Top 15 Scary Videos That Went TOO FAR!

By | March 7, 2020

15. Act of Revenge Have you ever seen some bizarre stuff at your
place of work? You might have been if you work at the Hello
Pizza takeaway in Liverpool, England. AUTHORITIES suspect this act of aggression
was an act of revenge. I
n August of 2017, a man wearing a hood tossed a box of pyrotechnics into the Hello Pizza
shop. They were lit of course, causing the staff
to try to flee the scene. CCTV footage caught the whole thing, as the
suspect opened the door, placed the box inside, and swiftly shut the door behind him, before
racing off. Staff sought cover, before the pyrotechnics
went off. One member of the staff jumped over the counter
in order to head to the kitchen, since the only way out was blocked by the box. The pyrotechnics are then seen erupting near
the entrance, they go across the walls and ceiling, while the employees safely hide in
the kitchen. The pizza shop’s manager said that he suspected
the man had targeted the shop. The manager said, “Those involved must have
seen that as us giving them up … We are just trying to run our business and earn a
living and now my staff are too frightened to come to work.” After watching this video, can you blame them? 14. Art Incident It’s a shark…it’s a duck. It’s neither of those things at all. In September of 2017, YouTuber Jack Heath
posted this video of an unidentified creature swimming in a river. He asks his audience to weigh in, saying his
friends couldn’t decide if it’s a shark or a duck. The short clip shows a dark river at night,
lights reflecting off the water. For a good twenty seconds, you can’t see
anything at all, although you can hear voices speculating on whether something unseen is
a shark or a duck. That is, until this spooky ghost-white creature
nearly surfaces at the edge of the water. Doesn’t look like a shark or a duck at all. As YouTuber Tweedle notes in the comments,
his friends were obviously talking about what caused the wake in the water earlier in the
clip, not this unidentified monster that briefly appears up close toward the end. YouTuber Colin Anderson suggests that the
creature is a plesiosaurus or something similar. He writes, “Though they’re originally from
a time period of many millions of years ago, so are alligators. They’re thought to be extinct, but maybe they’re
not. After all, they wouldn’t be the first creature
thought to be extinct that’s been to be found to be still alive.” While that might seem a good guess, the OP
mentions in the comments that the ghastly creature was just an eerily convincing art
installation. Who ever thought art could make your heart
stop? 13. Squatter An invasion of the home is violating enough. But what happens when the invader is a squatter? Posted by u/slavgavin to the r/chillsnarrator
subreddit, this video was originally published to YouTube by ChinoSkyBlue in April of 2017,
who explained, “When I opened my front door, there was a … girl squatting in my apartment. I had been renting the apartment since March
1 but had not been staying there. On Friday April 14 when I entered my apartment
to retrieve some clothes this is who was in my apartment.” At the beginning of the video, the woman in
question runs up to the man filming, saying she didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to
be here. She asks if he’s going to show anyone this
video, and he responds that he’s calling the AUTHORITIES. As the man continues to film, the woman says
she “doesn’t want to get caught up in this,” whatever that means, and claims she
doesn’t remember the previous night and just woke up here. She asks the man not to hold her there, but
the man insists that she stay to explain to the AUTHORITIES what’s going on. She starts to panic, but he says he’s not
pressing charges against her. The only one he has a problem with is whoever
has allowed her here. While the girl steps outside, claiming she
doesn’t know what’s going on. That’s where the video ends. We’d sure like an update on what happened
after this, why this girl was squatting here, who let her in, and what happened as a result. But the channel hasn’t posted any further
videos. Does anyone have any idea what’s going on
here? Some in the comments think the man handled
the situation well. Others suggest she’s “crazy” and he
should be more cautious with the situation. But YouTuber mcrone 435 perhaps has the most
interesting theory. He writes, “Plot twist: that’s her house.” 12. The Not-So-Great Escape This is one for the books. Imagine planning your BEHIND BARS break via
helicopter…and actually succeeding. Sounds like something straight out of Mission
Impossible, but that’s what happened in Montreal, when a man attempted to stage a
helicopter escape from a detention centre in March of 2013. The whole thing was caught on the centre’s
security camera, and the footage was posted to YouTube by the Montreal Gazette. Two of his men sprung their boss from BEHIND
