Top 5 best practice tips for building your SEO Strategy

By | September 6, 2019

5 years ago the SEO mix was relatively concise, but the industry is ever evolving. SEO now requires a more integrated and advanced approach. So how do you develop your SEO brand strategy? To coincide with the launch of our SEO strategy report, we look at 5 good places to start. Historically, SEO was a discipline in its own right, siloed on its own away from other marketing and business operations. Modern SEO cannot work like that. Whether you are working in IT, in brand, in business development or strategy, SEO is your responsibility. The challenge in the boardroom level is to break down those organisational barriers, its important that you set company wide objectives, not just departmental objectives. Only then, when all of your business operations are working together for the greater whole, can you make the most of your SEO strategy. Content is the lifeblood of any effective and sustainable SEO strategy. Whether its functional content, that helps deliver customers to a given page on a keyword and drives conversion, or creative content, which helps build your brand generate social shares and high quality media coverage. Its important that any content you create is aligned to your business objectives, you need to understand where the gaps are in your current site, and close those gaps through meaningful content. You can then use creative content to help amplify your brand message and establish yourself as an authority through owned, earned and paid media. There was a time where SEO was about doing what was right for Google, rather than what was right for your customers. Modern SEO has almost turned that notion completely on its head. Of course, you still have to have a strategy that follows Google’s best practice guidelines, but the focus has to be squarely on the needs of your customer. As a brand you need to understand how your audience interacts online, where they are digitally active, what devices they are using – and the motivations for interacting with your brand. Only then can you create a content strategy that’s credible, useful, trustworthy, engaging and relevant. Tablets are now the preferred web browsing device, accounting for 30% of all UK internet traffic. When combined with smartphones, mobile devices account for 52%. so it important your strategy is created with mobile connected devices in mind. Its not just about creating a responsive website or a mobile app, the keywords may vary from mobile to desktop, you may need to streamline your checkout process, and content needs to be easily digestible on a smaller screen. So while we have talked about an evolved focus on content and consumers, its still important to get the basic principles of SEO right. Google is still looking ‘under the bonnet’ of your site so its important that its technically optimised, to help search engines discover your content and delivery the right landing page to the right keyword, you need to ensure your site is structured logically. Ensure the code is clean, that your site loads quickly, and that you use H1, H2, and H3 tags correctly. For more insights, tips and check-lists in shaping your own SEO strategy – download our 45 page report now. Thanks for watching.

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