Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools

By | August 7, 2019

– Hey what’s up guys? In this video I wanna share
with you five different free keyword research
tools that you can use to create better content, to make sure that you can rank for certain keywords for a search engine optimization. And also get highly targeted
traffic and followers to your website. Some of these tools are
free to use all the time. Other tools you can just
use for a brief period of time before you have to pay
or wait until the next day. But either way they’re
gonna help you discover what key word you really need
to be paying attention to. And make sure you stick
around till the end because I’m gonna show
you how to actually use other people’s websites to
determine what key words you should be ranking for too. Now really quick, full disclosure. I’m am not an SEO expert, I
don’t work at an SEO company, but I’ve been trying to rank
key words for the last 10 years and I’ve been successful sometimes and not so successful sometimes. But I do use these tool to help point me in the right direction. Now if you understand SEO, you probably already know a lot more than I do. But for those of you who
are just starting out, especially if you’re just
starting out with a blog or a website or some sort of
podcast or something like that, this is my way to help
you make sure that you are writing about or recording
information about things that are important for the
people who are searching for information that you have. All right so three important data points that we’re gonna be
looking for and discovering through the tools in this video. Number one is the search volume. Typically it’s showing
us how often a key word is being searched for within a month. Number two, related keywords. That is keywords that are
similar or that people are typing in that kind of
relate to that first one that we had, that way
we can actually see if, well maybe we should target
that other one instead and actually get a feel for what the search volume is there too. And then finally, number
three, the competition. How competitive might that keyword be for us to try and rank for it. All right, so it’s time
to dive into the tools and you might be thinking he first one I’m gonna share with you is the
Google Adwords Keyboard tool but guess what, it’s not. Although that’s a great tool and it’s free and open to use all the time, unfortunately it only gives you a limited amount of data that you can pull, which these other tools will pull from plus give you even more. So the keyboard planner, it’s all right. But let’s dive into the
first one right now. All right so the first
tool here is actually an extension for your browser. If you’re using Chrome or
Firefox you can use this tool and it’s super powerful. It’s call And this adds a little bit
of data when you’re doing regular search on things
like Google or Amazon or elsewhere, I’ll show you
the examples in just a minute. But it’s super powerful and
it’s really, really easy to use. So we’re gonna install
it on Chrome right now and I’ll show you how to do that. So just click on install for Chrome. Then we’re gonna click on add to Chrome. Add extension. Now in order to use this
tool you’re gonna need to get an API key. Very simply just put in
your email right there. And then you’ll get an email like this and all you have to do is
click on the API key here or paste that URL there. So after you install Keywords Everywhere and you have it enabled
here in the extension, what’s really cool is
now you’re going to see keyword data wherever
keywords might be relevant in your search, in your
regular sort of activities on webpages that you
might already be visiting. For example here on Google, if you type in keto diet, it’s gonna tell
me, well how many people are searching for relevant keywords. So I can see keto diet
here is 1.5 million. Keto diet menu is 33,100 per month. So again this is how
many people are searching for those keywords every single month. So this gives me some really good insights on which one of these
might be more popular. Or perhaps I should target, et cetera. It’s also telling me some
ad data coming from Google, ad words in terms of how
much a cost per click is. And if I actually click
through, so if I click through to keto diet foods for example,
it’s also gonna tell me up top, the competition. Now please don’t be confused about the competition mark here. This isn’t competition for
a search engine ranking. This is competition for
bids for this keyword for people who are paying for advertising. So it’s like an auction system
and this is the competition. How many other competitors
are there going to be for that keyword. The more competitors
and the more they pay, the higher you’re gonna have to pay. We don’t have to worry
about any of that stuff. So point being, don’t look
at this competition number. That does not reflect competition
within the search engines. Now let’s head on over
to Amazon and you can get an idea for how this works
outside of Google as well. So let’s say I’m going
for something like tripod. Now again here, it’s telling me right here how many searches there
are, again in Google though. It’s not searches in Amazon. It’s always pulling Google information. But again this is just really handy because it shows you right
then and there where we are, perhaps doing other kinds of research, what the search volumes might be so we can just get a feel for how popular these keywords are which is really cool. So tripod for iPhone gets more views and more searches than tripod for camera. Tripod for iPhone seven plus only has 3600 views per month, et cetera. Now where this is really
