Top 10 WordPress Themes for Real Estate Agents And Investors

By | August 23, 2019

– Hey guys, what’s up? This is Seth from the RETipster blog and in this video we’re gonna talk about 10 of the best real
estate WordPress themes on the market today. And if you’ve got a website that’s currently running on WordPresss, or if you’re thinking about
building a new website, we’re just gonna cover some
of the different features and benefits that these
different themes have to offer and why you might want to
consider some of these options for your website. Stick around. (mellow digital music) Okay, so if you’re a small business owner there’s a fair chance you’ve got a website that may be running on WordPress. And WordPress is one of those options that’s relatively easy to work with, as far as websites go. I wouldn’t say it’s
necessarily the easiest thing if you’re a beginner or if you
have no website experience, but if you know even a little bit about it WordPress is fairly easy to work with. And when it comes to WordPress sites typically what people will
do is they will go out and they will find either a free theme or they will go out and
pay money for a theme. The nice thing about
a good WordPress theme is that if you have no coding experience, if you have no idea what
you’re doing, like me, a theme will fill in a lot of those gaps and just give you a basic framework from which you can then
continue building your website. It will sort of control
the look, and the feel, and the font, and the
color, and just the layout. A lot of different things
that would otherwise take a lot of work to do if
you didn’t have this theme to sort of get you to that next step. And as far as themes go, there’s lots and lots
of options out there. When it comes specifically
to a real estate website, it’s usually a good idea to just go ahead and pay for a premium theme, and usually the cost we’re talking about is $100 or less than that. So it’s not crazy expensive considering what it can do for you. And if you have no idea
where to find a good theme, whether you’re an investor, or an agent, or a property manager, or a landlord, or any of these things, then I think you’re gonna
find this video helpful because we’re gonna talk
about 10 options out there. And they’re definitely
not the only options. But these are 10 solid options that can really take a lot of the guesswork out of your design process. And as I went out
searching for these themes I tried really hard to only pick ones that had very very high
ratings and good reviews. So I think no matter what
you choose from this list you’re probably gonna
have some pretty good luck and a pretty good experience with it, so let’s dive into it and
I’ll show you what I found. Alright so the first one on this list is a theme from a company
called Studio Press. It’s called AgentPress Pro. And I’ve actually worked with this theme for a number of years now. As you can see here, the price is $99.95. The thing I like about this theme is that I think they call
it a widgetized layout. So basically in WordPress
they have these things called widgets and you can
set them in different places on your website. So for example, this thing
right here is a widget. If you didn’t want this
showing on your website you could just remove it completely and not have it be there. If you didn’t want this
picture in the background you could remove that as well. These things right
here, these are widgets. So if you wanted to,
you could remove these and not have those there. This is a widget, this
is a widget over here, this is a widget as well. So it’s just a really
nice layout if you want to pick and choose which
one of these elements to have show on your website. They’ve got this nice thing down here where you can give a
little bit of information about yourself. If you’re an investor or an agent and you wanna just explain
more about your background, and your qualifications you can do that. Nice little social media icons. Let’s take a look at one
of these property listings so we can see what those look like. Looks pretty nice. I believe this one, and for that matter most of
these themes we’re going through have IDX integration,
which means, basically, have a live feed to
show certain properties from MLS listings if you wanted to. Or you could just skip that altogether and just post properties on here that are off the MLS
and you just have them privately on this
website if you wanted to. This theme has a few
different color options if you want it to be green, for example, I use this theme on my buying website land and green kinda goes well with land, so that’s the color that
I’ve got going on mine. Looks kinda like this with a
land picture in the background. Or you could do gold, or you could do red. Some pretty nice options. This is also a mobile responsive theme, so it’s gonna look really
good whether you’re viewing it on a desktop computer, on an
iPad, or on your mobile phone. The next one on this list
is called Agent Focused Pro and again this is also from Studio Press. And this one, it’s actually
somewhat similar to Agent Pro, just in terms of the look and feel but it has some elements that make it look a little bit different. For example, the featured
