Tips for Boosting Video Search Traffic with Google+

By | December 6, 2019

Google+ can be a very valuable
tool for sending search traffic to your video. Today I want to give you guys
a couple tips for using Google+ to really maximize Google+’s
full potential in getting you new views and subscribers. That’s coming up you. Hey guys, my name
is Tim Schmoyer. And today is Tuesday,
which means it’s time to take a look at some online
video news from last week and talk about the implications
that has for us as creators. And a lot of things actually
happened in the online video industry last week. But only a couple things that
are really important for you as creators to really know about. And the first one is if you
know a couple weeks ago maybe you remember that we talked
about YouTube is changing how it’s doing some
advertising here. And we talked about
hopefully that’s going to make more money
for all of us. But the gist of it is that
YouTube is selling premium ads against the top 5%
of YouTube channel, giving some extra bonus perks to
advertisers to pre-buy packages on those channels. And so now we know actually
what those top channels are. And it’s actually the top 1%
of Google preferred channels on YouTube. If you want to see a full
list of all those channels, it is in a post that is
linked up below this video here on YouTube. And the thing that’s interesting
about these channels is what I mean by top
or preferred channels is not just whoever has the
most views and subscribers. But they actually went
through and took the channels that have the most
engaged audiences and have the most
advertiser friendly content in several different verticals. And the cool thing
about that as a creator is that apparently
you don’t really need to have 16 billion
subscribers in order to be preferred. Some of these channels actually
have much smaller audiences, but they are very targeted,
and the demographic that they’re reaching
and the type of content that they’re creating is
very advertiser friendly. So, if you want to be
one day maybe included in Google’s preferred top 1%,
or maybe you’re watching this and you already are,
it’s very important to keep in mind, who is
your target audience? Who are you trying to
reach with your videos, and are your videos drawing
those people in, building a community, getting
them engaged and active? Do they trust you? Do they know you? Do those people like you? And is it very easy
for an advertiser to say yes, that’s
the type of content that I want my ads
showing against. As a general rule of
thumb whether or not you agree with it
or not, that usually means eliminating profanity
from your channel, not having any sexually explicit
content, drug use, anything that’s violent or graphic, or
just anything of that nature. Advertisers usually don’t
want to be associated with those types of things. So something to keep in mind. So let’s jump into Google+. I know we’ve talked about this
several times in the past, and I have told you guys that
Google+ is like a gold mine for views from search results. Like 40% of the social traffic
here at Video Creators comes from Google+. In past videos I’ve also told
you that sometimes when I take one of my YouTube videos
that I posted to Google+, that post on Google+ actually
with the video actually outranks the actual video
itself in the search results. So the 40% statistic
for me makes sense, because my target audience,
everyone who is in my target audience has a Google+
and is active on Google+, if you want to have
a YouTube account. So the stats make sense for me. But everyone can, and should, be
taking advantage of the search traffic that Google+
can provide for you. And in the description
text below, you’ll find an article at that gives you 10 tips and tricks for how to
leverage Google+ when you share content on that platform. If you want to dig into any
of these and more of them in detail, check
out that link below. But there’s a couple
that apply specifically I think to us as creators. And the first one is to use
headlines on Google+ when you share your content there. So when you share your video
on Google+, give it a title, and start and end
it with asterisks. And that will make
the text bold. And then go ahead and write some
text describing the video right beneath that. Now I think is
the best practice, and I don’t have
any proof on this– I’m just kind of
speculating here– that it’s probably best if
you give it a different title and a different description in
Google+ than you were giving it on YouTube. While I don’t think there’s
anything necessarily wrong with just copying and pasting over
the same title and the same paragraph that describes
the video onto Google+, I think if you really want
to take advantage of the SEO implications of this, it’s
probably best that you give it two different titles and
two different descriptions, using the same
keywords of course. But I would probably
just change it up a bit. Another tip is to actually
write longer content on Google+. Here on YouTube it’s
not uncommon just to write a couple
sentences, maybe a paragraph describing the video. And here that makes total sense. But on Google+, maybe you want
to consider writing a couple paragraphs, or maybe writing
entire blog posts or something to go along with your video. Google will take
that information, and it’s very valuable. It helps to understand
what the video is about. But also, it can
attract more people that actually want to
engage, actually read what this is about,
and then maybe even go and watch your video. But for the people who
don’t watch your video, they will still then spend
more time on your post. And the more engagement you
get around that, the better. Another tip that MOZ
suggests is not just sharing your videos
to the public circle, but actually tagging
individual circles. And they say that this will
then also send a notification to those people in Google+
letting them know about your content. Which is awesome that
they let you do that, but you have to use
that very sparingly. You want to come across
as spamming to anyone. I think the way it works is that
you have to have circled them, and they have had
to have circled you. It has to be like
a mutual circle thing for the notification
to go through. So that’s helpful, but
still, don’t pick off the people who have circled you. And then there’s
also another box below that is super powerful. And that lets you send
an email notification to those people as well. Again, use it very sparingly and
only for a very important post that you really need to promote. Another tip is to make sure
you’re using hashtags with your posts on Google+. Now most of us are familiar
with how these work on Twitter. On Google+ they work
a little differently. Yes, you can click on it, and
it will, just like Twitter, go to a listing of all posts
that have that hash tag. But Google also uses those
hashtags to kind of figure out what your content it about. And it can start
building relationships between different
hashtags depending on how different
people are using them. So maybe they using
the same hashtag, but they’re using
something similar. And Google now starts to
know that these posts are related to each other. There are several
other really good tips on this blog post
on MOZ’s website. So the link for the whole list
in the description text below. You click that and go
check out the rest of them. One of the things I like to
do with Google+ with my video creators pages is actually
circle back everyone who circles the Video Creator space,
because then what I like to do is once in awhile I will just go
to the feed of video creators, and just see, what are the other
people in this community up to? What are they doing? And sometimes I’ll
just plus one stuff. Sometimes they’ll
leave a comment. And sometimes just the act
of circling people back, people are like,
Tim circled me back. That’s kind of cool. So there’s a little bit more
of a relationship built there. But especially then when I go
back and commenting and posting on just random people who
are in the video creators community who are out
there publishing videos, I love to see what
you guys are doing. And that’s a really good way
for me to just kind of see what’s going on without having
to subscribe to everyone, because that’s a lot harder
for me to go through subscribe to everyone’s channels than
it is for me just to circle everyone back on Google+ The rest of you who have ideas
for how you’re using Google+ with your YouTube channel,
leave those as comments below. The rest of you guys, if this
is something you’re interested in, if you want
some other ideas, see what other creators
are doing with Google+, make sure you go down there
and read those comments. Always really good helpful
valuable things down there. And if this is your first here,
I’d love to have you subscribe. Every Tuesday we do just
what you just saw here, talk about online video news,
talk about the implications it has for us as creators. Tomorrow, on Wednesdays,
we give you guys some tips, ideas, suggestions,
and some training, advice to really
help you guys out. And then on Thursdays we’ll do
some YouTube q&a with you guys as always. Because I really do believe
that a lot of you guys have messages that could
really change people’s lives if the people who need to
hear what you have the say could just find you and
hear what you have to say. So thank you for letting me be
a part of helping you guys build your audiences, build
your YouTube channels and communities here on YouTube. Subscribe, and I’ll see
you guys again tomorrow. Bye.

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