Top 10 Most Feared Cities In The World – Part 2

By | February 26, 2020

Hey most amazing top 10 Family Im your host
Che Durena and welcome back to most amazing top 10. Do you have some travel plans laid out but
your not sure where to go, well today Im going to help you knock off a few places that you
might have wanted to check out. Well kinda, some of the places on this list
are so awesome that its worth risking your life for. We are going to be traveling all over the
world to some of the freakiest places imaginable with todays list of top 10 most feared cities
in the world part 2. If you have not watched part one then you
have to go check that out right now. Abby and Lucy did a collaboration on that
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exclusive content so you wont want to miss that! And you are going to want to stick around
for this whole video because Im going to be doing some more pet shout outs which you all
love so much. And without taking any longer lets get into
this list. 10 New Orleans Remember how I said that there would be places
on this list that are worth risking your life for, this is definitely one of them. I cant wait to make the trip down to New Orleans
of Mardi gras, take in all the partying and wake up on a bathroom floor I dont recognize. There are several reasons why New Orleans
is one of the most feared cities in the world, it has a rich history of voodoo and supernatural
happenings. Theres witch doctors, werewolves in the swamp
and just real like alligators. But if all the spooky stuff dosent really
get your blood pumping Ill have you know that New Orleans is one of the most dangerous cities
in america. I wonder if any of the booze, drugs and partying
has anything to do with that. Probably not. But there were 30 murders per 100,000 people
in New Orleans in 2019. So when you go to have a good time just watch
yourself. Also part of why New Orleans became a dangerous
place was from the Katrina hurricane disaster. People needed to fight to survive. 9 Nelson Mandela Bay South Africa You think of a place that was named after
someone who fought to make the world a better place. Someone who wanted to end racial tension in
South Africa, their city would be extremely peaceful. Nope its crazy dangerous, its actually the
second most dangerous city in south africa. And between 2017 and 2018 the murder rate
went up. These guys are trying to break records, if
they keep going like this they will be number one in no time. In 2018 there were 478 homicides, those are
some serious numbers, this makes it one of the most dangerous places in the entire world. Its safe to say if your planning a trip you
might want to by pass this stop, I dont think the city has held onto nelson mandela’s values 8 Cali, Columbia It should be no surprise that we were able
to get a country from Colombia here. Decades of cartels running drugs out of the
country, mainly cocaine, so much so that some of them like Pablo Escobar have become celebrities. Theres a netflix series about him. You know you were doing something right if
they make a netflix series about you. That guy brought more white powder into America
in the 80s than Arm and Hammer shipping baking soda. But Pablo is no more and new cartels have
moved in, in Cali Colombia we have the Cali Cartel, a very fitting name, why complicate
things if you dont have to. They have used the city as a central hub for
operations for years. Basically if you want to start selling drugs
I wouldnt start there. Unless you want to get the columbian necktie. Thats where they slit your throat and pull
your tongue out through your throat hole. Gang murders and Territory wars are commonplace
here. 7 Coatzacoalcos, Mexico Some places in mexico are the most beautiful,
its a country where you have a combination of so many wonderful landscapes. You can go to the caribbean coast on the east
side and see some of the most beautiful reefs. In central mexico there are amazing mountains
and so much of the country is covered in lush jungle. But there are some places that are completely
run by cartels and gangs and dont have the same level of beauty. Coatzacolacos is a city that has had its murder
rates on the rise for the past few years because of increased gang activity. The area is predominantly used for PetroChemical
research, which means theres a decent amount of money there. And money usually attracts gangs and billionaires,
who are probably worse than the gangs. 6 Baltimore, USA I honestly had no idea how dangerous some
places in the states were until I started making this list. Baltimore dosent mess around, they have a
ton of guns and they know how to use them. Also the ravens are legendary, and we wont
talk about that time Ray Lewis might have killed a dude. But Baltimore has been a punchline in America
for anything to do with a dangerous city. This place really goes, when people arent
watching a major sports team bring home a championship they get down and dirty. In 2017 they had record high murder rates,
wait just a second, most of the world is getting safter but baltimore is getting more dangerous. In 2018 the number dropped but that just makes
