Top 10 SEO Chrome Extensions and Apps for Marketing Agencies

By | August 15, 2019

So if you’ve ever tried to find a Chrome
extension to help with SEO you can actually find that it’s pretty
overwhelming in today’s video I’m going to go through the top ten SEO Chrome
extensions for you to use and trust me you’re going to want to use these as
you’re performing keyword research or even just SEO research for campaigns so
stay tuned we’re going to cover that in this video all right welcome back and thank you for
joining me my name is Jordan Steen also known as Cereal Entrepreneur and at this
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free trainings and giveaways that we do here at my channel now the cool thing is
if you’re a Google user like most of you are and if you’re not then I strongly
suggest downloading Google Chrome as a web browser and using it because of the
simple fact that they’ve created this really cool feature called chrome
plugins and what these plugins essentially allow you to do is add tools
to basically any web browser or any Chrome web browser that you’re using and
it gives you different functionalities and especially for SEO it allows you to
look at different features of the website and how it’s performing and
we’re going to show you 10 tools in this video that you’re definitely going to
want to use but before we do that I want to tell you guys to make sure you stay
tuned to the end of this video because we’re gonna be four tools that are going
to help you increase your search traffic by 50% at the very least if you’re using
these tools properly you’re going to get more traffic to your site so stay tuned
to the end we’ll talk about that too all right so the app number one or the first
thing we want to go through for these Chrome extensions is buzzsumo and what
it essentially does is if you’re looking for ways to create content or who to
even gather content from this gives you a quick look at that so you can go to a
web page and just click the Chrome extension and it’s actually going to
show you the total amount of engagements on each social platform and then the
Evergreen score and the number of links it’s been back linked out to or how many
links have been back linked then you can always click analyze website and go over
it’ll direct you over to buzzsumo site where they’ll put it through the content
analyzer and it’ll pull up a ton of information and data for you to look at
Buzzsumo’s Chrome extension number one free download out there for SEO
definitely check out this tool tool number two that we’re gonna go into is
SEO quake and you can see this tool right here it actually shows you several
different things so it’ll show you general page info how it ranks with
Alexa Google bing SEM rush web archive I think what’s this SEMrush
subdomain backlinks there’s tons of different
places where you can rank your site and this shows how you are indexed or ranked
on each site for specific keywords in your niche now again keep in mind these
are the free tools so these aren’t 100% accurate and even if you’re paying for
the paid version it’s not 100% accurate so there is some discrepancies but just
know that it does give you a general idea so Facebook Likes you can see is at
1.7 if we pulled up buzzsumo like we just went into you guys can see we have
about 1.7 engagements right there and that’s about how many people have liked
your page that’s what that is right there so pretty cool tool but again the
SEO quake tool is really cool you can look at internal breakdowns of your site
external breakdowns of your site density on keywords and things of that nature
and showing how popular that or how prominent that keyword is whether it’s a
header tag whether it’s actually found in the Meta Description and whether it’s
found in the title all of these things report are important information that
you want to be tracking as you’re building your SEO and as you’re starting
to try and rank specific keywords and really quickly guys just a quick tip SEO
for mobile is making a huge difference in how you should actually be optimizing
your website’s along with voice search so if you’re looking for information on
that you’re going to want to check out this video we put together in the top
right hand corner the third tool we’re going to go into is check my links and
you can see that it actually shows all of the different places on a website
where there are links whether it’s being basically a redirect if you’re using
redirect links or if you have invalid links now again these are free tools so
I want to show you guys for example it says invalid links too right number one I
couldn’t even find the second invalid link number two is it’s saying that my
Twitter link is invalid but if you click it open you can clearly see that it’s
going to take you to a web page that is valid right so you can’t again always
rely on these 100% like even up here it was saying just a second ago it was
caching these as false now you can see they’re actually valid links so again
don’t take it 100% but this is something where you can go into a website do a
quick analysis and it will point out things that are wrong I’m not gonna say
that it’s just always wrong because it’s definitely not it is a useful tool and
it will point out things on a website or really links on a website that are
broken and these are things that you can take
to a business owner and say look these are all the links on your site that are
broken your web developer isn’t doing this you should let us manage your
website another one of my favorite tools is going to be keywords everywhere so if
I typed in social media marketing course what keywords every two where does is a
few things you can see all of these are related keywords to social media
marketing course social media marketing certification training courses courses
for business best social media marketing courses right
all of these are search keywords that are related to this so I can look at
these and start looking at whether I want to add these to my strategy right
another cool thing is for this specific keyword it tells you the volume the cost
per click and the competition in pay per click in this industry for this specific
keyword so it’s a really cool tool to do quick analysis of a set of keywords and
say should we add this to our campaign or should we avoid it you know it’s just
a really great tool that shows all kinds of information about keywords and
specific keywords that you might be targeting for your campaigns oh and
quick break I want to ask you guys something
what is it that you find most complicated about SEO what is it that
