Top 10 People Getting TRIGGERED! 💢

By | March 8, 2020

I don’t know if your wife
didn’t f♥ck you this morning, while leaving her vehicle on, You could have asked nicely, and I
will be reporting you to head manager! You did the same sh♥t to him! …and Tweez fits it in there to the 46; and be just shy of the sticks! -What’s very interesting is that
choke was on the TV on the left. He was — at the game. -No PA raid here on 4th and 21… And he–… I think he felt like
he might’ve had a so– Looks like he had a in-route which
he smart-routed, so it was gonna
run the distance. Mike to Reed; ran the safety
away, but the bad throw… If you think you have
the play, Scott, then you go for it. Really hard to get
fumbles in this one, so he knows he’s not
gonna get the ball back. It’s already the fourth quarter. You feel like you’re here
because of your offense. You stick with it. You stick with it, and it’s
a little bit unconventional, and he’s just struggling. -…chucks it down to Lockett…
–Come — play, bro! I’ve rocked seven times! -So he would’ve like to catch Stat– This game is so
gosh darn bad, bro! -It’s okay, I called Maryland bad earlier. This game is so BAD, MAN! -And that one was not the game. That was– That was not the reach.. And point differentials, Scott. You’ve given it fifteen– Come out here and
take a knee. -A kneel for Kaus, he didn’t have
any answers that game. Only 8-0 at the half, just the
overthrow hurt him… -and it’s already out of my account, that you’ve already taken my money! I’m just documenting it. I can do the same thing
with her laughing. Laughing! -Okay. You should get you another job! ♪ ♪ Sexist, misogynistic motherf♥ckers! ♪ (upbeat electronic music)

100 thoughts on “Top 10 People Getting TRIGGERED! 💢

  1. Crystal Quesada Post author

    These so called women cursing and yelling in their babies ears. Disgusting. We all curse sure, but set an example Jesus.

  2. MiKe MiDnight Post author

    That Paul Tay Chinese politician when he started yelling at the top of his voice hahahaha most of these are hilarious 🤣😂🤣😅 oh yeah and the teacher that started spraying that sleeping student, he should of used that extinguisher on himself to cool down hahaha

  3. MiKe MiDnight Post author

    By the way what's wrong with the midgit with his pants pulled up to his necks problem with the trumpet guy…Look at the dick

  4. Alexa L. Post author

    15:21 the hell, even though they don't have a uterus they have all the right to talk about their opinions, the pregnancy is a situation that results for an action of two people, the fetus has dna of two persons not just the women

  5. Abigail Stevens Post author

    Just because she is black does not mean you can tell her she is not welcome

  6. siw lyk Post author

    She said you should get a Better job 😑 that did not make any sense 😂

  7. Super 64 Post author

    "He's going to become an internet meme, if he's not careful"

  8. moonflower333xxx Post author

    The guys voice who demanded to call him Ma’am sounded exactly like the voice of my lieutenant in my company))

  9. Elisabeth Guerrero Post author


  10. Karsten Schoenberg Post author

    10:34 that guy with the trumpet was taking that like a good sport

  11. Amy Cuaresma Post author

    The first guy is Buffalo bill.from silence of the lambs "it puts.the lotion in the basket"

  12. SSM4 Bloopers Post author

    my guy playin the trumpet really be lookin like dwayne the rock johnson

  13. Mr.FunMan Man Post author

    Guess what “he” is a “He” I could care less what “he” thinks he is it’s his true Gender

  14. Mr.FunMan Man Post author

    And who’s the”dis respect full” one YOUR THE ONE YELLING DUMM…….

  15. sorry to say this man but Post author

    An artist respects the silence that serves as the foundation of creativity

    Says this while screaming at the top of his lungs

  16. Dino lambo123 Post author

    you can tell thier angry ont he last one if they work at burger king

  17. Rager2TheBone Post author

    8:05 ok "MAN" Its a fucking game and your acting like the biggest bitch ever😂

  18. Post author

    That lady yelling at the trumpet player must be mentally ill. She must have grandiosity

  19. Top Dingen Post author

    Newest video, check this out!)

  20. Michael Musick Post author

    The little guy yelling always cracks me up. Dude takes music seriously.

  21. IRISH_SAINT_14 Post author

    Don’t talk to me, I’m not my father 😂😂😂😂

  22. Sheila Martindale Post author

    Random lady-IF THIS ENDS UP ON YOUTOUBE I WILL SUE YOU. Cashier-puts on youtube

  23. Kailee Musselman Post author

    RaNDOM HooMan: Do nOT CAlL mE MY FAThEr, UnDeRStAnD? mAh: .. NuPe

  24. Blacker Post author

    "He's gonna end up as an internet meme if he's not careful."
    I like hearing this line.