listings kind of give a little bit more
prominence to the pictures, so if you’ve got really
good, high-resolution, high-quality pictures, those
are gonna look great here. It’s also not back if you
have certain communities or groups of properties
you’re trying to advertise. From one I can see this one just sorta looks a little bit more visually pleasing, just in terms of bigger pictures and a greater focus on whatever
images you have uploaded. Let’s take a look at what
these listings look like here. This is what the pages look like when you are highlighting a
certain community, for example. Or if you wanted to list
just a specific property those listings look like this with this big beautiful
image here at the top. So this is another thing to keep in mind. If you don’t have good
high-resolution images of your properties then this might not be the best theme for
you because this sort of capitalizes on beautiful imagery, so if you don’t have that or if you can’t bring that to the table, then it’s probably going to
do you more of a disservice because it’s highlighting
the lack of pictures or the low quality, poor
pictures that you might have. This one also has a nice property map that integrates Google
maps, so that’s kinda cool. And again this one is mobile responsive, just like the Agent Pro theme. It also has IDX integration,
so you can list properties directly from MLS. In terms of customizing the theme, you can add your own unique logo. And the colors you can
set them to be pretty much whatever you want them to be, so those are kind of the
highlights of this theme. Alright now, moving on to the next one. This theme is called HomePRO,
from Template Monster. And this one is 75 bucks. If we take a look at the demo, this is kinda how it looks. Again this is also mobile responsive, as are pretty much all of these themes. This is another theme that
really makes a big deal out of whatever images you upload, so if you’ve got really
good high-quality images, say if they’re professionally taken, or if you just have images that
are really high-resolution, those can be very very ideal
for this type of website. And again, if you don’t,
then this might not be the best theme for you because this kind of capitalizes on those big beautiful images,
assuming you have them. It’s got a pretty nice layout. If we take a look at one
of these property listings we can see more about how those look. It’s pretty easy to navigate through here and take a look at the different pictures. It has a nice slider feature here, so that looks pretty nice. You can get a good
summary of each property, and it’s all laid out really
nicely with good fonts. You’ve got Google map integration
here at the bottom as well with a nice big profile picture
of the agent or investor or whoever the sales person is. Phone numbers, social media
links, all that stuff. So I thought this one was
an all around good theme. And again, just to give you
an idea of what this thing looks like on a tablet, this is kinda how it’s spaced out. Or like this if it’s being
viewed on the wide angle. And on a mobile phone it
looks like this as well. So pretty much any kind of
device you’re looking at, it’s gonna look good. So thought this was a great theme. Could definitely be worth checking out. Move on to the next theme here. This one is from Theme Forest. This one is called Home
Town, and it looks like this. It’s got a nice slider
feature here at the top so you can kinda take a look at different properties that way. Something I thought was really interesting about this particular theme is that you can actually
use it for a collaborative real estate listing site. So say if you are running
a real estate agency with several different agents or several different
investors or sales people, or even if you’re running
any kind of community where other people are going to want to participate in your website. You can actually open this
up so that a lot of people can add their own listings. And in return for that,
say if you’ve got a website that has a lot of traffic or
it’s gonna get a lot of traffic you can charge people
to post their properties on your website. Or you can just let ’em do it for free. It’s kinda up to you. But I just kinda thought that
was a really cool feature that I had never really seen
in a theme like this before. It’s also got some really
nice search functionality if you want to get really specific about the types of properties
you’re looking for. And again, this is what the
listing pages look like. You can add video if you want. Get a good look at the images. You can click on them to see
bigger versions of the images. See all the information down here that’s all tabbed out nicely. Map information, contact
form, pretty nice theme. I was pretty impressed with it. I haven’t actually worked with this or tried to use it myself in any capacity, so I don’t know if it’s super
complicated to work with on the back end, but just in terms of the basic, bare bones infrastructure it gives you, it looks like it can put out
a pretty nice end product. So definitely one worth checking out depending on what your needs are. Next one on the list. This one is also from Theme Forest. Currently at 59 bucks. This one actually has a bunch of different layouts you can use. Say, for example, if
