Top 10 SEO Tips | Search Engine Optimization Tips 2016

By | September 9, 2019

here the following top 10 search engine
optimization tips for 2016 one content to keyword research 3 keyword phrases fool keyword ratio five text styling 6 images 7 video tax 8 analytics 9 showcase coverage 10 back links content everyone knows that the content
is king if you have to add content you will rank
well nowadays copy paste doesn’t work just right here in the article get new ideas right unique and helpful how people’s with your article you will get positive response from
search engines keywords before you write any content go to
keyword tool and find the best keywords to write article select the right keywords for your
article use tools such as Google planner or long
tail pro to see which keywords are best for you raises stay away from 10 to would key phrases select up to three word key phrase keep in mind if you get along keyword and he will
rank well because the long key phrases are easy to
rank in search engines select needs key phrase with low
competition and some traffic keyword ratio keyword ratio is also important if you are using WordPress there are
many plugins but I will suggest you to use CEO process this is the top CEO plugin since 2010
2016 it shows the keyword density to to a keyword density ratio should be 3% text styling if you are writing helpful stuff then
please socialize your post you can applets italicized belden
underline etc kisses tip for you too bold underline
italicize your keyword it will help you much images please use images in your post at least one image i jus a keyword in Alton title tax video tykes Tiger videos with the proper
keywords to rank high in search engines you can use it anywhere you want title description and tags are important
things use your key would once in title
description and tagged analytics do regular analysis via Google Analytics
and other search engines like they yelled expired etcetera showcase coverage important to have an easel press room on
your website is it provides a source for update content if you develop your own site that we
need to set up WordPress blog on your subdomain it will help you to get more visitors backlinks this is the most important thing for any
website back links and made easily you will need to follow this example to
get ranked on your key would if you like my work then please shut up
ten search engine optimization tips 40,000 16

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