BARS by hiring a helicopter pilot for what they claimed would be a sightseeing tour. Once they’d taken off, one of these men
ordered the pilot to land on the detention centre roof to pick him up and another detainee,
seen here trying to climb a rope. After successfully gathering everyone, the
pilot was ordered to deliver them near the Esterel Hotel in Ste-Adele, where a getaway
car was waiting. Fortunately for the AUTHORITIES, the men were
about as good at hiding out as they were at escaping…meaning pretty dumb at it. They were tracked down later the same day
and, after a battle with the AUTHORITIES, all four were TAKEN INTO CUSTODY. HE had been awaiting trial after hiring a
man who had been ordered to commit two LIFE TAKINGS and two attempted LIFE TAKINGS. In February of 2018, HE was sentenced to life
BEHIND BARS. Then later, an additional 16-years for his
attempted high-profile escape. Considering him as “high risk” in attempting
another escape, he will serve his sentence in a restrictive section of the jail that
allows little interaction with others and little outside activity. It seems the mission was, indeed, impossible. 11. Possessed or Not? If you saw someone in a window, just standing
and staring, what would you think? Would you consider it abnormal? Would you be concerned about their mental
state? These Lithuanians saw this strange staring
man as cause for concern, when they posted this video to their YouTube channel. Reposted to the r/chillsnarrator subreddit
by u/Martillo_, the redditor writes, “Couple of Lithuanian YouTubers are driving with other
couple friends around the city and they come across this strange guy in his apartment. They’re saying that he maybe is possessed” The windows in the building across from the
Lithuanians’ car are all darkened, apart from one brightly lit window on the second
floor. There, stands a man, appearing to stare out
into the night, oddly still. Upon closer inspection, the man looks like
he’s rolling his head around, before turning to the side and staring off again. He stares forward for a time, this having
gone on for a solid minute, before turning around and switching off the light in his
apartment, likely because he notices the men outside are shining their light up at his
window, watching him. Martillo notes that although the men in the
video are laughing, the image of someone staring out their window blankly is somewhat scary. He says the behavior is strange. While that may be so, you could argue the
same for the behavior of the occupants of this car… 10. Coupler Riding In England, traveling on the outside of a
tram has become a trend, with “coupling” taking that trend even further. The act is such a bad idea that Transport
for Greater Manchester released CCTV footage of “tram surfing” to warn those doing
it that they’re taking things too far.. According to the transport heads, dozens of
incidents have been reported, including this incident caught on surveillance camera. The footage of a “coupling unit” – that
is, a pair of people riding the outside of the tram at once – shows just what tram
drivers are having to deal with. The thrill seekers were seen coupling along
the Altrincham Line, riding the tram in this way at speed for around ten minutes. Is this trend taking thrill-seeking too far? You decide. Authorities asked parents to talk with their
kin about the risks of such travel trends, and also encouraged passengers to alert authorities
about any sightings of tram surfing or coupler riding. 9. Horsing Around Sometimes when you’re horsing around on
TikTok, you capture something you’d least expected. @shannonbrianna claims to have caught a ghost
on camera. The clip shows an animated avatar doing a
little dance, excited to go to bed. But watch the picture in the mirror. A shadow crosses its path, making the otherwise
innocent scene wholly unnerving. Was someone in the room with Shannon? Was that a shadow figure, or just a regular
old ghost? Whatever it is, not sure I’d be so excited
to go to bed after seeing a creepy shadow across my bedroom wall. 8. Pranked Too Far Anyone who’s ever pulled a prank knows that
it can quickly go too far. No one more so than YouTuber FaZe Rug. In a prank video posted in December of 2017,
FaZe Rug writes: “Today I decided to do the scariest prank I’ve ever done and we took
it a little too far… [she] ended up crying but the prank was a SUCCESS!” Just how scary was this prank? Well, imagine chatting and watching TV with
your cousins, when you hear a knock on your second-floor balcony window. Ryan had climbed a ladder to the roof in order
to pull off this prank, and it proved successful, as his targets jumped in fear at the noise. But that wasn’t the end of it. Ryan next shakes the handle of the balcony
door in a frenzy, causing the trio to race from the room. He hops to another balcony, slamming on that
door as well. Nour, the girl being pranked, then calls Ryan,
asking where he is and telling him there’s someone outside the home. Ryan claims to be getting food and, seemingly
