This SEO Failure Almost Killed My Company

By | August 21, 2019

– Hey, Nathan Gotch from Gotch SEO, and in this video I wanna talk about the single biggest SEO failure I’ve ever had in my entire life. So back in 2015, I was
heavily, heavily involved in using private blog networks, and this, at the time, was one of the best
things that you could do. You could build out these huge
networks of fake websites, and you could drive links to any website that you wanted instantly. And so, I was super involved in it, because it really did work well. But the problem is that is
came with substantial risk, and I knew this when I was creating them. But still, (laughs) it was working so well that that basically mitigated
the risk in my mind. Now, what happened,
this is the big failure, is I actually used private blog networks with many of my clients, and what happened was, around that time, there was a huge Google
manual action push, and they attacked so
many huge blog networks, and I was actually a part of that. So, what happened is a bunch of my SEO clients actually
ended up getting manual actions, because I was using PBNs. And this was pretty
much the scariest moment in my entire business career, because I really thought I
was gonna lose all my clients, and I thought I was
gonna go to zero income, so I was really really scared. But what tends to happen when
something really horrific like that does happen
is you start to think of ways to fix it. And so, what I did is I immediately got those
manual actions removed, and I was so fortunate to
get ’em removed quickly, and I ended up not losing any clients, so that was the good thing. But really, the biggest
takeaway and the biggest thing that I got out of this
whole situation is that I stopped using PBNs and I stopped using artificial
link-building tactics or really any tactics that I felt were somewhat maybe unethical. Now, of course, building PBNs
isn’t unethical in any way, because Google isn’t the ethics regulator, but I wanted to use methods
that I felt were evergreen, methods that weren’t going to change, and most importantly, I wanted
to be developing a skill that was actually going to
help me, not just right now, but also five, 10 years from now. So, I didn’t wanna be
wasting my time learning how to manipulate an algorithm, learning how to build out fake websites. It was a huge, huge waste
of time in my opinion. So, the good news is back then I decided that I would only focus on white hat SEO, and I would only focus on
content-driven strategies and focused on acquiring
links using outreach. And so, I made that decision in 2015, and I have not looked back since. And truly, it was one of the best decisions
I have ever, ever made. And so, if you wanna learn
how to do white hat SEO, you definitely need to
start as soon as possible, because it isn’t the
easiest method to use. There’s no denying that, but the truth is, once you get going, once you understand the process, you will never look back, and you will never use these sketchy PBNs or anything like that that
could jeopardize your business or jeopardize the businesses
that you’re working on. So, I just can’t stress it
enough that actually trying to learn how to use a
content-centric approach and how to do outreach the right way and using purely what are
considered white hat SEO methods is the best investment of your money and your time that you can do. So, that’s my little rant for the day, but that failure really
changed the way that I do SEO, and in fact, it’s
responsible for my entire, I guess what you would
define as SEO success now, is switching to white hat SEO. And, of course, that’s what
my SEO training course, Gotch SEO Academy, teaches. It teaches you white hat SEO. It shows you how to use a
content-centric approach that’s going to continue
to drive your results, not just today and tomorrow,
but also two, three, four, five years from now. So, like I’ve been saying
in these other videos, I am reopening it on June 3rd. So, if you wanna learn
how to do white hat SEO or you wanna get better SEO results than you’re currently getting right now, then I highly recommend that you enroll. So, just click the link in my description or wherever this is. (laughs) Maybe if this is an ad, just
click the Learn More button and then sign up for the wait list, and then you’ll get an
email as soon as we open up. So, that’s all for this video. I hoped it helped you out, and I hoped you can learn
from my biggest SEO failure, so that you don’t make
the same mistake yourself. So, thank you so much for watching, and let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much.

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  1. Anthony Eneje Post author

    Outreach – Is that just reaching out to blog sites in your niche and ask them for a backline – basically i provide a Good Content and they give me a backline. I’m not 100% sure. “I'm trying to run before i can walk”. I think it's getting to the point where i should learn from one person. All this info is giving me a headache… Do you do payment plans for your course or is that out of the question?

  2. VS Programmers Post author

    Now I'll also leave black hat link building only white hat.

  3. 24sumo Post author

    is every single video just the absolute basics of seo followed by, buy my course?

  4. amol tolbande Post author

    HEy Nathon, Can you recommend the Few business Books to read for building SEO agency

  5. Jaya Vishwakarma Post author

    Need your help
    I'm a WordPress guy I want to add schema on every blog post of my blog, Should I go with the plugin or else any better method by you because I don't have much budget to buy a plugin. By the way, I'm using NewsPaper theme for my blog

  6. Kyle K Post author

    How did you get the manual actions removed without damaging your client performance?

  7. Sarfraj Lakdawala Post author

    Outreach is the best technique for link building even we (HostingPill) have a built tons of links thru outreach.

    Thanks for shared your experience to make aware bloggers who still uses PBN for link building.

  8. Dinesh Vel Post author


  9. Brian Yount Post author

    PBNs still work really well in 2019. As long as you build quality of course


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