customers you have, because you want to keep back to
them again, and again, and again. And if youíre spending too much time on marketing, driving
new customers into your business, thatís great. But what happens if they donít come
back again. You want your customer service to be so stellar that it keep coming back
again, and again, and again. There is a few things you can do to ensure
your customers are happy, and they keep back to you time and time again. If you notice
there is a regular customer keeps coming in, offer them to give them a free cup of coffee,
if you own a coffee shop, or if you own a running store, maybe give them a water bottle
with your logo on it. Or if you own a retail store, give them a discount on the next purchase.
Or if you own an online store, you notice that some kids buying from you time and time
again, contact them, let them know youíre thankful for the business, and then offer
them the discount code use on their next order. A small things make a customers happy, and
they end up telling their friends, and they say, hey this company gave me a free water
bar, I have a free cup of coffee here, or this company gave me a discount on my last
order, because I buy from them so often. They are great company. And thatís what you want,
you want word of mouth, because those are the best types of marketing you can do. And
you canít really pay for that. Now, let me give you an example how I use
this last month in my own business. So, I had a customer who ordered a video SEO package,
and he was so happy what we did for him through our video marketing, that he told all his
friends, and all his colleagues about us. And so he ordered 2 more packages with us,
and I gave him a 20 percent of discount on both of these packages. And now that I give
him a discount I know he is going to remain loyal , he will continue to go up and tell
his all friends and colleagues about And tell everyone about my video SEO service.
And thatís what you want as a business owner. You want your customers go out and tell other
people about it. If youíre giving things right, your customers will go out, and they
will tell everyone they know about your service. And other great thing you can do is run a
contest or a giveaway. So, what you do is, you going to give card for 25 or 50 bucks,
and you tell your customers that are coming to your store everyday, or you tell them via
e-mail or how are you want to do it, that weíre running a contest, weíre giving away
a free gift card at the end of the month. So, all you need to do is to enter, like our
Facebook pageÖ And so whatís going to happen is, youíre
going to get a tone of likes to your FB profile, and youíre going to get a tone of leads,
because now every single person that uploaded their picture to your timeline is now your
new client, and you can contact them, say hey, Iím sorry you didnít win a contest,
but here is the discount, you know, check us out, come in and get a free coffee, or
whatever. And you get these people into the doors. And all it really cost you is 25 or
50 dollar a gift card. The fifth mistake that most business owners
make is that they donít listen or test new ideas. And this is really important for any
of business, because business is always evolving, methods are always evolving. So, if youíre
not changing things up, youíre getting to get left behind. And if you havenít changed
anything, or tested anything in last 6 months, itís about time you do. And the best way to do this is ask your employees,
or ask your customers what they like and they donít like, or what they would change about
the business. The best way to do this, is to ask your employees, hey, are there any
things you would do differently, what do you like, what do you donít like. Is there a
ways we could be more efficient, the things that you would change. And you start getting
a list of things together, and then you can pick the best ways and methods that start
testing and changing. Now, before you implement something you make a standard procedures,
you should always test it. What may look like a great idea, may not be a great idea. But
what doesnít look like a great idea could be, so only way to do this is to really just
test it, and then find out what works. Now, the next thing you do is ask your customers.
Your customers are what keep you in business. So, you want to make sure that they are happy.
If thereís things that they donít like you really want to change this, but what you should
do is send out comic cards, ask peopleís opinions, tell them, hey, can win a gift card
in a month, if you fill out this survey. Things like that. You can really get a lot of feedback
from your customers. Now, if your customers are telling you, hey, I really like this,
and I really like this, theyíll keep those things, obviously. But, if theyíre saying
things like, I donít really like this, or it takes too long to do this, or I donít
like your hours, or whatever, those are things to begin testing, and those are things to
begin changing. And sadly, a lot of business owners donít
do this, they get stuck in their ways, and they think, hey, business is great, I donít
really need to change anything. But yes, even if the business is great, it could be even
better. There is always things to improve on, if youíre not improving on anything,
then youíre going to be left behind eventually. That goes for marketing as well. If you have
the marketing technique thatís working for you, thatís great, but there could be one
that works even better. And you need to test things, and you need to try things, you need
to try different marketing techniques, and if youíre not doing that, than youíre not
really having the best marketing campaign possible. So, if youíre not testing things
you should, you should be testing new methods, new marketing ideas, new procedures, and really
if you do this, youíll actually notice your business is running a lot smoother, lot more
efficient, and youíre making a lot more money. So, I hope you find these useful, and we wrote
an article on this on our website with a few more ideas, and you can access it on the link
below. And we also made another video with the top 5 ways for you to get on the first
page of Google, and to really dominate your online marketing. You can access it by clicking
on the video above. And if you have a friend who is making these business mistakes, do
them a favor and send them this video. If you enjoy this video let us know, leave us
a comment below, or slam that like down. If you enjoy this video, and you want to get
more marketing advice, and see my future videos, do not forget to subscribe here, and youíll
be notified when all of them are ready. And this is Brandon from signing

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