sense, you cant have 2 record seasons back to back, nobody does that. The Seahawks tried to do that and then the
patriots stole it from the in the last second. That was a huge bummer for seattle 5 St Louis. USA For Number 5 we are going to cap off the american
cities with St Louis. Now when you think of dangerous cities in
America St Louis never comes to mind. But it makes sense why their hockey team is
called the blues. Its not for the music, its because people
are feeling gloomy and scared. That joke sucked. So what makes louis so much scarier than all
the other american cities on this list, is it the food, the weather, is there a secret
cult of cats underneath the city that is bent on world domination and wants to eat human
flesh? Maybe Im not up to date on my cat cults. But what really send this city over the moon
is that it is the murder capital of america and has been for 5 years in a row. That really came out of nowhere. St Louis is the undisputed murder champion
of america, we should get a couple of those criminals on the blues defense to make them
a little more intense Cancun Mexico Wait what? This place is supposed to be a fun time, we
go there to drink and chill and gorge on all inclusive food until your stomach hurts. You have to spend several hours on a toilet. But for whatever reason in 2018 the crime
rate in Cancun Mexico Doubled, also most of my stats are from 2018 because not all the
2019 stats are accurate, they need some more time to crunch the numbers. But in 2018 cancun and the entire Yucatan
saw an increase in gang activity. More cartels were moving in to get some of
that tourism money. There were several businesses that had to
be shut down because they couldnt afford the extrusion money or simply because they didnt
want to deal with the pressures that the Cartel brought to the table. That is a huge bummer, we might see one of
the best party locations in the world disappear because of crime, well it was kind of crime
that made it fun in the first place so I guess that is the circle of life. 3 Cape Town, South Africa We had the second most dangerous city in south
africa so it only makes sense that we now do the first. Cape town has a lot of crazy stuff going on! While driving down the highway you might see
a sign that reads hijack zone and youll think I wonder what that means. Well it means along this stretch of road its
common for people to try and stop you and hijack your car. Then they will kidnap you and then try and
sell you for randsome or into the slave trade. That doesnt sound like any fun at all. On top of the risk of having a burlap sack
put over your face and one of your pinky toes sliced off, you might just get straight up
killed. Which out of the too options sounds way better. In 2013 Cape Town set the world record of
homicides, that is impressive and terrifying. 2 Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela One of the most dangerous cities in Venezuela,
there were 645 homicides in this city in 2018. With a population a little over 800,000 that
rounds out to about 77 homicides per 100,000 people. You have a better chance of getting killed
here than winning the lottery anywhere. And there are a lot of contributing factors
to the violence and tension in this area. The economic situation has been in shambles
for a long, long time. With very little money to go around a lot
of people turn to crime just so they can survive. When theres no work, joining a cartel can
sometimes seem like the best option. On top of that the city experiences major
food shortages. This is the main factor, people are willing
to do whatever they can just to get a meal. 1 Tijuana Mexico For a long time Tijuana would be referenced
in a lot of movies as one of the dirtiest places you can visit, it seemed like a land
without laws where people would run wild and crime was the only thing that ruled. And well those jokes kinda come out of fact. Tijuana has struggled to cut the crime in
the area and by struggling I mean that nothing can slow it down. The town is flooded with gangs who use the
town as a hub to transport weapons and drugs back and forth from the american border. And it works as a perfect location because
it is extremely close, its only 15 miles from Tijuana to central San Diego. You can make all your plans in Tijuana, then
take a nice little drive over to the border, commit a bunch of crimes and be back before
lunch time. If you wonder how crazy its getting over there,
there were over 2000 murders in Tijuana in 2018, thats a spicy meatball, or taco, I should
probably use the correct food joke. Basically if you want to get into crime, just
cross the border with a resume and youll be hired or dead in no time. Alright that is our list and as promised Im
going to do some more pet shoutouts, Remember if you want me to shoutout your pet you can
message me on instagram. I pick new pets everyday so if you dont get
picked one day you can message back another day and if it takes me a while to get back
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