you wanted to have one big beautiful image at the
very top of the website you could totally do that
with one of these options. It’s a pretty nice inviting layout where you can just click
on this to see the listings right off the bat. Here’s another example of
what that could look like for more listings like this. If we check out what
these listings look like. This kinda gives you an idea. And again, given the huge placeholder that it gives us for these images you’re gonna wanna make
sure that you’ve got some good high-resolution pictures because if they’re low-resolution or if they’re not very good, it’s gonna sort of bring
down the look and feel of your whole website. So definitely use this,
but be sure you’ve got some great pictures to
feature because if not it could hurt more than it helps. One thing I notice about this one is that in order to
see all the information you kinda have to scroll
down a little ways. So you have to do a
little bit of searching, but again it gives you a lot of options for including a lot of details, assuming people are
actually gonna scroll down. If you wanna take a look at some of the other layouts they have. We’ve got this one as well. This one has some smaller pictures up here with some search functionality
right at the top. Or this one here just starts with the map at the very top, so really lots of flexibility
with this theme option. If you want to get a high quality theme but you’re not quite sure
what the final look and feel should look like on your website this might be a good pick
just because if you don’t like how one version of the site looks you can always switch it
to one of these other ones pretty easily. So WP residence theme
could definitely be one that’s worth checking out. Moving on to the next on here. This one is called DreamVilla. Again, this one’s also from Theme Forest and I thought this one was pretty cool because the idea behind this
theme is only to be used to advertise a single property. So say, for example, if
you’ve got a vacation or rental home, or a single
property that’s going to be advertised again and
again on an ongoing basis, this could be a really good fit for that because you can just get one URL, just name it after the
address of your property, or something like that, and you can just put all the
information about that property on here and it allows you to
either create a full website like this with a navigation bar, or if you want you can just
have it be a one-page site, so there’s really nowhere to go other than simply
scrolling down like this. And it has all the information
about the property. If we stretch this out a little bit it shows a little bit better. Pretty nice ideal fit for
anybody who’s trying to just put all the information
about one property out there. It’s just a really nice idea that if you’ve got a single property that needs to get a lot of air time and not get lost among
dozens of other listings you might have on your market. The next theme on this list is another one that is also built to
advertise a single property. And this one’s pretty sharp. It starts off with this
huge picture up at the top, and you can check out other pictures by clicking here at the bottom. Just gives you a really
nice look at the property and any features that it has. It has all the basic
information right here. Click on this to schedule a showing. You continue to scroll down, you can get all the basic details about it and click on these pictures here just brings us a larger version so we can see more
information and details. We’ve got this thing where
we can contact the agent and it brings us to this contact page. And keep in mind, you
don’t necessarily need to be an agent to use this. Say if you’re a landlord
or a property manager or an investor and you just
want somebody to contact you, you can just skip the
whole agent terminology and just put your own information here. It’s also got a nice
place for a video tour if you want to add one
of those to the website. Section here for
frequently asked questions. Maps and videos. Just a lot of good
information baked in here. And if you’ve just got one property that you want to draw
a lot of attention to and give it the air time it deserves, this could be a great option to work with. The next theme on the list here is called Real Places,
again from Theme Forest. And this one has got a
few different formats that you can show it in. I’m gonna click on this
one here and just show what this one looks like. It’s really good at
showing property images that are interactive and have these nice little design elements right next to them. I thought that was pretty sharp. This is another one of
those examples where assuming you’ve got the
high-quality pictures and all the information here, it’s gonna make you
look very very credible, like you’re on your A-game,
like you’ve spent tons of money to have a top notch designer
put this together for ya. It’s got all the
information you’d ever want here at the bottom. Social media buttons, all