  25. Sean Vafa Post author

    These trans need to be put in a mental hospital that idiot is a guy he's not a woman

  26. Quakeroats51 Yt Post author

    Girl:Understand me?
    Boy:I’m listening
    Girl:I don’t care
    Bich what

  27. Mr. Unknown Post author

    The guy who keeps yelling at the trumpet player who looks like Danny Devito but a psycho path

  28. Blue freddy and blue D40LF 2020 Post author

    12:56 Freddy foxy and Pokémon I can’t spell his name
    Anyway guys are you ok?

  29. lucas tabagari Post author

    The last two got mad for a reason, the person in 9th video was treated like she was a freak that ran away from mental asylum and the lady in last video got mad because the guy was spreading misinformation on fetuses and made women who got abortion look like monsters

  30. XxBLUE_CRAFTxX Post author

    3:34 i love how the girl whos triggered is recording how shes screaming XD

  31. tyr wiedemann Post author

    The guy yelling in the store really showed those boxes he kick

  32. Daniel Business Post author

    The store video I wonder if she actually did get sued for recording the scene and posting it to yt

  33. Y.suhendra Prima diesel Post author

    Yeahhhh…sometimes depressed turn human into something, quite good situation..people becomes so polite and peaceful, but when it's turn the opposite..well angers come, and human becomes very danger and harmfull, i learn about this, how hard tobe patiens..well we must control tempered

  34. Tdflky Post author

    I'm sorry, but you're a man in what women typically wear. Just because you dress like one doesn't make you one. You're a guy.

  35. Anthony DeNight Jr Post author

    These people probably had 9 nuggets instead of 10 at McDonalds

  36. sentry Post author

    You sue us your suing the whole comment section, and your measly words wont meet what we say

  37. Christine King Post author

    I can’t believe that Indonesian man smacked a bridesmaid in the face! That is cruel!

  38. Double Diablo Post author

    That ma'am idiot probably walked out of his house feeling so pretty then gets hit across the face with the baseball bat of truth.

  39. Jacob Balcita Post author

    He holds a garbage bag because he knows he belongs in it…

  40. Abigail C Post author

    9:10 that family is just trash.PURE TRASH. They even have kids with them which is even more embarrassing.HOPE THEY LOOK BACK AND SEE THIS VIDEO AND SEE HOW EMBARRASSING THEY LOOKED AND HOW TRASH THEY ARE.
    9:35 and the family is saying that they’ll sue them… like PFFT ha like that gonna happen like I would’ve loved to see them try 🙄

  41. Brett Cutajar Post author

    #9 would have had more than the bump on his head to be worried about! I would have beat him so bad for throwing my bike !! Talk about an assh-le!!!

  42. Nathanael Theseira Post author

    11:00 I feel like that person shouting was repeating what their parents said to him/her all their life… I don't even know the fck that persons gender is😆

  43. brighton kenny Post author

    Dressing like a woman doesn’t make you a woman, not especially when your voice is real manly and you behave like a bull…

  44. Bethlehem Post author

    🤔Girl slaps him and he slaps other girl for no reason. Wow 🤨 0:41

  45. BriEntAnderson Post author

    Lol the guy playing the video game needs to go out and throw a real ball.

  46. Jason Meekle Post author

    The dude playing the football game, is probably how 98% of white dudes act whn playing games. What a bitch!


    a serious injury
    1:41 💟🥊
    👇 👇💓

  48. nuria khil Post author

    The bride who slapped the guy, I think he was being unappopriate towards her or prolly touched her

  49. Gucci Gang Post author

    If I were the trumpet person I would just punch that ugly person in the face

  50. Andy O Post author

    So only ur "MAN" gets to yell at you?
    Do u enjoy that?
    Whats that supposed to mean?
    Do u enjoy your "FATHER" and or "MAN" yelling at you?
    Are you a masochist?!!
    Ma'am, you need help.
    Someone get this sassy lost child HELP.😒

  51. Andy O Post author

    Of course you're not your father idiot! Take a chill pill
    you pesty, imperious, stentorian speaking woman…

  52. Joshua McMillin Post author

    the man at 9:55 needs to chill out because all that is are 2 BLOCKS so anybody can come by if they need to. Respect the PEACE!

  53. Dalton Sankey Post author

    14:40 says her
    15:32 WHAT!? how does she say, “get the f*ck out of my face,” when she’s the one that got in his face?

  54. Marine_Void Post author

    I felt awful for the trumpet guy, how could you keep silent when that piece of shit was saying crap like that. Wouldnt be able to keep my mouth shut if I had witnessed that. Some people are just sad.


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