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By | August 14, 2019

– Hi, America, my name’s David Taylor. I’m the CEO of the
company that makes Tide, and it’s corollary product Tide Pods, which is what I wanna
talk to you about today. Ya gotta stop eating the Tide Pods, okay? Look, I get it, you guys
are young, you’re hip. You don’t want an old guy
telling you what to do. But Tide Pods are soap,
and that’s not food. So please, stop eating the Tide Pods. And make sure to keep an eye
out for Cascade Dish Pops, the lollipop that cleans your dishes. That lolli… uh, could we
stop, could we, sorry… Are we calling it a lollipop? I’d love to see one, if
I could, just get it. If we could fly one in? (laughs) Our company has been
innovating new products since it was founded, and
we’re proud to continue that tradition with our Vicks VapoRub Winter Blast gum-flavored bon bons. Do, do these look just like
mints, like diner mints? I’m lookin’ at it, and man
that looks like a mint to me. I mean, am I crazy? – What do you mean the same as Tide Pods? I also don’t understand, now
that we’re talking about it, what does “gum-flavored”
mean in this context? Bubble gum flavored? Gum tastes like anything. We’re gonna get our fucking
ass handed to us in court. You’re not rolling on this, are you? Forget dryer sheets, with
Gain brand dryer powder, you simply pour the powder into the mixer, you take your dryer
stick right here, and… This is cotton candy. Am I the asshole? Like, how do you not get… We, can we just cut? Can you cut the camera real quick? I, I’m trying to understand
right now how this happened. I’ve been busting my ass on
this fucking Tide Pods fiasco, and I turn my back for three seconds, and now our entire line of products is shaped like fucking candy. And I’m trying to understand
how this happened. Why are you crying? With Tampax push-cicles,
you get to choose between chilly cherry, frosty fruit
punch, or ice cold cranberry. We, okay, not only should
none of these be flavored, because why would you flavor them? This is the coldest thing I’ve ever held. And, as in everything else today, people will try to eat these! Even if they’re not poisonous, we don’t want people
eating fucking tampons. – Why are they poisonous? You’ll go cuckoo for cleanliness with our cocoa butter
premium Pampers brand choc… So the kids eat shit. Right? That’s what this is,
the kids, they eat shit. It’s chocolate, diaper, poop. Let’s see here, ope, there it is. Is it chocolate? Is it poop? Do we care? Does anyone care? Who knows? Who gives a fuck, right? I’m not gonna do this product,
so we’ll be moving on. Jesus Christ, okay. Try Crest brand dinner paste,
for the hungry consumer on the go, throw a fluoride-filed
meal bag in your gullet? Oh, fuck. So we do make food. So we do now make food. Meal bag. – I’ll kill you. It doesn’t matter if we make the day, because none of this is gonna be usable, do you understand? That’s a hamburger. – That’s a razor? That’s a Gillette razor? Bring me shaving cream right now. And if it doesn’t shave
my face, it’s your ass. You get that, right? Here we go. Oh my God. That is a killer shave. That is like baby’s bottom smooth. The other stuff, I don’t know about, but this is, the hamburger
is working for me. – Hi, it’s Mike Trapp from College Humor. Click here to subscribe. Click here for more fun things. And send help to keep me from sinking. Please, please help. Please help.

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  1. CollegeHumor Post author

    Hey everybody! If you like the new actor… Good! We're very happy to welcome Brennan Mulligan to the CH cast in his first official sketch!

  2. Chisakye Post author

    No? Everyone knows T.I.D.E stands for The Intentional Delicious Extract. I just ate one.

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    Omg illuminati confirmed on her clipboard at 2:07

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    Didn’t college humor create the tide pod fad

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    This guy has the nicest voice ever

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    You could tell that the new actor wanted to eat that stuff, just by the way his mouth moved

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    watching while munching a tide pod

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    I need more videos of Brennan losing his shit

  12. JP daBOI Post author

    Brennan is the best CH cast member, present and possibly past

  13. Amalphia Tales Post author

    They recently came out with marijuana tampons. Someone had to have that idea, get it past a board of other people, and mass produced and advertised.
    Just let that sink in

  14. I do random videos Post author

    OK fine, I'll just go… and eat tide pods with some bleach

  15. lil lones Post author

    Why cant your content be less racist and political like this?

  16. fatima r Post author

    it is mostly only children who eat tide pods.

  17. fatima r Post author

    1:50 she looks so awkward 👌 it is Perfect.

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    I really love this dude, but does anyone else think he kind of looks like Mr. Bubz?

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    I always lose it at "Throw a flouride filled Meal bag in your gullet

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    This is the first college humor video I ever saw

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    W H Y A R E T H E Y P O U S I N U O S

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    Tide pods are great! I would totally build a house out of them.

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    I can’t tell if Brennan’s a ginger or a light brunette.

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    Better than the woke stuff gillette's been putting out lately

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    Theif holding a hamburger: GIVE

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    Well now i have a awnser

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    Can someone explain WHY people were eating Tide Pods, are people REALLY that stupid

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    This generation of kids are the ABSOLUTELY DUMBEST Generation yet. Bottom of the barrel scum. Let them eat their Tide Pods…..their stupidity will kill off the stupid ones.

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    T H I S I S C O T T O N C A N D Y

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    “I’ll kill you”

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  38. Michael Song Post author

    Turns out, this was a commercial for the hamburger razor. Very convincing commercial.

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    "Meal bag tested very well."
    "I'll kill you."

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    I cannot stop coming back for this. Brennan is just BRILLIANT in this one.

  41. Alicia Yates Post author

    Originally known for the purpose to clean,
    They are now being eaten like cuizine,
    Tide pods look like delicious bonbons,
    But people are throwing up on their lawn-lawns,
    Causing failure of the spleen,
    You'll dirarrhoea in your jeans,
    Proceed with caution
    before you get to washin

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    “Actually that’s a razor”

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    It is not hard to know you shouldn't eat it. It is hilarious that you have to state the obvious. I guess we can always get rid of the stupid by making poison look like candy. Im not talking about lying or conning people, Im talking about the obvious. It says it is to wash clothes; it does not say to eat it lol

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    Bubblegum flavor? GUM TASTE LIKE ANYTHING!!

  49. Carlo Cocciolo Post author

    That's not very funny, unfortunately.
    In 2010 a company sold 2 different products in Italy, Tantum Verde and Tantum Rosa:
    the first one was a liquid mouthwash, the second one was a waginal cleanser in powder;
    a lot of women misunderstood the usage of the second, drunk the powder with water and got intoxicated.
    That's not funny, it can really happen – and it did!

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    This was the FUNNIEST skit I have ever seen!!!

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    When I worked at AutoZone we use to give flavor names for the coolant and windshield washer fluid because it looked so refreshing. The orange rained would be orange cream, the green coolant was green apple margarita.

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