handy are some of my, are on some sites like
my favorite one here, I covered this in a number
of other content sniping tools in a previous video,
only do it in a card above. But I love this because
it tells me the questions that my audience is asking. And now in combination
with Keywords Everywhere I can get an understanding for well, how often are these
questions being typed in and being searched for. So for example, let’s do keto diet again. And I’m gonna go get questions. So the resulting page
is a wheel of questions that people are typing
in to find out answers related to this topic,
which is really handy in and of its own, but now that we have the keyword research data behind it, you’re gonna find it
even more interesting. So if you actually hover
over each of these keywords you’re gonna see some search volume here. However, don’t be worried. Most of them are gonna be
search volume zero per month. That doesn’t mean absolute zero. It just means there isn’t
really a significant amount of searches to actually show you anything in this tool. Now this is a little hard
to see and understand, but if you actually scroll
up and click on data, this is where you can get some good data. And now what I’m gonna
look for is out of these questions, which
questions actually do have a significant amount of searches. So if I scroll down here,
I’m sure we’ll find some. You don’t always find
some, but here we go. Does keto diet work. 1,900 searches per month. That’s a good clue that,
okay I need to answer that question on my website
or in a post of some kind. This is how I prove relevancy
to this particular topic and it’s gonna just help increase search engine rankings over all. What’s keto diet, that’s
only 170 searches per month. Here we go, here’s a big one. What to eat, keto diet, 5,400 per month. So a list of items that people can eat if they’re on the keto
diet, that’s a big one. Let’s keep going here,
see if there’s any other significant ones that are popping up. How to start keto diet? Let’s see, scroll down. How much protein, keto diet. So those are, I wanna
pull out those questions that have some sort of search volume here. It’s gonna be far less than
those other terms we’ve found just through Google alone. But I mean, that’s just
telling me right now what I should be writing about
or creating content about. Do you produce any content
or produce any products for a site like Etsy? It’s also gonna show
you stuff on Etsy too. So let’s say you have
a shop about wedding, wedding planning stuff. So let’s do wedding planning. So now I can see all the different sort of smaller more niche down
items within wedding planning or related keywords and
how many searches there are for each of them as well. So wedding planning glass, 70 per month. Again, this is pulling from Google, but it still gives us info
about what’s popular and not, we can assume for the most
part that it’s gonna be reflected on the same
platform that we’re on in searching through although
the numbers won’t be the same. Like there’s no 40,500
people searching for wedding planning book on Etsy every month. But we do know that there are more than wedding planning notebook. So again, that’s how
you would use this tool and it’s really handy as you go along. All right, next up we have Or obviously So, it
has the ability to have just a couple searches for
free before you sign up. If you sign up for free, you
get five additional searches so I’m just gonna use it once here. But it is really powerful
and I would recommend you check it out. You can subscribe to get
more searches if you’d like, but here we go. This is the homepage here
and if you just type in something like keto diet. This is what you’ll find. Find keywords. Now what I really like about this tool is just the layout and the
look of all this information. It’s quite easy to understand. For example, here on the
left hand side you’re seeing other suggestions and the
related search volume, the cost per click like before. But then you’re also
seeing here something, competition in PPC which is the same thing that that competition thing
like I talked about earlier. That’s not anything you wanna look at. But unlike a lot of other
tools, you’re also seeing keyword SEO difficulty here. And this is related to
a number of different link profile stats. You’ll also see something similar here when you look at the Google SERPs or search engine results pages. If you were to type in
this keyword into Google, these are the top 10
pages that would be there. But it’s also giving you
some background information about them. For example, the domain
authority, page authority, the rank through Moz which
is an amazing SEO company, MozTrust and a few other things. Links, these are external links that are pointing back to the website. And then also Facebook
shares which do play a role in search engine rankings as well. So you can kind of get a sense for, well okay if I were to create something, how possible might it be to rank for that particular keyword and you
can see, okay well I just have to do better than these websites. And you have some data now to
analyze what it might take. Now it’s not gonna happen overnight, but it is something that
if you create something worth and has value in
it, it can get shared, it can get linked to and that’s how you slowly climb the search engines there. Now you can see here on the left hand side with related to these suggested keywords, you can get a sense for how