this other information. Nice search ability up here. I just thought it was a really nice theme. Let’s check out one of these listings and just see what those look like. Looks pretty good. Go ahead and click on these
and look at other pictures here like this if we click
on these pictures here it’ll show us larger versions of them. Got the agents or the
salesperson’s information over here on the right. Let’s scroll down, see more info about it. We got a video here, Google
maps, mortgage calculator. Pretty much all the basics you’d want. And if you want to give
your visitors the ability to download a PDF of
information on the property you can do that as well. Pretty cool; lots of nice
features that you can use. And I just thought it
was a really nice option to be aware of. Another really sharp theme I came across was this one called Bellaina, I think I’m pronouncing that right. This one is also from Template Monster. Perfect rating all at five stars. So pretty much everybody
who’s left a review so far has loved it. If we check out the demo
we can kinda get an idea for what this thing looks like. Got some nice map stuff going on here. And some good search functions. Nice big image header up here at the top. We can go ahead and click on the stuff and take a look at the listings. Let’s see what these listings look like. Looks like a pretty
clean design and layout. It’s not terribly busy, but
it’s got enough information to just show us what we need
to know about the property. I believe both this theme
and the Home Pro theme are built on what’s called
the cherry framework. Which, I don’t have a
ton of experience with, but it looks like it’s
a pretty good layout and it seems to work pretty well. A few similarities between this
one and the Home Pro theme, but all in all it’s pretty
unique in and of itself. And has some really nice
features that can be used. If we go back here to the home page and just keep scrolling down we kinda see how it shows these huge
pictures of each property. So again, if you’ve got good
images of the properties you’re trying to see
this could be a great way to showcase those. And again, this one is mobile responsive just like pretty much all these are. So if we view them on different devices you can kinda see how it looks good pretty much no matter what
you’re looking at this website on and if we check out what it
looks like for a mobile phone it’s pretty easy to use. Everything’s easy to read. Seems to work pretty well. So, if you want to check this one out for your real estate
website I think it could be a pretty solid option for ya. Then the final one here on the list is called the Landmark from Theme Forest. And this is one of the cheaper themes on this list at 39 bucks. This theme has a five star review, which is really not that
common to have a perfect score. So, I thought that was kinda notable. If we take a look at the demo here we can sorta get some
ideas for how it can look. And there’s some different
layout options available here. This right here is one option, again you’re gonna
wanna make sure you have a really nice, high-quality,
high-resolution picture here to make your whole website look great. And keep in mind, if you
don’t necessarily have a good picture for one of
your actual properties, you could always check out a website like that has
thousands of very high-quality, high-resolution open source images that you don’t have to pay anything for. So just keep that in mind. If you’re looking at one of these themes but you’re not quite sure if you can find a great picture to use,
definitely check out There is just a ton of free value there in the pictures that they have available. Want to check out some of
these other template options. Let’s check out the home map vertical. This kinda gives you an
idea for how this looks. There’s no properties in here so it’s not really showing
us much of anything, but overall it’s just
got a really nice layout. It’s pretty easy to follow. It looks a little bit busy here, but it provides a lot
of helpful information for people who wanna find out
more about your properties. They should be able to
find everything here, assuming you put the information in. It’s also got a spot here for a video, Google maps as well. Nice little mortgage
calculator here at the side. Some good search functionality. Personal profile information. So, if you’re just getting started and you’re on a shoestring budget, and you want the most
theme that you can get for the least amount of money, this could be a pretty good fit. Just given that it’s one of the
least expensive options here on the Theme Forest marketplace. So there you have it. Those are the 10 best real
estate WordPress themes that I know about. If you want to check out any of those I’m gonna have affiliate links
to each one of these themes beneath this video. So be sure to click those links if you wanna support the RETipster blog. And if you do end up working
with any of these themes, be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know how it went. If you have any suggestions
for other themes I didn’t list here definitely
let me know about that too. Thanks for watching. Wish you all the best with your website and I’ll see you next time.

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