Tips On Social SEO Best Practices

By | August 13, 2019

Hi everyone! It’s Amber with Spark Marketer, and today
I want to talk to you about you can use social to actually help your SEO. I’m going to talk about what is Social SEO
and 3 ways that you can actually help maximize your results with it. So, first off. What is Social SEO? There’s definitely an undeniable relation
between the social media that you’re doing and your SEO ranking. Social SEO means that you’re combining the
2 to reach the same objective. It’s kind of like sharing the same type of
content. Making sure that they show up in each other’s
feeds. So, using your website on Facebook. Trying to get your Facebook to rank better
on Google. So, if you have any questions on that, drop
them below. I wanted to go over 3 quick tips to help you
maximize that social SEO. The first one is to focus on the quality of
your posts. What does that mean? Only put out content that your customers are
either searching for already, asking questions about, or maybe feeling or fearing about the
services that you provide. So, help build up the trust. Help establish yourself as the expert. I would also include some keywords as you’re
writing these posts. So, if you’re a chimney sweep, talk about
chimney sweeping. Talk about masonry restoration. If you’re a plumber, talk about something…whatever
your Google keywords are, try to also work them into the post but still be conversational. The second way is to used paid promotion to
boost your SEO efforts. So, Facebook URL results normally only come
up in branded searches, but that doesn’t mean they can’t impact you by just you making sure
your Facebook posts has those keywords in them. Google is still going to see that. I don’t know much about their algorithm personally,
but 2 or 3 articles this week are saying that it helps. Make sure you have well written posts and
make sure you are addressing the topics that you’re currently running Google ads for. The third thing is to include links in your
social media posts. Now, this does not mean, and let me say this
again. This does not mean that you take your URL,
you post it in the little Facebook “want to make a post” and you hit enter. No, no, no, no. Facebook actually hates those types of posts,
so don’t do that. What we’re saying is write a post, create
a video, but in the copy, go ahead and include that link to the Facebook page of whatever
service you’re talking about. Whether that might be chimney sweeps, plumbing,
etc. So, those are your 3 social seo tips. I’m sorry if you hear my dog whining in the
background, but hey, that is what video is. Have a great day!

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