competitive these keywords are. So the green numbers are better, means you have a likely chance. Where you see green means opportunity. So there’s some opportunity here. There’s some opportunity
here on the right hand side, the link profile strength for this one is really interesting. So what I would do from here is actually go into this post, check it out, try to understand, well why is it ranking and what could I possibly
do better than that one. Those are sort of like open doors for you to get access to this keyword
in the search engines. But if anything, even without
ranking in search engines, it’s still something that
you should be potentially covering in some shape or form. So for example down here, ketogenic diet foods. Yes there’s less search, but there’s less competition as well. If I were to scroll down, dieta
that’s more like a mistype. Scrolling down here, ketogenic bread. That seems like good opportunity. Even though there’s
not much search, again, talking about that item
will help your website become more relevant and it can help lift everything else up. Now what else is really
cool about this tool, one of my favorite parts about
it is the questions tab here. So if I go to questions and
then I hit search once again, you get a list of questions. Similar to what we found
in Answer The Public, but listed out in a
way that’s showing also the keyword competition too. Now the search volume
like in the other tool we just showed you is gonna be far less than what most people are
finding on other key words. But it’s because these are
questions that are much longer, these longer tailed keywords. But we can actually sort
these through search volume and again, these are very
similar to what we found on the other page, how to start keto diet. Let’s see here. What’s keto diet. What to eat, keto diet, yup. So again, these are
just topics that I know I should be writing about and a little bit of information about them as well. And then I can actually
click on each of these. So let’s pick this one for
example, how to start keto diet. I’m gonna click on that. I’ll now see the top 10 search results, or actually top 11 for
that particular keyword. I can go and analyze those and see, okay can I have a better link profile than these ones that appear
here based on authority and page ranking and such. So yeah, Facebook. If I were to write something of value, I might be able to rank for that keyword. All right, a similar tool
that a lot of people love is called SEM Rush. And actually when I was doing a lot of my niche site research back in the day, this is the tool that I absolutely loved. A, because these other ones didn’t exist, but also B, this is just very reliable and it also shows me
in a very beautiful way information that I need. Okay so here we are at
the homepage of SEM Rush and I’m logged into my
account so I can have access to a few more free searches. You get a limited number of
searches every single day after you sign up. And what’s really cool
here is you can type in a keyword like we did before. Keto diet, and hit enter. And it’s gonna give you a
lot of similar information to what we saw before. But I also love that it’s
showing us the trends too, I think that’s really important
because if it’s trending down you might wanna actually look at targeting a different
keyword or trying another related keyword that
people are typing in more. We’re gonna see a lot
of the similar things like the volume and the costs per click. If you scroll down you’re gonna see some of the top pages
in the search results. But where I really love to use this tool is actually putting in
websites and then getting information about those
websites and certain keywords that may also be targeting as well. So one thing I love to do
is start with a seed keyword just like we did and
scroll down and find the organic search results. And then I’m gonna look for a
website here like keto dash, for example so I’m gonna
highlight keto dash. And I’m gonna go up here
actually, I think I can click on this website
to get some information about that website. Yeah we could do it
that way or you can just type in a domain name. You can type in your own domain name too to get some information
about your website. Now I can get some information
here that’s really helpful. For example, the number
of total back links. And the search engine
traffic for this website. So in addition to that it’s also giving me some information about other keywords that this page is ranking for. So keto diet and it’s telling me it’s in position number two, for keto
it’s position number two. For what is keto diet,
is position number six. So this is an authority
website in the keto space which is really interesting to know. I might wanna go out
and see if I can develop a relationship with this person who owns this website or this company for example, or maybe work with them in
some way, shape, or form. Maybe guest post on their website so I can perhaps get some of that link juice coming from that website back
to mine, I don’t know. I can analyze this site
even a little bit more by going to back links and
getting an idea of, okay well where are these
back links coming from. Okay so here’s the
analysis on the back links of So actually, it’s giving
me an overview here. It’s giving me a trend
in terms of when these back links were created. You can see a lot in December
