Tips To Write Effective Descriptions & Tags

By | November 21, 2019

Descriptions, like titles, are a valuable piece of information. They help viewers decide if they want to watch your video but they also let YouTube’s algorithms
know what your videos all about. So what exactly should you include in your description? First and foremost, you should briefly
explain what your video is all about. They are called descriptions after all.
You can see here that in search results, the first few lines of your video description will show, so use this space to tell viewers
what they will get when they click. On the video page, they’ll see one
to two more lines of information. Since you’ve already gotten viewers to check out this video, it’s a good opportunity to start encouraging them to subscribe, to check out other videos or follow
you off platform if that’s important. Pro Tip: use short linkers like this to track
what description links viewers are clicking on most. After these first few lines though, there are
nearly infinite ways that you can use the description to improve the viewers experience
and add extra information. In the “below the fold” section of your description, or that that appears after you click the Show More button,
you can add all sorts of information, such as collaborators, channel descriptions,
you can make a table of contents for your video or you can list products that you
used in a DIY for example. Any information that adds extra
value to the viewer is fair game. And it allows YouTube algorithms to
better understand what your video is about. However, you don’t want to abuse the description space. Adding a laundry list of relevant
and irrelevant tags, like this, is not only a bad experience for your viewers, it’s also against the YouTube community
guidelines and the Terms of Service. And it can have a negative effect
on your YouTube account. Instead of adding tags in the description,
add them to the tags field when you upload a video. And while there are lots and lots of
theories around tags and how to use them, they’re actually quite simple. Just add the keywords and phrases that
are most descriptive of your video. You don’t need to worry about punctuation,
number of words, misspellings and so forth, just use the words that make the most sense
for your video and YouTube’s algorithms will use these, alongside your description and title and other information, to determine when to show your video to viewers.

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