you either don’t understand or is holding you back from really learning
SEO even more in-depth if you have something please leave it in the
comments below this video I’d like to notice that way we can help you out all
right guys the next Chrome extension we want to show you is called page
analytics and all it is is Google Analytics Google Chrome extension and
that’s all you guys can see right here at the very top it’s showing page views
unique page views on time average time on page bounce rate and then exit rate
average time on page for this specific page which makes sense it should be
lower they’re not going to spend a ton of time on the homepage because they’re
trying to get to the resources that they came there for right so when they go to
another page that’s when it starts counting the average time on that page
right and then the exit rate from that page the specific bounce rate from that
page and then what’s even cooler than that is it shows you all of these little
percentages or how many times that an average user is coming and clicking on
one of these links right here right so it shows every single link on my home
page and which ones are getting clicked on so this is something for me to be
able to look at and say okay well these links are working these links aren’t
should we change this up should we change the call-to-action why isn’t this
working right but this is a really cool tool to help you analyze a site quickly
and easily and also let you know what you should be changing as far as maybe
copy call-to-action placement all of those different things
tool number six is Google tag assistant now personally at Cereal Entrepreneur we
don’t use tags on our website but if you do use Google tags then this will be a
cool tool for you to see where tags are placed if they’re functioning properly
basically like the Facebook pixel checker if you guys have ever used that
tool it kind of shows you if they’re functioning or if they’re not and allows
you to go back to your team and say hey we need to update these tags and make
sure that they’re functioning so Google tag manager if you’re using Google tags
really great for YouTube the seventh tool we’re going to talk about is
Evernote Web Clipper which I recently found out is a pretty cool new tool or
at least it’s a cool new tool to me but Evernote Web Clipper allows you to take
snapshots of web pages and save them in Evernote so if you use Evernote to store
notes about things you could use it for a client say you have a client that
works in the home remodeling industry you could actually use it to take images
of different home remodeling websites and store it all under that one note so
let me show you how it works basically you open up Evernote Web Clipper you
click on save in media basically so I’ll show you what it looks like when you
open it up you click save clip on a web page right and then when you log into
your Evernote it’s actually going to have that web page saved right here with
the link and everything that was on that web page so pretty cool right because it
also took the title of the page social media marketing or Cereal Entrepreneur
Jordan Steen right that was the title of that web page and actually took it out
of that as the title of this note in Evernote and also made it as a
screenshot so that way we could see what was included on that page the eighth
tool we want to talk about is called redirect path a redirect path actually
shows you if you have any links on your page that are not redirecting properly
it looks for 301’s 302s 404’s 500 links all kinds of different links that you
could have on your site or redirect links and if they’re functioning and
properly then it lets you know and says hey you need to go check that out right
so really cool tool to also take down some information about your site and
your on-page SEO performance so the ninth tool is called grammarly a lot of
you have heard of this tool but if you’re not using it for your web sites
then you probably are missing out on a few things number one because it’s gonna
help you with spell check right that is the basics spell check and grammar great
but it also tells you which words you’re repeating too often right you don’t want
to use words too many times especially keywords because search engines will
actually penalize you for that right so it tells you you know whether you’re
using it too much or whether it’s the right amount grammarly though really
great tool super easy to use and it pretty much works on any web browser not
web browser works on any web page that you’re using inside of the Google Chrome
web browser now the tenth and final tool we want to talk to you guys about is
going to be Moz bar and Moz bar shows you several different things with
regards to on-page elements general page attributes link metrics markups and then
any HTTP statuses like those redirects we were talking about if you might have
errors it also shows your PA and your DA which
is your domain authority your spam rank or your spam score which is basically 1%
which is good for us but it shows you a ton of different metrics about web pages
and how the page is performing the URL the title of the page all kinds of
different stuff right so this is a really cool thing because you can see
right here Meta Description not found meta keywords not found and we know that
it’s not because this is one of our older articles from 2017 we’re not
really too worried about it but with all of our newer articles you would go in
and see that we do have meta descriptions we do have meta keywords we
do have h2s and h1 tags and that’s gonna help search engines find our sites
better but this tool allows you to look and check out those elements on a
web page very very simply but that’s it for this video guys I hope you enjoyed
those 10 tools if you want some more information about any of those tools
in-depth then you’re gonna want to check out our blog articles so make sure you
go right below this video in the description check for the section on the
left hand side in the description it’ll say blog and then that link right to
the right of that will be our blog article but you can go check that out we
want in-depth on each one of these tools even more there finally I told you guys
that if you stayed till the end of the video we would give you some more tools
to help you start basically increasing your traffic by at least 50% with search
engine traffic so all you have to do is check out this video in the top right
hand corner and it goes into four tools that we use on a regular basis that we
didn’t necessarily cover in this video but that’s it for me everybody if you
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