and that because the keto diet was kind of taking off at that point and that’s probably where they had a lot of good Google juice from. Back link types which you don’t even really need to worry about right now, where these back links are coming from. The anchors meaning the highlighted text that’s actually pointing
people back to this website from other websites. So you can see here, look
it, I’m seeing 28 day weight loss challenge. It’s giving me some ideas
about, okay well maybe that’s where a lot of the Google rankings and shares and information
like that is coming from, is from this challenge. There’s another one here. 149 coming from this one. Check out the 28 day
weight loss challenge now. So I wanna look into this a little bit. I can actually click through and find more information about this. Okay so for this one in particular, I can see the anchor text
on all these websites now. This is where links are
pointing back to keto dash. So miss fit living, thrive
strive, miss fit living, thrive strive. So I can upgrade to get
more, but this is giving me some ideas about,
okay these two websites which have some authority it seems are pointing back to this website. And I can go and actually
go into these posts and just kind of begin to understand how this space is working a little bit. I’m gonna go back here and
actually click on back links to get overall where else
might be links coming from. So for example,
miss fit living, miss fit living seems
to be a big one there related to weight loss and
challenges and things like that. So again, just a little
bit more information that’s gonna help me understand, okay what is the reason why people are linking back to this website. Can I create something more valuable? Can I create relationships
with those companies or those websites? How might I be able to
get even stronger websites link back to me? Again, this is a process here. It’s gonna take some
time for you if you wanna rank for these certain keywords, but this gives you some information so you’re no longer
approaching it blindly. All right, next up we’re
gonna talk about a tool that’s very popular in
the social media space, but not so much known as
a keyword research tool. But I think it’s important
for keyword research because based on the keywords
that you want to target, you’re gonna look for
content that is being shared. That’s gonna give you some ideas in terms of what’s hot right
now so that you can get a better chance of getting shared as well. Sharing and social media kind of metrics do play a role in search engine rankings. So let’s dive into this
tool called Buzzsumo. Now what I love about
Buzzsumo is that when you type in a keyword it gives
you a lot of information about okay, well what are people sharing about that topic right now. And as I can see here for keto diet, number one is this infographic
and now it’s giving me some information, and
I can see just how engage, or like how many engagements there are across different kinds of
social media platforms, which again, like I said, does play a role in search engine optimization. So if I were to type
in keto diet food list into Google, I might assume
that this will pop up because of just the sheer
volume of shares and engagement. Actually let’s go and test that right now. Keto, what is it? Keto diet food list. Scroll down. Now I see. So it is ranking on the first page. Keto diet food list infographic and PDF. But there are a lot, a
lot of ranking factors that are probably playing a role. This one by seems to be the one that is getting the most search volume and it’s probably because
it has some really great information as you can see here. Quite an extensive post. Now speaking of length of posts. What’s really interesting
about this as well is this tool, Buzzsumo will
give you information about, okay well what is common
or what is actually popular between all these things
that are being shared. So if I scroll down here, you’ll see okay, there’s a load of volume here. But what I’m gonna do
now is actually click on content analysis and hit search. And this is again for keto diet. And if I scroll down you’ll
see, okay out of 5,000 articles that were analyzed,
1.6 million shares. The average shares between
all of them is 320. Here’s a little bit of a
trend chart in terms of, okay when articles were
written and how many shares happened and when. But the coolest thing
is you scroll down here and you can see, okay here’s where most of the sharing is happening. Facebook and Pinterest. So this is telling me, okay
these are the platforms where people who are interested in this particular topic exist. And also it’s giving me a
little bit of information about the type of posts too. So check this out. Facebook, actually Pinterest you can see list type posts, how to
articles, why posts, videos. All those kinds of things. If I scroll down date published. Probably not as important, but here we go. Average shares by content length. So this is telling me
some information about if I wanna stack things in my favor to rank and actually get shared
for this particular keyword, here’s the information, 3,000 to 10,000 are getting the most shares. But however, on Facebook it’s
actually a little bit less. So when you are between,
oh well it is 10,000 words or more on Facebook. If I scroll down I can see
where sharing is happening., yummy
inspirations, keto recipes, yummy inspirations, YouTube, doctor ax. And you can scroll down
and get a little bit more information in the breakdown of where this engagement is happening. And again, engagement’s
just one ranking factor. It’s an important one,
