Thomas Kloos (.kloos, Austria) introduces his speech about voice search on SEO zraz

By | August 13, 2019

I’m very excited to be part of SEO zraz this year on February 25th in Bratislava. Actually when I look at fantastic line-up of speakers I’m quite honored to be invited to give a presentation there. It’s gonna be a fantastic evening with a lot of learnings and takeaways for everybody attending the event. I will speak about some of the things I’ve learned about optimising for voice search – SEO for voice search. And I will talk about three main areas here. First is – How we search? How people search? It has changed dramatically over the last few years and it keeps changing at a very fast pace. The second one is – What we get back from Google in terms of search results. What they look like? Because the days of ten search results on a desktop computer screen with declining clickthrough rate from top to bottom are definitely numbered. And thirdly we look at… …what we can do to be prepared for that. How we can optimise the websited for voice search? And how that actually benefits our visibility in regular old-fashioned search results pages. I look forward to great evening, to lot of interesting discussions. I’ll see you all there.

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