Tips To Rank Higher In The YouTube Search Results (SEO Tutorial) | 2019

By | September 3, 2019

Welcome back, this video is going to be showing
you ways to help your videos rank higher in the YouTube search results which potentially,
will get you more views. The best place to start is with a video. When writing the title, tags and description,
make sure you are consistent with key words, so include the title in both the tags and
description. Also, when writing the tags, remember that
people will mean the same thing but will type it in different ways so use similar phrases
to widen the possible viewer base. Keywords should also be included in the file
name of the video, so just name the file what the video is about. A good tool to help you when writing tags
is Tube Buddy, it helps you choose relevant tags and shows you where your video ranks
with that search term, so you can prioritise tags that rank higher and ones that get the
most searches per month. You can see on my video here, that a majority
of the tags rank first and some of these were suggested to me by Tube Buddy. The basic version of Tube Buddy is free and
there are many other tools to help your channel overall with it. To receive even more features you can pay
for the upgraded version or get the 14 day free trial. One of the most influential parts of YouTube’s
search ranking algorithm is the watch time. This is not the percentage of a video that
is watched although that does play a big part also. So naturally, longer videos will help you
gain more watch time. However, you need to keep your videos entertaining
enough to keep people watching to get the watch time and the higher viewer retention. Other ways to get your video more watch time
simply include getting your video more views, but you may be wondering, you need to rank
higher to get these views, but there are other ways. You need to get views from sources that aren’t
dependent on tags or searches. The ways I use are video cards, so promote
your latest video in all of your current videos. Another way is to make your latest video your
channel trailer, or even include a video as part of an end screen. To make a card featuring your new video, go
to the video manager and choose one of your current videos, click the drop down arrow
and select “cards”. Click add card and then video or playlist. Then select your latest video. Do not place the card at the start of the
video as that will drive people away from the current one. Place it nearer the end, but remember, the
later you leave it the fewer people will see it. I would recommend about two thirds through. To make your latest video your channel trailer,
go to your channel’s homepage and click “for new visitors”. You can then click the pencil icon to edit
your channel trailer so you can choose your latest video. To make a video appear on another video’s
end screen, go back to the video manager and choose a video, then click the drop down arrow
and then “End screen & annotations”. Click add element and then video or playlist
and then choose a video. Position this at the end of the video. Other ways to gain more viewers is by engaging
with the current ones, reply to comments to build a strong relationship with fans. If you do this, they are more likely to return
and subscribe and even share your videos. A few other ways to rank higher on YouTube’s
search results is from your video’s interactions. A video will rank higher if people subscribe,
share or like the video, whilst or after they have watched it. So a good way to get more of these interactions
is to remind the viewer, for example at the end of the video you could say “if you enjoyed,
please like and subscribe”. Comments will also help, so maybe try and
start a discussion in the comments section. Finally, when choosing a video theme, it is
best to choose one that has less competition, that way you don’t have as many videos to
rank higher than and you are much more likely to appear closer to the top of the search
results. That’s all the advice I have, I hope this
video has helped you and good luck in implementing these on your channel and videos. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in
another video!

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