happy that he made Nour so distressed, he tells her they’re on their way. Donning a freaky mask, Ryan knocks on the window one last time,
before hopping to the opposite balcony and bursting through the
door that they had previously unlocked. Seeing the masked intruder reveal that he’s
actually their cousin, the boys laugh the prank off, but Nour looks clearly pretty upset
about it. Would you be able to find this funny? Or would the stoking of your fear and adrenaline
go too far? 7. “REAL PARANORMAL ACTIVITY”? When things go haywire in your own home, it’s
easy to jump to a paranormal conclusion. Especially when there appears to be poltergeist
activity. Posted to YouTube in January of 2012, the
uploader explains: “This is real footage taken at my house…. as you can see the way
the bottle moves this is inhuman and impossible for a human to make a bottle move and gesture
in these motions. this is totally real and SCARY so if you are
faint of heart do not watch this please THIS IS VIDEO OF REAL PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.” In the video, the men enter the kitchen, where
a bottle on the floor appears to be rolling around of its own accord. After they enter the room, it stops for a
moment, before spinning around again. It twirls on its side and then stands straight
up on its base. One brave man picks it up and puts it on the
kitchen counter, which is where the clip ends. YouTuber MrlWOP2 in the comments suggests
there’s helium in the plastic bottle. But most people are more alarmed by the zebra-patterned
cupboards than the so-called ghost. Jennichelle writes, “That zebra print would
make even a plastic bottle want to escape a room!” So, is this a supernatural case or simply
a case of terrible interior design? Only that soda bottle knows. 6. Haunted Store Not only do you have to worry about pyrotechnic
incidents at work, you might have to worry about ghosts as well. YouTuber JoeyNike12 posted this video of a
store he claims is haunted in Kingsville. At the beginning of the video, he tells a
coworker, “Let’s go record that room,” before heading to the haunted room in question. They set a video camera up to record the purportedly
paranormal activity that occurs in this room. About three minutes into the footage, you
can see a dustpan move ever so slightly…and then, not ever so slightly. It falls over and, a moment later, the door
next to it slams closed. The boys re-enter the room nonchalantly, not
knowing the strangeness that has just occurred there. But after coming across this video that went
too far, they may not want to enter this haunted storage room ever again. 5. Haunted House What would you do if you lived in a haunted
house? YouTuber Charles Laurita & The Mischief decided
to film it. He posted this video in June of 2011, writing,
“My house is seriously haunted, and I am still freaked out about this.” In the video, he claims he always hears noises
coming from his room, even when there’s no one there. And while he’s in his room, he feels a strange
presence. After setting up a camera at night with the
lights on, he discovered something strange around two hours into the footage. Here’s what he found. The video shows a shot of the room, somewhat
unfocused, with a chest of drawers, a black guitar case leaning up against it, and a door. After a moment, the light on the chest of
drawers starts to shake back and forth slightly. Something falls off the top of the chest,
and then the door to the left swings closed with exactly no one in sight. Many in the comments are freaked out by this
bizarre clip, with BTSNellyThickemz writing, “Move out of that … house!” Others agree they would have high-tailed it
out of that place. What would you do if this was your home? 4. Haunted Studio When you’re laying down some beats alone
at night, the last thing you want to see is a phantom specter drift past a window out
of the corner of your eye. This video was posted by East Coast Radio’s
YouTube Channel in October of 2013. In the description, they write, “In the
middle of Sirshin’s late night show, the lights and desk shut down and a mysterious figure
appeared in the studio area. This area is secured – nobody can get into
it without fingerprint authorisation, and records show no one entered the studio complex
– apart from Sirshin himself.” If we take the studio’s word for it, you
must admit that such events would be super creepy. And when you watch the video itself, you feel
even more unnerved. The shot shows Sirshin at the mixing console,
the lights dancing up and down the table. All the lights in the studio are on. A moment later, they all shut off. Apart from the computer monitors and emergency
lights, darkness falls over the studio. Sirshin picks up the phone to call someone
and stands up. Watch the window off to his right. A dark hulking figure lurks past, which seems
to alarm Sirshin, as no one is supposed to be in the studio. He heads over to the window to get a better
