This SEO Strategy = 175.59% More Google Traffic (NOT CLICKBAIT)

By | August 15, 2019

– In this video you’re gonna
learn about an SEO strategy that actually works. In fact, I used this exact strategy to boost my organic traffic by 175.59% in less than a month, and this technique is
one of the main reasons that I rank number one in Google for the keyword on-page SEO. I’m Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko, the place where marketers
turn for higher rankings and more traffic, and today I’m gonna walk
you through the process that I used to get than number
one ranking step by step. Keep watching. A while back I published
an infographic on my site, On-page SEO, Anatomy of a
Perfectly Optimized Page. Not to brag but this
infographic was awesome. It had lots of unique actionable tips that I’ve never read about anywhere else and I knew this piece of content could generate the type
of high-quality back links that get you to the top of Google fast. There was only one problem. No one knew that it existed. Hello, I just published a new infographic. Hello? That’s when I decided
to execute the strategy that I mentioned earlier and my back links, traffic and rankings shot through the roof. I call this SEO strategy guestographics. And now it’s time for
me to walk you through this step-by-step process. Your first step is to create and publish a high-quality infographic. I probably don’t need to tell
you that people love sharing and linking to infographics. In fact, a recent
industry study by Buzzsumo found that infographics generate significantly more shares
then blog posts or videos, and for guestographics to work you need to publish a high-quality
infographic on your site. As you’ll see later, you can
turn this single infographic into dozens of white hat back links. Fortunately, creating a great infographic isn’t as hard as you might think. For example, for my infographic.

29 thoughts on “This SEO Strategy = 175.59% More Google Traffic (NOT CLICKBAIT)

  1. rahul Tandale Post author

    Thanks a lot Brain, you are really accelerating our skills , awesome ..Hats off for your amazing Tips.

  2. Visit MyPad Post author

    When you create such an infographic do you use it on your own blogs as well in addtion to using the guestographic method?

  3. Abhik Shome Post author

    First of all, great video, but I am confused about one thing – if you are offering the guestographic on the other site as it is, how can you then link it to your own blog? Isnt the guestographic already there for everyone to see in the other site along with a mini guest post?

  4. Hans van Rensburg Post author

    I' m new to online marketing but you make it really easy. love your work .

  5. ahatzigiannidis Post author

    So I too feel that I can't really describe how my product; T-Shirts/Art can help people with an info graph or any literature for the most part. I feel like a lot of my successful competitors just have their products for sale on their site with nothing to read hardly at all. Any advise would be great as I already started using your other techniques and have seen immediate results. Looking forward to learning more.

  6. Abscissa Core Post author

    Great results! Produce excellent articles or social networking Channels are the best method and strategy. Be confident that this will provide you a huge Domain and Page authority increase as well and increase your Google rankings! Great luck!

  7. Jaime Lesmes Post author

    Extraordinary information, but I have a question, I saw your infographic On Page SEO and I see that at the end you add a lot of text, it is necessary to add more than 1000 words of the infographic?

  8. Wilson Lee Post author

    Do you get a lot of your inspiration from Neil patel? Your video themes are very similar.
    Good stuff, though.

  9. eLuminous Technologies Digital Marketing Post author

    Thats a awesome Video. thank you Brian..

  10. // SAUNDERS \ Post author

    brian what do you use to create your beautiful vids?

  11. Deepak Sharma Post author

    How long time its takes to rank in google

  12. Dea Kwon Kang Post author

    Hi Brian! I am wondering that infographic could be one of just images . just Long and has more infomation. how does the google SEO machine know that is infographics and has lots of information? When you hit the press button, The google wouldnt know Infographic or not.

  13. Jose Loth Post author

    Show us practically… Dont only give tips

  14. samit chatterjee Post author

    Hi Brian..awesome video.. expect much more fro you.. please share more video about how to rank my site high in google

  15. LOve Guru Post author

    is there any technique to use keywords with * or # or @ or & on infographic.?.

  16. Richard Harris Coaching Post author

    I chuckled when you were holding up that paper infographic. Great job again Brian, and thanks for sharing this terrific information.

  17. Jacob LE Video Production Post author

    Some of the best content there is. Binging through all your videos 🙂

  18. Colleen Donovan Post author

    So do you include the backlink as a part of the mini guest post you send over, or just hope that the blogger will mention you and include a link back to your site?


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