Tips for a healthy Google Analytics account setup

By | August 16, 2019

I’m Karen Buddell, and I’m really excited
to learn more about why you need a healthy
Google Analytics account. So tell me about it. JESSE SAVAGE: Yeah. Thanks, Karen. Setting up your account
can be complicated. Measuring your business across
web and app can be complicated. So we’ve created the
Healthy Setup Guide here to make sure
that we walk you through five different steps. There’s basic setup filters here
that you can turn on and off, things like bot filtering
and Google signals. But there’s also really
important things, like making sure that your
account is linked with things like Search, Console, our Google
Ads product, Search Ads 360, and Display and Video 360. Now, each of these
products enable you to see the entire
customer journey. Not only do you get better
measurement and a more holistic picture of the customer journey,
but you can also use your data to take action and really
turbo charge the way you’re using these products. KAREN BUDDELL: Wonderful. JESSE SAVAGE: Let
me show you my most favorite part of this check. It’s making sure that you’re
setting up goals, conversions, really that you have
organizational alignment around what are your
core KPIs that you really care about as a business. Making sure that those are
set up in Google Analytics is going to lay a great
foundation for everything else you do in the product. We really want to make sure
that you take those insights and put them into action. What does that mean? Putting it into action
means tailoring your website to a more personalized
experience, using things like our audiences
for more relevant ads. So all of these
things are really key to making sure
that you get the most out of Google Analytics. KAREN BUDDELL: Wonderful. JESSE SAVAGE: Now,
the last piece is a piece I’m
really excited about. We have a great
product that enables you to get powerful analytics
for your app properties, things like iOS and Android. We’ve got a great product,
Google Analytics for Firebase, that enables you to
go deep with apps. KAREN BUDDELL: OK, Jesse,
so I’ve just got to ask. Can you give me a little bit
of a sneak peek as to what’s ahead for Google Analytics? JESSE SAVAGE: As a
product area, we’re really focused on trying
to help businesses have a complete picture
of the customer journey. And in that journey,
we’re really making some big and
exciting investments in bringing both app and
web journeys together into a unified picture. So you’ll have to
stay tuned on that, but I’m excited about
what’s coming later. KAREN BUDDELL: Well,
that sounds exciting. Thanks so much for taking
me through this today. JESSE SAVAGE: Thanks.

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    You didn’t mention tag manager for goals setup.

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    Why don't they have a link to a page of all that?

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    How to be linked if we can't add the script into our website html?

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    And where is the Tool we can use? This is lots of talking but the useful part I was missing.


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