but it’s also a great way to get additional traffic
beyond just keywords, keyword rankings and search
engine optimization itself. Keywords do play a role in social media and this is where again,
you can gather some more information using this
tool called Buzzsumo. Number five, Google’s search console. That is something you should
already have access to. This is something you should set up at the early stages of
building your website so that Google can start
to collect data for you and give you some good information about, well what needs help,
how things are going. Especially related to keywords
that you are ranking for. So let me dive in and
show you the back end of the search console for So it’s gonna give you
some information about, okay total clicks based on searches for certain time periods. Information if there’s any crawl errors and things that can be fixed. But I love looking at search traffic here and going to search analysis. And this is a keyword research
tool because it’s gonna tell you what you’re ranking
for so that you can go in and say, okay well maybe I should rank a little bit higher for this one. Let’s optimize the things
that I already have on my website so we can
get even more search volume for the stuff that we kind
of know is already working. So here is where you can
get some information. You can actually show the
number of impressions, meaning how often is your search result being shown to people,
that’s what’s here in red. Click through rates which
I think is real important and position as well. So I’m actually just
gonna go to impressions and click the rates, we’ll turn that off. So clicks and positions. So if I go down here you’ll see that the terms smart
passive income which is obviously my website,
it has a search volume of about 10,000 and it has 5,796 clicks at the number one position which is great. Now if I go down to my
first term that’s not my brand or me that’s affiliate marketing. As you can see there’s
a month search volume of 165,000 per month which
is great and 570 clicks. That’s probably because I’m at the bottom of the first page here. You can see I positioned 9.6. So if I actually click
through into that one you can see the position over time and you can see how many
clicks per day you’re getting. Now this is telling me, okay
well my average position is right at the bottom of the homepage. Perhaps I can go back into
that page and optimize it in such a way that maybe I
can climb a little bit higher and get some more clicks there. Let me go back and find another one and for whatever reason I’m
ranking for, I appreciate you. I did write a article
called I Appreciate You and why that’s important. Let’s go. How to launch a website,
I’m ranking 4.5 for that. 1600 in the volume. Let’s keep going down. Let’s see, can I sort by monthly volume? No. Maybe I can sort by position and find some keywords that
I’m ranking number one for that have a high search volume
that here, niche site dual. Ebooks the smart way, tips
on interviewing somebody, I ranked number one
for, that’s pretty cool. So again, this is just more information but what I wanna look for
are where I’m positioned on the first page, but I just know that I can perhaps optimize those pages so that I can actually
climb a little bit higher and when you climb a little bit higher on that search engine results page, you’re gonna get more results. So this isn’t a tool to
find new stuff to do. It’s a tool to find stuff
that you already have that you can improve. And I think that’s probably
where you should start. So make sure that you have
your search console hooked up and I’ll put in all the links
for all that information below in the description
so you can get access to not just this tool, but the other tool that I mentioned as well. And just using these five
tools, you should have a good understanding of what’s out there, the lay of the land of
the space that you’re in and what you can do to
improve and write articles that matter to the
people who are searching for this information. And the biggest piece
of advice I can give you is just try not to make
this overly complicated. Make it easy on yourself and don’t get too into the weed of the data. Yes, search volume and
competition and going into other competitor’s websites
to see what you can do better, yes that’s important. But you could go so deep
where you just don’t do any work or never publish anything and obviously if you do that, you’re never gonna rank for anything. So start with what you have. Improve it. Then go out there and create new content based on what people are searching for. Make it better than what
is out there already and over time Google’s gonna figure out, wow, your website and your blog or whatever it is you’re
creating is worth ranking higher and you’ll see that eventually
the cream rises to the top. And hey, really quick before you go make sure you subscribe to the channel. Thank you so much and make
sure you leave a comment below too, I’m curious, do you
have any tools that you use that I haven’t covered to help guide you when it comes to keyword research? How do you actually approach
what it is that you write or create content about. Everybody has a different way to do it. These are the five tools that I know about that can help you, but you can help me and the rest of the community too. So leave a comment below with
your special systems or tools. Thanks so much. Please subscribe and I’ll
see you in the next video.

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