look before returning to the phone. The mysterious figure doesn’t appear again. While likely not a phantom, as the mystery
man looks too solid to be supernatural, what would an intruder be doing entering the studio
at night? Being that no theft was mentioned, it doesn’t
seem burglary was the motive. And why did the lights go out? All very mysterious. Do you think you know what caused this? 3. Noises Not of This World Have you ever heard something in nature that
doesn’t sound natural at all? This video was crossposted by u/cursedcurses
to the r/chillsnarrator subreddit, who thought these sounds were weird enough to share. Originally posted to r/Whatisthis by u/SirMSport,
the redditor explains that the strange sounds seem to be originating from the woods and
the sky surrounding his house in rural Georgia. He said although his phone ran out of battery,
he heard the sounds long after the recording ends. The user asks the reddit community for help
in identifying the source of these sounds. After asking a few of his neighbors, who said
they hadn’t heard such noises before, one of these neighbors, who lives on a hill, said
the sounds seemed to be coming directly from the sky. Listen closely. The noises sound like irregular high speed
traffic for a moment. But then another tone enters in, like a spaceship
door opening. The murmur continues, oscillating slightly. There are many theories in the comments, with
wolfishfluff coming up with one of the most likely theories, suggesting that it sounds
like a power plant or generator farm. He notes the revving up sound could be the
activation, while the woom-woom-woom is the regulating of the power plant. He writes, “My guess is that there is one
of these facilities somewhere in your area, and the sound is coming from the sky because
you’re far enough away that basically the sound is bouncing off the atmosphere and then
traveling to you. This would cause the muffling and the distortion.” Other less likely theories include alligators,
unknown flying objects, or a big tunnel. Any other suggestions? What do you think these sounds may be? 2. Visit with Grandma Things can get out of hand. This video reveals when people and things
have gone just a little too far. Sometimes those darnedest things send chills
down our spine. This video will make you question the after-life. Tariqelite writes: “A woman goes to her
mother’s grave to visit. Her little girl seems to be waving and talking
to someone and even kisses them.” Tariq goes on to ask if it’s true that they
can see into spiritual realms. The video shows a sweet girl, likely not older
than 2, standing near a headstone, waving. She appears to be looking up into nothingness
but seeing something. She greets the invisible specter, standing
on top of the grave to get a better look. She even reaches up with one pointed finger,
before dismounting from the grave. Some in the comments suggest that the young
girl’s “frequency” hasn’t been “fully compromised” yet by the Earth, while others
say that our ancestors are always with us. Do you agree? Are young ones able to visually access a frequency
that we’re not capable of reaching? This video seems to be proof that there really
is something just beyond the veil. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. Are you curious about what I look like in
real life? Then go to my instagram, @dylan_is_chillin_yt
to find out. Do you like my narrations? If you answered yes, then tap the follow button
and thank you for your support. It’s a proven fact that generosity make
you a happier person. So if you’re generous enough to hit the
subscribe button and the bell beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new video
we upload every Tuesday. 1.Overflowing Auto Rickshaw Many drivers fill their cars, buses, and bikes
to the brim. But when they go a little too far, it can
make the roads unsafe for travel. This is one of those cases. In this CCTV footage, an overflowing auto
rickshaw causes a vehicle crossing a narrow bridge to plummet off the side. The INCIDENT occurred in Orchha town in India,
off balancing the car with its five passengers, although it appears everyone in the auto rickshaw
was alright. The auto rickshaw was speeding over the bridge,
where it impacted with the car. Despite the driver of the car attempting to
avoid it, it didn’t avoid toppling off the bridge into the water below. A moment later, two men can be seen trying
to climb out of the submerging vehicle. One of these men had the foresight to grab
the baby and tried to give him to the onlookers overhead on the bridge. He wasn’t yet safe. He fell back into the water, and one of the
men jumped in to save him. Thankfully, everyone made it out of the water,
as the spectators helped rescue them from the river. They were taken nearby for medical attention. Unfortunately, the culprit who caused this
fled the scene.

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