This Year’s SEO Ranking Factors

By | August 16, 2019

James Schramko here and I’ve got some findings
for you about search engine ranking factors. So published a search engine ranking
factors document every year, and just recently they posted their 2013 search enging ranking
factors. The overview is that: still the most important
thing for search engine ranking is links, up to 40% they say. And that’s good news if
you’re an SEOPartner or LinkJuice customer, because we’re still able to get you good quality
links to your website. Also, they felt that having the keyword on
page is still important. We talk about having it in the page description but also it might
be useful to be mentioned at least once on your page and relevant phrases, and perhaps
if you have images that they should be named appropriately. They also have come to the
conclusion that social ranking factors are important but perhaps not just quite as important
just yet. Round about 7%, they feel. So what does that mean for you and your future
of search engine optimization? What you really want to be focusing on is relevant user experience.
Over time, I think it’s likely that Google’s algorithm will take into account how functional
a site is, how useful it is. And I know from searching the Internet and finding junky sites,
when I’m trying to look things up it is pretty frustrating. So you want to make sure that
when someone arrives at your site, that it is well structured, easy to use, helpful and
rich in media that is going to stand out from every other site on the Internet. If you do
these basics, you’re going to have good rankings. I hope you’ve enjoyed this update. I’m going
to link to the Moz search engine ranking factors post right here on the show notes. I’m James

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