Top 10 Etsy Seller Apps to Help Grow Your Store

By | September 23, 2019

There are a lot of great apps that can help
you sell on Etsy. But where to start? Top 10 Etsy Seller Apps to Help Grow Your
Store Hey, it’s Andris from Printful! Without a doubt, Etsy doesn’t need an introduction–it
is THE place to sell your art on the internet. However, having 1.9 million active competitors
can be tough, so you need any help you can get to make your products stand out from the
crowd. In this video, we’re gonna go through 10
apps that will help your products get noticed. Make sure you subscribe to
our channel and tap on the little bell icon to get notified about our latest videos and
never miss out on new ways to make your store more successful. Note that this video is not endorsed or in
any way sponsored by Etsy. 1. Outfy I’m not going to surprise anyone by saying
that social media posts help get more sales. Outfy helps you to promote your products and
push your social media posts automatically. You can connect your store with as many as
nine social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. All of your Etsy products are automatically
imported, so you can promote any of your listings in just a few clicks and create posts directly
in the app, as well as measure the results. Outfy also builds a daily post schedule for
you with the Autopilot feature. Review the schedule and adjust it to your
needs, build templates and create a list of hashtags to use on your posts. Price: The Starter plan is free to use for
the first 30 posts, after that prices start from 2.5¢ per post. 2. Mad Mimi People are liking your products on Etsy, but
they’re not buying anything? Maybe it’s time to work on your email marketing. Newsletters are still the best way to convert
potential customers into buyers, and the Mad Mimi app makes sure that sending out emails
doesn’t become a painful chore. The Mad Mimi integration with Etsy lets you
drag and drop product images and descriptions directly into your newsletter, which you can
then send out to your mailing list. After your email campaign has been sent, see
data on opens, clicks, and engagement directly in the app. Price: The Mad Mimi subscription starts from
$10.00/month, and depends on your email list size. 3. Marmalead There’s a reason why Etsy encourages its
users to improve their shops with the help of Search Engine Optimisation – keywords matter. When used correctly, SEO can turn your store
around, and Marmalead is the tool you need to be an Etsy SEO star. The app shows you all the keywords that Etsy
shoppers use to find listings similar to yours. You can also check out search volume and keyword
engagement, as well as see market-based pricing and how many days it usually takes to ship
a product. By applying all of this to your product descriptions,
buyers will find your shop with no problems. If you want to read more on Etsy SEO and Marmalead,
check out our blog, link in the description below. Price: Entrepreneur plan costs $19/month. 4. LeadDyno Word of mouth is still one of the most effective
ways to get new customers. A personal recommendation can have a bigger
effect on your sales than any marketing campaign you come up with. That’s why you should definitely consider
affiliate marketing! LeadyDyno lets you set up a customizable affiliate
sign up page that you can share with your potential affiliates. When an affiliate registers with you, they’ll
get an automated email with all the info they need to start spreading the word. After referrals start rolling in, paying commissions
is really simple with PayPal or Dwolla. Price: You can try LeadDyno for free for 30
days. Their subscription plans start from $49/month. 5. ReferralCandy If you’re interested in word of mouth, you’ll
also like ReferralCandy. This app lets you reward your customers for
sending referrals to your business. Customers will be able to share special discounts,
and they get another discount when someone makes a purchase. You can choose the rewards you want to give
your customers, like a percentage or a dollar discount, a custom gift, or even cash. Price: You can try ReferralCandy free for
30 days. Their Premium plan starts from $49/month,
plus a small commission. 6. Vela Managing a large Etsy store can be difficult. You can use the Vela app to edit thousands
of listings in just a few seconds, making it much easier to set up and take down a sale,
add tags, and much more. Using Vela, you can manage several Etsy shops
at once, as well as add multiple Shopify stores, making it easy for you to sell on multiple
channels. Price: Vela is completely free to use. 7. Seller Tools If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for
all your needs, look no further, because Seller Tools has just what you want! Seller Tools covers promotional activities,
like social media, coupons and sales events, store marketing, like niche research and market-based
pricing research, and SEO – keyword research, position tracking and automated renewals. It also has several other tools, such as shop
backup and a sales map generator that can help you run your shop. Price: Part of Seller Tools is free. Subscriptions start from $9.95 per month,
depending on the features you want to use. 8. Etsy On Sale Do you ever have an idea for a sale, but don’t have time to plan it? With Etsy On Sale you can schedule sales with
ease. As well as placing your items on sale on Etsy,
all sale items are also listed on the Etsy On Sale website that attracts bargain hunters
from around the world. The app also offers a tag tool for editing
tags on multiple listings at once and automated photo backup and restoration. Price: Etsy On Sale has a pay-as-you-go credit
system. One sales event costs 4 credits, and you can
buy them starting from 25c per credit. 9. TaxJar We always recommend consulting a tax specialist
when you deal with taxes for your store, and TaxJar is an ideal option. They take all the guesswork out of sales tax
collection by tracking your sales state by state. This way you’ll know when you have to pay
tax, and how much. TaxJar syncs up with your Etsy account and
automatically pulls the information it needs. You don’t need to upload or download anything,
and they even reconcile errors in your pricing so you can be sure to collect the right tax
amount with each sale. Price: TaxJar has a free 30 day trial and
their subscription plans start from $19 a month. 10. Printful And finally, Printful. Printful lets you completely automate your
online store, so you can focus on designing and marketing. Put your designs on t-shirts, hoodies, dresses,
leggings, pillows, mugs, posters and other products. As soon as an order rolls in, we’ll prepare
it and send out to the customer under your brand. Price: Printful is free. And that’s it! Check out these apps, make use of the free
trials, and find out what works for your Etsy shop. You can find all of the resources I mentioned
in the description below. Do you have a different app that has helped
you become an Etsy success? Let me know in the comments below!

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