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By | August 17, 2019

Hi! This is Eric with Globe Runner SEO. I
was about to do this great video about how to put links on your LinkedIn profile, and
I still think it’s very important, but this is really breaking news, to me at least, LinkedIn
has now put no follow tags on their profile links, which is a brand new thing. So, let
me show you what I’m talking about. This is a good chance for me to talk about no follow
tags in general. So, a no follow tag, you’ll find it in the
code of a website, and it’s after a link, so you can see on my profile here, I’ve
got these links that are outbound links to different websites that I own.
is another company that I own and I wanted to put a link on there so that everyone that
is connected to me on LinkedIn and viewed my public profile could go to my website. Just this last month, these
were valid links that actually passed link juice, that actually promoted the page for, and gave it some link juice. I just found out that LinkedIn, probably
with their connection with Twitter, have added no follow tags. I have a tool here that shows
no follows, it highlights them in pink. You can see that now we have no follow tags added
to those links on the page. I’ll just go ahead and click over to Twitter, to show you
guys Twitter and you can see that Twitter does the same thing. Here are the links inside
Twitter, and they have no follow tags on all of the links on their page.
So, I will go ahead and show you how to put these links in your profile because I think
it’s important to have them, but now that they have no follow tags, they are not going
to pass link juice or boost your SEO, but you will get traffic if you have a lot of
connections. People will look at your profile and follow it to your website. The links go
right here under “website,” you can edit them and add them here, and you can add up
to three. The way to make them public is by going under “accounts and settings,” and
scroll down to “public profile,” and right here you get to pick what you want to be public
and what you do not. So, I want everything public on mine but you may not want any past
positions or things such as that public. Here is the important part, “website”, you
want to make sure that is checked and that those links to your website are in the public
version so that everyone can see websites that you are associated with. If you are a company owner, I highly recommend
that you get all of those employees to put your company on there. You don’t just want
them to say “my company,” it’s much better to get them to actually use the name
of the company. To do that, I will just show you one more thing. If you look at these links
right here, you can say “edit,” and I will go ahead and edit,
and I want to make sure that it says or, NOT “my company.”
Simply using “my company” doesn’t give the user any information. Select “other,”
then type in the company name. This way, people know what website they are going to and what
they are going to be looking at. It’s a valuable thing to do whether it passes link
juice or not. I will show you on for
instance, we use no follow tags on some of our links. No follow tags were created to
stop spammers from spamming comment boxes and things of that nature. It’s something
to think about when you want to use them and when you don’t want to use them. When you
are gathering links on the web, you can look inside the code and find the no follow tags.
Let’s see if we can’t find these tags on LinkedIn. I’m going to view my public
profile, then I’m going to view source. This may take me a bit to find but let’s
see what we can do. What you need to do is basically scroll down until you find your
websites. Here are the links to my websites and it says “ref=no follow,” and that
makes it a no follow link. Although it is a valid link, Google will not actually count
that as a valid link and pass link juice through it for SEO purposes. No follow tags are a
great thing to know about for this reason. Thanks so much for your time, we will come
back and do some more great tips for SEO soon! Please follow us and leave us your comments,
we would love to hear from you! Thanks again, this was Eric from Globe Runner Search Engine

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